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Olay Professional Pro-X Discoloration Fighting Concentrate, 0.4 Ounce

Olay Professional is at the forefront of science and anti-aging technology. Leading dermatologists and Olay skin scientists have partnered to establish the Olay Professional Advisery Panel for Skin Care Innovation. This team has professionaly designed and professionaly tested these products by selcting anti-aging ingrediants to treat your specific ckin care concern. Through this partnership, Pro-X was created to bring you prescribed regimens to Protect, Treat and Teansform you skin’s appearance. Each product in the line contains a unique combination of anti-aging ingredients that are designed to work together for excellent results in treating primary and specific aging skin appearance concerns. Additionally, the products are designed to be used in a daily regimen to provide comprehensive skin care and to maximize the potential for skin improvement.

Key features

  • Professionally tested to help fade the appearance of overactive pigmentation such as age spots and brown spots
  • Hydrates to gradually repair the look of discoloration deep within skin’s surface
  • Designed for targeted application

Honest reviews


skin bleaching/lightening

Did not work for me. Most Olay products are great, but this one was not as good as Physicians Formula 6% Skin Bleaching Cream.Will not buy again.

Young Tyner, NC

Yowza!!! This thing really works!

Before buying this product, I read all the reviews here and guessed that it worked for some people but not for others, but I decided to get it anyway. And it worked for me, and in only a few days too!I have age spots on my cheekbones, more on the left than on the right, most likely due to me driving and getting more Sun on the left. My wife and a bunch of her friends all got their age spots removed at a salon and they all came back with scabs which fell off after a few days but that cost hundreds of bucks. Mine have steadily gotten worse over time and I decided to do something about it after reading some on-line article about Olay’s Pro-X line. All work by removing the top layers of skin and allowing new skin to grow back. The salon uses lasers, doctors use dermabrasion and this cream works by disrupting the collagen fibers or something like that.I used it like the instruction said, once in the morning and once at night. If you go out in the day, you have to make sure you use a high SPF suntan lotion to protect the area. I have big and small spots, light and dark spots. In just a few days I could see the darkness decrease and I knew it was working because I could hardly tell where the lighter spots were anymore. I’ve only had this a few days, but so far I highly recommend this.

Marie Zolfo Springs, FL

noticeable improvement

I have been using this Olay Pro-X product for six weeks now, and am on my second tube. I did not notice any difference for more than a month, but now six weeks later, Im starting to see noticeable lightening on my darkest age spots. This is a bit longer than their 28 day “guarantee”, but at least I got results. This product is more expensive than others I’ve tried, but the results are better. It is a very small tube, also, so I would suggest just trying it on your darkest spots first and see how it works for you before spreading it out on your face. Be sure to check out the special offers on this product for the next few weeks, making it a real bargain.

Randi Wetumka, OK

Complete waste of money

This product did ABSOLUTELY nothing that it said it would. Don’t waste your money.

Lindsey Moscow, KS

Another skincare product that does not work

I bought this product when it came out in what I believe was February of 2009 and used it for about 2 1/2 months with not one result. I have sun spots and put this cream on religiously every day and saw no change. Retin-A seems to be the only way, you just have to get used to it at first. Don’t waste your money………..

Alyson Elida, NM

Just okay

I have been using this on my sun spots for 2 months and have not noticed any great change in discolorations. Will not buy again.

Janet Mont Vernon, NH


My most beautiful wife (59 years old but looks 35 years old) swears by and has used Olay products for years. Olay pro-x is the top of the line. Highly Recommended.

Brenda Cedar Vale, KS

didn’t notice anything

seen very little results there are better things out there that do much better than this also it makes your skin sensitive to the sun always apply sunscreen

Lorna Watts Bar Dam, TN

Working well on th few spots I needed it.

I have been using this for about 2 weeks. It has diminished greatly the spot of discoloration I was most concerned with on my forehead. Another one, less visible on the side of my face, has been less successful but hoping more time passing will help. I have sensitive skin and I haven’t had a problem with this product bothering my skin-no redness, itchiness, or any kind of irritation.

Mari Sun Valley, ID

I can’t beleive it!

