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Olay Oil Minimizing Toner, 7.20-Ounce

Tones by removing dirt, oil and make-up without stripping skin’s essential moisture.

Key features

  • Dermatologist Tested.
  • With witch hazel
  • Oil Minimizing Toner

Honest reviews


Olay Oil Minimizing Toner

This is a must have if your skin is oily! I have tried all sorts of products that claim to minimize oil(from cleansers to moisturizers to primers to powders) and this is the first that actually does what it states. I have sensitive, acne prone skin that gets shiny just about as soon as my face dries. Even in the winter when I get dry patches at times, the rest of my face will still get oily, and in the summer it just gets shinier. Now even if I skip foundation my face looks and feels amazing and shine free. It is so refreshing on your skin and I love how it can get the dirt you miss from deep in your pores. Since starting to use this I have also noticed my skin clear up quite a bit(which makes sense, less oil=less breakouts). Even better yet, you cant beat the price:)

Serena Grantville, GA

Great item, good for your face!

I have super oily skin so my daily routine consists of an oil-free lineup. Instead of washing my face in the morning, I sweep this toner all over with a cotton round–saves tons of time. I continue with oil-free moisturizer, primer, makeup, and setting powder. This toner also has witch hazel in it which is a great astringent for your skin. Google the ingredients and see the benefits for yourself. Used in conjunction with my other oil-free products, I keep the oil away all day.I also HAVE to comment on price. The two pack from Amazon is almost the same price as one bottle at my local drugstore. After subscribing like I did, you save even more.From now on I won’t be using any other toner and will continue to purchase this one!

Claudette Mora, MN

Nice smell!

I usually just use witch hazel for toner, but this has a much nicer smell to it. And really that is the only advantage. It performs the same function, although I guess it might be a bit moisturizing. I probably won’t go out of my way to repurchase it though, Burt’s Bees makes a good one too.

Maryann Britton, MI

My favorite toner

I won’t use any other toner but this one! I have combo skin, on the sensitive side. After using the toner, my skin feels fresh and super clean! Great price, too!

Carlene Euclid, MN

Used for years

I have been using this toner for years, and recently started subscribing to it on Amazon, which is very convenient. I like this toner because it’s not too strong or too weak. It’s just right. I supplement with occasional clay masks here and there, but in general this toner is effective at getting most of the dirt and makeup off of my face daily. I also like the fact that it does not have a strong odor like some other toners do.

Dale Mc Clure, OH

Great deal!!!

I LOVE this toner and all of a sudden could not find it anywhere (i tried every pharmacy and grocery in the areas i work and live). Not only was I able to find this product but it was awesome to get a pack of 2!

Kirsten Molalla, OR

Great Toner

This is a great toner. It makes my skin feel clean without the burning you can sometimes get with harsh toners. I have never been disappointed with Olay products.

Dominique Chama, CO

Works great

And doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all, while controlling oil as good as many other toners I tried, if not better. Will be buying again.

Erna Elmwood, IL

Great for your face

I have been using this toner for years to clean my face every night. Perfect for cleaning without drying out your skin. Much better price than I would get in a store.

Marcella Marengo, IL

The toner makes my skin feel so fresh. The toner is also great for sensitive skin.

I recommend the Olay Oil Minimizing Toner for all skin types. When I use it after washing my face, the toner makes my skin feel so fresh and clean! This is an excellent product, and I highly recommend the toner to other customers!

Concetta Cotton Center, TX

Drying effect, pores smaller, break out?

This toner feels like it’s doing its job – my pores are seemingly getting smaller and catching less dirt and oil. But it dries my skin out and may be contributing to my skin breaking out slightly. All in all though it may be better if I use the toner once every couple days rather than everyday. Would be great if they made a non-alcoholic version or made this less stringent.

Lessie Pompton Plains, NJ

Been using for years. Only toner I can tolerate.

