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Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment Skin Care, 0.5 Ounce

Olay Definity Eye Illuminator penetrates multiple surface layers and helps restore a look that’s highly defined – truly luminous. It’s dual action formula: Illuminates the complete eye area and smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles with a spiral of concentrated serum and strengthens delicate eye skin; firming skin’s outer layers due to a hydrating; intensive clear gel containing essential glucosamine complex. Notice immediately brighter; smoother eyes. Darkness and shadows diminish and eyes appear more luminous.

Key features

  • Diminishes the look of darkness and wrinkles for highly defined luminosity around the eyes
  • Illuminates the complete eye area. Hydrates to strengthen and firm delicate eye skin, smoothing fine lines
  • For the following skin types: Dry; Normal; Oily; Combination/Oily; Sensitive
  • Helps with these face concerns: Fine Lines/Wrinkles; Loss of Firmness/Elasticity; Dark Eye Circles; Uneven skin color/tone; Uneven texture; Dry/Flaky Skin
  • You’ll love Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment because it helps to restore youthful luminosity for highly defined eyes.

Honest reviews


Glucosamine fights sun damage – Ineffective against hereditary dark circles

Conventional wisdom has taught us over the years to never, ever, put frosted or iridescent products on skin that is no longer youthful. No glittery powder, no shimmery eyeshadow is ever going to look good on skin that has fine lines or wrinkles. You know it, I know it – it’s just a fact of life.Imagine my surprise, then, when I visited the “Olay for You” skin assessment and product recommendation website, and the Definity line of products was recommended to me based on my age (not young) and general skin condition (also not young). Definity’s claim to fame is based on its “illuminators.” This stuff is supposed to yield “luminous, more flawless skin that appears lit from within.” OK….I have been using Regenerist serum, and I like it. So based on the website information, I decided to try the Olay Definity Eye Treatment. I really wanted to like it too, I really did.After using it for a month, I was not impressed. I have hereditary dark circles, which are notoriously hard to vanquish. The product has not helped at all to diminish the discoloration.Olay says that glucosamine is supposed to diminish dark circles. Does it? I looked it up. The American Academy of Dermatology says that, “a recent study shows that glucosamine could prove to be an effective topical treatment to reverse the effects of skin cells damaged by UV exposure.” (Translation: Glucosamine is effective for treating sun damage.)Furthermore, the Academy stated, “topical application of the supplement can normalize pigment overproduction in skin cells, something which is normally due to UV exposure.” (Translation: Glucosamine is effective in treating age spots caused by sun exposure.)In other words, this stuff is not going to do a darn thing for hereditary dark circles.And as for the illuminators? As one other reviewer stated, it’s just micro-glitter, in the form of finely pulverized mica. That’s the same stuff used in some kinds of frosted lipstick. Frosted lipstick shows every little line on your lips. Frosted eye cream… well, you can figure it out.In the mean time, I think I’ll use what’s left in the container as a night cream for the backs of my hands.

Lorie North Olmsted, OH

Not too thrilling.

Looks thrilling though!With white shiny swirlling ribbons of “eye treatment” that doesn’t do anything but put micro-glitter under yours eyes for lighting effect.

Jewel Needmore, PA

It’s okay but not as good as some other choices

I had high expectations for the eye cream. I have suffered dark circles underneath and around my eyes for years. Unfortunately, it’s hereditary and several relatives share the same condition. I’ve used eye creams from Mary Kay and Avon in the past. They always did a good job but I got lazy about it the past couple years. I recently started using the Definity line for my entire face and included the eye cream in my regime. Although it has slightly decreased the amount of fine lines and bags under my eyes, it hasn’t lightened the dark areas as much as I would have preferred. It appears to have a concealer in it. Even if it’s not a concealer, it looks like it. I have a darker complexion, so the color is too light and is very obvious on my skin. I’m also male, so I’m not crazy about the appearance of wearing makeup. Due to this reason, I stopped wearing it during the day and only apply it at night. I’m on the fence about whether I want to continue to use this only at night for the fine lines and use a different product during the day for the darkness; or whether I just want to switch to a different product altogether. I love the other Definity products. I’m just a little disappointed in the eye cream. Hopefully, Olay will at least make the cream less conspicuous on your face in the future.

Eula Leopold, IN

Not What I Expected II

Maybe I just don’t know what an “eye illuminator” is supposed to do but this doesn’t even work as well as an under eye highlighter.

Brianna Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

Small Difference

Like other reviewers, the difference this makes in eyes is so slight.. I have droopy eyelids and the difference was significant enough to see a difference after a couple of weeks (at first, it seemed to make it WORSE), but I’m not sure I care enough to buy the product again.There is, like others have said, a “shimmery” appearance that kind of looks like you put glittery gloss on your skin. It tends to lighten the eye area to the point it’s obvious where you applied it. This doesn’t go away for about 30 minutes.Additionally, be sure to test it on your arm. I don’t usually have issues/negative reactions with products, but I discovered I did with this one. It really burns my eyelids if I open them right away after applying or get toooo close (which is hard, considering where you’re supposed to apply it) to my eyes. I have to rub it in for a few moments or keep my eyes closed for a few minutes until it settles in. I guess this annoys me, as I want to continue my routine rather than sit there and feel around or wait.I also don’t like how oily it feels. I use this on at night so I don’t have to deal with the oily residue during the day, which gets on my glasses nosepad and makes them slip.My last reason for docking points was the small issues I had with the shipping. I had originally purchased one of these and the shipping took two months (despite the estimated shipping date being a little over three weeks). I didn’t complain and just completely forgot about it. So, I bought another (still not remembering I had already bought one), then got both of them in two weeks, a couple days apart. If I had complained, maybe something would have been done, but it seemed obnoxious that I had to purchase this twice in order for the seller to send it to me.

