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Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini Peel, 6 fl. Oz.

Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel regenerates skin’s appearance for rejuvenated, newer skin glycolic acid + micro-crystal complex.

Key features

  • Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel exfoliates surface skin cells for the results of a mini-professional treatmentrejuvenated, newer skin. Rejuvenate water activated, self-heating formula deeply warms skin to relax pores. Regenerate exfoliating lycolic acid + micro-crystal complex gently polishes skin’s surface for the look of newer skin.
  • For the following skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination/Oily
  • Helps with these face concerns: Fine Lines/Wrinkles, Dull Skin, Uneven skin color/tone, Uneven Texture
  • Benefits: Anti Aging, Heals & Protects, Exfoliation
  • You’ll love Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel because it: Activates regeneration of surface skin cells for the results of a mini-professional treatment rejuvenated, newer skin.

Honest reviews


Not really a mini-peel

I usually give the Oil of Olay products 5 stars, but this is not one of them. I thought that this product would be a mini-peel, but all that it was was a “scrub” which one could get from any number of products. In fact, I have an Oil of Olay Professional X product which is practically identical to this Regenerist “mini-peel” and it never describes itself as a peel. I would not purchase this again.

Frances Lincolnton, GA

Leaves my face very smooth

The great thing about this “mini-peel” is it leaves my skin very smooth. The product feels warm going on my face for 3 seconds and then goes away. I have sensitive skin and I am prone to occasional break-outs. So far, I have been using this every other day now for the past week and no problems with my skin that could be associated with this product. I am going to continue using and see how my skin looks and feels after a few weeks of use. I am in my late 20’s and I have very fine lines in certain areas of my face and would like to freshen & smooth the appearance of my skin without any irritation. The product has a nice light smell as well… I will provide an update in due time.edited 9/2/11 – I had to come back and give this product an extra star to make a perfect 5 star product. I have noticed how soft and supple my skin has become and it really gets my face clean! I like to use a little on the tops of my shoulders as well as my face. The heat and tiny crystals that scrub your skin make a remarkable combination. I am not sure if this is a remedy for wrinkles per say but I can attest that this stuff seems to open the pores and ensure your dull skin is scrubbed away to reveal a more youthful appearance. Great stuff! A++

Robin Chalk, TX

It works, I just don’t like the smell.

I love many of Oil of Olay Regenerist products, but really don’t like the smell of this. It works really well, so I gave it 3 stars. I prefer the Oil of Olay 2 step mini peel that smells like papaya.

Valarie Oregon, OH

Stick With It For 7 days Before Giving Up!

So many people freak out when the zits arrive and give up when they start using this product because of it. This is my SECOND tube. I have combination skin prone to pimples and cysts on my cheeks and chin + the brown spots those things leave behind. Through the years I’ve used scrubs and various treatments including glycolic acid peels at the dermatologist’s office. THIS will give you the benefits like a glycolic peel within a week IF you have the patience to use it for 7 days. The smooth, soft, clearer skin IS revealed AND people do notice you’re doing something different!Depending on how clogged your pores are and how deep the pimply goop is, will determine IF your face will seem to be at it’s all time WORST. The thermal properties and the massage “wakes up” and sprouts every zit you can imagine! It did for me, and so did dermatologist office treatments. So I’d initially start using this on a Friday night when you can be a hermit for the weekend in case you have a Zit-fest.After removing ALL makeup and REALLY cleaning the face and neck, use this product according to directions, adding water to reactivate the thermal properties a couple times (I do it 3 times). After rinsing, you’ll feel as though there is a residue left on the skin after rinsing it off. DO NOT re-wash your face, leave it be. Don’t even put on moisturizer, let your skin soak the residue in and adjust to the NEW SKIN SHERIFF in-town over the weekend.I used it twice a day and on weekdays apply all my usual moisturizer w/SPF and makeup. IF running late, I skipped the morning Mini-Peel treatment BUT as soon as I got home I took off my makeup, cleansed my face and whipped out the Thermal Mini-Peel and worked it! After the first 7 days, I used it only in the evenings on weekdays and twice a day on weekends. I really like to spend the time to get at least 3 thermal re-activations per treatment so rushed mornings usually aren’t conducive to it.My skin is smoother, softer, clearer with LESS whiteheads, blackheads, zits than it has been in years. Even the brown spots slowly faded without other “potions”. Going forward, I used this only a couple times a week rather than every day because my skin IS doing so well. Point being, I didn’t see myself using this TWICE a day forever 🙂

Sofia Herlong, CA


I bought this based on the reviews, and I wasn’t impressed. It leaves a weird film on my skin unless I turn around and scrub my face with something else. Also, it only warms for maybe six seconds-even if I add more water. It is not something I will purchase again.

