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Olay Quench Plus Firming Body Lotion, 13.5 Ounce

Intense moisturizing formula plumps and lifts surface skin cells for skin that is stronger and visibly firmer in as little as three weeks

Key features

  • Moisturize to nourish to strengthen skins structure and achieve visibly firmer skin. Moisturize skin. Help skin reacquire its youthful firmness.
  • For the following skin types: Dry, Normal
  • Helps with these skin concerns: Loss of Elasticity, Dry/flaky skin
  • Benefits: Firming, Heals & Protects
  • Olay Quench Plus Firming body lotion intensely moisturizes to strengthen skin’s structure for a visibly firmer look.

Honest reviews


Redommend this product

Feels and smells great. Really moisturizes. I am not sure what more to say about this product except that it is a good value.

Kendra Scuddy, KY

Love this

Thow this does not really firm up your skin which I really didn’t expect it to do, it does make your skin feel so soft that you can’t stop touching it. Like your running your hand over velvet.

Marla Charlton Heights, WV


Love this lotion…Hard to find in the stores. My skin feels very soft and has a nice light fragrance. Just started using it so not sure of the"firming" qualities!

Tanisha Blodgett, MO

Good Stuff!

This is the third brand of lotion I’ve tried on my quest for a body lotion and it’s a keeper. I love the consistency; not too thick without feeling like water, and the staying power is great. I’ve used it for almost a week and am starting to see a noticeable difference in my skin. It feels great; moisturized but not sticky and leaves a subtle sheen. It’s perfect for me.

Michaela Sulphur, IN

Love this stuff.

I haven’t noticed firming but I’m not really paying much attention to it. The smell is great. There is a glitter in it though which I didn’t expect but love.

Nellie Duenweg, MO

olay makes the best lotions!

I use olay facial lotion for sensitive skin with spf 15 every day, but recently discovered the quench lotions. First: awesome fragrances. Second: greaseless. Sinks into skin and stays there, even on hot, humid days. Third: no rash, breakout or bumps. I have sensitive skin, so many lotions make it itch. Not this. I feel like I finally got what I paid for and if my local drug store stops carrying it, I will order here. Really, these are excellent lotions. The firming quench has a unique scent that lingers a little but doesn’t compete with body mists. I don’t think there are too many lotions that live up to their hype. I can’t find anything wrong with it.

Loraine Crystal Hill, VA

Smells fine, moisturizes ok.

This lotion is just lotion. Nothing special. Having said that, it does help dry skin a little. I don’t use it for the firming aspect.

Geri Cookville, TX


Wanted an alternative to the more expensive cellulite treatment creams. Haven’t seen much difference but then I am not diligent so prob my fault.

Jesse Warren, VT

very soothing to dry skin

has a nice feeling on very dry skin==I don’t know about the firming feature as to what it’s suppose to do.

Gwendolyn Bealeton, VA

Better Firming Lotions Out There

This lotion didn’t seem to firm like some of the others I have tried; however, it smells good and works fine as a moisturizer.

Pearlie Englewood, NJ


This lotion is so good. It’s perfect for ethnic women like me. This lotion kept my skin moisturizes until all day and all night.

Cathleen Natoma, KS

Olay lotion

I found Olay lotion scent to strong, gave me a headache, but it made my skin feel so soft. I still had to discontinue using it…

Emily Napoleonville, LA

Amazing scent

I’ve been using this for about a month now. As far as firming? Don’t see even a slight difference. BUT, I will be reordering this for sure. The scent is amazing and it gives my skin moisture and a unobtrusive shimmer that makes it look very healthy.

Effie Somers, MT

Excellent Moisturizer with No greasiness.

I keep this on hand near the bathroom sink, by the bedside, at my desk. It has changed my formerly dry and cracky skin back to the appearance and fell of much younger skin.

John Grayson, GA

Olay Body Firming Revier Same as Olay Quench Plus

I ordered Olay Body Firming Reviver Lotion, but I received Olay Quench Plus Body Firming Lotion. I notified Amazon and they sent a replacement, but it was the same Quench Plus Body Firming Lotion. So, I searched the NDC number online and it appears they both have the same NDC number. I assume this means the Firming Reviver Lotion was renamed “Quench Plus Body Firming Lotion.”The lightly scented Quench Plus goes on smoothly but leaves a slightly tacky sensation until it’s fully dry. I have no idea how “firming” it is, because my skin doesn’t need firming. I do like how it keeps me from drying out. As long as my eczema stays under control, I’m happy.__________________________UPDATE 7/13/13: It appears Amazon has amended its listing to the correct product name. I’m still using this and it works well throughout the day to keep me moisturized.

Audrey Buford, GA

Love this lotion!

This lotion smells so good, that I don’t have to use body sprays. I get headaches from perfume so I’ve always had to use body sprays, so this isn’t TOOO strong of a smell, but good enough 🙂 I did not notice any shimmer until I got out in the sunlight, there is a slight shimmer to this, but that’s fine with me not noticeable indoors. As far as firming, I really don’t know if its done that, but its a good daily lotions keeps my skin soft.

Bianca Goose Prairie, WA


I usually use cream oil moisturizers as I do have dry skin and I’m not one to reapply throughout the day. I tried this when it first came out and was amazed with not only how well it moisturized but for how long it did. I swear it kept me soft and silky smooth until I washed it off AND with no greasiness whatsoever. A delight of a product with an exceptionally good price from Amazon.

Ollie Glencoe, KY

Not exactly firming, but nice!

I’m pretty young, but I’m all about prevention at this age. I figured the things I do now will affect me in the decades to come. I also live in a dry climate, so my skin suffers from cold and harsh conditions during the winter. I thought firming would be great since my skin micro-wrinkles when the weather gets bad.PROS:- comes in big bottles, so lasts a while- average moisturing, like normal lotion- Olay brand, so great on sensitive skin like mine- contains reflective particles (very slight, metallic shimmer on skin)CONS:- not exactly firming…I think it just leaves particles on TOP of your skin that dries and fills in the micro-wrinkles- strong perfume smell, which I’m not terribly fond on- burns a little on sunburns, sensitive skin, or when my face has wind burns- a little pricey- the "quenching" part isn’t good enough for dry climates, better for more humid climates- doesn’t absorb easily (gotta really rub it in)OVERALL:I like it, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again. If you live in dry climates or have wrinkles, I would suggest Jergen’s Unscented body lotion. That stuff is extremely, extremely moisturizing and the only thing that saves me during the winter months. It absorbs into your skin and lasts all day. But…for that reason don’t put it on your face or you’ll get acne.I like the shimmer my skin has, and I love Olay products, but this one is just your average lotion with the "firming" as an afterthought.

Toni Slocomb, AL

Good stuff!

Has all the right ingredients! Gave one for a gift!

Marina Deer Lodge, MT