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Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System 1 Kit

Going non-stop all day can make your skin go crazy. So get a sparkling fresh clean that keeps up with you Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System. It even comes with a sample of Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away! shine minimizing cleanser for a really deep, amazing clean.The powered facial brush has a cool triangular design for deep cleansing in and around your facial contours, including the T-zone, hairline and nose. The soft, supple bristles brush away dirt, oil and make-up, giving you a 400% better clean than basic cleansing! Plus, its paired up with Shine, Shine Go Away! shine minimizing cleanser for a deep-down-to-the-pores clean that lifts away impurities and helps minimize shine. Fresh has never felt, or looked, so good.Powered by the Duracell AAA battery inside, Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System takes skincare to a whole new level. As your day flies by, experience sparkling fresh skin from one adventure to the next.

Key features

  • This powered facial brush and sample of Olay Fresh Effects shine minimizing cleanser give you a 400% better clean vs. basic cleansing
  • Brushes away dirt, oil and make-up to give your skin a sparkling fresh look
  • Contoured to fit the unique curves of your face, the super-soft bristles gently massage your skin
  • For an even healthier-looking glow, use together with an Olay Fresh Effects moisturizer
  • Kit includes powered facial cleansing brush, shine minimizing cleanser (.67 fl. oz.) and Duracell AAA battery

Honest reviews


Huge disappointment

I am a huge skin care nut and have two Clarisonics for both of my homes. I travel a lot for work and I wanted something that can fit in my overnight computer roller bag that gives some extra cleansing ability – my expectation is pretty low, just something better than manual cleansing using my hands.Even with the low expectation, this product is a huge let down – it doesn’t do anything other than extreme weak microvibration, almost like a buzz but nothing more. No matter what I do, I cannot get my foaming cleanser to foam on my face. The head is made of silicone coated rubber’ish material, so they are big and not like normal brush bristles. There is simply not enough of them to create foam when you massage this on my skin in circular motions. You will have to use your hand directly if you want your cleanser to foam. Needless to say, my skin didn’t look clean after a minute (as recommended) nor did it feel clean.After looking at the unit with disappointment, I suddenly realize that I’ve seen this poor design before – Oral-B Hummingbird Floss. Yup, P&G;, which owns the Oral-B brand, decided to recoup its investment on that failure by coming up with a new attachment for face cleansing under the Olay brand. A bad idea and bad design, no matter how you package it and spin it, is still a failure.This is totally a needless waste of money for something that doesn’t work – it’s no more than an effort from P&G; to reuse another bad idea and an attempt to sell more batteries for its Duracell division. You can buy a $2 facial cleansing brush and it will be far more effective than this thing!UPDATE 2-11-2103: I was notified on Olay Comm Mgr’s comment on my review, so I called P&G; using the number listed. As expected, it’s a general support number for Olay and the agent on the phone doesn’t know what to do with my call. It was totally a needless phone call, and this got me even more irritated. I wanted to see if the “400% better clean” than “basic cleansing” claim is as bad as I believe it is, so I did another experiment. I smeared some kitchen grease on the back of my left hand and attempted to use this brush to clean my hand and it did not remove the smear but made my hand really red. I then reapply some more grease and use my right hand fingers to massage the same liquid cleanser and the grease smear was gone in 2-3 seconds. Therefore, I standby my feedback that this power cleaning system is completely useless, period.

Lupe Sanford, VA

Only got the moisturizer, not the kit…

I was so hoping to try this out, as I LOVE my Olay Pro X…but this wasn’t what I got, lol. I got a moisturizer instead, which is a lightweight, perfect for day use moisturizer. I love Olay products! I really can’t wait to get a chance to try this one out!

