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Olay Definity 14-Day Skin Rehabilitation

Olay’s new Definity 14-Day Skin Rehabilitation kit is an anti-aging treatment that helps counteract the impact that years of stresses have on skin’s appearance. Skin emerges with a more flawless luminosity in just 14 days. Deep penetrating individual doses detoxify skin, then help it recover, hydrating with the most potent formulation of Glucosamine complex available from Olay to diminish the appearance of discoloration and wrinkles.

Key features

  • counteracts past skin stresses to diminish discoloration PLUS wrinkles in just 14 days
  • Intensive 3-phase treatment
  • 13 potent treatments + 1 moisturizing mask
  • anti-aging skin immersion that detoxifies, recovers, and revives skin’s appearance in just 14 days
  • Total skin immersion hydrates and immediately diminishes the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

Honest reviews


Good as an inexpensive night moisturizer with extra’s

I’m being a little mean here and I’ve gone for 3 stars – bang in the middle so to speak.Olay have a good reputation for fine products at reasonable prices, with a fairly broad customer base here in North America.Definity is a fine moisturizer, that covers uneven tone well.Week one you use tube A to detoxify – no mystery, just use every night instead of your regular night cream, or moisturizer.Week two you switch that out for tube #2 (deep recovery).And then finally on day 14 you wear the pre saturated “stretch-n-fit” mask all night.The key ingredient here in “Definity” is N acetyl Glucosamine which (they claim) boosts the actions of niacinamide (vitamin B3) and improves the skin’s moisture. It also performs exfoliation and protects the skin from the environment. B3 is also a barrier to water loss and aids retention (not always a good thing).For every ying however, there is a yang, so the bad news here is that it contains synthetic fragrances, synthetic paraben (that can cause skin irritation) and artificial coloring. Also, for a supposed “wrinkle” cream it does NOT? contain Argiriline, Matryxil 3000 or any other active peptides (found in more expensive alternatives) with proven wrinkle “releasing” results, but you can’t have everything for under $20 I suppose!There’s also a footnote suggesting you use this every three months for optimum results. It’s an OK, cheap product that seems to work well so far, and is as good as any current night time moisturizer I’ve used (haven’t had three weeks worth yet so time will tell). But anyone who actually has the time and patience to care for their skin properly (as we all should) will probably opt for a superior product.

Jacklyn Fowler, CO

Some softness, but not much else.

It’s hard to say at this time, but it has moisturized nicely. There’s good things about this product, but time will tell if this is truly going to be a significant product for rejuvenation of skin. It does make the skin a little softer and more moist. But it will take some time to get the full effects. Don’t expect miracles.

Bianca Byron, NE

No Botox for me after using this Olay Definity Skin Rehab

Actually, no Botox for me before using it either.I took the online skin survey at because I was interested in seeing what was recommended. I have sun damaged precancerous skin and my face and eyes are extremely sensitive and often dry. I usually use Cetaphil cleanser, Kiehl’s Cucumber Tonic, Patricia Wexler or Kiehl’s Serum and Kiehl’s moisturizers, always with SPF during daylight hours. At night, I tend to not apply a thing unless I’m using the Renova, Aveta or Aldara regimens periodically prescribed by my dermatologist. The survey was very interesting with the outcome recommending the Definity product line. I highly recommend the online survey if only to think about your current skin care program.I decided to give the Olay Definity 14 day skin rehabilitation program a try to “counteract past skin stresses to diminish discoloration PLUS wrinkles in just 14 days”. After completing the entire program, my findings are as follows:Made in China of mostly synthetic ingredients which are found in most cosmetics with nothing extraordinary included.None of the three phases had an offensive smell.Consistency was between lotion and cream with much more than needed in each individual tube.Neither my eyes nor skin were irritated.All three phases felt nice on the face and didn’t awaken me from sleep.My dog relieved herself on the remote control after I touched it with the product of Phase 1 still on my fingers. She’d never done this before and I washed my hands real well each night thereafter after application of the lotions with no repeat, thank goodness.On day 9, a stranger asked if I was the mother of my friend who is two years younger than I. I’m hoping the lady’s eyesight was to blame since she was around 90 years old and again, this was a first.Last night, I was distracted and a couple minutes passed before I put the last tube of Phase 2 on my face and rubbed it in. Gobs of it rolled of my face in a creepy way like Elmer’s Glue when you let it partially dry and rub it into balls. Happy it was the final night of Phase 2.Cloth mask did nothing for me other than exacerbate my sense of claustrophobia and occupy the space on the rear of the wasteful tube holder until night 14.My skin doesn’t look 14 days older but it doesn’t really look improved either.Holder does not fit the pens like I hoped it would because I really want to find a use for it rather than dispose of a perfectly good plastic object which had a shelf life of 14 days. Doesn’t fit lipsticks either or little sample cosmetic tubes or crayons or anything else I’ve tried.In summary, this system was rather benign for me and my skin. I will, however, try the Definity moisturizer if it is not made in China and doesn’t have excessive packaging. For me, the dermatologist’s recommendations definitely work better for improving the condition of my skin. I have to give this a rating dead center, at 3 stars.

