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Olay Professional Pro-x Clear Intensive Refining Sulfur Mask, 1.7 Ounce

Twice-weekly treatment for acne. Dries current breakouts, immediately absorbs oil and reduces overall shine for a consistently clear complexion.

Key features

  • Pro-X clear products are non-ckomedogenic
  • Acne treatment
  • Sulfur mask

Honest reviews


Come on Olay, why the harmful ingredients??

Isn’t there some way to formulate this without methylparaben and other harmful ingredients? Why do we need to increase our risk of breast cancer and put something on our face that prematurely ages skin (methylparaben) just to fight acne? Not worth it. Olay – clean up your act!

Emilie Ida Grove, IA


I bought this product along with the Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol kit. I’ve used it twice a week for about a month with mixed results. The product is great at cleaning the skin and getting away excess oil but I’ve noticed that my skin returns to an oily condition pretty quickly after use. In addition the product stinks! I realize that a sulfur mask will smell like sulfur but others that I have used lose the smell after the mask is washed off. The smell from this mask lasts about a day after it’s used. Overall this product is okay. I probably won’t buy it again due to the smell, price and effectiveness for that price.

Keisha Lena, WI

Great Mask

My wife loves this mask. We use to get it from ***mart but they dont seem to carry it any more. I found it here and had to order it as many other stores stopped stocking it.

Brooke Peru, KS

I Love It!

This product works better then the rest of the acne line. I used this on more difficult/larger pimples, and if they didn’t go away over night, they would go away after the second use. I found using it once or twice a week was sufficient to keep much of my acne at bay, and continue to use this product whenever I have a particularly difficult outbreak.

Ina Carbon, TX


I use this about once a month and I love it! Yes, it smells a little funny, but it works like magic! Don’t over use it or your skin will completely dry out. If you have any breakouts give this a go and in a couple days you’ll be completely renewed.

Tanisha May, TX