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Olay Professional Pro-X Age Repair Lotion With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 2.5 Fl Oz

Olay Professional is at the forefront of science and anti-aging technology. Leading dermatologists and Olay skin scientists have partnered to establish the Olay Professional Advisery Panel for Skin Care Innovation. This team has professionaly designed and professionaly tested these products by selcting anti-aging ingrediants to treat your specific ckin care concern. Through this partnership, Pro-X was created to bring you prescribed regimens to Protect, Treat and Teansform you skin’s appearance. Each product in the line contains a unique combination of anti-aging ingredients that are designed to work together for excellent results in treating primary and specific aging skin appearance concerns. Additionally, the products are designed to be used in a daily regimen to provide comprehensive skin care and to maximize the potential for skin improvement.

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make that 2 stars

What I like:- high enough SPF and broad spectrum- it moisturizes- good bottle sizeWhat I dislike:- It does not get absorbed completely leaving some shine in my forehead and nose- It is a little hard to spread evenly- it leaves white spots if not spread carefully evenly- white spots need to be tackled right away as spreading, if you wait a minute or so, it comes off unevenly in little white pieces (whether you are applying more or not) and you have to completely wipe it off with a tissue paper and start over again in order to avoid the mess. This is ALSO a problem if you want to reapply 2 hours or so later.I am not buying this again. I liked the PCA Hydrator spf 25 a lot better, this one is easier to spread, at first it seems as it is going to leave white residues all over but as soon as it gets absorbed, the cream goes invisible, even if you accidentally spread it unevenly (like when you’re in a rush). Also, it does not leave shine in my forehead or elsewhere.Also notice that they have lowered the price on the Olay product, I bought it for over 40 a few weeks ago. It is still overpriced.Lastly, does anybody know if this product provides broad spectrum protection? somewhere I read that only products that contain ZnO among the other common ingredients are the best.

Kaitlin Nason, IL

Olay has created THE daytime lotion we have been waiting for!

I have been using the OLAY INTENSIVE WRINKLE PROTOCOL kit for approximately a month now and this is my favorite product of them all. (You can check out my review for the kit if you are interested in the whole protocol or the PRO-X WRINKLE SMOOTHING CREAM and the PRO-X DEEP WRINKLE TREATMENT).This is really the product I have been waiting for and I can’t stress enough that this seems to be the perfect combination of what we all need. The SPF 30 was the highlight for me, particularly since it does not behave like other sunscreens. I have tried the DDF formula and others with an oily, white residue result. The OLAY version absorbs completely and leaves my skin feeling soft and firm without being tight or shiny. Most importantly, my face & neck are well-protected from sun damage.Used along with the night cream (PRO-X WRINKLE SMOOTHING CREAM) it has gradually left me with a firmer, smoother complexion. A little goes a long way, so it is cost-effective as well. One to two small pumps is all you need for great coverage.I will probably not purchase the entire protocol in the future, but I will definitely continue with the PRO-X AGE REPAIR LOTION SPF 30. Definitely recommended!

Dionne Beavertown, PA

Great skin care

Works really well as a base for makeup and a sunscreen. Love it. Will buy more!

Jocelyn Glidden, TX


My most beautiful wife (59 years old but looks 35 years old) has used Olay products for years. Pro-X is the best of Olay. Highly Recommended.

Brooke Lambert, MS


After a couple of days of use, my skin started breaking out. The lotion seems to be extra oily. I didn’t use long enough to determine if there were any age repair type results.

Trisha Danevang, TX

Can’t get any better lotion at any price

What the dermatologists say is true–price doesn’t make a product better for your skin. After using Orlane for 40 years, I was tired of paying for the space the makeup artists used at Neiman Marcus so I decided to try this product. I was not disappointed. Don’t waste your money on fancy store brands. This one works!

Monique Twentynine Palms, CA

Mature skin help

Love this product. Used for a long time and wanted to try other products to see if they were better…they’re not so I’m back to ProX.