Jaime South Park, PA

Triangle-Shaped Cleansing Facial Brush

The Olay Fresh Effects brush is unique in it’s triangle-shaped head. Like an ultrasonic toothbrush (think Sonicare), this brush vibrates very, very fast when you push the on top circle. It is battery operated, and the battery is included and already installed.The brush is angled, so you are never pushing the brush directly into your skin. Instead, the pressure of your hand is distributed throughout the head, resulting in an even cleansing process.The head has blunt plastic “fingers” instead of sharp, stiff bristles, like other facial brushes. They are stiffer than a toothbrush, but less stiff than a hairbrush. They have a soft give to them, which I enjoyed. If you want that scratching, abrasion sensation, just use this brush with a scrub cleanser. The white plastic fingers are also easier to keep clean than bristles, which tend to trap or absorb dirt deep within the brush.There are two sizes of fingers in the head of the brush. There are smaller ones and then wide ones. The series of wide ones are arranged in two circles within the triangular head. The smaller ones fill in within and without the wider finger circles.The triangular shape of the whole head was great for maneuvering the angles of my face, along the sides of my nose, and along my chin especially.After using it, I immediately noticed a softness and brightness to my skin. I used it with a Clinique cleanser and was very pleased.Like all the other Vine reviewers, I did not receive the cleanser as part of my package, so I am basing my review on the brush alone.

Pamala Oskaloosa, KS

Just OK

First of all, I was very disappointed that the item’s packagin is very misleading – it looks like you receive the cleaning brush AND a small tube of Olay cleanser – this is NOT true! You ONLY receive the cleansing brush. I used some of my own cleanser I had on hand then to try to the product out. Had there been a good cleanser that came in this kit, I might have given it a better review.With that said, here is what I found to be true about the brush I did receive… My face is very sensitive to certain cosmetics and harsh chemicals. The cleansing brush did ok. It did remove some of the dry skin on my face (which I tend to get when the weather turns cold). The brush itself is only about 2 and half inches long and has what seems to be two vibrating settings (hi and low??), but honestly I couldn’t tell a huge difference between the two. The cleansing head is made from rubber (not sharp bristles like other systems have), so I think that helped not to irritate my sensitive skin too badly. After a couple of uses, I find that yes, it cleans and does remove dead, dry skin from my face, and it did not irritate my sensitive skin as much as other products I have tried, but I am just not overly “wow”ed by it. I think I can get the same effect using a good scrub cleanser.

Candice Bergholz, OH


Okay, it’s bad enough that I received this product without the cleanser included. I only had the little battery-operated wand thing to assess. Maybe the fresh effects cleanser is decent. Who knows?But the wand! Okay, first, imagine one of those rubber pet-hair removal wands “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”-sized-down. That’s what the head of this wand thing is, except it’s triangular. The battery power works a lot like the low-end Oral B battery-operated toothbrushes work (except less effectively): a small button to turn it on, a small button to turn it off. When you turn the wand on, the handle buzzes and vibrates, but the “brushes” do absolutely nothing. What, are we supposed to believe that bit of vibration is doing something cosmic for our skin? The action is achieved by rubbing the brush end back and forth over your skin, and you don’t need the battery gizmo to do that.To be fair, the actual material the wand head is made of DOES exfoliate well (so I gave it an extra star), and the ergonomics of the thing is decent (but could be even better sans battery compartment). But, heavens, the whole battery-powered wand thing is a complete fail. I think Olay needs to take this one back to the drawing board and come up with a lower-priced, manually operated version.

Sierra Elizabethtown, PA

Surprisingly Good

UPDATED 5/7/14:I’ve been using this since December 2012 and I still like it. I have not had to replace the battery and it’s still going strong. I use this every day in the shower – and get a nice, clean feeling face.ORIGINAL REVIEW:I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention when I ordered this…but I was very surprised that it came with only the brush tool and no cleanser. So – I grabbed a facial cleanser I had on hand – and revved this up. I ran it over my face for about a minute and during that time, was completely unimpressed. It felt like I was putting a barely vibrating cheap (dull) toothbrush up to my face.And THEN – I rinsed my face and felt my skin? WOW. I have never seen my skin that clean and it has rarely felt so soft. I did a total 180 on this product after seeing the end result. Used it again today in the shower with the same result. As cheesy as the cleansing process seems to be – it REALLY works.I’m a believer!

