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Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub, 5-Fluid Ounce

Olay Definity Cleansers penetrate deep into the surface to reveal skin that’s highly defined – beautifully clean; more luminous. Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub is ideal for skin with visible pores; oiliness; dullness; or unevenness. Its deep lathering formula thoroughly cleanses away dirt and make-up to minimize pore appearance; instantly redefining skin. For best results; use with Olay Definity Moisturizers.

Key features

  • Minimizes pore appearance for more luminous skin. Redefining formula with glucosamine, beads and beta hydroxy
  • For the following skin types: Normal; Combination/Oily; Oily
  • Helps with these face concerns: Large/Visible Pores; Excessive oil; Uneven skin color/tone; Dull Skin

Honest reviews


Pleasant Surprise

I wasn’t really searching for an acne-fighting cleanser, but I inadvertently stumbled upon this while merely testing cleansers. My skin is acne-prone, and since I am African-American with a medium-to-dark complexion, I prefer to control acne before it spreads and causes scarring and/or hyper-pigmentation. I have used prescription cleansers and almost every other anti-acne cleanser on the market- all to no avail and sometimes detrimental effects to my skin. This cleanser is perfect for my individual skin and I notice a huge difference in brightness and whiteheads when I am out of it or skip days. It’s great at removing all the dirt and sebum from the skin, and did temporarily make my pores appear smaller (probably just because they were cleaner). Most impressive was the acne-controlling properties and gentle removal of dead skin cells. The glucosamine and botanical formula is VERY effective. Personally, I do not like the strength of the artificial fragrance, as the natural sage and green tea aroma could stand alone for a clean scent without the unnecessary floral notes.The only issues I have with the Pore Redefining Scrub are a) the price, and b) finding this in-store. The cleanser used to be easy to find, but lately I have searched Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, and various other grocery stores and they all seem to have stopped carrying the Definity line! :(I am hooked, and consider this a great product, so I will have to find out if it is being discontinued, or if I just need to look around more extensively… I am sick of going from store to store just to find this stuff, even if it is worth it.

Erna Wales, WI

Good product

I purchased this for my wife but once I got a sniff of the scent I tried it and liked it. The scent is very appealing "to me anyway". Product works exactly as advertised, is very gentle, shrinks your pores and wont scrub your face to pieces. Product is not the cheapest but in the 2 pack the price is not too bad. You get what you pay for…

Loretta Sterling, CO

Love it

I use the Definity Pore Redefining scrub with the Definity night cream, illuminating eye cream, and correcting protective lotion. The scrub is one of my favorites of the group. It has a nice gritty feel during use that feels like it’s deep cleansing, yet leaves skin nice and soft after drying. It also has a very pleasant fragrance. My skin is brighter and cleaner looking after use. It does a nice prep job for the other products. It also reduced the size (or at least appearance) of large pores, particularly in the problem zone between the eyes and above the nose. So far so good for me. By the way, I’m a 40-something male, so I’m offering a perspective for any men who may be considering the product as well.

Maryellen Medford, NJ

very very good product

This product works very fast. I really can not remember another pore scrub that sucks the dirt out as fast as this one. Usually it takes a while to get the pores clean, With this product you can see visible results literally after first time you use it if you do good enough job.It seems like some reviewers cant agree if it helps to make pores smaller or not. I can’t help with this question because alongside with this product I use Loreal Skin Genesis pore minimizer gel cleanser (pink bottle) and between those two products my pores are clean and much much smaller then what they use to be. However it took couple of months to minimize pores. I use both products once a day because as soon as I let my regiment loose my pores get big and dirty again.Sidenote – this product has also salicylic acid in it which means if you have occational pimple on your face this product in a long run should take care of it.Update – I dropped it for Obagi Pore Therapy. Its liquid, like toner and I didn’t expect much (I bought it long time ago and it was just sitting in the corner of the drawer, I had forgotten why I got it in the first place) , and yet after applied it on my face 3-4 times in one day I was next morning searching information about this product to see if this is responsible for my pores being so much cleaner and smaller. And it was!

Ines Salem, SC

Works well.

Olay makes excellent, affordable beauty products. I like the way my skin feels after washing with this scrub. My only concern is the fragrance. Its not unpleasant but it is very intense. Its too intense for a facial product. Other than that one thing, I really do like the product.

Teri Red Lodge, MT

Definitely Works to Reduce Pore Size

I have used other Olay products that were specifically for exfoliating and they worked better than this product. So I feel that if you are buying this as a scrub you will not see as dramatic a result. This is however good for keeping pores clear and it does seem to reduce pore size. I used this for a couple of weeks before I saw the results so give this time to work. I also have sensitive skin and have had no problems with using this. If however you react to salicylic acid then this might not be the best product for you.~The Rebecca Review

Julia Cheyney, PA