Alice Gosnell, AR

Too greasy…it’s my least favorite of the Pro-X skin care line

I’ve been happy with many of the products in the Pro-X skincare line…particularly theirSkin Tightening Serum,Hydra Firming Cream, andEye Restoration Complexwhich I’ve been buying on Amazon. Therefore, when I saw this Age Repair Lotion available as a 2-pack at my local SAM’s Club, I went ahead and stuck it in the cart.While I am sticking with the Skin Tightening Serum and Hydra Firming Cream for nighttime, my intention was to use this Age Repair Lotion as my morning moisturizer both for under makeup and also for those days that I just want to go bare-faced. After using it for a few days, though, I’ve found that I don’t like it as a daily moisturizer. It seems greasy when it goes on; and while I generally only use a light dusting of tinted mineral powder over it, it gives a sticky feel to my face that I don’t like.Since it does have a good sunscreen rating (SPF 30), I decided that it wouldn’t go to waste since I could just use it as a sunscreen. Even as that, though, I’m not happy with it. I put it on my face before heading out to run, but it is very irritating to my eyes when it mixes with sweat and runs down my face.I’m now only using it as a sunscreen for the rest of my body…which makes it a fairly expensive sunscreen.

Jeanie Blooming Grove, NY

Olay ProX Age repair lotion SPF30

Excellent moist cream to protect the face and neck… I’ve tried lots of them and thisone is one of the best!! Great value to buy on Amazon compared with pricesin stores, as well… there IS a difference!

Flora Atkinson, IL

Good Stuff!

I have been using this Olay ProX Age Repair Lotion, as well as the Olay ProX Skin Tightening Serum and Olay ProX Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser, for the past 2-1/2 months. I waited this long to write reviews to allow enough time for these ProX products to do what they claim. I have noticed a very positive difference in my face’s skin tone, elasticity, wrinkles, and fine lines (although it is not a remarkable difference), and I am extremely pleased with the results. I have very sensitive skin and, despite the fact that I am a 53-year-old woman, I was still getting blemishes and pimples. Once I started using these products, I no longer got any blemishes or pimples, and none of these ProX products have caused any skin reactions, blotches, irritation, etc. I have used quite a few products since the skin revolution started few years ago, and I find these to be the best so far. Olay ProX products may be a little, tiny bit on the pricey side, but they cost much less here on (which offers a 15% subscription discount to make the prices even less) than many other stores. I’m not sure whether one, two, or all three of these Olay ProX products is the reason for these results, but I’m very pleased and I will continue to use these items.

Tonya Coalmont, IN

Excellent product

Although the INCI list is a bit too long to my liking (I always get lost in all those ingredients) this is an excellent product for a reasonable price.

Whitney Kansas City, MO

Love This Product.

This is my second favorite product in the Pro X line, great stuff. Love the 30 spf, lotion sinks right into skin, make up application is wonderful over this. No complaints. This is my daily face cream now, I used Regenerist for 5 years but I really do like Pro X better. Nicer consistency and I feel it works better.

Alisha Four Corners, WY


I just started using it two weeks ago and I got a compliment on my skin yesterday and another one today!! ’nuff said!!

Jillian Richland, WA

I can’t find anything else that I like better

I’ve tried brands cheap to expensive, from department store to drug store, to becoming a rep for several companies (you know who they are!) who carry skin care.It was actually the Olay Pro-X SPF day cream that rescued my skin from the Mary Kay day cream that was causing me to have horrible skin. It only takes a tiny bit of the Olay to go a long way on your face, it doesn’t build up, and it works well if you use a primer under your foundation like I do. (Smashbox Photo Finish Light, use the moisturizer first and then the primer I can honestly say that my latest two experiments (Estee Lauder and Lancome) still don’t seem to moisturize and make my face feel supple like this Olay, and the Olay is cheaper. If you catch sales and use coupons (and take advantage of their rebates) you can really stock up on the Olay at an affordable price!I like that the Olay has SPF 30; it seems that most day creams have a lower SPF than this. True you don’t want so much that your face reflects like you are wearing white face paint under your makeup, but this Olay really seems to strike just the right balance between a nice SPF level and non-greasy moisture.One bonus is that I only used two of these a year; a large pump lasted me about 6 months. That’s pretty impressive for any brand! My only complaint was that this bottle was so hugely bulky when I traveled. It was truly awkward and took up a ton of room. I ended up just buying a sample size set for when we went out of town, to avoid having to pack one whole bag just for skin care.

Alberta Del Rey, CA

It’s a good hand cream. Not great, but good.

I mix this in with some non-spf lotion and apply it to my hands. The ingredients are good, though it is a tad drying (nothing to be concerned about though, unless maybe you have the absolute driest of skins).

Angelique Kewadin, MI