Faith League City, TX

Good for the T-zone 3.5

I have mixed reviews about this brush. When I first opened the kit and pulled out the brush, I had a lackluster response to it. The small brush has tiny rubber bristles and when you turn it on and put it on your face, it feels like a tiny vibrator as opposed to a cleansing brush. I thought it was a dud and wouldn’t cleanse very well. However, I started using the corners of the brush to get into those angles around the nose, eyes and forehead and thought it was really great at getting into those crevices. I realized it is a really good brush (or face vibrator) for getting into that T-zone area. After cleansing and drying, I really felt the effect. It surprisingly did a really good job. My face felt and feels very clean, and that was unexpected after seeing and feeling the brush.I think many may have trouble with expecting one thing and getting something else in this kit. The brush is not what one expects because it is so small and because of the texture of the bristles, and because it feels more like vibration rather than scrubbing. However, It did a good job in cleansing without irritating my extremely sensitive skin, and I do like the results. Just understand this is not some powerful cleansing system. The brush is small and its vibration is not powerful, but its effect is very good.**I haven’t tested the cleanser however because the kit I received for testing only came with the brush so I can’t tell you about it unfortunately.

Victoria Milton, FL

Good thing in a small package

When I received this and opened the box for the first time, my impression was “Is this it?” The brush is quite small at about half the length of a toothbrush with the triangular brush head being not much bigger than a quarter. The brushes aren’t bristles but more like tiny rubbery spines about 1/4″ long. The vibration is minimal and there is only one speed. To say the least, I was underwhelmed. But, I had agreed to review the product so I gave it a try. At first, the vibration is more like just a tickle and it really doesn’t feel like anything is happening but as you move it over your face in circles, you really do start feeling a tingling. I used my regular cleanser with this since my sample did not come with a cleanser. After rinsing, my face looked clean and my skin looked really good, almost glowing. I’ve continued to use this once or twice a day for the past couple of weeks and I really like it. The shape of the brush does make it easy to really get to every angle of your face, especially around your nose and eyes. I guess the vibration causes a massaging effect from the bristles which brings more circulation to your skin because my face always looks so fresh and alive after I wash with it. It may not look like much but this Va-Va-Vivid is my new favorite skin care item.

Ila Clearwater, NE

Review of just the Contour Cleaner brush.

To give an accurate review for the vibrating brush I am using my own cleanser that I know causes no irritation to my skin. This brush is made of a soft rubber it is not a typical brush. The small rubber triangle brush vibrates so fast you can feel it but not really see it moving. I really like the shape as you can get in around your nose and really feel like you got a deep cleaning. I like the very small size of the unit helps you to be very gentle around sensitive areas of the face. It didn’t come with any more details than what are on the box. My big caution to you would be you really don’t need to apply any pressure to the face with this brush or it could feel irritating. When I was done with the 60 second clean and then rinsed my face felt very clean.I also have the Olay Pro series spinning brush and the two together make a good set. It was nice that the battery is already installed in the unit so it is out of the box ready to go. I like the product and will make it a part of my daily facial cleaning.

Yolanda Hartford, TN

Just ok

Like many of the other reviewers, I opened the box in search of the cleanser and found none. I used another Olay cleanser that I love for my skin. If I put it on the scrubber first, it would get lost up in the bristles. It was best to apply to my skin first, but then after rubbing the cleanser around on my face to distribute it, I’d pretty much washed my face.The bristles do a very mild vibrating massage that feels pleasant and I’d guess that like any type of massage, there’s some health benefits.Maybe if I could try the cleanser that’s shown on the box, I’d think more highly of the device.I have to be honest and say that I’m not all that impressed.

Roslyn Silver Lake, KS

Ineffective at removing makeup

I’m 38 years old with fair, very sensitive skin and a slightly oily t-zone. I was hoping that this cleansing system would work as an exfoliant and help remove flaky winter skin. The first observation that I made is that it has a vibrating pad of rubber bristles as oppossed to the typical bristles found on a facial brush. I assumed this would be for a less abrasive cleaning, however I found that it’s not effective in removing makeup, it just moved the foundation around on my face. So, I began using it in the morning before applying makeup and it didn’t leave my skin with the deep clean feeling I was hoping for. I feel that this cleansing wand is a step up from using my hands to wash my face, but a step down from using a rotating facial brush like the Olay Pro-X brush (which I happen to like a lot). This product is a great, non-abrasive tool for tween to teenage girls who aren’t using it to remove makeup but to keep their skin looking fresh. For women looking for a more thorough cleaning, I recommend the Olay Pro-X cleaning system.

