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Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion 1.7 fl. oz.

Getting gorgeous, head-turning skin that lasts all day is easy. Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture satin finish lotion is a feather-light gel moisturizer that gives you all the rich hydration of a lotion for happy, healthy-looking skin. Put it on, and keep your skin super-soft and smooth for up to 24 hours. Just smooth onto your face and neck every day for softer, smoother skin. The secret is in the Olay moisturizers that give your face a satiny finish, minus the shine. Best of all, it’s oil-free and non-comedogenic, which means it won’t block your pores. This refreshing, gel moisturizer is a must for beautiful-looking skin. See how amazing your skin will look, almost effortlessly, with Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture satin finish lotion.

Key features

  • Daily, feather-light hydration for beautifully fresh skin
  • Gel moisturizer keeps your skin super-soft and smooth for up to 24 hours.
  • Gives your face a satiny finish without the shine.
  • Oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores.
  • One 1.7 Fl Oz bottle

Honest reviews


Skip This One

This is an aqueous/silicone based moisturizer that contains Olay’s signature ingredients, niacinamide and panthenol. It has a luscious texture, seems quite slick during application, but give it a minute and it dries to an incredibly smooth finish, thanks to the silicones and thickeners.This product is mostly water, silicones, and thickeners. It also contains preservatives, of course, including an anti-bacterial agent; this we like. However, it contains fragrance and color which are not necessary for skin care and may cause irritation. What it doesn’t have are anti-oxidants, anti-irritants, peptides, ceramides, and other skin-like or water-loving ingredients like sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid.All of us skin care junkies know that cosmetics companies bring in new lines all the time because we know they know we’re always looking for the next great thing. Olay makes some wonderful, high quality products; some mediocre products, and some duds.This is a dud. Regenerist Serum Fragrance Free is still the best product Olay makes, and it’s a mighty good one. Wake up, Procter and Gamble! We have the internet now, and we won’t buy it just because it’s new!

Elva Homer, GA

ask a simple question, get a chemistry lesson

I liked this product from the moment I saw the box. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see an spf listed, although a scan of the ingredients did show titanium dioxide (but pretty far down the list) which I know is a sunscreen. I liked that it didn’t promise a thousand incredible things that it couldn’t possibly deliver on. It just said it gives you a satin finish, with the hydration of a lotion but the lightweight feel of a gel. One pump on the top of the bottle produced just the right amount to cover my face. It had a nice opalescent sheen to it on my fingers and felt good on my skin. In the past I’ve liked Olay products except for the smell, but this product has a rather pleasant smell.Then I started reading the ingredients. I wasn’t familiar with most of them, but my boyfriend is a chemist so I thought maybe he could help me. He looked at me like I was crazy when I pulled out the box in the middle of a busy, crowded restaurant.”Why are you showing this to me?””Because you have a degree in chemistry. You’re a polymer chemist and some of these ingredients say polymer.””This is all chemicals!”I was a bit frustrated by him saying this. Yes, I KNOW it’s all chemicals. If you go to the facial moisturizing section of the drug store, it IS mostly all chemicals on all the boxes, and some of them have a much longer ingredient list than this!”Well, this is antifreeze. Google it. You’re putting antifreeze on your face.””So, don’t let my cats lick my face? I mean, what does that mean? Is that bad?””It’s all chemicals!””Yeah I know but…some of them are silicones…don’t a lot of those evaporate?””Yes, but not antifreeze…”(What followed here was a long science-y diatribe on how antifreeze works.)”Okay…” (eyes glazing over)”See this one? You know California’s Prop 65? That was created because of this ingredient. It’s a known carcinogen.””Okay…that sounds bad…but don’t you have a warning sign outside your business about carcinogens on the premises?””Yes, but you have more of it right here in this bottle than I do in my whole business. Google it. Google these ingredients!”Yikes!So, now I have spent some time googling the ingredients and also researching Olay. It IS a lot of chemicals, but on the other hand it’s that whole genre of products, not just Olay. I’m reevaluating whether I should be seeking out something more natural and simple, not whether I should use Olay specifically. Ultimately, my primary disappointment with this moisturizer is the lack of SPF. I burn easily and need some protection.