Lourdes Leighton, AL


I read the reviews for this product and was going to purchase it at Walmart for $19.94 but being the cheapskate that I am, I decided to come home & check out the price on Amazon. Normally Walmart would beat Amazon’s price BUT NOT THIS TIME! Amazon had an instant clip coupon for $3 so I beat Walmarts price at $16.94! The product gets warm to the touch when activated with water and feels super on your face. I use it every night to remove the dead skin. Then I apply my Ambi face lightener to lighten my sunspots. It has done wonders for lightening them in a matter of weeks. By removing the dead skin cells, it also helps to make your foundation go on more evenly as well. I am very pleased with the product & will re-order although a little goes a long way with the product. I pea sized amount is all you need so the tube lasts quite a long time, even with daily use.

Traci Fort Edward, NY

Patience is excellence

I ‘like’ this product because, it does do what it does. As it heats, it only does that for a short period of time, making it calm the fact that it soothes the sensation out, not burning. The exfoliating crystals feel good, and I keep scrubbing for 1-2 minutes and keep it on for 30 more seconds- thus rinse is where it comes in! The results are noticeable, but you will start to feel the smoothness texture of your skin in one use. In one week, my acne scars were fading pretty slowly, and still are fading.After using this scrub at night, I suggest a nice vitamin C cream, or serum. Your face will look glowing and radiant in the morning- trust me. Make sure you limit your sun exposure!

Vera Clark, PA

Great Product For Even Sensitive Skin

I have just finished my first bottle of this product and am about to begin my second tube, and have noticed very good results already. The price is reasonable, and depending on how much you use it, you can get at least a month out of the bottle. I would recommend trying it as a single purchase first, then moving to subscribe and save ordering to save money if you are going to keep using it on a regular basis. This adds up to a pretty decent amount of savings versus buying it in the store.My purchase of this product was prompted by a desire to help reduce or remove fading tan lines from a sunburn. I also had a few areas that were rough and lightly discolored that I wanted to smooth out. However, I have very sensitive skin that makes it difficult to find suitable products for. I began using it just once every other day for a week to test for irritation. When none occurred, I moved to once daily for a week, then twice daily every day after that. I do not use other exfoliating products on the areas I use the mini-peel on, and I use a very light moisturizer only at night. As a result, I have not experienced a lot of dryness or peeling.The first few days of use I did not notice a change but at the end of the week I noticed that my arms and hands were smoother. After the next week, the tan areas had begun to fade, and the mild keratosis pilaris on my arms had also begun to lessen. Over the course of a month, I noticed that my arms and hands looked and felt much smoother and youthful. I have seen far fewer breakouts from the KP than with any other product I have tried, which was a big surprise. The product does not feel as warm as claimed, but it still does its job as advertised. The fragrance is very mild, and does not linger on the skin for very long after it has been washed off, which is important for anyone sensitive to the smell of perfumes in their products.A few things to note: this product does have AHA in it, and it is very important to either cover the treated areas with clothing, or wear a heavier sunblock than normal for at least a week after use. If you use this product every day, always keep the affected areas well covered. If you do not, you are at a higher risk of sunburn, which is important to keep in mind if you have very pale or sensitive skin.

Monique West Olive, MI

Makes no difference to me

I am really impressed this product gets such good reviews. It leaves the skin looking and feeling exactly the same as any average face wash. Maybe it is because I use the microdermabrasion/peel combo, so this one feels like nothing. Perhaps if you have never done any deep cleaning or peel this seems effective. That could explain the hype.It is interesting that it does feel warm on the skin.. but that is about it. Even the Detoxifying Pore Scrub Face Wash (from the same line) leaves the skin feeling *much* cleaner and clearer.This is for me a certain no buy again.

