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OLAY Gentle Clean, Foaming Cleanser 6.78 oz

Formulated specifically for the special needs of sensitive skin, this gentle cleanser refreshes and cares for your skin.

Key features

  • Rich foamy lather.
  • 100% Soap-Free, 100% Oil-Free.
  • Allergy and Dermatologist tested.

Honest reviews


Excellent product for sensitive skin

I have many issues with my face. I have oily skin which is at the same time very sensitive. I also have rosacea so the product I use is very important. I have gone through many different facial cleansers all promising what I wanted/need but not following through. Till this one. Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin is 100 % soap free and oil free as well as allergy and dermatologist tested. Oil free is very important for skin that is oily and that truly needs a gentle touch. Many products say they are oil and soap free and then have a minimal amount of the ingredients when you read the label closely.This product has been a Godsend for me. It cleanses my face fully, removing all oil and dirt leaving it clean and fresh. It is also sensitive enough for me to wash twice a day which I need to do due the oiliness of my skin. Now my rosacea is totally under control. I highly recommend this product and it is an amazing deal here if you lock into the subscribe and save price. Much cheaper than my local drugstore even when on sale. If you have sensitive skin or need a clean and pure product I highly recommend this.

Marianne Sylvester, GA


this does not foam. I buy foaming face cleaner only because it’s fun. this comes out as a gel and then it turns into a "LATHER," not foam. and because it’s more trouble than it’s worth I will not be returning. but I am not having fun! (cleans perfectly well, tho’.)

Cathleen Crown Point, IN


Have not tried yet but these are nice and big the size…great value for the money. I would purchase agaun !

Lori Worthington, IN

Effective And Gentle

After my favorite face cleaner was priced out of my reach, I began what began to feel like an endless search for something comparable in quality at less cost.After multiple misses, I finally found this from Olay. It does not take much product to get a really great lather. There is absolutely no burning feeling on the skin. It stings like heck if you get it in an eye, but I am pretty sure most people know better than to run and answer the phone before rinsing. I sure learned quickly.Another bonus was that it rinses easily and leaves my face feeling clean without any of that filmy feeling other cleansers can leave despite the best rinsing attempts.I will be buying this again, but hope I have not not jinxed everyone with a price increase just around the corner.

Cornelia Ainsworth, IA

Not foaming, product is mediocre

I was looking for a sensitive skin foaming face wash. This item is good for sensitive skin, however it doesn’t foam very much and I didn’t feel that it cleaned my face well. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Dale Tom Bean, TX

Nice and truly fragrance free

Cheap looking picture of the Matisse type woman.However product feels richer than the drug store price portends. Nice and truly fragrance free.

Jayne Stockville, NE

Love Olay

i have always loved this product, it foams up nicely and rinses well, it is not over-drying. This is a a great price, I will continue to buy it from amazon as long as they have it.

Elva Kossuth, PA

Less irritated skin

Just started using this and I have already noticed that my skin is less dry and irritated after a cleaning. It seems to have very little smell which I also like about this face wash. I think that is just about all there is to say about this product. It does what it says, clean with less irritation.

Marjorie Ingram, KY

Not bad.

Great price for a 2 pack! This burns when you get it in or around your eye. You don’t need a whole lot, especially if you use a buffer or something to lather up other than your fingers. Lathers nicely, lots of bubbles, glides smoothly and cleans well, but you might need to rinse a little longer. Leaves my skin less dry than most face washes which is a plus, I like that I don’t need to immediately apply lotion. All in all I would repurchase because it’s a great price and it does what it’s supposed to! Only real bummer for me is that I’m in my 20’s and this doesn’t have any acne fighting ingredients in it so my skin is misbehaving a little more than normal and if you’re not careful and don’t close the tube up properly the product will leak all over the place 🙁

Darlene Zumbro Falls, MN


A cleanser is a cleanser, they are all the same…that’s what I used to think. I have oily skin, and most facial cleansers for oily skin leave the skin feeling ultra clean, dry and tight, the problem is that that effect makes things worse.So after doing some research I found Olay Sensitive foaming face wash, and it’s incredible, excellent product. I’ve been using it for more than 4 years. A couple of times (because I couldn’t find it) I tried other brands with bad results.I highly recommend this cleanser to everybody!

Ida Ramsey, IL

Nothing spectacular

I was looking for something that would at least so something for my face. I have sensitive skin and use a lot of things to lessen my acne, large pores, and acne scars. I’ve tried wash after wash after wash. This one is nothing spectacular in regards to face washes. I figure for the price and size, it was a good steal. BUT, this face wash is nothing special. I haven’t noticed much difference in my acne, which of course I wouldn’t since this doesn’t contain anything to help acne. It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best. I’d recommend Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser, which is more pricy of course, but it really did a lot to clear up my face. Or any of the Petal Fresh Botanical products, which have done wonders for me. Once I’m done with these two Olay face washes, I will definitely not buy these again. I guess that’s what I get for buying these washes, since it doesn’t have anything to help with acne, pores, scars, or anything. The one thing I do like is that after I pat dry my face, this wash doesn’t leave my face dry. It makes my face feel smooth and like it still has some moisture.