Mabel Plato Center, IL

Not for oily skin of any age

As a lover of skin care and beauty products, and one who never had previous problems with any of the Olay line, this particular product was an unpleasant surprise. Even those of us who are over 50 (…skin care specialists would, at best, admit to our having ‘combination’ skin, but in truth it can be oily, as is mine) may have problems if we do not have dry skin.The packaging and programme seemed a bit of luxury in which I would enjoy indulging. However, within three days I found that using the product nightly had given me a number of pimples and white heads.It may be an excellent choice for dry skin, but it is not for those with oily complexions, whatever our age.

Cecile Hinckley, ME

Pleasantly surprised after 6 days

Update 3/28- I have used Olay’s Definity UV foam during the day, lotion in the evening and the cleanser since last July. I liked them all and thought they are effective at lightening my sun spots due to a California trip, and they keep my skin supple and reduce any sun damage.The first five days I used this kit, I did not feel significant improvements, may be just a little. By day 7, people started to complement how young I look. And indeed I can see a noticable difference in the color and feel of my face. So now I am giving it five stars.

Yvette Adolphus, KY

*REFRESHEN* Your Complexion!

The OLAY DEFINITY SKIN REHAB KIT is a two-week treatment consisting of 13 days of over-night moisturizing and one 15-minute moisturizing mask. It’s broken down into three phases and claims to diminish skin discolorations and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all with the hope of recapturing that youthful and healthy appearance.After using the product for the two-weeks, I have noticed that my complexion is smoother and gives off a light glow. It also has a dewy soft texture and I actually noticed an improvement after using the product the first night. But this might have something to do with pigmentation in the product or some other ingredient that gives the appearance of smoother skin because I noticed that applying the lotion the first night gave my face an ashen/pallor tone. Either way the appearance of smooth glowing skin was there after I washed my face.I have mild to moderate adult acne, along with combination skin, and the REHAB KIT didn’t aggravate my condition at all, but I did read that it caused one reviewer to break out so people will have different reactions to it. Leaving the lotions on all night, I was surprised to find the next morning that my face wasn’t an oil slick. Just the t-zone(nose and forehead) were a little shiny.PHASE 1–DETOX PHASE–APPLY BEFORE BED FOR 7-DAYS
• Enough lotion in the tube to cover face and neck
• Very light-to-no scent
• Non-Greasy
• Contains Salicylic Acid so people with sensitivity to that ingredient should be wary or if using other acne medications at the same time
• While on, gave skin tone an ashen colorPHASE 2–DEEP RECOVERY–APPLY BEFORE BED FOR 6-DAYS
• Stronger scent than lotion in phase one but I got used to it
• Skin felt velvety-smooth after applying
• I felt a slight tingle the first time I applied it, which might have to do with the ingredient Niacinamide, a Niacin derivative, but that went away and it didn’t happen on other applicationsPHASE 3–REVIVING MASK–APPLY FOR 15-MINUTES OR LONGER
• Cloth mask was a little awkward to put on
• Cool and refreshing and it doesn’t get stiff or dry like regular facial masks
• Little-to-no-scent
• No need to rinse face after removing the maskAnyway, OLAY recommends using the SKIN DETOX KIT once every three-months to keep your complexion looking smooth and healthy. I’m very happy with the results and the fact that you only have to do the ritual for two-weeks.