Doretha Havana, ND

Except For The Fragrance, This Is Fabulous . . ., .

Oh my, another Olay moisturizer with a strong fragrance. From using other Olay moisturizers over the last few years, I had the notion in my head that they all were fragrance free. But in one month, I have encountered two Olay moisturizers with fragrances. One was so strong, it gave me a horrid sinus headache. This Fresh Effects’ fragrance is not that strong and it does dissipate. I use it at night. It works fabulously on my skin, as many of the Olay moisturizers do. My skin instantly absorbs it and feels very soft. I noticed right away, too, after using it for just a couple of nights, that my skin during the day looks smoother and . . . brighter!

Eileen Elkland, MO

I Got This For My Wife, Then Stole it

Being a man, I’ve never put any creams, balms, unguents, liniment, or moisturizers on my face. However, I got stuck in a blizzard a while ago and the wind chapped my face pretty good. When I got home, I tried my wife’s Olay Fresh Effects moisturizer to relieve the pain in my face and was surprised at how well it worked. I’ve been using it ever since. I probably wouldn’t buy this for myself, but I’ll steal it from my wife when she buys it again.

Erna Campbellsville, KY

I would buy again

Meets all of its claims. It is satiny, feels light and not oily. It is refreshing and my skin feels smooth and exceptionally soft. I have combination skin and did not experience oiliness later in the day nor did my skin breakout with acne. I typically use unscented lotions. The scent of this product is pleasant, but it is noticeable and lingers. You can wear it all day and your skin still feels fresh. For around the eyes, I feel you need a stronger product to increase skin elasticity. I usually use Oil of Olay products which feel heavier than this product.This product is pricier then the standard daily moisturizing Oil of Olay, but you use less.I would buy it again!

Elvia Monongahela, PA

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion

This would be a great product for dry skinned individuals. I have the dreaded combination skin so I use Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion on my forehead and eyebrows. Anywhere else and it will give me pimples. If you have oily skin, this is NOT the product for you!

Angeline Whippany, NJ

Beauty must have!

Let me preface this by saying that I have not taken care of my skin like I should because I always thought time was on my side. I wasn’t a makeup addict so I figured I didn’t need a moisturizer. Boy was I wrong. I live in the East Coast and turning 30 taught me that I was losing my youthful glow. For example I noticed that I could see under eye circles if I stood out late, whereas before I never had that problem. I didn’t want to buy concealer or expensive eye creams so I researched the best approach to avoid eye area problems (dark circles, fine lines). The key is moisturizing on a daily basis. ANY MOISTURIZER WILL DO AS LONG AS IT IS DONE ON A DAILY BASIS! And the best remedy is PREVENTATIVE according to my dermatologist. On to the review, I have used this moisturizer for 30 + days and still have some left over. It is a great buy for the money.The smell is so light and dainty. The pump is perfect as the cream jars are a microcosm for bacteria. It is portable-slim enough to throw in your make up bag or keep in your desk drawer at work.

Paula Lodgepole, SD

My First Moisturizer

I am well past the age when most women begin using a moisturizer. I never felt the need to and I get many compliments on my ‘senior’ skin. Thanks Mom for the good genes. I thought that maybe it was time and this product presented itself – perfect timing.I have never worn facial makeup, just eye makeup, as my skin was oily for many years – but that has changed.I waffled between giving it 3 or 4 stars, as I have been using it daily for almost a month now and truthfully I don’t see any visual difference yet. I love that it is not greasy and that it feels great on my skin, leaving it soft and smooth.I don’t know how long or if I will actually see a noticeable difference, but I am going to continue to use it daily for at least another few months to give it a fair evaluation. I am sorry to be ambivalent. I guess I just don’t really know exactly what a moisturizer is suppose to do.I do love how soft and smooth my skin feels and for those reasons alone, I will probably continue to use it. I will update this review if and when I see or don’t see any results after prolonged, regular usage.

Marcella Dublin, PA

Makes your hands feel silky smooth without the typical lotion feel. I love this stuff!!