Adele La Madera, NM

Massaging your face is good for it

I have had several facials in the past. The gal who does them has told me that aside from feeling good, the massage of a facial helps to break up old tissue and encourage new tissue to move forward, giving the face a firmer more youthful look. It helps to plump up your skin. So while this little facial cleaning brush is not the top of the line it does help you to remember to get those cells rejuvinating. The little plastic bristles don’t seem to trap dirt like some of the other softer bristle face brushes I’ve seen. I was disappointed that there was no cleaner in the box, I was pretty sure that the box stated one brush, battery, cleanser. overall for the price this can help you to keep those cells moving and alert, making you look more alert.

Elsa Kitzmiller, MD

Where’s the Cleanser and Battery? (UPDATE)

Original rating UPGRADED from 1 STAR to 4 STAR based on the OLAY Team’s DETAILED follow-up and communication. The OLAY Team requested details and responded in kind via Twitter, email and in this forum. Standing behind a product and addressing concerns makes for better customer satisfaction and loyalty.Now to the Contour Cleansing System…It’s a small AAA-battery powered vibrating tool with soft tiny plastic fingered brush shaped to deep clean in the nooks and crannies usually missed with my Olay Pro-X Cleansing System. The triangular shape of the contour brush is better suited for my oily T-zone, hair line, and nose. I use this in addition, NOT a replacement, to my Olay Pro-X Cleansing System. No hassles of getting my hair tangled in the bristles…in a pinch I’ve used it as THE facial cleansing tool with good results. It’s safe for use in the shower but don’t submerge it in water and expect it to function.The Shine, Shine Go Away cleanser with it’s deep cleaning action and hints of green apple freshness cleaned well without parching my skin. I like the option of using other cleansers. This flexibility permits use of cleansers for specific skincare needs. This tool’s tiny massaging fingers help my serum and moisturizer penetrate deeply and my skin feel wonderfully cleansed and refreshed.This kit does what it says it does effectively. I also like that it’s a small, easily portable travel facial cleansing tool and something to get the tweens in my extended family to CLEAN their entire faces rather than their current “splash and dash” acne promoting efforts. Just as the doctors encourage washing the hands for 20 seconds with cleanser and water for effective germ killing, getting the tweens in the habit for BOTH hands and face is important too.This is another tool to encourage us to focus the time and energy to care for ourselves; something Olay has done for years.After Olay stumbled, it came back to win me over and treat me as a valued customer. Hooray, Olay…5 STARS for that!***************************************************************************************************************************ORIGINAL REVIEW:When I received this Fresh Effects Cleansing System I thought the kit had been tampered with because the cleanser and battery were missing. I was very disappointed in Olay, that’s NOT the way they usually conduct business. I called the 800 number listed on the box and the associate was clueless about the next steps to remedy the situation, which was an even bigger disappointment!I happily use myOlay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System 0.68 Fl Ozand wanted this as an add-on. Comparing the level of professionalism that usually accompanies Olay products, the support for the Va-Va-Vivid Cleansing System Kit missed the mark.****************************************************************************************************************************UPDATE 2/7/2013* Contacted Olay via 1.800.285.5170 Identified myself as a product reviewer that received an incomplete Cleansing System Kit. Cordial response/offer for a coupon to replace the kit. Informed the Customer Service Rep (CSR) MOST online vendors do not accept coupons AND I was more concerned that Olay correct the problem for PAYING customers going forward…CSR seemed focused on “take the coupon and move along” which really IS his job supporting established products. Risky support for new products and new customers.* Tweeted @OlayUS @FreshEffects @ProcterGamble via Twitter about concerns and received an engaging response from @OlayUS “Sorry for any frustrations. We appreciate your feedback! Please email us at so we can replace your kit.” Again new kit replacement wasn’t my issue, more concerned about closing the communication gaps that would catch the concerns BEFORE they became problems for PAYING CUSTOMERS was.* Emailed the details as requested and received a fitting response and resolution.* Sent Tweet to @OlayUS “Quick response to BOTH Twitter and email messages; emailed resolution customized to address raised concerns 🙂 #ThankYou”The damage control was effective and efficient WHEN the concerns are addressed to team members who can make the changes. THAT energy earlier in the product review/launch cycle would have been better for all affected parties. Sending disgruntled customers to unsuspecting CSRs is frustrating to them & customers.