Summer Bruce, SD

Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel Skin Care 6.0 Fl oz

I purchased this product from Olay because I wanted something to cleanse my skin, without burning it out, or irritating it. What I Love about Olay product’s is that it works so well for my skin. I have combination skin and a few small blemishes, when I use the Thermal peel on my face it heats up and using circular motions with my finger tips, gently scrubs my skin. I leave it on for a few minutes or until dry, then I wash my face with Luke-warm water. I Love how this Olay product works for my skin and the end results it gives me. I have clean, radiant, smooth skin that looks so healthy after I use this. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the same things. It is also selling at a very reasonable price, compared to major retail stores.

Sophia Ypsilanti, MI

My skin was glowing everyday!

To be fair, my face glows everyday regardless but it was extra glowy when I used this. If I had any dry areas on my face, they disappeared after using this. Also I love facial scrubs, especially ones that are warming. I used this in the shower and used some on my chest too. Any little random scar or mark was gone in a few weeks because I used this everyday. Old scars from my chest are pretty much gone now too. That’s a fringe benefit I did not expect.

Addie Bethesda, OH

My #1 Beauty Must-Have

I love love love this product. I use it daily and really enjoy the heating sensation it gives. It’s labeled a mini-peel but basically it’s a cream scrub cleanser. The only con is the smell – a little musky but not too bad. I’ve seen it retail for as much as $22 – I only paid $14.00 on Amazon!

Flora Mc Cool Junction, NE


As with all the other Olay products I’ve tried, I got this because my mom recommended it. She said her friends all thought she had gotten microderm abrasion or something done. Naturally, I had to try this myself!I have olive combination skin that is prone to discoloration from acne, and while the results of this product don’t quite equate to a micro/vibra-derm procedure, it certainly gets close! Quick and visible results of brightening, smoothing, and overall glow that you get after a good facial, exfoliation, or enzyme mask.The ‘thermal’ part of it is pretty neat- I wet my face down and put some on my cheeks and forehead and instantly I feel the warming sensation. It has a grainy texture and I scrub gently until it starts to get dry and then dampen my fingers to ‘reactivate’ the warming and scrub again. I do that a couple times before I completely rinse it off. Some reviewers note that they couldn’t sense any re-warming of the product when they re-wet it, and I find that it is definitely less noticeable if you’re really scrubbing your face hard because your face will feel warm from that alone, and so any heat that the product puts off becomes negligible in comparison.I started out using it twice daily, but more often than not anymore I just use it in the evening (using a gentler, creamy cleanser in the morning) and have had truly impressive results.I personally had no initial breakouts or any afterwards. My skin has stayed very clear and bright and it’s really hard not to keep touching my face because it’s so soft and smooth!!

Morgan Ledgewood, NJ

Don’t think it works

Well…I ordered this to augment my face-washing regimen since the other one was not working the way I expected it. Well, I don’t find that it works. You have to use a great deal to get the warming effect, which is very sticky. You have to use a great deal of water to get the warming effect, which dries quickly and becomes very sticky. You can’t use too much water at one time otherwise it will wash it off your face. But even so, it’s still hard to get off your face. I tried doing it with just my fingers, with the Pro-X brush and the Pro-X exfoliating head. It worked best with the brush to create the warming sensation. Even so, I have noticed zero difference in my face and am getting broken out again. I’m probably going to ask for my money back, which Olay will do if you request it.

Socorro Algoma, WI

Best Mini-Peel Mask I’ve Tried!

Used this for about 6 months. I used it once a month to refresh my skin. My skin has not looked this good in 10 years! I use this with other Olay products and I am very happy with the results. I put on a TON of moisturizer afterward and have not had any irritation or negative effects.

