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Olay Night Of Olay Firming Cream, 2.0 oz

Have a productive night’s sleep and get softer, smoother, and more beautiful skin every night with Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream. This moisturizing cream penetrates quickly, providing your skin with an immediate surge of active moisture to soothe dryness as you sleep. With at least 8 hours of moisture, this moisturizing cream hydrates your skin all night. Mimicking your skin’s natural moisture, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring your skin to its natural beauty. Suitable for all skin types, it’s the perfect addition to any skincare regimen. This light, non-greasy formula is also dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores. Part of the original Olay skincare family, Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream will give you more beautiful skin with each new day.

Key features

  • Provides long-lasting moisture for up to 8 hours while you sleep
  • Firms the look of your skin as you rest
  • Restores hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Non-greasy formula, dermatologically tested, and non-comedogenic
  • 2.0 oz jar

Honest reviews


night firming cream

Most if not all firming and/or lifting products do feel drier on the skin – probably because most are oil free – and they do not VISIBLY lift or firm anyway – so I mix with almond oil (no smell, no staining, and washes out in laundry) Now almond oil is about $10.00 for 16 oz (on and is food grade. I mix with face and body lotions/creams for better results in moisturizing because I have elderly skin which means drier and thinner and of course more wrinkles. The last firming cream I bought at Walmart was their own Equate brand for $5.00 and mixed with Almond Oil – so you see you can have very good products and save money. Or alternatively you can apply a few drops of almond oil to face and body before applying the lifting face cream or hydrating body lotion.

Alisa Sicily Island, LA

Buy Olay Night Firming Cream for deep wrinkles!

Its so simple yet it seems so hard to find a good cream.I highly recommend this cream for deep emergency treatment for wrinkles. Honestly, Its amazing, my wrinkles vanished immediately.I had deep areas on my forehead. One night I went out at 10 @ night- reminded myself of what I used at 20 and bought a jar of this for 8$. That night my wrinkles were 90% gone!My face felt tight, I was happy. To this day I am using this and my deeper wrinkles are gone and my face feels and looks MUCH better!!Olay night firming cream has my vote and I write this to help others looking for major real wrinkle relief.

Mattie De Valls Bluff, AR


Classic Oil of Olay scent. Very nice, reminds me of my childhood. This makes my skin very soft. It is very thick. I have only used it 2x, so IDK if it really is firming, but it is nice for sure. I have very sensitive skin and this stuff did not make me break out. I usually break out at first use if I am going to have a bad reaction.

Cecelia Chesterfield, SC

Great product

I get this for my Mom who, at 92, has been using this for years and swears by its performance. Given how she looks at 92, I have to agree that it does seem to work well! It’s not as heavy as other creams she’s used, absorbs well, and she loves the scent.I love the fact that I can get it in a 3-pack for a great price, and have it shipped right to her. No matter how old you get, it’s always nice to have the opportunity to make your mom happy!

Sherrie Seneca, IL

funny smell

I misordered this, thinking it was another of the Olay “line”. The cream is thick and rich but has an unpleasant smell. As a result, I haven’t been using it as regularly as I should; so, it would be unfair to comment on its results. Will add further comments in the future if I become a regular user.

Gertrude Dickinson, ND

Great moisterizer

this cream is light enough to use everyday, I added some essential oils to this and I love it will buy again.

Kathleen Mississippi State, MS

I’ve used this Olay product for more than 30 years

I’ve used basic Olay night cream since it came in a black glass pot way back in the 80s. This is the same rose scented pink cream, except now it’s called “night firming cream”. In an entire aisle of face creams, this one is one of the less expensive ones, and I like that they’ve kept the formula the same all these years.I smooth it on my clean, dry face before bed, focusing on the skin around my eyes. It absorbs quickly and I like that it doesn’t contain any anti-aging ingredients, which I’m allergic to. My face is soft, smooth and hydrated when I wake up in the morning, and I credit my minimal wrinkles to using this cream all these years (I’m 50).Before going out in the cold and wind, I apply it to my face and it protects against windburn and chapping. I also use it on our kids if they get chapped faces from the winter weather.I’m also a fan of emu oil, which I think reverses the signs of aging more than this cream does. But for basic moisturizing, this is my favorite cream.

Caitlin Massey, MD


I loved the original night time cream and hoped I would like this one! WRONG!!! The cream smelled really bad to the point where I couldn’t stand it! Do not waste your money and stick with the original.

Tia Irvine, PA

Can’t sleep without it!

