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OLAY Oil Minimizing Clean, Foaming Cleanser 7 oz

Olay Oil Minimizing Clean Foaming Cleanser for combination/oily skin deep cleans, thoroughly removing dirt, oil and makeup without overdrying. Specially formulated for combination/oily skin, this cleanser is oil-free and washes away impurities, leaving skin feeling fresh.

Key features

  • Removes dirt, oil and make-up without over-drying your skin
  • Designed by Olay skin professionals for combination/oily skin

Honest reviews


Not for the eyes!

I thought I would give this a try, but will not buy again. If this stuff goes near your eyes, you are a goner. It is so painful! Ugh! Great otherwise….

Rena Nekoma, ND

Gets the job done

I have combination skin and have tried cleansers and scrubs from St. Ives, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, you name it. But a lot of them leave my cheeks dry and even flaky. This one from Olay doesn’t dry out my sensitive areas but still cleans the oily parts of my face. Keep in mind that this is only a cleanser, so your zits and dark spots won’t magically disappear. But it will leave your face refreshingly clean.

Karin Johannesburg, CA

Perfect cleanser

My wife always longed for a face wash that not only cleanses her face but also keeps her fresh. I discovered this Olay face wash and order one for my wife. The face wash is just the one for my wife. She has dry skin and the oily foaming face wash worked fine on her skin. It removed the last tint of her makeup, she tell s me. What made her glad was that even her eye liner was removed without leaving any telltales. The price is affordable and she uses the face wash twice every day. It is a must for her before she goes to bed. The fragrance is fresh and the smell lingers in my room all night.

Camille Leon, KS

Does not break down foundation

I noticed that washing with this face wash doesn’t completely break down my foundation. I use Revlon Colorstay foundation and even after using this foaming wash, I see left over foundation when wiping my face. I have to do a 2 step cleansing, first with an exfoliating face wipe, then washing with this cleanser. On its own, it’s not very effective at dissolving make up.

Ana Romeoville, IL

Still leaves my face dry after

I have really weird skin. Very oily by my nose and forehead, but so dry (to the point of excema) on my cheeks, and then acne on my chin and neck. What the heck do I buy for that? I figured this combination wash would be okay. I do like how it foams and lathers nicely. My skin felt extra clean after (I used it with my silicone exfoliating face scrubber) but after I got out of the shower, my face soon had that tight dry feeling. I slathered it with moisturizer and it was fine. However, I find my regular Dove sensitive soap does a better job and doesn’t leave my skin with that tight feeling. I like this, but I probably won’t buy it again.

Kathleen Mount Laguna, CA

Great Cleanser

Great cleanser for a great price. This cleanser is creamy and lathers well, removes dirt and oil and leaves your skin soft.

Jerry Cameron Mills, NY

Too heavy for me

I have sensitive skin and this face wash did not work for me. It felt more heavy/oily going on and left a film on my skin and seemed to be causing my breakouts to flare up more than usual.

Melisa Sunflower, AL

The only face wash I will use

This is the only face wash that cleans my skin and doesn’t over dry. It feels so nice and creamy & foamy on my face.

Allie Newell, AL

washes makeup off

I use this every night to wash the makeup and oil off my face. A lot of face washes dont wash off makeup well, but this one does. Doesnt leave my face too dry after either

Amie Pocatello, ID

Great product

I like it, despite the fact this is more a women’s facial product. I receive many complements that my skin looks great, no issue with it, I have use nothing else for this brand, and have used about 4 of them so far.

Tanya Kirwin, KS

Ideal as a makeup remover

I love to use it at night to remove all my make up, I leaves my face clean and fresh. Just need to use a little bit, the bottle lasts up to 6 months using it every night.

Rachel Wausau, FL

Good face wash

I like using this foaming face wash. It removes all my makeup and has my face feeling so clean. I also use the Olay face moisturizer after cleaning.

Melody Lilesville, NC

Go for it!!

Great product!! Cleanses effectively and despite the fact that I have combination skin, but it does not make my skin very dry, although I do require a moisturizer later. Nevertheless, its a great for the price you pay!

Muriel Clinton, MN