This lotion is a little pricey when you consider that it’s only 1.7 fl oz. However you only need to use a very small amount of it. I usually only use a tiny little squirt about a third the size of a pea. So at this rate this lotion will last me at least a few months even with daily use. I am usually not a big lotion person because I can’t stand the way it makes your hands feel but this lotion doesn’t give the same feel. It immediately smooth’s your hands and makes them feel very silky without feeling like you have lotion on your hands. I also like that it really doesn’t have a scent so both women or men will like it. Plus sometimes my hands will crack during the winter months and scented lotions will burn but this doesn’t burn either. I have used a lot of different lotions but this is my new favorite without a doubt. I would highly recommend this one!

Renee Maben, MS

Smooth and silky lightweight moisturizer…

This is a wonderful moisturizer but not quite enough for my very dry winter face! I might like it better in the summer when there is more humidity and I don’t need the intense hydration that I need at this time of year. I do love how smoothly the satin finish lotion glides on and the feel of it on my skin, but I had to keep reapplying it after washing my face in order to get rid of the tightness. It has a light, pleasant fragrance. It is supposed to be oil-free and non-comedogenic so it shouldn’t clog pores or cause any breakouts.I think anyone who wants just a light moisturizer will find this very appealing.

Olga Union, ME

Excellent product

I’ve always liked Olay products; a client who was a cosmetologist told me they were a good option for those of us who don’t want to pay $100 for a small jar of rejuvenating miracle products.This product is even better than expected. It’s smooth and not at all greasy. It’s too early to tell how it works – these creams take weeks or months to make a difference – but so far I’m pleased. I especially like the container; although it seems wasteful ecologically, I like the way I can choose a very small amount to use each time.This sample came from Vine but I’ll probably keep buying it on my own. I’m hardly a beauty expert of course, but it seemed good to me.

Nellie Mount Vernon, MO

Great Moisturizer

After 2 weeks of using Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! I have noticed it doing a substantially better job than many other moisturizers. Many moisturizers feel great for a little while but end up drying out your skin more than helping it in the long run. This lotion seemed to leave my skin visibly healthier long after it was applied. It doesn’t feel the best going on, slightly slick and oily, but I don’t mind.

Josefina Dolomite, AL


This moisturizer has a really nice gel-like feel and spreads nicely, leaving my face feeling supple and smooth. It has a slight matte-satin effect which minimizes fine lines and skin roughness. Really lovely and I like it much better than a tinted foundation for improving the appearance of my skin. It has a very light scent… I don’t care for scented products on my face but this isn’t too bad, though I think I’ll look for an unscented version next time.

Loretta Leming, TX

I love Olay products!

I’m a fan of this product. It’s much like the serums in consistency and makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy or clogged. I put this on every morning prior to putting on my other makeup. I let it soak in a bit while I dry my hair and then put on my makeup..but there is no dry time required at all. You can and I have put my makeup on right over top. In fact I think when I do that, it helps my makeup glide on and smooth over my skin nicely. But it doesn’t matter if you wait or don’t wait. There is no smell and the texture is smooth and creamy like serums and it is also clear like the serums.Love it! I also love this closed top cap lid design better than the other serum bottles that come with an easily lost cap.

Leonor Arena, WI

Very Nice but scented

This product is very lightweight and has a satiny feel to it. Since it’s not a cream, it goes on very lightly and you only need a bit to go a long way. My skin felt moisturized even in the harsh month of March. Like others have said, however, it does have a strong scent. While I didn’t notice it too much during the day, when I decided to use it at night, it was just too much. I wish they’d either take the scent out or do something much more subtle.