Sonia Gould City, MI

Pretty Good

I received this product through Amazon Vine and was pleasantly surprised to see Olay there. It is a very good brand and I have used the regenerist serum before and thought it worked well.I picked this up and used it and it did make my face feel refreshed and worked pretty well. It comes with 7 capsules of first treatment to use then 7 to use after the first week. Also a hydrating mask that was nice.I found that it was a pain to remember to put it on every night for those 2 weeks. Maybe it’s just me but I’d prefer something in a bigger bottle that you can just use when you want but it said to use this for a couple weeks straight daily to see results.I was fairly satisfied with it but I much prefer regenerist serum to this. 3.5 stars.

Tameka Santa Fe Springs, CA

Skin Care

Easily absorbs into skin. Not greasy, sticky, tacky. Skin is softer, clearer, smoother, more radiant.

Britney Britton, SD

It didn’t seem to do much for my skin

I’m a 47 year-old guy with decent skin for my age. Still, I do have some wrinkles, along with some minor and small discolored areas here and there. I used this product exactly as per the directions for 2 weeks and frankly I felt as if it was mostly a waste of time.While I don’t have side-by-side photos to compare, my feeling is that it did little to nothing to improve wrinkles and little to nothing to decrease discolorations. I do feel that it may have made my skin a bit softer and the mask that you use on day 14 actually feels kind of nice. My Cockatoo was actually utterly fascinated by the mask, so wearing it was kind of interesting. Nonetheless, I am sorry to report that I cannot recommend this product.

Erika Randlett, OK

Good moisturizing but not for sensitive skin

Well, I was glad to try this product because winter tends to be harsh for my sensitive skin, and just about every moisturizer I try causes my skin to break out, noncomedogenic or not. I just have sensitive skin.This moisturizing treatment lasts fourteen days and consists of a week of detoxifying, six days of intense moisturizing, and a finishing face mask on the last day.I got through most of the program, but I had to stop a few days shy of the fourteen days as my face, predictably, broke out rather severely. Continuing the entire fourteen days was simply not an option.The reason I’m giving this product four stars anyway is because not everyone has such sensitive skin as I, and the moisturizing effects may compel an individual with less sensitive skin to go ahead and try it anyway. Moreover, my skin certainly is no longer peeling as it was when I commenced use of the product. So while my use of this was cut short by the breakout, I can tell you what else I experienced while using it.For the first week, I noticed that my terribly dry skin did stop peeling. In fact, the product caused my skin to produce moisture on its own. I also noticed my skin was firmer, but I did not notice a change in the overall appearance. The quality and appearance remained pretty much the same, except for a temporary, slight reduction in the appearance of new, winter-related fine lines. By a.m. my face appears at it usually does. Would I notice a difference after completing the full fourteen days? I’m not sure, as it seems I would notice more than I did at this point and I’m not far from completing the treatment. But this is an educated guess. Your experience may be different.The second week is deep moisturizing, and again the product does that but without significant change in overall appearance.The product is reasonably priced when compared to other treatments available.The scent is pleasing: crisp and very light.The packaging is convenient with single-use plastic tubes that are easy to open (and a packet for the face mask). Great for tossing into a purse or suitcase.I would just love a product that people with incredibly sensitive skin can use.

Letha Rumney, NH

Beauty, skin, deep

An excellent product, a worthy and non-invasive regimen, not too harsh with visible results (I was not believed when I told inquiring minds my actual age).

