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Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Micro-Purifying Foaming Cleanser 6.7 Fl Oz,

Foaming cleanser that purifies skin for an ideal clean

Key features

  • Deep cleans to the pore to remove even micro-particles and gently refreshes skin for a beautifully regenerated appearance.
  • Prepares skin for Regenerist moisturizers and treatments.
  • Foaming cleanser that micro-purifies and cleanses.

Honest reviews


best cleanser

I always use the regenerist line. This is a good product at a good price.

Celia Russell, MA

good wash- a bit disappointing

I am using the regnerist lines and getting great results. I am somewhat disappointed with this wash since I expected a foaming wash as it is labelled. It is more like a creamy liquid soap wash very little lather and definitely not foam, a different feel and after effect than a real foaming wash. I don’t get that really clean feeling and I have very oily skin. This was recommended for my skin profile on the Olay site, however despite not being a real foam cleanser, I am still using it (about 10 days)- and expecting it will do what it is supposed to.4 stars only, due to the disappointment in expectations. Will update review when this bottle is done.

Annette Somerdale, NJ


I got this when I was tired of spending so much money for facial cleansers. I am going to stick with this product for a while.

Ella Thaxton, MS

Cleans without drying…

Love this product. My skin is clean but not dry. The product is lasts and lasts. It is part of my regular skin care routine now!

Audrey Gunlock, UT

Delicate cleanser

I have used the higher priced items and this is more than sufficient. I use it with a sonic cleaner and have been highly satisfied with the results. I plan to buy more.

Linda Lake Station, IN

Best Cleanser for oily skin!

This is the BEST cleanser I have ever used! This makes my very oily skin very controlled! I just use it morning and night and it keeps my face from shining. I love it! I will not keep searching for the best cleanser for my face any longer…I have found it!

Erna Zortman, MT

olay is not bad

I havent use it, so i cant say if its good or not. But i will update it as soon as i started using it

Kris South Bethlehem, NY


Cleans your skin leaving it feeling smooth and very clean. Olay in my opinion has the best products available to take care of your skin. This surely gets an A+.

Audrey Brainard, NY

Love This Cleanser

This cleanser has surprised me. I’ve never been inclined to rate one before, because they all seemed to do the job, so what. This one however is noticeably different in how my skin feels afterward, even the following morning. There also seems to be a cumulative effect as I continue to use it, with my skin feeling softer.

Dianna Milaca, MN

Love Olay

I use all Olay products for my skin and my skin never looked better. I get the Olay for my older age and let me tell you, for the price it’s a steal. I don’t think a more expensive product could work any better. The foaming cleanser makes my skin feel clean. After that I use the serum and then the eye and face moisturizer. Together they work great. Even if you’re young, it’s never to soon to take good care of your skin. Olay makes that an affordable option.

Luisa Hamburg, MN

This is really working well for me so far

I got this for the “micro-purifying” bit because I’m admittedly kind of lazy in the winter at night washing my face before bed (it’s cold!) and the lack of a good cleansing at night wreaks havoc for me. This product (and I feel like I can validate this 100% after 3 weeks of use) is supposed to help prepare your skin perfectly for overnight treatment products (I started being faithful to Regenerist as well along with their cleanser). I keep getting more and more compliments every day on my skin and some recent pics from a party proved it to me beyond a doubt.

Cathryn Moorefield, NE

It does the job of cleaning

It does the job of cleaning my skin but I think I like the one with the exfoliate in it. I got another tube of the cleanser with exfoliation and now use it once or twice a week alternating with the foaming cleanser. I love all of the Olay Regenerist products. They’ve been kind to my skin and I think using the products have given my skin a healthier look.

Rena West Green, GA

Wonderful Product, Wonderful Seller

I purchased this product to combat signs of aging, and to care for my skin. The product came in a timely manner, is of high quality, and backed by an accommodating seller.

Jean Hazlehurst, MS

not much cleaning action

I bought this cleanser seeing all the reviews here on amazon, but did not like it at all. It doesn’t clean well, the micro cleaning the label refers to seems to be a lie, the cleanser didn’t even take off a basic tinted moisturizer. very disappointed.

Amalia Mongo, IN


i wouldn’t say it was the BEST. but i will say that its good. my face felt cleaner, i did sense a little residue left. i pushed it off as just an something relating to the anti ageing properties.

Josephine Foster, NE

Nothing special

Yup, it foams. No big deal. Smells pretty good. Takes off my makeup, but not my waterproof mascara. There isn’t anything that makes this stand out from the other drug store cleansers I’ve bought.

Paula Vinita, OK

Happy with my Purchase

I’m always hesitant to try new cleansers, because I have somewhat oily skin that is prone to breakouts. You’d think by the age of 41 that wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I was looking for a cleanser that would get my face really clean without making it feel dry and tight, and I wanted it to help with the fine lines. This cleanser does it all. Plus I love its scent and I only have to use a small amount each time I wash my face.

Juliette Albion, NY


I would recommend this cleanser. However, it doesn’t have much of a scent and doesn’t really give my skin a nice glow. It lathers nicely and cleans well, but, don’t really see any visible changes with use.

Mitzi Arlington, KS

Why pay big bucks for face wash??

I have an anti-aging skin regiment and Olay’s Regenerist-Advanced Foaming Cleanser is a good start for cleansing the skin. I find it is just as good as the Perricone MD I had been using and much less expensive. Great cleanser for normal aging skin and with a few other Olay products, I do not need to get fillers……yet!

Esperanza York Haven, PA