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Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Night Resurfacing Elixir 1.7 Fl Oz

Resurface skin while you sleep for tighter, smoother skin when you wake

Key features

  • Professional medium or deep chemical peels work quickly to resurface skin, but these fast-acting treatments can be harsh, causing severe flaking or prolonged redness. While not the same results, Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir works each night to help gently resurface skin while you sleep for tighter, smoother skin when you wake- – without the risk of harsh side effects associated with a professional chemical peel.* *Results not equal to professional medium or deep chemical peels.
  • When applied each night, the non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula with glycolic acid works over a normal sleep cycle to give you uninterrupted exfoliation while antioxidants and moisturizers continuously provide soothing hydration to tighten skin’s surface.
  • Light glycolic peel resurfaces skin nightly for tighter, smoother skin.

Honest reviews



Like some of my other products I purchased for my skin care routine, did not use it long enough to tell you guys its pros and cons. Sorry ladies. I know I read reviews on products before I purchase skin care items becauase it is extremely helpful. I do appreciate the customers who are honest about the products. Nothing personal to the sellers and I hope they understand but its just honest and fair review that way.

Shari Durhamville, NY

I don’t like going to bed when my face feels sticky

I had great hopes for this product. I’ve been happy with all the other Oil of Olay I’ve used but this falls short of my expectations. First, even 30 mins after applying a thin layer my face feels sticky. I sleep on my stomach and don’t like laying my face on my pillow when it feels like that. I also haven’t seen much benefit from it, but I may not have used it long enough. I stopped after the first week.

Jeanne Prospect, TN

Pretty good!

I have been using this product for a little over a week now. My skin already looks a tad more luminous and just healthy. Its not oily at all. I have to be careful with products, especially in the T Zone. For instance with the moisturizer that comes in the regenerist starter trio pack (which is pretty good too), I only use it in certain places. This, i apply on the whole face, without an issue!

Ashlee Uniontown, MO

Nightly Skin Care While You Sleep

I bought this as my skin seemed dry, washed out, rough and I hadn’t had a facial in years. I’d read a dermatologist say that you don’t have to pay boutique prices for boutique expensive skin care because the big companies like Olay spend a lot on research and development–they have big budgets, sell a lot, and their products have to be good.I put this on at night and within a few days my skin was smooth, brighter, not rough and tighter. I hadn’t anticipated that last feature. I feel like I’m getting a mini-facial or peel while I sleep. I was thrilled with the results, and am going to buy some more Olay products. I feel like I’m taking good care of my skin without spending a lot of $$$$.

Clarissa Killarney, FL

Olay, Really???

I may have just received a very stale product but it had no tingling effect whatsoever nor did I see any results. It was supposed to be a mild gylcolic peel but I might as well have put water on my face.Very disappointing as I do like the olay scrub & micro sculpting cream

Tamara Payson, AZ

Bottle only 2/3 full.

The 1 star is for the seller. The bottle was missing 1/3 of the product. I’ve used this product before but this is the first time I’ve ordered it on-line I give the product 4 stars!

Flora Clarks Summit, PA

I can’t live without this! Great for 40+ women

This elixir has a light gel-like consistency and dispenses easily from the pump dispenser. Although it might look and feel a little bit more classy and high end in a glass bottle, I have no complaints with the packaging. I’ve broken a few glass bottles in my time, so it’s probably better this way anyhow.This product contains glycolic acid. Think of it as a mini chemical peel but not so drastic. Unless you’re allergic to it, you shouldn’t come home with a red face. At the same time the elixir’s antioxidants and moisturizers provide soothing hydration to tighten skin’s surface. It is oil-free and fragrance-free, although it has a very slight scent.Olay says that you should see a marked improvement in your skin in as little as seven days if used on a nightly basis. It is not recommended for daytime usage as glycolic acid can make the skin more sun sensitive. In fact, it is recommended that you use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 during the day if you use this product at night.I need about two pumps from the bottle as I use the elixir not only on my face, but also on my neck and chest. It doesn’t sting or irritate my skin. I’m able to apply around my eyes with no problem. Although it is a gel, it is not sticky at all, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and noticeably firmer immediately upon application. The elixir absorbs quickly, but allow about 5 minutes if you put a moisturizer on afterwards.Olay says that you can use this product in lieu of a regular nighttime moisturizer. Perhaps in my younger days I might have, but I live in a dry environment, so I usually follow up with their Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. That being said, sometimes my skin does get a bit oily so I do sometimes skip the heavier cream and just use the Elixir. It’s great for those days as it is not a heavy moisturizer, but yet it provides sufficient hydration for normal/combination skin types.I’ve been using this about three months now and I feel like it has really improved my skin. In particular my neck area was not as firm as it once was and since using this product I’ve noted a marked improvement in the firmness of this area. My skin is remarkably smoother as well. I also noted that my moisturizer works better when I use it combination with the elixir. Perhaps the exfoliating of the glycolic acid makes the moisturizer absorb better into my skin.Excellent product! 5 stars