Cassandra Lothair, MT

A Very Good Moisturizer

My general feeling about moisturizers and hydrators is that they should be inexpensive. After all, their primary function is to keep your skin supple, ideally without blocking your pores and causing an allergic reaction. Many high quality lotions exist that perform exactly this function, and they do so quite well for a moderate price. Thus, every time I see a new, relatively expensive lotion, I tend to roll my eyes. Just what phenomenal value does this new product bring that justifies its price?This lotion actually has one significant advantage over all other lotions I have used. This lotion has a really excellent feel to it, unlike any other lotion I have ever used. Indeed, I want to keep putting it on because it feels, to me, unique. The lotion has a kind of gel feeling to it, yet it is not oily. Olay claims that the lotion leaves your skin with a satiny feel, and I can attest to that. Rarely to do I find myself fascinated by the way a lotion feels on my skin, but in the case of this lotion, I am fascinated. It appears that Olay’s marketing department was dead on with their description of this product.The odor of this product is quite mild, to me. However, as I have noticed many times, some people find some odors quite intense, and others do not. Just because I think the odor of this lotion is mild, apparently some people find the odor so intense as to be obnoxious. I can only assume there is some chemical in this lotion, of which there are many, to which some people are sensitive. Unfortunately, the only way to know whether you find this lotion annoying is to try it yourself.I found it amusing that this lotion does not have any advertised capability to block ultraviolet rays. However, I believe an SPF for most lotions is a waste of money and leads to a false sense of security. In order for sun blocks to be effective, the sun block needs to be put on thickly, and most people do not leave thick lotion on their skin; they rub it in. Once the lotion has been spread to the point where it is no longer visible to the naked eye, the SPF value is usually so miniscule that you may as well not have had any SPF value in the first place. Please do not be misled by SPF in any product that is not a sunblock, appropriately applied. Most people will not find much SPF value in any product that is primarily a lotion, with a sunblock as a side benefit. Of course, many people do not apply and maintain sunblock appropriately anyway, so even a high SPF sunblock may be ineffective.One problem with any product that you put on your skin that contains chemicals, and this product contains a lengthy list of chemicals, is that the product can cause irritation or breaking out. Unfortunately, it appears that this product does cause irritation for some people. As with the odor, the only way to know whether you are sensitive to this product is to try it.I only know of two drawbacks to this product (overlooking possible objections to odor and irritation, neither of which affects me). First, it seems that the “satiny” feel is so addictive that I have a tendency to want to keep applying it. I consider that a drawback because of the second drawback, which is the price. I try to avoid putting prices into a review because prices are subject to constant change, and prices are thus meaningless. However, I can point out that dollars per ounce of lotion makes any lotion so priced relatively expensive in comparison to the alternatives. So this lotion provides a perfect conjunction from a seller’s perspective: the product is addictive, to me, and the product is expensive. However, considering the cost, I suspect that my addiction to this product is one that I will break quickly.Olay makes many fine products, and I think this product is a perfect fit with Olay. This lotion is high quality, and it seems to do exactly what Olay claims it will do. Now Olay needs to figure out how to sell this product in larger quantities for a lower price. Once they do these things, they will not have a good product; they will have a great product.Enjoy!

Gay Cannelburg, IN

Makes my skin feel so nice …

I love all of the Olay products. This one made my face feel so nice and velvety smooth. Hope Olay continues to make this product.

Bonnie Lake Junaluska, NC

not great not bad just what it is

I’ve never been a big fan of Olay products. There is nothing that completely turns me off about this product but there is also nothing that excites me.Did not irritate my sensitive skins but… did not feel like it did a lot for me either. I only used it a couple of days but I don’t know if I would trust it for long term use given my skin.I would be happier if it would lose the smell.If you are looking for a moistener that is unscented I would highly recommendSimple Hydrating Light Moisturizer, 4.2 Ounce. Both products don’t have sun protection which is a draw back for the Simple moisturizer however I’ve been using the Simple products for about two weeks and have been THRILLED with how my skin looks and feels.

Judy Colerain, OH

May be it is just me

I am a big fan of Olay and have been happy with almost every product I bought from them – at least two dozen different kinds.This time my skin had a bit of an issue.First of all, the good:- Long lasting- Light feel- Matte finish which can cover up a bit with out looking fake.The neutral:- The scent is pretty strong, although pleasant.The bad:- I broke out a little with this, maybe due to what ever "matte finish" they used.

