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Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex Anti Aging 15 mL

Olay Professional is at the forefront of science and anti-aging technology. Leading dermatologists and Olay skin scientists have partnered to establish the Olay Professional Advisery Panel for Skin Care Innovation. This team has professionaly designed and professionaly tested these products by selcting anti-aging ingrediants to treat your specific ckin care concern. Through this partnership, Pro-X was created to bring you prescribed regimens to Protect, Treat and Teansform you skin’s appearance. Each product in the line contains a unique combination of anti-aging ingredients that are designed to work together for excellent results in treating primary and specific aging skin appearance concerns. Additionally, the products are designed to be used in a daily regimen to provide comprehensive skin care and to maximize the potential for skin improvement.

Key features

  • Containing high concentration of Niacinamide essence
  • for eye use

Honest reviews


better than Regenerist eye serum

I’d been using Regenerist eye serum for about a month and wasn’t happy. I found that it didn’t absorb well and I wasn’t seeing any positive results. Before returning to my very expensive stand-by Lancome eye cream, I decided to try Pro X. I’ve only used it for a few days so I can’t say it’s as good as Lancome. However, I like it much better than Regenerist. It’s creamier and absorbs more quickly. It’s a lot less expensive than Lancome so I’ll stick with it for a while.

Lynnette Imlaystown, NJ

Best Eye Cream I’ve Ever Used

I have used this eye cream for months now and I love it. I purchased it after top-rated reviews came out last year and this was at the top of the list. It is the best eye cream I have ever used and I have used a lot of them. I use Clinique skincare which I love for cleansing but their eye cream doesn’t come close to this one. This cream goes on smooth, is non-irritating, and it definitely reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This cream has absolutely improved the look of the delicate skin around my eyes. I also love that a tiny bit of this product goes a long way which means you will have it for months — therefore I feel the high price is justified though I hate paying it b/c I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on skincare. This is one cream though that I will spend money on — I don’t even bother looking for other eye creams anymore. Since I have tried so many, I feel that this and a good cup of green tea everyday is the best thing you can do to help ease the process of aging skin around the eyes. Olay is a really good product line. Over the years, I have spent countless thousands on skincare — I finally “wised up” and realized I was being taken for a ride by these exclusive product lines touting “miracles in a bottle” etc.. Don’t fall for it — look for what you like and what works best for you at a reasonable price. This eye cream is one of those.

Roberta Oketo, KS

Doesn’t work for dark circles. . .

I purchased this because it claimed it worked on dark circles. However when I got the product and was reading over the instructions it said the only claim it has to working on dark under eye circles is that when you massage it into skin its supposed to stimulate circulation? Wow I felt sooo cheated!!! 🙁 However it does make my eyes very soft and nice I guess.. I’m only 19 so I don’t really have wrinkles.Also another reason why I decided to go with this product is because it said it has a 100% money back guarantee. I need to look into getting my money back.

Natasha Bar Mills, ME

Not more than a regular eye cream

It goes on smoothly but it does not moisturize for longer than a couple of hours. I won’t try this again, it is too expensive and as far as diminishing wrinkles, not at all. I have used this product for 3 weeks.

Shauna Platte Center, NE

Amazon’s price for my favorite eye cream is best I can find

I first sampled the Olay Pro-X product line a few years ago when they first introduced it. At the time, they offered a significant rebate to encourage people to try it. For nearly 20 years, I’d been a devoted user of Clarins skin care (their super-restorative creams/serums for anti-aging); but since each individual Clarins product was well over $100, I was definitely interested in finding something that would work as well but for a lower cost. Over the years, I’d tried other highly-rated pharmacy skin care lines…only to be disappointed in how my skin looked after a few weeks of switching. After a few weeks of using the Olay Pro-X line, I was pleasantly surprised. While my skin didn’t necessarily improve, it continued looking as good as it did on the high-priced french skin care products.My favorites of the Pro-X line are the Skin Tightening Serum and the Hydra Firming Cream. However, I also use and am quite happy with their Wrinkle Smoothing Cream and this Eye Restoration Complex. The eye cream seemed a bit odd until I got used to it. Rather than the sort of oily feel of some eye creams, this Pro-X one has almost a waxy feel and look to it when you first apply it. I’ve gotten used to that consistency, though; and am very satisfied with the results.