Claudia Westport, CT

Gimmicky, Wasteful, and Unnecessary

• Edited
• As many others have said, what I received did not include the facial cleanser so my review is on the wand itself, which is, at best, a cute gimmick but not much more. The buttons are ridiculously small and, for whatever reason, they are placed on the outside, which would make sense if it felt natural to push a teeny tiny button with your knuckle but, when I hold it, my thumb naturally falls onto the inside and, had the buttons been placed there, I could easily turn it on and off.But then, you are probably arguing, wouldn’t you accidentally turn it off while washing your face? Maybe, if the buttons were easy to push. I had to push the button thrice to get it to hold. I’d press down and the wand would start up but the button itself had not clicked into place. Two more tries and there it goes, staying on. Turning it off is only slightly easier. It takes 1-2 presses rather than 2-3.I also found it a bit ticklish to use around my nose and I am not a ticklish person. Not at all. So if you are a typically ticklish person, you’ll definitely want to stay away from this.Seriously, even if you are not, why not stay away from it anyway? I have exfoliates from Olay that are just as effective at sloughing away my skin and feel no less stimulating than this vibrating toy. I enjoy massaging my face with my fingertips and find it leaves my skin feeling just as soft and looking just as glowing as this silly wand does. Plus, I don’t have to worry about sneezing because of too vigorous vibrations around my nose.This probably appeals to younger users but I would hope that even they would see that the waste of using something that requires batteries and will eventually and inevitably break down (as all electronic devices are wont to do over time). Rather than add to your carbon footprint, just use your fingertips and take some time for once to just pamper yourself. If you’re too busy to take five minutes to cleanse your face without the use of some gimmicky toy, then you need to re-prioritize and take some of that precious time for yourself. After all, you deserve it and, trust me, you do not need this thing at all.
• Update
• My adult daughter spent the night and I asked her to give this a try. She was unimpressed and said that it added nothing of value. Massaging her face while cleansing, occasionally using an exfoliate, are sufficient to give the same benefits. If you can do it all with your fingertips, what’s the point? She did not, however, find it ticklish to use.So there you go. Two reviews for the price of one. Neither review positive.

Luz Leonardsville, NY

Perfect Size Cleanser Brush

I was really excited about receiving this product. I have seen commercials for products that were similar to this one, but a lot more expensive. I was really surprised at how small this was when I opened the package. I thought it was going to be a lot larger, but I actually really like how small it is. The small size makes it easy to hold. The triangle shape of the head makes this an optical tool for getting into the areas around your nose.My complaint with the product is the nodules that are on the head of the product. I thought that they were going to be bristles like you would see on an electric toothbrush, but instead they are little rubber nodules which I feel are a little too rough on the skin.The packaging of this product makes it look like it comes with a bottle of cleansers, but it does not (and it also does not state that this is included anywhere in the product description or on the box).

Tara Mosquero, NM


I found this hand held face scrubber obnoxious and more vibrating that soothing. I wanted something that made me feel pampered and not all jiggled to pieces. There was no way to regulate the desired amount of vibration just simply on or off. I didn’t receive the cleanser so your guess is as good as mine. I have used the Olay moisturizers for years until I recently cut back to a cheaper yet still effective product. I think I’ll pack it with my first aid kit and use it to scrub grit out of scraped up knees or for other down and dirty cleaning experiences.

Iris Grassy, MO

Amazing but I wish they would make a moisturizing cleanser

the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleaning System is a battery powered electronic cleanser that massages your face. The brush has rubber bristles, and while the brush is small and triangular it is perfect for getting into corners and smaller areas on your face. It also comes with the Olay Fresh Effects Shine,Shine go away shine minimizing cleanser which takes away all the oil, grease, makeup, and dirt on your skin; which leaves your skin fresh clean and shine free. But for me having dry skin the shine minimizing cleanser dries out my skin so I would like it if they make a moisturizing cleanser for the fresh effects line. (FYI I received this product complementary from Influenster all opinions are mine)I use this 2 times a day and it isn’t to harsh. It’s amazing to see how much product is still on your face after just washing it but after I use this there’s no more makeup,oil, or anything you don’t want on your face. I did notice a major improvement in my skin since I started using this, I had less acne, redness was decreased, and also my skin just looked smoother, healthier, and happy.I really want to try more by Fresh Effects this product is fantastic.

