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Olay Cooling White Strawberry & Mint

Olay Silk Whimsy Cleansing Body Wash, discover a world of romance when you smooth on this whisper light lather with delicate rose extract and almond oil. Feel it hush over you like rose petals floating in a Venetian bath.

Key features

  • Cleansing Body Wash
  • With Rose Extract
  • Almond oil

Honest reviews


Very disappointed

NOTE: I did not purchase this product from Amazon.comOlay products have been a staple in my household for many, many years. Recently, I purchased Olay’s Silk Whimsy Cleansing Bodywash (23.6 FL OZ bottle) as I’d run out of my favorite Softsoap product. I was completely disappointed in the way this product lathers and the almost non-existent presence of any scent from its advertised rose extract and almond oil ingredients. Being a naturally cost-conscious person, I almost always use up a product that I even marginally like. This one I threw out. You can do much better, Olay. Going back to my favorite – Softsoap Pomegranate & Mango.

Bobbie Camp Hill, AL

Smells Divine

I love the cucumber scent Olay puts out. It is soothing, as it states in the product name. The body wash is very thick and rich, and leaves you smelling clean and feeling fresh. I believe that this could be for men or women, as the scent is fresh and asexual.

Rachelle Windsor, ME

Great Product

Olay Soothing cucumber smells good, goes on nice and smoothly and rinses away leaving your sking feeling smooth and clean.

Bianca Chestnutridge, MO

Smooth skin rich lather

I love this body wash. It has a rich lather that will leave your body soft and smooth. My skin is brighter and softer ever since I started using this body wash. The price is great and there is always a coupon available to use. Also the bigger bottles last a long time.

Marcia Fombell, PA

not what I expected

I found this body wash watery and not "silky" at all, I expected better from an Olay product. It’s more like a shower gel from the dollar store.

Crystal Sloansville, NY


good body wash, smells good, i expected it to have some moisturizing but its not, it does not have a conditioner on it..i’ll not buy again because of this, but as far as smell, cleaning, its good, i just like my body wash to be a moisturizer as well

Tracie Stickney, SD


I just love this olay cleansing body wash it does what it says. it has a great scent & makes your skin so soft. you can’t go wrong with this body wash.

Colette Bryan, TX

Olay is Okay!

I like the fragrance, but it does not lather up as the other ones do. I find that I have to use more of this one to get the same lathering effect as Olay Body Was with Quench or Olay 2-in-1 Advanced Ribbons…

Hester Blount, WV

Pretty Smell

Just tried this for the first time and when I smelled it in the store, it smelled like pure berries and I loved it so I got it. But when I got it home, I gave my hands and arms a good washing with it – just because I wanted to smell like all those berries! That’s when the confusion came: I smelled like…roses and almonds. So, confused, I read the ingredients for the first time and saw rose extract and almond extract – which is fine; it’s not why I bought it, but it smells really nice.So I empathize for all of the reviewers who actually did read and expect to smell like roses, but only smelled like berries.. 🙂 I wish I had your bottle, and you had mine, but alas, we must wash with what we have been given..! It must depend on skin chemistry.But it is lathers well, rinses clean and leaves skin soft. Not as soft as some other Oil of Olay body washes that I’ve tried, but then again, I’m an old lady, so it’s probably just me “shriveling.” 😉

Marisol Grovetown, GA


I love the smell of cucumbers so I picked this up at Walmart. Fantastic smell and it really hydrates your skin. This is a great body wash for spring/summer.

Lynette Whitetop, VA