This really worked for me — I’m still in awe. I’ve tried just about everything on the market to get rid of this one little brown spot on my face. Nothing worked. I thought I’d give this a shot — used it for 2 week, twice a day faithfully. I put on more than was required, but that’s just me! Anyway, took my make up off and was applying my cream and grabbed this…looked in the mirror and had a hard time finding the spot!!! Seriously — it worked for me! I’m so happy the spot from hell is gone. I will recommend this to all my friends. I like a few products by Olay, but am normally not a fan due to the scents of their products — even the cleansing cloths make me sneeze. I’ve no problem with this. Try it. It really worked for me.

Trina Westbury, NY

It Really Works

It is always amazing to me when a product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg does what it says it’s going to do. While this product may not be as good as one you get from your medical professional – it IS more affordable and easily obtained.And here is yet another Olay product that does it’s job. I’m in my mid fifties and was born when the idea of sun tan lotion was baby oil with iodine in it or Coppertone’s cocoa butter. Of course neither of them with any sort of sun screen. The browner you were the better. And because I’m half Italian I always got extremely brown.Well now my skin is paying for all the sun worshiping I did in the past. I’m finding brown spots on my face and hands. I’ve had them looked at by my doctor (and I recommend that anyone dealing with sun or age spots go to the doctor first and make absolutely sure that is what they are!!!!)and I’m assured they are normal sun/age spots. So I chose this product to try, and lo and behold the product works! Within 3 weeks my spots started fading and I am able to cover them with make up. I’ve used the product longer than that and I can sadly tell you that this product did not fade my spots totally, but I AM able to cover them 100% with a light covering of my everyday make-up.Boy the things we didn’t know back then, and I’m afraid to say that most likely, at the time I probably wouldn’t have listened to the warnings and come in out of the sun….but with age comes wisdom (or so they say) and I’m much wiser now.

Margo Loveland, CO

Love it

This is by far one of the products I tried for acne scars and it actually really works. I stumbled on it at Target and I thought I will give it a shot. Way too expensive at Target. Way better price at Amazon. But it works really well as long as you use it everyday.

Miriam Lake City, CA

I was pleasantly surprised with lightening results

My skin doesn’t tan well and I get a lot of freckles even when I use SPF 30, also I am pregnant this summer. When after 2 morning visits to the pool I noticed new and darker sun spots on my face, I ran to the store and bought Olay for $36.50 with coupon. Being pregnant left me with limited options – I couldn’t ask my dermatologist for help until next year.Olay has helped me tremendously – I have seen the spots faded WITHIN DAYS. I think it has to do with the fact that they were very recent, but my older freckles appear lighter too. These is the inital tingling feeling that goes away and I saw some of my spots became reddish prior to disappearing, it looks like they break into smaller part before compeletely fading. All the darker spots were gone within 10 days. Prior to that I used Lancome tonic and spot treatment and it wasn’t working well, only more stinging sensation, so switching to Olay was a bargain.I’m continuing using it day&night; under my moisturizers, until I’ll ran out.

Christian Bronson, IA

It is working

It does work OK, but it sure is pricey for a tiny tube. I have been using it for three months and just bought a second tube. I know “stupid” I guess I thought I would give it a chance. My friend came by and tried a cheap jar of Porcelain stuff and her sun spots are gone. I am still working on mine. A few of mine are gone though.Update, it really works. The sun spots are disappearing and some are completely gone. People have been saying all along it has been working, but in pictures I now can tell. I just bought my second tube. But buy it here at Amazon! Don’t buy it at the stores. It is so expensive there. Don’t believe me? Go to the store after you check out these prices.

Nola Barksdale, TX

A great product that works

I have used the Olay discoloration fighting concentrate for a month. I have tried for several years to get rid of 2 brown splotches on the one side of my face using different creams but to no avail. The brown splotches have faded significantly to where I can barely see them so this product has worked great for me. With another week or two they should be gone forever and I couldn’t be happier.

Eve South Padre Island, TX

Olay ProX Discoloration concentrate

This was just as described and the price was right.When it is gone I will definitely reorder.It works great for dark skin spots.

Tommie Lafayette, AL