Judi Burlington, ND

nice, but sticky

works nice, but feels sticky, and tends to come not soak in well, so sticks to the skin, and will come off if touch the area.

Olive Renick, MO


I like the consistency of the cream and that it illuminates the eyes without appearing to frost them. As a very mature woman I like playing down the wrinkles and dark circles. Great for overnight too.

Virginia Tina, MO

Does Not Work on Hereditary Dark Circles

I have hereditary dark circles, that only get worse with lack of sleep. Now, when my circles are extra dark, this does seem to calm down the "blueish" tint a bit, but otherwise, I have not noticed a difference unfortunately. I have been using for over 30 days, & they are just as dark as before, BUT, if your under eye circles are not hereditary, then this may work for you.

Judy Russian Mission, AK

Very Subtle

The Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment does add a subtle veil, sort of a faint pearlescent sheen to the eyelids. The moisturizer is simply adequate and doesn’t seem to improve lines–even faint ones–very much at all. Were I a bit younger, the product would probably look much prettier.

Tracie Lincroft, NJ

Works & does make a difference

The Olday Definity Eye treatment does reduce the appearance of wrinkles but you have to give it at least 3 weeks to see major results. At first I did not see any difference until I was consistent wearing it twice a day rather than once a day as instructions say. My eyes look so awake with this product. Before this product my eyes always looked tired.

Felicia Urbana, MO

Shipping takes a Month – they should warn you

I have yet to receive my product. I ordered it over a week ago and checked on my order status only to see that I’ll be getting it by April 25th. If you want the product in a reasonable amount of time, RM might not be the company to go through.

Katheryn Keo, AR

It does work a little!

All products work differently on different skin types. Maybe it depends on age, but i definitely am noticing a difference in my eye area. It does illuminate. Im 28 and the look (as opposed to lines or wrinkles) is really what I am trying to improve. Only reason why I am using this is because my mother had an extra bottle, so just decided to try it. My eyes look brighter with this product. My skin seems to be having a good reaction to olat regenerist/definity line, but this product makes my eyes look better. I use it during the day and the Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum during the night. Maybe it helps using both? Or, maybe it helps using a regenerist/definity wash too, for those who might not be seeing a difference (given time too). So, in my case, it does illuminate.

Socorro Rosendale, WI

Didn’t do what I wanted….

I love Oil of Olay products and have used them for over 15 years. I bought this trying to reverse the discoloration and maybe a few wrinkles too…..and though it maybe helped a little it wasn’t enough to justify the price and that’s with it being cheaper at Amazon than it is in Walgreen stores….with that said I won’t be ordering any more and though I’m currently trying out another line of products Oil of Olay is always what I go back to. So though I won’t hype this particular product I will say that most of the others I’ve loved and I ONLY use their Age Defying Bodywash….it’s like having a permanent aloe strip on your razor and for me that means I can use a razor a lot longer than normal!!

Rosemary Yorba Linda, CA

OMG! More effective than under-eye concealer, PLUS no typical concealer look & feel!

*** 2/18/10 Update: I’ve been using this product for more than a month and continue to see improvement in the skin under my eyes. The most positive result so far is that, because of tighter unereye skin, I don’t get the bags that I used to the morning after a late night. Also, I’ve discovered a new use: After applying to my undereyes, I swipe the remnants on my finger across the lipline of my upper lip. This has helped with the tiny lines that were beginning to appear. Also, the luminescent effect seems to give my thin upper lip the illusion of a slight plumpness. The ‘plump’ is all trickery, I’m sure, but I like the way it looks. =)I am soooo happy I tried Olay Definity Eye Treatment! My 51 year-old eyes were looking really tired every morning and well into the afternoon. I do not wear foundation and have NEVER found a concealer I liked because I always found them pasty and unnatural. I bought this more for the conditioning benefits but the luminescence was a fabulous surprise. And this bottle will last a very long time: I put the tiniest amount on the tips of my pinky fingers and gently massage under each eye, starting close to my bottom lash line and extending about 1″ beneath them, being sure to include the outer corners of my eyes. The first day of use was when I noticed the absence of dark circles and at the end of my first week of use, the skin under my eyes looks nourished and healthy with no more tiny lines and sagginess. I encourage anybody who has under-eye circles or whose skin around the eyes is beginning to get that thin, dry, aged look to give this a whirl. I can’t imagine a more effective product available ‘over the counter’ that provides such immediate results.

Allyson Colbert, OK