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Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser, Regenerating, 5 oz.

Olay Regenerist Cleanser provides the beautifully regenerated look of a detoxifying mini-professional treatment. The oxygenated derma-bead formula gently removes dead skin surface cells to detoxify and the creamy formula with amino-peptide complex regenerates skin’s surface at the cellular level.

Key features

  • Gives You A Look Of A Detoxifying Mini-Professional Treatment
  • Gently Removes Dead Skin Cells To Detoxify
  • Speeds Cells’ Natural Regeneration

Honest reviews


Anti aging nahhh

I ordered the 3 pk. Cause it is much cheaper. I’ve already use the first pack and i just opened my second one today . It took me almost 2 month to finish the first pack i used it morning and evening . This product is good if u have dry skin . It just basically cleanse ur face but the anti aging effect i don’t see any difference . I have a little acne on my forehead and little bit oily face . Olay pro -x isworking for me better than this one .

Pamela South River, NJ

All I Have to Say Is: WOW!

So far, this cleanser is by far the best I have tried in a long long time.I have used so many neutrogena products but they all seem to leave the skin dry, and I have also usedBiore Pore Minimizing Refining Exfoliator 3 fl oz (88 ml). To add to that, I also have used the St. Ives brand line of products, all again, they all leave my skin dry after use.However, this Olay Regenerist Daily Cleanser has not failed me thus far! It leaves my skin feeling just amazing and very smooth after use! In my 20 young years, this product helps me quite a bit even though it advertises anti-aging benefits.I can’t really complain much besides the fact that it is a little bit on the expensive side. However, you must at least try this product once!I’ll recap: this product does not leave your skin dry! Try this product now, and you won’t regret it.P.S. People with little acne will also benefit immensely. However, This product is perfect for people with good skin already and want to make it even better.

Trudy Ulman, MO

Good Stuff

I used to be 42 years old. I used this for 3 days in a row and woke up the following morning and looked and felt like I was 25 years old.I checked in the mirror and could not believe my eyes even the birth date on my drivers license mysteriously changed 1988.It does leave your skin smoother and feeling good.

Terry Lapaz, IN

Great price

I use this every night and I love it. It has a little exfoliation in it and that;s perfect to use every night. Non irritating

Beth Pilot Point, AK

Love this cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for about a year now, I have combination skin with some dryness in my T-zone area. I’m not very oily so I’m not sure how this would work on oily skin but I personally love it. I use it right before exiting the shower after my face has sucked in that hot steam and rinse it off with cool water (to close pores) It’s definitely helped with my breakouts.

Ashley Morton, WA

Smooth face!!

This in an incredible product, keeps your face very clean and smooth, I have normal to oil type skin and works more than well!! Convine with Olay brushes!

Dolores Dillingham, AK

good hydrating clenser

I got this as a freebie with Olay daily cleansing cloths. I’ve used the cleanser off-and-on for the last 3 weeks and I like it. It’s not abrasive and leaves my skin feeling soft. I’ll probably it this product when I run out of the freebie.Update: I really like this cleanser. It smells great and I think it’s helped even out my skin tone. It’s definitely a keeper.

Bettye Cumberland, VA

Great Product

I have ordered the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Cleanser several times. I find it makes your skin look and feel much fresher and more attractive than before. I would highly recommend it.

Clare Hancock, VT

Skin looks great.

I really like this product, my face looks more fresh and younger than before washing it.

Luz Port Washington, NY

olay regenerist regenerating cream cleanser

I have used this for a long time it is a great product and leaves you face clean and soft I would recommended this product to everyone and I am sure they will love it also

Christi Black Rock, AR

Great moisturizing cleanser

This cleanser is the best I’ve found for my face. My skin is dry, and this facial cleaner gently scrubs, and efficiently cleans. It washes away my makeup quickly, and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Carey Conner, MT

gentle cleanser

I typically use Olay face cloths daily. When I added this product twice a week, it has helped to remove surface “dead skin” cells and seems to leave my skin with a smoother, cleaner feeling. Admittedly, I haven’t used this for a long enough period to be able to comment on its effects over time.

Camilla South Fork, PA

great product for aging dry skin even in summer when …

great product for aging dry skin even in summer when its not as dry.. does exfoliate as well and cleans off mascara w/o irritation; good price and dont need to get in a drug store and spend extra unneeded stuff $$$$$ ty

Karyn Washington, ME

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Cleanser

This product is the greatest cleanser. It has little beads that really exfoliates my T-zone, I now no longer have a T-zone so to speak. I use it daily and it has made my skin so soft.

Virgie Bretton Woods, NH

Olay Regenerist Cleanser worked ok for me, but not what I was looking for

• Olay Regenerist Cleanser worked ok for me, but not what I was looking for
• The jury is still out to find the perfect cleanser for me
• I still want to try the Skinceuticals, GlamNation, or Skin2Skin
• Something natural and organic, but also for anti-aging
• I exfoliate with a lemon and 2 tsp of sugar all over my body with a washcloth and this works better than anything I’ve tried for exfoliation

Lara Letona, AR

easy to use

really works for those fine wrinkles or laugh lines. you will start to notice the difference after one use. after a month you others will really start to notice.

Ma Leadore, ID

Wonderful product

This is a very good product that is not irritating to sensitive skin. I am very pleased with this purchase and will continue to use this product in the future.

Leanna Blanchard, PA


And also works very well with the serum in this Olay Regenerist cosmetic line. All I need to start fresh and give some attention to my skin. Better than all the other cleansers I have used. This product lasts a very long time, and I never tire of it. Results are worth the effort.

Margery Texarkana, TX

A must try!

Love this face cleanser! My neighbor, who sells Mary Kay, asked me what I use on my face because it looks so good.It doesn’t dry the skin and even though my skin is very sensitive and I have many allergies I use it twice a day.

Viola Coleman, MI

Does what it promises

So the review of this cleanser depends on what you are looking for. I have slightly oily skin so the creamy cleanser doesn’t make me too happy but for people who have dry skin this will protect and hydrate the skin.Don’t be too impressed with the anti aging properties. Any cleanser can’t have much benefit since it doesn’t stay in skin contact for long enough to have a beneficial effect.

Florine Seaside, CA

Great price for pack of 3

This is my everyday face cleanser and I was happy to find the multi-pack as I keep one at home and the other in my gym bag. I’ve used this for years and like the exfoliating feature. I did notice a couple of tubes ago that they changed the formula and put in less exfoliating granules so it seems I have to rub on a little longer to get the same effect. I live in the dry Nevada high desert which is very drying on the skin, exfoliating is important to get the dry skin cells off. I will continue to use this product.

Lauri Port Hueneme, CA