Angeline Bruce, SD

a good moisturizer, not a great one

After completing a full 2-week course of Olay Definity Skin Rehab, I have to say I liked the product, but didn’t love it.I’ve used Olay for years. I’m 37 and am seeing signs of aging around my eyes and lips. My skin is pale with some discoloration on the cheeks from chronic dryness. Currently my nighttime moisturizer is Olay Regenerist serum, which I really enjoy as it exfoliates well and keeps the red on my cheeks down better than anything else I’ve found.I replaced Regenerist with Definity for 2 weeks. The first week is “detox”, which is a fancy way of saying exfoliation. It was a good moisturizer and exfoliated as well as Regenerist, but not better than. The Definity lotion was thinner and with a nicer, more gentle scent than Regenerist, though.The second series was 6 days of “deep recovery”. This was a thicker, more potent moisturizer. Here I did see a difference, with the red rough spots on my cheeks getting a bit less noticeable and the wrinkles around my eyes lessening. But I also had a lot more pimples and after a few days of using the deep recovery lotion at night, I would get dry white flaky stuff on my face the next day.The third step was a single-use mask covered with a lot of moisturizer, which is stretched onto your face and left for at least 15 minutes. The moisturizer was fine but I didn’t enjoy the cold wet oogie feel of the mask while it was on.The biggest difference I noticed with this Definity treatment was that my makeup went on easier and nicer than before. My skin was smoother and the makeup looked more uniform. But like I said, after just a few hours I got what looked like dry skin flakes on some parts of my face, yet my face didn’t feel dry at all. That went away a day after I stopped the deep recovery stage.It’s not a bad moisturizer series, but I think I would prefer to have a single daily or nighttime moisturizer than do a separate 2-week stint, especially after using that mask.

Luann Knowles, OK

Quite good, especially considering what it had to work with…

I have read some of the other reviews, and I may be filling a niche here. Most of the people seem to be in their thirties and forties and somewhat uneasy about the appearance of lines here and there. Well, I’m at the stage where I am easing out of the “woman of a certain age” category and rushing headlong into the position of “woman not certain what age she will attain.” Seriously. I’m starting to see not lines, but things better described at best as minor ravages.I really like this product. It’s close to the best I’m going to get, I suppose, because every time I mention plastic surgery my husband starts talking about how much he loves me just as I am, and I’ve never cared for the plastic robot look that results from Botox injections, which I’m probably too late for anyhow.This product is pleasant to use and pleasant in effect. I have very fair and rather delicate skin (to go with my now more-or-less red hair), and it slurps up oil and pretends I did nothing for it. All those people who are saying that there is so much of this stuff and that they had extra? My face soaked it all up and could have used more. I have had renewal products irritate my skin before, but this did not; I felt a slight sting from the first seven days’ worth, but no problems.As to the effect–yes, it does seem to plump up the skin and make it more translucent; and it does a nice job of making discolorations blend in with the rest of your skin. I liked what it did quite a lot.Simple soul that I am, I rather enjoyed the little stand and the tiny tubes and the ritual I went through with it. It was certainly a routine I would not forget to do; and, done at bedtime, it had something of a relaxing effect–probably not as relaxing as some more substantive things would have been, but pleasant enough. Oh! And speaking of such, it is lovely that it doesn’t leave your face greasy or sticky or funny colors. Nice.In any case, it seems to have left me looking more nearly like the image I would like to have at this point, which is that of a rather prosperous but no-nonsense old broad, rather than like the one I fear I’m heading for naturally, which is that of one of those farm ladies you see in pictures taken during the Dust Bowl.The box recommends that one go through this process at least once every three months, and I am considering doing that. This time fell close enough to the equinox that I can time it for the change of seasons and let that be a reminder for what there is of my no doubt soon-to-be-failing mind.