Luella Mc Donald, OH


I have this in auto-ship so I don’t ran out. Good housekeeping rated this as the best eye cream.It’s moisturizing but not greasy.

Ella Ketchikan, AK

Great product and has NO tint in it, which is what I wanted

I am loving the results from this product. The price here on Amazon with the Subscribe and Save is great and if you watch for coupons, they can really bring down the price. I just used a $5 off on it making it a steal on Amazon.As for the product, it is a white cream, not tinted like the regenerist one I used previously. I like that it is untinted, because it is not just a ‘cover up’. The product absorbs well into the skin and after a few weeks results have been noticeable in both puffiness being reduced as well as darkness below my eyes diminishing. I would recommend this product if you want to try and diminish dark circles or discoloration below/around the eyes as well as reducing puffiness or bags below the eyes.

Leslie Niotaze, KS

Recommend this product

Hydrates well with out leaving my skin oily feeling. I am not sure what more to say about this product except that it is a good value.

Ilene Birdseye, IN

Love it!

I have used eye creams for years and have found this one of the best. I buy it on the subscription plan from Amazon and save quite a bit of money over drug and big box type stores. Really think this eye cream is fabulous. Nothing is going to remove the wrinkles but this does soften then.

Merle South Lebanon, OH

Olay is the best

I love it, Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex Anti Aging is the best I use it everyday, it’s like a instead botox for a while.

Ginger Montfort, WI



Casandra Hinkley, CA

Love this eye cream and the whole line of Olay PROx products

I definitely noticed a difference in the tone & quality of my skin since I started using the line of Olay PROx products (been about a year now) – less wrinkles, skin looks younger & softer. I use this in the morning along with the lotion – age repair SPF30 and the skin tightening serum. At night I use the hydra firming cream which I absolutely love makes my skin feel really nice when I go to bed and wake up the next morning. The eye cream is light, doesn’t leave your eyes feeling greasy but makes a noticeable difference in tired eyes and the little lines around the edges. I have all of the items on subscribe and save which makes it really easy – never have to think about reordering. This eye cream lasts me about 2 months. Overall been very pleased and have not wanted to look at other skin care lines which, before finding this, I used to jump around and try new stuff every time I ran out of something.

Cora Lurgan, PA


This is my favorite product by Olay I love how it makes my eyes look and feel. So easy to use too

Tiffany Stevensville, MI

Slowly but Surely

I used it during the day and my bags appeared larger, so I applied it at night before bedtime and voila! Less bags! Not completely gone, but this time, less is surely better!

Nettie Everett, MA

Best product for under eye puffiness ever!

I’ve only been using this product, twice daily, for about 3 weeks and I can already see the difference in the puffiness under my eyes. I’ve tried many different products for this issue, from the most expensive to the least, and so far, this has been the only one that really works. It isn’t a moisturizer, and I have to moisturize separately, but for the puffiness and even for slightly dark circles under the eye, Olay Pro X Eye restoration complex has worked miracles for me. I will continue to buy it, and I strongly recommend it.

Natalia Cowpens, SC

love it!

I had been using another olay product for almost a year but i decided to give this one a try. i see better results in the few weeks than I did in a year of the other product.

Teri Verdi, NV

Excellent depuffer and moisturizer for eyes

Olay Prox takes my puffy eyes and helps them depuff. I use what is left over on my lips to moisturize them after brushing teeth and before bed.