I’m 35 but I was lucky enough to inherit my mom’s natural resistance against white hair and wrinkles (Yay!!!) But I do use a day cream with sunscreen and a firming night cream, because there’s nothing wrong with giving mother nature a little help, lol. I love this little cream! It makes my skin feel so relaxed and supple when I wash my face and apply it on my face and neck every night. It absorbs quickly and its not greasy. Lots of people complain about the fragrance, but luckily, I love that clean, powdery smell, otherwise I wouldn’t put it on my face. In terms of texture, it’s not as satiny smooth and lightweight as a more expensive product would be, but it’s not horribly thick either. Just be careful not to apply too much and it will not feel gooey or sticky at all. I am very prone to acne breakouts and this cream does not make me get pimples. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks great: No greasy spots, blotches of dry skin, or ugly enlarged pores, etc. It looks like I already took a shower. I never got results like this with any other night cream, and I have used more expensive ones, but none of them beats this little wonder! I love it!

Marianne Victor, ID

Five Stars

Love Oil of Olay products

Lois Adams, NE


I am 40 now so I have started using things like this. I do see what all the hype is about as the appearance of my eyes has noticeably improved.

Kimberly Gansevoort, NY

perfect for night time..

it firms the skin,its oil free and smell nice.. olay products are the best,, i have normal skin and this cream really works .. thank you 🙂

Raquel D Lo, MS

Old stand by

Rich and creamy. Non greasy. Absorbs well into newly cleansed skin. Wonderful after this harsh winter. I will keep buying.

Agnes Logandale, NV


I’m only 25, but I do already have a few small lines on my forehead and around my mouth. I recently noticed the lines in my forehead getting worse so in a panic I ran out and bought this at Wal Mart for $6. After just one use when I woke up my skin felt softer, smoother and just all around looked better.It’s been going on 3 months now and the lines on my forehead are pretty much gone, my skin is still so soft smooth and my overall complexion just looks healthier then it did before.For a night cream, it’s rich, but not too thick like I expected it to be, it’s actually very light and absorbs pretty quickly into your skin. You only need a little dime sized amount to cover your face and neck so the slightly small jar will last a long time (I’m not even half way through mine).Very very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend and buy again.Oh and as for the smell, come on, it’s really not THAT bad.

Allyson Grand Meadow, MN

Great Product – Great Price

This product was received quickly. I have purchased Olay numerous times in a store, so I wasn’t surprised on how smooth the product feels when applied. The price is outstanding. It does have the “typical” Olay fragrance which I don’t love, but the fragrance seems to disappear quickly. The Olay is not greasy and absorbs quickly. I’m 59 years old and I think this Olay Night does a good job. The price at Amazon was fantastic and I’m happy I purchased Olay Night………

Estelle Weston, MO

Best cream out there for DRY and SENSITIVE skin, regardless of age

I have had dry skin since I was a teenager. Strange as it seems. I have tried everything, mostly clean and clear stuff which I later discovered to be better off for oily skin.What I have noticed is that Aveeno is better for dry skin and Clean and Clear is for oily skin..just throwing it out there.Aveeno though is too pricey for me, I use this product everytime I get out of the shower which is normally twice a day. So you can imagine I run out pretty fast.My mom gave this jar to my dad and my dad gave it to me. I have been using it for 2-3 years now and it trumps everything ..La Mer, Revlon Eterna, Lush cosmetics (I have tried their pricey moisturizers too) or Aveeno (which is WAY too greasy and pricey for daily use). I am comfy spending my hard earned money for Olay, since my parents have been using it since I was a child, the smell brings back fond memories of my childhood.Anyway to cut it short, I have been using this since my late 20’s and now im in my early 30’s it is pretty good. My skin doesn’t flake like it used to especially in the winter. I am very grateful for this product.

Taylor Mays Landing, NJ


nice to have my favorite creams shipped to my house and I don’t have to go out. Will continue to use this service

Georgia South Britain, CT

Soft Moist Skin

This cream is a great night time moisturizer. It is a little too heavy for me to use during the day. It has a pleasant scent, and it is not over bearing.

Denise Axtell, KS

An essential beauty aid

I’ve been using Olay products since I was a teenager. I’m now in my early 30s, a workaholic, a drinker and a smoker yet I’m complimented often on how much younger than my years I appear. Good genes aside, I believe firmly it is the result of my Olay use. I started off with the daily moisturizer but wanted a night cream that would provide skin-improving ingredients while I slept. Before I found this product I used others which seemed to cause break-outs save one – the Neutrogena night cream. I believe in consistency so, as soon as I discovered the Olay night cream, I made the switch. No regrets. It provides just the right amount of moisture without that greasy feeling. In fact, if you look carefully at the ingredients, you will discover it is essentially the same as the classic daily moisturizer save one additional component. I must confess I do have an occasional break-out but, since I can’t say definitively it is the cream, I will not blame it on Olay.

April Penrod, KY

Still causes allergic reaction

I can use most Olay products but had allergic reaction to this one and couldn’t really use it, but it doesnt even seem to be a good moisturizer, it is very like the Oil of Ulay original lotions before it became Olay. the regenerist line is much better and more expensive,

Ernestine Prairie View, KS

Decent Quality

This is good for a basic night cream. I use it every other night – I use retinoid products on the alternate nights and for some reason when I apply this over retinoid it all gunks up and peels off my face.

Avis Hatboro, PA