Lucinda Toledo, OH


Olay Definity 14 Day Skin Rehab consists of 7 ampoules of “detoxifying” treatment, 6 ampoules and 1 mask of “rehabilitating” treatment. The packaging is excellent – airtight and opaque, which preserves the integrity of the anti-oxidant ingredients. Otherwise, there is very little about this product that is special.The first phase contains salicylic acid (BHA) and vitamin E. The second phase includes niacinamide and acetyl glucosamine. The mask is pretty much the same as the second phase, but contains a greater amount of humectant ingredients. I was unable to determine if the salicylic acid product is an effective formulation. It should be 1-2% and with a pH of 3-4. I don’t know the percentage, and don’t have a pH test kit.The products also contain mica and titanium dioxide, which leave a nice glow to the skin, but that is only a cosmetic affect.I had no adverse effects from this product. I use BHA products because they are good exfoliators and also help keep blackheads under control. If you like the concept of this product, you can maintain an everyday protocol of exfoliation plus niacinamide by using Clearasil Acne Fighting Cleansing Wipes 32 wipes orNeutrogena Acne Stress Control, 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment, 2-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3)(keep both of these products away from the eye area), plusOlay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex, Fragrance Free – 1.7 fl oz, orOlay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion with UV protection. Packaging May Vary, -2.5 fl ozfor daytime. Please note that both AHA and BHA can cause temporary skin irritation. You may wish to start using these types of products every other day.

Corrine Sturbridge, MA

Oy Vay!

If you have a good bit of time on your hands and a desire to devote much of it to what amounts to a virtually useless exercise, this product might be for you.On the bright side, it is inoffensive in it’s scent. On the negative side, it did ultimately become irritating to my skin. I must confess, however, that I do have allergies, and another consumer in search of a beauty miracle might not have this reaction.However, the truth is that at the end of it all, I saw no transformation of any kind brought about by the chemicals in this formula.

Rocio Saint Simons Island, GA

Nice intro to skin care products

If you’ve been interested in trying one of the new skin-care kits available, Olay’s Skin Rehab is a good place to start. You get three different products to use, in order, over a two-week period. At the end your face, if it’s like mine, will feel refreshed and hydrated.First is a week-long detoxifying routine, followed by six days of “deep recovery.” You use pre-measured lotions in little plastic containers. Finally, you moisturize with a cloth mask that you leave on your face for at least 15 minutes.When it’s all over, I felt like I did something special for myself, very girly. There may be better products out there, but I really liked this one.It only missed five stars because of the terrible waste of plastic in the packaging. I felt guilty even as my face felt happy.

Lorrie Saxis, VA

Brighter Skin, Softer Skin

14 little vials and one mask are the components of Olay Definity’s 14 Day Skin Rehabilitation kit.One vial is used each night for two weeks, followed by the “stretch and fit” mask.Results after the first seven nights were very good. My skin definitely had a brighter look, with noticable fading of some small freckles/age spots in the outer cheek area.Results on nights 7-14 were less impressive, but still good. This part of the program, the “hydrate” part, made my skin feel softer, but I didn’t notice any remarkable reduction of fine lines at the mouth area, or near the outer eye area.The mask was okay, and did a nice job of moisturizing, but the effect didn’t last beyond the next morning’s cleansing.All in all, parts 1 & 2 of the program (the vials) worked reasonably well, and I was pleased with the brightening effect.

Dionne Saugatuck, MI


ANOTHER GUEST REVIEW BY “MRS. KNOW IT ALL!!”This skin rehabilitation process takes place in three phases. There are 7 nights of detoxifying the skin, 6 nights of revitalizing, and the last night is a skin mask. After all, of those nights, I did not see a big enough transformation in my skin to warrant using this product again.The first 7 nights, I did see a difference in my skin–it was less red and felt smoother. Therefore, I was very pleased with this application and could not wait to move onto the next. Well, the next 6 nights, I feel like I moved backwards. The cream is more oil based, which does not work well with anyone who has problems with oily skin. This process made my skin feel oily and in turn, I think it made me breakout more than I would have under normal skin care. The last night is the skin mask, which I found to be cooling and refreshing.The PROS – There is enough cream in the tubes to share with your partner, or use half each night, saving the next half for the next day. Then you would have unopened tubes to save for another application a few months later. So, you can really get two applications out of this product.The CONS – In the end, I did not see enough difference in my face to use this product again. I also did not like the reaction my face had to the oily type cream.