Cecile Pearlington, MS

One of the best cleansers Ive used

I first got this because I was diagnosed with rosacea and my dermatologist adviced me to buy products for "sensitive skin". I started researching about the subject and found the reviews of Paula Begoun and and she recommended this cleanser as one of the best bargains for skin.It removes makeup so easily, my eyes dont sting after I removed my waterproof mascara, the skin doesnt feel itchy or dry after, as with many other cleansers. Its water-soluble so it doesnt leave any residues. My skin has been great since I started this product.And what a better buy if for almost the same price, I get two!!! 😀

Casandra Electra, TX

As good as Clarins foam face wash!!!

I bought “Clarins” foam face wash imagine I paid $20.00 plus tax for a product so equal to this one, everything is so similar, I could not believe it!!! I bought 2 of them for not even half of the price for one foam wash from “Clarins”, my skin isn’t oily, it really is a combination normal to dry, I don’t feel any dryness, irritation or any bad effect, all the opposite my skin feels smooth, clean and with a nice soft smell, I highly recommend this product to any one, and I dare you to compare this product with the one from “Clarins” brand you will be amazed. I love this product, I will buy it again.

Jeanette Maineville, OH

Great Cleansing, Non-Drying

This is my favorite cleanser, and an excellent value for the price.As a man with combination-oily skin, this cleanser does a great job of removing facial oil and sunscreen, without over-drying my skin. Unlike some of the more typical "oily skin" foaming face washes, this one never seems to strip my skin, or make it feel tight. There’s a moderate amount of foaming, but not overly so.Importantly, as someone with sensitive skin, this cleanser has never irritated my skin or exacerbated any allergies.

Edna Derwent, OH

I really like this face wash.

Really like this brand despite the fact in am a guy, it is leaves your skin feeling clean, not overly drying, perfect for everyday use.

Jeanette Linwood, MI

Great facewash

I have ultra sensitive (very dry) skin and it’s hard to find a cleanser that isn’t too oily or too harsh. Maybe it’s psychological, but I like for my cleanser to suds up and this one does the job nicely without drying my skin out. It works well and has no smell. I use Oil of Olay body bar to bathe with and it’s wonderful.

Allene Cedarbluff, MS

Cleans Without Drying Skin

The best face wash ever because it removes all…I mean all…makeup! In addition, I use this daily and it it does not over dry my skin. I have also noticed I have less break outs and my skin is clearer.

May Pierson, MI

Helps my Seborrheic Dermatitis-prone skin

This is the only face wash I can use on my face at the moment. I tried using a bunch of other "gentle/for sensitive skin" facial washes but I always go back to this one. As cleanliness is very crucial to my condition, I use this face wash three times a day and it doesn’t dry my skin out too much. It also helps with the redness and irritations I experience from time to time. My only complain is that it doesn’t lather that much so it takes quite an effort to make a nice foam.

Berta Plattenville, LA

Too greasy

I find this to be a bit too greasy, and my eyes feel like they have a greasy film in them when I use it to remove eye makeup while I wash my face. I feel like it doesn’t wash my face very well, because it is so greasy. I’ve used much better face washes for sensitive, dry skin and would not buy this again.

Brandy Sutton, ND

Olay sensitive face wash

I started using the Olay sensitive face wash about 1 week ago, and I love this cleanser! It comes in a 6 oz. tube which will last quite awhile as you only need about a dime size amount to effectively cleanse your face. This cleanser is non-greasy and will not break you out. Benefits are evening skin tone, light moisturizing, no fragrance, and very reasonably priced @ $6 to $7. Perfect for dry, sensitive skin.I pair this with the new Olay Fresh Effects exfoliating cleanser, mixing the two together for one cleansing step. The exfoliating cleanser is another excellent product for dry, sensitive skin.My only regret is that I did not try the sensitive wash sooner.I highly recommend Olay sensitive face wash to anyone with dry, sensitive skin. Great product at a great price!

Amber Garrettsville, OH

Did they change the formula?

I used to love this facial wash. Now, it doesn’t clean very well. Even when I use toner after cleansing my face with this, I break out. It’s fine for use in the morning though. It didn’t dry out my face and is fragrance free, but I think this product is better for those with senstitive skin, but are not acne prone. I switched to Shiseido’s daily face wash for oily skin and my sensitive skin takes it well and my acne is almost gone.

Cathryn Java Village, NY