Leticia Murray, KY

oil of olay themral mini peel

I like this product a like being using it for a long time would recommend this to everyone leaves your face feeling so good

Miranda Mayville, WI

It Works Well But Not Instant Results

This stuff works. I have been using it twice a day for two months now & my skin is visibly improved. It is clearer & more smooth. The grit in this is gentle enough to use twice a day on my skin but some people may only like it one time per day. Either way, I would work up to twice a day, gradually; use it once a day for a week to see how your skin reacts.I have combination skin & an oily t-zone & like to use salicylic acid to keep my pores clean & occasional zits away. So when I use this Olay scrub, I use my usual cleanser at the same time (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash – has 2% salicylic acid). I splash my face with warm water, rub in a dab of the Neutrogena all over my face, then put on a generous dab of the Olay scrub & gently scrub my whole face, staying clear of my eyes. I let this mixture sit on my face for 1-2 minutes before washing off to give everything a chance to work in to my pores. I treat it kind of like a facial.The first week, I had some small pimples erupt; maybe two or three at a time. Now, I only get an occasional small pimple. This routine has made a big difference in the look & feel of my skin. I was very sceptical but was looking for a more gentle scrub to use more often so I gave this a try. I also found through the years that cleansers or facial products with glycolic acid work wonders on my skin. This Olay scrub has glycolic acid & works really well.Give it a try but don’t expect big results for at least a week & more like 2 weeks to a month.

Sierra Ashville, AL

Amazing at removing the dead skin!!!

This Peel removes all the dead skin on your face and will be as effective when you get to the end of the tube as it was when you first opened it. I have graduated in my skin care routine to mostly all prescription strength creams/serums/acids but this is one drugstore MUST HAVE that I will not leave behind. If you use Retin A and have been getting that creepy, scaly, alligator dead skin that just hangs around well then you absolutely need this. This is the one product that removes all of that FAST.. at one time and lets your new younger silkier skin shine through. The key I found is to leave it on for atleast an hour (or longer I have left it on overnight BUT I have very tolerant skin). After you have let your peel set in when you wash your face it will just rinse all of that dead skin right down the sink. Please be careful though and maybe check your skin tolerance first before you leave it on too long and shrivel up your skin (yes that has happened to me) I once left it on all day and all night and the next morning my skin was left just pulled so tight it was shriveled and took a whole day and tons of moisturizer to return to it’s normal elastic self.

Marisa Keyport, NJ

Great for pregnancy acne

I got this when I needed to switch up a lot of my beauty products due to pregnancy. I wrote Olay and they assured me all of their products were safe for pregnancy. This is a good scrub and it has helped my pregnancy acne immensely. I started breaking out horribly since getting pregnant and most acne fighters (salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide) are prohibited during pregnancy. I don’t use it all the time as I feel that may be too drying but I use it semi regularly. It does make my face smoother and if I have a breakout and use this it is significantly reduced by the following day.

Patrica Excelsior Springs, MO


I read all of the reviews before I bought this. It works just like it says and it’s not just for women, men can use it as well. altho I will say that olay does need to have more directions on the back. but I have been using this for about 3 weeks and you can really see the difference.

Roberta Romeoville, IL

Its OK.

I like how it head up as you rub it into your face. I even forced my boyfriend to try it coz I thought its quite unusual. I haven’t noticed any change, its meant to be beneficial in the anti aging department but I didn’t notice anything. Its kinda grey in color and it has a slightly funny smell. It could smell better. Its still a good face wash, I like Olay products.

Roseann Oaks Corners, NY

It does a good job of making your skin feel smooth

I just started using this product about a couple weeks ago. It does a good job of making your skin feel smooth. I do not have great skin to start with and have many issues such as discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles and some slight acne scarring. I have used many scrubs and products advertised as mini peels, etc. I feel this is one of the better products. I use it once a day. I find it works best in the shower as it gets warmer when used there and overall seems to work better. Following my shower I use my normal facial moisturizer and makeup. I am a Retin A user and get the dry scaly patches on my face. The Olay Mini Peel helps to smooth off the dry patches and my skin does look better. Yes I still have my fine lines, wrinkles, etc but my skin is somewhat smoother and has a little glow to it. I think the Olay Mini Peel does work well with the Retin A. This is a very a decent product for the price. People with better skin than mine probably see more dramatic results but I am happy with the product and will continue to use it.

Pauline Tyner, KY