Casandra West Rushville, OH

Soft and Smooth

I am enjoying this Lotion from Olay. I’ve long been a fan of their products and this lotion is soft and leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth. It’s getting rid of my winter dry skin.The scent is a little strong – almost overpowering – and is not so great for my allergies when I use it on my face. As a result, even though it’s supposed to be for your face and neck, I’ve been using it on my ashy (no longer ashy!) elbows this winter.It does feel more like a gel than a traditional lotion, but once it’s on, it’s just soft and smooth.So, though I won’t personally be using it on my face (again, the scent is too much), a little is going a long way on my arms and elbows.

Mellisa Dell Rapids, SD

Feels great but not for my particular skin

There is no one moisturizer that is good for every person. That being said, I’d like to tell you the positive things about this product first. Olay touts this as a breakthrough in that it is a combination of a cream and a gel. It does indeed feel silky, it glides on, and I could instantly feel that my skin was more hydrated. Also, if you don’t care for the Olay signature scent, Satin Finish has its own very light fragrance.Unfortunately, the next morning, there was the dreaded whitehead tucked in the crease of my nose. Sorry to be so gross, but if this is an issue you have with some facial moisturizers, just know that it happened to me.If that doesn’t happen to you, I think this would be a great product to try.

Leta Courtland, VA

Maybe It’s Just Not For Me

I’ve been having issues with dry skin on my face that no moisturizer has been able to resolve so far. I thought maybe this product was finally doing the trick, but alas the texture is still rough to the touch. And I can’t help but point out a couple of negative results specific to my experience: it dried out my hands from applying it to my face (a moisturizer is supposed to correct dryness not create more); & I’ve been breaking out terribly since using it. Maybe it’s a great product for people without troubled skin, but unfortunately it hasn’t exactly worked for me.

Bertie Fleetville, PA

A very nice product

Because I have very dry skin in a problem area over my eyebrows, I put on this product in the morning and in the evening. It is very light and its fragrance is quite pleasantly delicate. It’s helped my skin recover a little elasticity. A nice addition to my cabinet of potions.

Glenna Hancock, MI

Where’s the SPF?

I have used Olay products for years. At 38, I still get carded, and I have been told more than once that I look too young to have an 18 year old. I attribute that to these products.Over the years, I’ve tried some of the more expensive brands-Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden-but I’ve always returned to Olay, why spend hundreds when I don’t need to, right?I was excited to read about Olay’s new line-Fresh Effects, though unfortunately the website doesn’t give a whole lot of information on this new line, the idea seems to be it will keep your skin clean and refreshed feeling all day long. Works for me!I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’m a loose powder and light lipstick kind of lady. If I’m going out, I might add some blush and mascara-really fancy for me is some beauty Balm (NOT a fan of foundation), powder, blush and lipstick. So, I prefer a simple facial care routine to go along with my makeup mentality. Olay has always done that for me.I usually use their facial cleanser in the morning and evening, and their Complete All day Moisturizer with Sunscreen, simple and it works for me. But i was intrigued with this new formula.It’s closer to a gel, but it’s very light and clean, no sticky residue on my fingers or my face. It seems very gentle. I’ve had issues in the past with some facial lotions, but no problems with this product.My one complaint, and unfortunately, this is a big one is…NO sunscreen. In this day and age, it’s a necessity, and I prefer to have as quick a routine as I can, so I look for moisturizers WITH the sunscreen included.However, this is a lovely lotion, and I like how it feels on my skin-light, cool and yes, refreshing. I would be willing to add a step and use facial sunblock if needed.As for the price point….Olay is always on the money. You get a quality product for not a whole lot of change, you simply can’t beat it.Recommend if you don’t mind using a moisturizer with no sunblock. I look forward to the rest of the products in this new line.