Maude Jonesboro, IL

Treatment Began Night After Dermatologist Removed Pre-Cancerous Lesion….

I have treated my skin well; never smoked cigarettes, never been a sun worshipper, and have been blessed with good genes. But at the age of 45, a dermatologist removed an early stage squamous-cell carcinoma lesion from my cheek. The doctor said the area would blister for a few days and be completely gone in two weeks.That night I began the Olay Definity 14 day skin rehabilitation program. This intensive 3-phase regimen includes 13 nightly treatments, which are followed by a moisturizing mask.The program claims to “counteract past skin stresses to diminish discoloration PLUS wrinkles in just 14 days.”The detoxify and deep recovery vials contain small amounts of product (0.05 oz. each) but smell lovely. After the first application, my skin did feel softer than before.After several days the only difference I could see was soft skin. After 6 days, I woke up to find the scab from the lesion completely gone, replace by just a dull pink mark. That made me happy, as I had worried about having a permanent scar.After the second part of the weekly treatments; the deep recovery phase, my face was soft, but also puffy. Perhaps my skin had a more even tone, but I’m not certain of that. The mask was fine, and it left my skin feeling softer still.Overall I believe the product is a good one, especially when your skin is in need of repair after a procedure like I had done. However, the cost of the kit is high, considering how little product you receive. You get less than of an ounce of product for the first treatments (total). The mask is good, but hardly makes up for the high price. I think Olay should package the first two treatments in larger tubes with 3 masks, and market it as a 3-month treatment program. At least you’d feel like you were getting your monies worth. And also, I don’t feel that I look any younger, or that any of my (slight) wrinkles are gone, or lessened. I probably would not splurge on this item, unless I have another damaging procedure that requires skin repair.

Letitia Naytahwaush, MN

This Olay Is Just OK – Olay Definity Skin Rehab

Let me start out by saying that I have been blessed with great skin, am pushing 40 and have started to see a wrinkle here and there and several “age or sun spots”. I chose this product mainly to hopefully lighten some of the spots but alas, this product did not deliver on it’s promise to fade age spots. It did, however, in the first 7 days of treatment, make my skin a tad brighter and certainly smoother. The three different products that are in this set all have a great smell and I especially enjoyed the mask. If Olay packaged just the mask itself, I would buy it as I think the masks would be great in the summer if you got a little too much sun on your face or in the cold of winter for dry, chapped skin.All in all this Olay was just “OK” for me…

Terrie Shoals, WV

Excellent product

If you have to invest in your skin, this product is well worth it. Over several days, you’ll need to apply a nightly application. Each night is designed to improve your skin and make it more healthy. You’ll notice the difference in your skin. Softer, cleaner more vibrant.The last application of the product is a full mask.This product is a great investment for your face.

Carolina Stidham, OK


Wonderful. Works exactly what was said it does.I have decided to use it all year round.Have recommended it to a friend