Bridget Bergheim, TX

All the Women in the Family Got This for Christmas

Paula Begoun rated this one of the best exfoliants on the market and it’s priced here lower than any of it’s competitors.I bought a bottle for all the women in my family for their Christmas stockings and it was a hit with both the young ones (early 30’s) and me as the oldest.I don’t use it every night (alternate with Tazorac and CeraVe PM). My skin has been looking so good lately that I don’t always wear foundation to work any more.

Courtney Elk City, ID

Excellent Product

I love this! There’s not that many products that I see difference with my skin pretty quickly (not overnight, but within a week or so). I have normal skin, I’m 31 but with no real wrinkles and a few freckles; but I do get some stress breakouts and I’m prone to both milia and rosacea. This stuff has softened the freckles, prevents milia, and doesn’t irritate rosacea. After prolonged use, I’ve definitely noticed a significant overall improvement. And, the Environmental Working Group has rated it a 4 out 10 for cosmetics safety (where lower is better); a 4 isn’t amazing, but it’s much lower than most anti-aging products on the market–and, to wit, I haven’t found one with a lower rating that’s any where as effective as this. So until that holy grail comes, this is my long term product pick. I use it with MyChelle Dermaceuticals Unscented Honeydew cleanser and John Masters SPF 30 moisturizer, and I’m set to go.

Therese Eidson, TN

Did nothing for me

I’ve used AHA products before and they’ve worked very well for me. I am a month into using this one, and it does nothing. My skin shows no difference whatsoever.

Candace High Ridge, MO


I’m a big fan of all the reservist products but this one fell short. Firstly I didn’t like the gel like consistency, I felt it wasn’t getting absorbed by my skin but was just staying on my skin. I didn’t see any difference even after I had finished the bottle.

Diane Belton, TX

I like the Olay Regenerist and Pro X lines

Doesn’t seem potent enough, but leaves a soft smooth feeling the next morning after using. I like the Olay Regenerist and Pro X lines. The products are better than some department store quality without the steep prices. Have only used this for 2 weeks, but will continue to use and see if any change in skin texture.

Kristy Tualatin, OR

Love Olay

I have been using this for quite some time, and the price here is great. I have always liked Olay Regenerist products, and I love the fact that I can use this as a ‘night cream’ just by itself. It makes my evening prep much more simple, so that I do it even when I’m really tired. Does it work? My face is soft and smooth each morning, and that’s all I ask.

Gail Blue Island, IL

Amazing, panacea serum

My mom and aunt both use this, so I decided to try it (Mom is in her 50s, I’m 27). It’s incredible. Like both my mom and my aunt, I have suffered from acne and have spent a lot of time in the sun. The acne left both types of scarring- the dents and the dark spots. And we all know the sun can leave a host of damage to the skin, even if you’re using sunscreen. While it hasn’t completely rid me of the little freckles/sun spots by my eyes the way it has for my aunt, it has ERASED my dark spots and shallow scars.My skin is noticeably different since I started using this a year ago. It’s smoother, more even toned, and the marks that I do get from the occasional pimple now (I attribute the fewer breakouts in-part to this serum) are gone much faster than before. After a few months of using this (my first bottle), i noticed that I really didn’t need all the foundation and concealer I’d been using. Now I just prefer to use a tinted moisturizer (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer).This is definitely worth trying for yourself. Prices seem to vary a LOT depending on where you get it – I just saw it yesterday at RiteAid for 32$. Amazon seems to have the best price so far.