Myrtle Watertown, WI

I love Olay

I haven’t found an Olay product yet I don’t love. This is a new lightweight moisturizer which my skin drinks in and thanks me for, showing it’s appreciation with a dewy glow. I don’t like the way most moisturizers feel on my very sensitive skin. I can feel them sitting there, feeling slightly sticky, and it’s unpleasant.This one is different. I cannot feel it once I put it on. Nor can I see a shiney oil slick, as I sometimes can with other ones. I have slightly oily skin, prone to rosacea.If I put the wrong thing, or the wrong ingredient on my skin, it flares up and looks red and angry. This moisturizer doesn’t do that at all.I love how light it is, there is a slight fragrance, and it’s mild on my touchy skin. It give me exactly what I need: a moist feeling that lasts, a look of no oil on my face, and no scent that reminds me it’s there.This reminds me of Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+R, which is a dimethicone based moisturizer that’s main benefit was to smooth out my skin for makeup. This imparts that same feeling to my skin, which is the dimethicone in it imparting an artificial “slip”, a smoothness not inherantly there, but whihc makes my makeup layered over it look smooth. This is a gel formula, which is the hallmark of dimethicone based moisturizers.And the best part of all this is this; my skin looks 100% better since I’ve been using it. The sandpaper feeling on the middle of my forehead has been replaced with smooth soft skin. The lines are almost invisible. And the redness has been non-existant since I’ve been using this for the past month. This one’s a keeper. I highly recommend this for anyone who has had a hard time finding the right moisturizer for their sensitive skin.

Kristi Fleming, CO

Nice moisturizer

This is a really nice, light-weight facial moisturizer. It has a soft, silky feeling to it. The fragrance is subtle and pleasant.My skin felt oft after using it. It is oil-free and non-comedogenic and, so far, I have not had any breakouts with it.

Helga Tavernier, FL

Almost perfect

My skin can get dry very easily in the winter time so I need to use lotion every day to prevent excessive dryness. This Olay lotion does the trick.It’s advertised as having a “satin finish” and it certainly does! It goes on so easily and makes my skin feel instantly smooth and soft. It’s not greasy in the slightest. The feeling lasts for a long time as well. My only problem with the lotion is that the smell is noticeable and may bother those are sensitive to smells. But other than that, this lotion is perfect!

Jordan Picture Rocks, PA

Matte Moisturizer

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion is a different kind of moisturizer than I’m used to seeing from Olay. It applies easily and dries to what I would call a matte not satin finish. It’s not greasy at all and feels like a powdery finish when it dries on my face.I have to say that I don’t like this moisturizer, not for my skin type. I have dry skin and am over 40 so I need a different type of moisture than this provides. I need a more moisturizing moisturizer. My skin looks even drier after applying it.It reminds me of an oil-control lotion. Gives that exact same effect, feel and look on my skin as does the ones that are made to control oil from the acne control brands.I think if you need an oil control moisturizer then this would be a good choice.

Diane Mesquite, NM

Olay, you’ve pleased again

One note I would like to make on this moisturizer is I don’t feel “light” connotates the correct nature, for this is a product that succeeds in its aim to moisturize. I wouldn’t consider this a fault, but a person looking for only the barest bit of moisture for their skin might want to look elsewhere.The rest of us looking for a good moisturizer, however, will rejoice in this one.I haven’t used an Olay moisturizer since my college days and for the life of me I don’t know why I quit. I don’t recall just which one it was, but it was wonderful and Olay has always been a brand I trusted. I consider this to be another product that simply lives up to the Olay standard.The lotion/gel combo description is certainly an apt one, for I can’t think of another way to describe the consistency. It’s not so watery as to make you wonder “what the devil is in this stuff?” nor is it so thick and creamy you fear an afternoon break-out or at least that heavy sensation of some moist layer upon the skin.I found that a little went a long way, and believe this is the kind of product where the individual can decide on an amount depending on the skin needs (though I would recommend this for normal skin). It absorbed fairly quickly and did not leave a greasy look-who-just-moisturized impression. Within about ten minutes I could put on a powder foundation just fine. The moisture? Great. My skin feels clean and soft and sufficiently hydrated. It suggests to put it on as needed, but for me the once-a-day application is perfect. As for the whole fresh effects thing, yes, this has a fresh and clean aroma that also applies to the sensation.In conclusion, a great little moisturizer for those really needing it. Skin feels great and looks great without the greasy blob sensation.

Laura Elk Creek, VA

Goes on light and grease-less

Really loved this product. I put it on my hands, neck, and face and found that it blended in nicely and didn’t leave a greasy residue behind. I put it over sunscreen and under makeup, and it seemed to work out really well that way.

Mara Tennessee, IL