Magdalena Watauga, SD

don’t really see any difference

I’m in my mid-40’s, have fine lines but no deep creases as of yet, have some sun damage and tend toward large pores. I stopped using my usual skin treatment products other than cleanser and morning moisturizer to use the Olay Skin Rehab Kit. I followed the full regimen and have to say, I don’t see any improvement in the sun damage or to the texture of my skin. In fact, I think it is worse. I was using good exfoliants (alpha and beta hydroxy products) and I can see that I have more clogged pores and dead skin on the surface after using the Definity kit than before.I really disliked the fragrance of the week one cream, it smelled so strong and overly perfumed I was afraid to get too close to my husband after I’d applied it! The first two nights I had some stinging after I applied it. I also had some breakouts that week. I quite liked the scent of the week two cream. While using it my skin was a little flaky and red. The mask was awful. Cold, ooky and unpleasant. I have no clue if the “serum” did anything but I wouldn’t really want to use the mask again.I’d say this product is basically harmless, but didn’t do much for me and definitely didn’t “rehabilitate” anything. A daily regimen of exfoliating products is probably going to be more effective than two weeks once a quarter. I also felt really guilty throwing away the big plastic tray the tubes came in.

Olive Printer, KY

Regenerist fluid worked better.

This kit did not work for me. I prefer the Olay Daily Regenerating Serum over this product. The little tubes cause too much waste.By the way, Amazon was to send me this product through Vine and I have still not received it.

Diann Techny, IL

Not Bad..Some Perks

I’m a regular user of Olay moisturizers, have oily skin and large pores prone to breakouts. After completing this 14-day treatment I noticed a very slight smoothing of my skin. My pores feel a bit tighter and skin feels refreshed specially after the final mask (wish they had more of that stuff). The 1st week’s treatment is a bit oily for my skin. The 2nd week’s treatment is much better, smoother and silkier on the skin. I wouldn’t mind using that on a regular basis if it was available separately. The individual tube/packaging is convenient (portable for travel) but seem unnecessarily wasteful for regular use.

Fay Connersville, IN

Convenient packaging for nightly use, but so-so results.

My wife recently finished using this product which is split into 13 days of nightly treatment followed by a facial mask. The first phase was 7 nights of `detox’ followed by 6 nights of moisturizing.She felt that her skin was hydrated and more supple after using the entire kit. However she did not see a noticeable reduction in fine lines. The product did smell nice and felt good. Also the individual packages were easy to use, you know exactly how much to use each night, as was the included packaging which doubles as a holder. Of course 2 weeks is a short amount of time to see dramatic improvements but it was hard for my wife to see and feel more improvement compared to using a nightly moisturizer. She might try it again in the winter months when her skin feels drier.

Marietta Fackler, AL

Olay 14 day treatment-

I bought it at Marsh….for 9.99 and I am in day 9 but it seems like I might have a reaction to it. My face looks bumpy and it feels sensitive to the touch. I will tell you that any dark spots I have from resent acne, are fading away ( one week before treatment) acne scars are fading now that i’m in day 9….that’s good!!! I will continue to use..I think its VERY VERY important to STAY OUT out SUN- if I use sun block I break out because my skin is sensitive right- my recomen…stay out of it.avoid heavy sweat and make-up….

Lilian Annapolis Junction, MD

Skin is smoother, less red. Nice container

It says 1 kit bottle, but actually it is a nice tray with 13 little tubes of lotion 1 for each of the first 13 days and then a wonderful mask for day 14.My face was noticeably softer after just the first night. The little tubes in the tray fit nicely on your counter and have a professional appreance.For the price this is an excellent system – well worth the cost.

Lilia Mc Alisterville, PA

Olay Olay!

At first I thought the packaging was a little excessive. Did every days treatment have to come in it’s own dispenser? Obviously the developers at Olay Definity know more than I do, because the tubes contained 2-3 times as much moisturizer as I would normally use. Both types of tubes were pleasant enough. The mask, however, could use improvement. I felt like I could have soaked a paper towel in moisturizer, cut a few holes in it, and slapped it onto my face. The product was pretty decent. I didn’t have high expectations for 14 days, but I would say there was some improvement in the condition of my skin, not vast, but some.

Staci Everest, KS

Made me break out a little

This product was ok but it caused some breakouts on my cheeks where I do not normally have issues. I did not really notice any changes in my skin after the treatment except for the breakouts. I’ve used other Olay products with better success but this was my first attempt at something like this. Probably won’t be trying any other brands or types like this again.

Pauline Selby, SD