This is the only toner I have used for years. I love it because: 1) although there is a teeny bit of alcohol in it, its not so much as to be harsh; 2) the main ingredient is witch hazel; 3) there’s no weird gloppy/greasy/waxy glycerine-type stuff to leave a film on my skin; and 4) it smells great. I have tried Boots which is nice and smells like rosewater but it leaves a weirdly waxy feel to my face. I break out easily. This Olay toner (and all their moisturizers) are the only products I keep coming back to. Good doesn’t have to cost a lot, ladies. It’s true!

Lenora Inez, KY

Just ok…

Not the best toner out there. I really didn’t feel that it did a ton for me and I feel like the oil minimizing nature of this toner ended up making my skin look flat. I have combination skin and thought this would help with oily areas but it didn’t do too much, even in the summertime when my face was more oily. Spend a little more and get something higher quality.

April New Berlin, NY

Swear By it!

I love Oil of Olay products and use this to give my skin extra boost of clean. Then slather on a moisureizer and it’s a perfect base for my make up.

Kristin Lost Creek, PA

clean and fresh

It great for the price, It leaves no traces of dirt and an nice clean tingly skin. also good for your pores

Tracy Nada, TX

great toner

I would recommend this toner to any kind of skin,after cleansing my make-up away my face feels great and refreshing with this Olay toner.try it you’ll like it!

Mina Eben Junction, MI

Great toner for sensitive skin

Grab it when it’s on sale. This toner works very well for sensitive skin and there is no dryness. My daughters use this product as well and swear by it.

Rosalie Perkins, MO

Daily user

everyone should use a toner after wsahing their face. if you saw all the dirt thats left behind you would not be happy ! great price for the quality

Aimee Castlewood, SD

In-depth review from a girl allergic to everything…

I have never used a toner before and was looking for a gentle one for my very sensitive skin. I use this as part of my 5-Step Japanese Skincare Routine. I’ll preface by saying I have combination skin that gets very oily in this humid Georgia weather, and I’m practically allergic to everything. Toners are the second step in the process after gentle washing your face, and is meant to clean up any leftover dirt or makeup without drying out your skin. You soak a cotton ball and wipe your face with it for a cool, crisp feeling. This witch hazel based toner is supposed to be much gentler than using an alcohol, which strips your skin of necessary oils and can cause acne.PROS:- gentle on skin and doesn’t cause an allergic reaction- will remove stray makeup (though it won’t replace a true makeup cleanser)- doesn’t burn eyes or skin- doesn’t strip all the oils- very cheap (especially in a double pack plus a $3 Amazon coupon)- a bottle will last a month or two with conscientious use- compatible with other products without causing a reaction- leaves a clean feeling- tightens up the pores, so great to use in the morning before makeup and at night- great for humid weather or oily skin to help makeup last longerCONS:- smells like nail polish remover (hold your breath while cleaning around the chin/mouth/nose)- is a little dry in certain climates, like when I visit Denver, CO (just immediately follow up with serum)- the only way to apply it is with a cotton ball or pad, which can soak up a lot and waste the productOVERALL:Until I try other toners, this is a great intro/basic product that fits well into my Japanese Skincare Routine. It’s cheap, not too harsh, and leaves my skin feeling clean. I notice it also controls my oily skin and helps makeup last during the day. I would buy it again, but will be looking for alternatives. I feel like since this toner is mostly witch hazel, I should just buy a bulk bottle of pure witch hazel for $4 or just use rice water. I will be seeking a toner with more nutrients.

Monique Cossayuna, NY

It does work

I do have oily skin and realized after I started using this minimizing toner it was less greasy. The 2 pack method is really awesome because a little goes a long way.

Sandra Twin Peaks, CA

Good toner for combination skin

I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, and needed a more targeted product than a general face wash. This works nicely. I apply it to a cotton pad, and wipe the t-zone while leaving the rest of my face untouched.It does contain alcohol, so it will probably irritate your eyes a bit if you use it to clean your nose or the area immediately under your eyes. Once the alcohol evaporates, the irritation goes away.A single bottle also lasts a while. I can get a little less than 2 months of daily use. Having the two-pack on a 3 month delivery schedule end up working out well for me.

Imogene Cresco, PA