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Olay Normal Wet Cleansing Cloths, 30-Count

These velvety cloths have a special “lift and lock” texture that lifts away dirt and make-up – even waterproof mascara – to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Key features

  • With light Olay moisture and vitamin E, it leaves skin feeling clean, soft and smooth – all in one easy step
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Textured cloths

Honest reviews


Perhaps Formula Has Changed?

I use a L’Oreal waterproof mascara, Revlon waterproof eyeliner and DermaBlend cover creme as my facial make-up.While the Olay cloths can remove the facial make-up – it fails horribly at taking off the eye make-up.I have to rub so very hard to remove the make-up, that I’m worrying about damage to fragile eye skin.The cloth has some sort of perfume/chemical odor and burns my eyes for several minutes after use.I love all of my other Olay products so this was a big surprise for me. Perhaps the formula has changed to make it go from a product that so many have loved to one that I found to be disastrous.

Amparo Blanchard, ID

These are the best

I’ve tried at least four brands of make up remover wipes and these are the best. The easily clean without having to rub and pull at your face. They do not dry your skin. And they get all the mascara off, too.

Elvira Rotterdam Junction, NY

Convenient and effective

These cleansing cloths do the job of removing make up conveniently and efficiently. They do a good job of cleaning thoroughly which can be a problem with some products. They’re great for travel. Since we’re limited to the one small baggie for liquid or gel products when we fly, these pack easily and don’t fall into the category of restricted products. I’ve never had a problem with adverse skin reaction using these cloths, and they don’t irritate my eyes. I’ll definitely continue to use these.

Lorene Nicholasville, KY

Good, convenient cleansing cloths.

I really like these cleansing cloths–I’m disabled, and I keep a pack by my chair to wash my face and freshen up on days when I’m hurting too much to make an extra trip to the sink. They don’t remove all your mascara, but it’s great for removing most other makeups and does get most of my mascara. I have very oily skin but am getting older and need some moisturizing. These fit the bill–though if I used them everyday, I’m afraid it would flair up my acne. The scent is okay–mild and not offensive, but I’ve smelled better. I would buy these again and would recommend them to my friends and family.

Megan Elizabeth, IL

I love these as daily facial wipes

They do a great job at removing makeup but I wouldn’t advise these for eye makeup removal as I’ve ended up with allergy eye when I’ve used them for my eyes. I now stick to eye makeup remover for the eyes but love the wipes for traveling and daily use.

Pansy Bowman, ND


One of my favorite facial cleansers. Does a fantastic job, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or eyes. Olay does a great job.

Noelle Taunton, MA