Leann Gambell, AK

Didn’t find it helpful at all…

From the description of this product, I was expecting something that worked better than the average cleansing brush on the t-zone, nose and chin areas. Unfortunately, I found this brush to be cumbersome, somewhat uncomfortable to use and inevitably ineffective. The entire brush vibrates, but the rubber bristles themselves don’t move or rotate as with Oil of Olay’s Cleansing Brush so I didn’t find it to work well at cleansing. The awkward shape didn’t work well in the places it was said to, like the corner of the nose and face. I find a cleansing pad (like a Buf-Puf) to be far easier (not to mention much cheaper) to use. The liquid cleanser didn’t come with the product so I had to use another brand, but I doubt that would affect my opinion because the brush design just didn’t work for me.

Jesse Thomastown, MS

Sort of unnecessary and no trial cleanser

This little scrubber brush didn’t do any damage to my skin. It also didn’t seem to make any difference in how clean my face was after use. The bendy bristles and vibration were supposed to clean my T-Zone better, making the skin cleaner and more vibrant. Looked the same as always to me.Usually with facial gadgets like this one, the box would contain a sample size cleanser to show the power of the entire system working together. Olay chose not to include this and I find that disappointing. Not completely wowed by the brush, I can’t say I’m driven to go out and purchase their specialty cleanser just to find it as unexciting as this. They did include the required battery though.A good cleanser massaged into the face with firm fingertips does the job just as well, if not better.

Ida Prichard, WV


I expected this product to be a much smaller version of the Clarisonic brush I now use, and that it would be good for travel. But this didn’t seem like a “brush” to me at all. . .the bristles are a soft plastic material which felt very harsh on my face. Probably won’t use it.

Eugenia Johnston, SC

Cleansing Brush Focuses Your Face Cleaning

I’ve never been quite happy with my complexion. I tend to have oily skin with occasional dry patches. And just as bad, if not worse, my pores are a little larger than I’d like. I usually switch between two types of cleaners–Biore Pore Perfect Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, Cools & Clears , 6.7 fl oz (198 ml)andSt. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub, 6 oz. I know that there are more expensive products out there, but none have proven themselves in the past to be much more effective than these two. The Olay Fresh Effects Kit seemed to me like it might be an effective means to deal with my skin issues. My test kit came only with the battery-poweed brush, though, so I used it with the Biore Pore Perfect Cleanser with it. I figured that using my normal cleaner with the brush would give me a feel for whether the brush itself made a difference.The brush is like a silicone material; it’s not an actual brush with bristles. So it massages your skin, but it doesn’t scrub. Maybe it wouldn’t be as good for my skin, but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a scrubbing action from it. I didn’t feel like it cleaned so much as it gave me a gentle face massage.One thing that I really liked about the brush was that a small amount of cleanser really went a long way. I got by with using probably half as much as I normally use. But that brush head is really small, so it also probably took me at least 4 or 5 times as long to wash my face as normal. On the one hand, that was a good thing, it gave the cleanser time to settle in and do its job and it forced me to be really thorough. On the other hand, it took at least 4 or 5 minutes as long to wash my face! I’ve got kids and a job, and I just don’t have the luxury of that much extra time in the morning. Especially since the difference between using the battery powered brush and a simple washcloth was negligible in terms of results. Sure, immediately after using the brush my skin looked kind of glowing and my pores minimized, but that effect only lasted for a few minutes, then things settled back to normal.Perhaps with the full kit I might have seen better results, but I just can’t do 14.99 for a single container of cleanser.

Annette Vermillion, KS

Just Okay

I have been looking at these types of products for a while now, but have been really wary of trying them. The vibrating brush has a nice design and seems very powerful. After using, my face didn’t feel much different, but there were some red spots. Overall, the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System was a product that I enjoyed trying, but not one that I would probably use again.