Ola Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Worth Every Penny

Okay, I’m not an Olay person, never have been but I read the review of this product on Good Housekeeping more than a year ago and just couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to try it. I tried other eye creams but they just didn’t work. I still had the bags under my eyes and the dark rings seemed to get darker. So I finally tried this after reading a review of it some where else where it was named the best eye cream to purchase. I shou!ld have bought it when I first read the review. It took down the bags under my eyes in about three days and I noticed a difference in the dark circles in about a week to ten days. Now I have no darkness under my eyes unless I have not gotten a full nights rest in days and have not used this in a about a two weeks or so. When I do use it, it takes away the puffiness in a matter of minutes. So on my way to work its working so that when I reach work, my eyes look nice. I don’t wear eye makeup so I don’t know how to review under those circumstances but I can tell you, this product is worth every penny you will spend on it. I have the back up bottle already and it last so long. Have been using it for more than three months now, not every single day but fairly consistently. Simply amazing!

Alyce Twig, MN

Just gotta say . . .

Have tried every . . every eye cream on the market . . and after the first few minutes found this product to feel like it was making a difference . . seemed to feel tightening sensation. Really opened up the eye area, especially the lids. Gonna wait a few more weeks to see if it softens lines, but right now am completely satisfied. This product combined with Olay resculpturing cream for the face and you can’t go wrong.

Harriett Whitley City, KY

Smooth Eye Cream that goes on light

This eye cream is light, goes on smooth, and does not cause me to break out. You may need to re-apply once your skin as absorbed, a skin care adviser told me to always carry an eye cream in your purse and re-apply through-out the day, so I try to do at least 3 times a day. A great buy!

Pearlie Blue River, KY

Does the job!

I get up at dawn every weekdays and I noticed that I was aging! I’m 50 years old, always took good care of my skin with expensive stuff. But after more than 2 weeks using this Olay product I see a clear improvement. It is easier to apply my eyeliner and eyeshadow when I go out. I put some just under my eyebrows not too close from my eyes. It’s not a total lift but hey, I like my eyes now. I recommend it. I used Dr. Renaud, Sothys, Lancome and Clinique before; it does the same effect for less money.

Tiffany Dickinson, AL

Always better the 2nd time around

I tried this cream several years ago and I was happy with it. However, being a product junkie means always searching for something better. I never found an eye cream that works as well as this one. I’m back to it after trying several other brands including creams that cost $100+. I won’t stray again. It’s worth it to look rested.

Laurie Julian, CA


I’m not yet seeing any type of “miracle” with my eye area, but by the same token it’s not hurting or irritating anything either. Perhaps it just needs more time to work. The price was fair and shipping time just fine.

Elsie Dunnellon, FL

Olay Professional Pro-X-Eye Restoration Complex Anti Aging 15 ML

WOW! I am a current user of Olay beauty products. I have tried their facial wash, cleansers, facial wipes and much more. I have been satisfied with the overall results of Olay Beauty Products. But, Olay really WOWED me when I tried this product. I am a Full-Time college student and had developed dark circles around my eyes. I did some research and found this Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex Anti Aging on amazon. After two weeks of continued use, I saw noticible results! My eyes are much lighter, much smoother, more firmer and revitilized! It’s pricey, However compaired to other products on the market that sell at a higher value, your pretty much getting the same thing, the difference maybe the brand of the product/price/oz. I prefer to purchase certain products from amazon, because even with the shipping included, it is still inexpensive compared to local stores that sell Olay Beauty products and to other competitive brands that offer the same thing! Overall, this Olay product earned 5 stars for: Quality, Showes Results and Price. Highely Recommended!

Carolina Colerain, OH

The product was good and not expencive

I have chosen becouse it was recomanded by my friend.I am satisfied, it is good but not perfect.Yes i would recomend the product if you can not afford expencive one.I have been experimenting with different products to see how they work.

Ronda Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


My most beautiful wife (59 years old but looks 35 years old) has used Olay products for years. She swears by the Olay Pro-X products. Highly Recommended.

Lacy Gustine, TX

Great for your eyes

This product really does a great job in helping the wrinkles under your eyes and the crows feet. I would recommend it to anyone who want younger looking eyes.

Patrice Galva, IA

Good for years, but now having reaction.

I’ve used this eye cream for several (maybe as long as 5) years but recently developed a reaction. Not sure if it’s me or if the formula changed. It was excellent for years and may be great for you too. I’m seeking a new product.

Letha Tabor, IA