Anastasia Plymouth, MI

Another fine product from Oil of Olay

It’s fine but I prefer a cream. And, it takes a while to see results. It goes on easily and that’s a plus and the price is right.

Tamra Brandywine, WV

Love this stuff!

Great BHA exfoliator! I decided to give this a try after reading the nice recommendation from Paula’s Choice, and I do love it! It’s so gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin, but the next day, your can feel your skin becoming smoother. I use it every other night, and I love it! Great stuff to recommend to everybody.

Elise Satsuma, FL

Good product for women and men . . .

Good mild resurfacing product for an excellent price. The bottle lasted almost all winter because it doesn’t take much to cover the entire face. I think it is worth the price point to resurface your skin. For a tip, don’t use this product and go into the sun or a tanning bed. It is a part of a good winter skin care regiment. Can be used by men or women. Some guys are afraid to use traditionally "women’s" brands. That’s silly. Women have a lot more to choose from, and they work. Plus, it is not effeminate to use any product that makes your skin look good. Who doesn’t want that? Just buy it. You will be glad you did. If you are afraid your friends will see you in the women’s isle have your girlfriend or a friend do it for you. Actually, your male friends may ask you what you are using on your skin when they see the excellent results.

Katie Princeville, IL

Feels tingly

Have only used it a couple of nights so farI have had good lick with the daytime regenerist serum, so thought I would try this.

Corina Fairfax, IA

Pretty good

I am a product junkie …. From department stores to drugstores to shopping networks…. It is a good price points seems to deliver the same results as some pricer brands. I miss the free samples!!!! But the product goes on nice and it did not irratate my skin.

Aline Maurice, LA

Painless Resurfacing

This product is great. It does the same thing that expensive peels do without the discomfort or ugly appearance. My skin looks and feels great. It works better in conjuction with other Olay products.

Latanya Woodworth, ND


This is more of a glycolic serum. It is not bad and I have tried it at night after using Beauticontrol glycolicpads then this before going to bad. Just an okay product, wouldn’t buy it again!

Tamika Stanwood, MI


This stuff rocks! It really makes a difference in improving your skin while you sleep. This is perhaps my favorite product of theirs! It’s works great!

Gloria Devens, MA

NEW to me

SPEECHLESS ! Read the reviews for this product everywhere possible. I’m an Olay Regenerist user to begin with so this naturally piqued my interest. I have slight sun-damage and after 3 years of some severe stress, my skin just was looking and feeling awful – as if I aged 10 years. After just a few days of using this, my skin looked 75% better. After 2 weeks, deep wrinkles, crows feet and sun spots are gone and the tightness has returned (used on my neck and decolletage as well). Simply amazing product that will not dry you out, just will leave you in awe !

Angel Middle Island, NY

Excellent product.

I love the way it feels on my skin, it absorbs quickly and delivers just as it promises. I have used Olay Regenerist for over 2 years and love the way my skin feels and looks. A definite winner!

Carole Emmett, ID

Does it work?

Been using this for a couple weeks now, not sure I’m really getting anything out of it, thought it does go on nicely. It replaces your moisturizer, but my face doesn’t feel as nice in the morning as when I use Olay’s beauty hydrating fluid (the pink bottle).I think I’ll stick to exfoliation and the occasional gentle home peel.

Shelley Landers, CA

Love this

This is the BEST product in the market! I use many different products and this gets an AAAAAA, from me! I love the way it leaves your skin. Then I am excited to see my skin in the morning! This stuff really makes a difference unlike others on the market! This product also has Glycolic Acid in it which is exactly what you want in a product!

Sadie Una, SC

Still waiting to see results

I’ve only been using this for a few weeks, so I’ve not seen much result yet, but I’m hopeful. My skin isn’t that dry, but I found that I need another layer of moisturizer on top of this at night.

Colette Talmage, NE