Frances Huxley, IA

…cute, modern, portable, easy to hold. 🙂

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System 1 KitNote: this review is only on the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing Brush.right out of the box First impression of cleansing brush: cute, modern, portable, easy to hold.Small, take/use almost anywhere kind of micro facial cleansing convienance.Just twist the bottom and pull — the brush head separates from the handle revealing a battery holder/cartridge. Insert one AAA battery into cartridge, slide back together and twist again. Good to go, as they say.Place small amount of favorite facial cleansing soap on brush.Two tiny, conveniently located, buttons: top is on, bottom is off. There is only one speed. Brush head vibrates, but does not otherwise spin or move around. Sort of like a sonic toothbrush.Cleanse T-Zone, hairline, around nose. No need to press down, as the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing Brush’s soft rubber tips just seem to effortlessly glide over the designated areas. I didn’t find a need to stay on one particular area very long.When finished, I just rinse my face with clean water, moisturize — and continue with whatever routine follows.Brush rinses clean, and stores easily. That’s it!Olay just put the Fun back into cleaning the “T-Zone”! ‘nuf said.Does the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System, sound like what you may be looking for? 🙂 Highly Recommended! –Katharena Eiermann, 2013side note: I’ve also reviewedOlay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion, and given it 5 Stars! 🙂

Katharine Mc Donald, KS


I was thrilled to get this. I thought it would be the perfect little brush for my face. Well let me tell you, its terrible!!! Hard rubber bristles that do not glide freely over the face. This thing vibrates soo hard & is very rough on the skin. It doesn’t help to foam up your cleanser in the least. All it does is hurt the skin and it made my face bright red. There is no way that this brush can be beneficial to anybody’s skin! I do not have a clue how Olay could even put this thing on the market.

Dee Saint Boniface, PA

Good cleansing

I received this product free to review and for some reason my system did not include the cleanser, so I can only review the cleansing brush.I used the brush with some other facial cleanser I had laying around, and it seems to clean pretty well. My face felt much cleaner and tighter after using it for sure. I wish it exfoliated better, but it does enough that my face felt somewhat smoothed. For its price point, it does the job.

Glenda Berger, MO

just ok

I have used other cleansing systems before, and liked them, so I had high hopes for this inexpensive model. Like other reviewers, I did not get the cleanser with the brush, so I can’t say if the combination would have impressed me more. I used it instead with my regular cleanser, and it did an okay job of swishing it around, plus it did feel good on my face. But in the end, I don’t think I got any better results than I would have if I used my fingertips or a washcloth. I think the spinning action of some of the other systems is what gives them the edge in exfoliating and cleaning, and I also find the pads that most include clean around the nose and chin area better than this brush.

Michelle Heppner, OR

awesome tool

Like others I was under the impression that this came with a cleansing product as well as the tool. That was a little disappointing but I really enjoyed using the tool. The triangle shape really allows you to get into every nook and carry of your face. The brush is very soft and gentle. It came with a battery so that was a plus! I love when products are ready to use right out of the box. This tool feels like you are giving your self a min facial with each use. Perfect for everyday use.

Cherry Warrendale, PA

tiny, gentle, pleasing

First of all… know this is a vibrator. It’s a little, vibrating pad that produces a gentle, soft vibration.My wife uses it every morning to wash her face — She says that it feels like a deeper clean than simply washing with her hands. The device cleans easily, and is water-proof.Seems to be a sturdy little machine.Update 2 months later: She still likes and uses it.

Judy Anderson, CA

not impressed

I was dissappointed with this cleaning system. The actual cleaning unit is very small, with the handle a little thicker than a toothbrush and about two inches long. The cleaning head is a small triangle, and has flexible plastic bristles. The triangular shape does allow you to get into corners (like around your nose), but the plastic bristles do not create much lather with soap (at least not as effectively as nylon bristled brushes do). There are also not very many bristles on the head. The head just vibrates and I’m not sure it is any more effective than just using a washcloth. Just one more thing to replace batteries in and clutter up the shower. I don’t see myself using this again.

Shana New Stanton, PA

Awesome Product

I received the Olay Fres Effects Powered Contour Cleaning System in my Sweetheart voxbox recently. I have been using it every day since I received it and I love it. It cleansed my face very well, it did break me out, but I only got two small pimples on my chin, which isn’t bad. I never break out, but I believe it’s doing it’s job by removing all of the impurities of my skin that isn’t visible to the naked eye. It also left my face feeling soft and smooth. The wash it comes with has a nice fresh smell and I love using it everyday. I am really happy with this product and will buy the full size once I run out of the cleansing cream.

Pamela Defiance, PA