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Olay Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen SPF30 Sensitive Skin, 2.5 fl. Oz.,

Be ready for whatever the day brings with Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – Sensitive. Protect your skin with an immediate surge of active hydration and Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with SolaSheer Sensitive Technology. Formulated with vitamin E, B3 and aloe, Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer instantly hydrates the surface of the skin with a light, refreshing formula. Defend your healthy skin every day with a lightweight surge of active hydration from Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – Sensitive.

Key features

  • Lightweight moisturizer provides an immediate surge of active hydration
  • Formulated with vitamin E, B3, and aloe
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with SolaSheer Sensitive Technology helps protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Oil-free and non-greasy
  • Dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic
  • Fragrance-free moisturizer with SPF 30 helps prevent sun damage by protecting against 97% of the sun’s burning rays
  • Gently conditions your skins surface with aloe, Vitamin E, B3 & pro-vitamin B5
  • Provides extra UV protection for healthy and younger-looking skin
  • Non-comedogenic formula is light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and is dermatologically tested for a barely-there feel

Honest reviews


Best Moisturizer Ever

This was recommended years ago to me by my dermatologist. She claimed it was the best product on the market, and it would protect my skin from sun damage, as well as moisturize. She was right, I have used it for years, my husband and daughter both use it. Several friends started using it after seeing the improvement in my skin. I hope they never discontinue this product. Be sure to get the SPF 30, not 15.

Kitty Mendon, NY

Great Everyday Moisturizer

I chose this because it has a high percentage of zinc oxide (to help protect against wrinkles developing) for a reasonable price. On my skin, which is medium-dark, it blends in well and there is only a whitish "sunscreen film" on my skin for a minute or two while the product absorbs. Works well with my liquid-to-matte foundation.

Janet Pleasant Hill, NC

Great for multiple reasons!

This is my favorite moisturizer! I’m so happy to have finally found a great product for me. I have combination skin that gets oily in the T-zone by early afternoon, yet I have dry patches on my cheeks and around my mouth that I need to moisturize after I wash my face. I don’t get much acne anymore, though I do occasionally get a pimple.- The moisturizer is light and doesn’t feel greasy.- It adequately moisturizes my dry zones.- It really minimizes my oiliness so that I am not shiny halfway through the workday!!- Minimal acne. I have used cleansers and moisturizers in the past that caused more pimples to spring up.- SPF protection is fantastic and really important for people of all ages.A great product at a great price; I’ll definitely be buying again.

Cheryl Kerens, WV

Not my favorite

I ordered this moisturizer based on many positive reviews across the web.I find it too thick and sticky, and it smells very strongly of sunscreen. In fact, it reminds me a lot of pure sunscreen.It wears heavy on my face.I prefer Aveeno Positively Radiant, which I will now continue to use. It was lighter, allowed my skin to "breathe", and smelled better.

Gabrielle Guerneville, CA

Very nice and with SPF 30

This is a very nice daytime moisturizer as it has the SPF 30. It absorbs very easily, not greasy. It is just enough for daytime.

Chandra Columbia City, OR

I wanted to love this but it’s nothing special

I have normal/dry skin. I do like the pump container but the product is nothing special. I prefer Avalon Organics Luminosity Serum.

Cassandra La Grange, TN

Outstanding moisturizer with SPF 30 – a real plus, especially in spring and sumer months!

I have begun to explore the Olay skin care products as the moisturizers and facial cleansers I usually use have become way too expensive, and friends have literally raved about the Olay skin care line. I have used a few, i.e., "Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum" and "Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream" and have been surprisingly pleased – "5 star pleased" – with both items. My skin looks and feels as good or better than it did with the more high end skin care products.Summer is coming and along with it the hot weather. I do not do well with the heat and certainly cannot use my usual Olay moisturizer when the temperatures soar. My skin is not oily but in summer it feels like it is. I sweat…I do not perspire… I sweat. The moisturizing cream I use during the 3 other seasons is just too heavy for me in summer. Last year I discovered, on the recommendation of a friend, Olay Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen SPF30 and am really happy with the results.The non-comedogenic formula is light, absorbs well, goes on smoothly, doesn’t irritate, and feels almost plumping on my normal/sensitive and aging skin. It doesn’t clog the pores nor does it feel greasy, even when I am "sweaty." The product’s formula includes Vitamin E, Aloe, and Green Tea Extract. It does replenishes moisture as advertised. For me the SPF 30 is a plus as many moisturizers only have an SPF of 15. So, this provides extra UV protection.Olay, in partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation, recommends daily use of an effective UV sunscreen moisturizer which may help reduce the risk of skin cancer.I have become a true believer in almost all of Olay’s products. I use their anti-aging products, body lotion, and face moisturizers very frequently now and am spending so much less than I had before with moisturizers, plus additional sun screens, that cost a mint.JANA

Millicent Bowling Green, SC

Really great daily moisturizer

I really love this daily moisturizer especially that it also has SPF in it. My skin used to be so dry from just washing it & not moisturizing and once I started using the suggested Oil of Olay skin routine my complexion has really improved. I feel like I start the day off right when I use this moisturizer every morning, it’s light weight and not greasy and this little pump gives out the perfect amount (not too much or too little).

Manuela Ransomville, NY

Too sticky for me but definitely protects

Protects but definitely feels sticky like suntan lotion and smells like sun tan lotion. I was hoping for something less sticky. I normally have better luck with Olay products but this feels like the suntan lotion you put on your body. Thankfully I haven’t had it run into my eyes and burn them, but will be looking for my perfect spf lotion.

Fern Cross Plains, IN

Great product and Oil of Olay you cannot go wrong

It was recommended by my sister so I had to try it. It was great and I was happy with it.

Jordan Readington, NJ

another great Olay product

Great value for a facial moisturizer with UV protection. Since I use facial moisturizer everyday, this is a great product because it does the job and is so affordable! I have sensitive skin and have had no problems with it. Also like that it has the zinc oxide as an ingredient.

Mara Wheelwright, MA

Great product and contains zinc!

A bit pricey but great stuff. I’ve had a hard time finding a sunscreen that contains zinc, which I’ve read is an important ingredient in sunscreen. This moisturizer contains zink, absorbs well, is light weight, and doesn’t leave you feeling overly greasy. My favorite daily sunscreen and moisturizer so far.

Fannie Biddeford Pool, ME

great for skin

Sunblock is necessary to keep skin young! This offers a full 30SPF while still feeling like a lotion. I break out from or have an allergic reaction to most products, even soap, but I can use this stuff everyday without a reaction. I have to wash it off at night or I’ll get zits, but I think that normal of anything.

Shari Ligonier, PA

Perfect protection, great smell…

I love using this moisturizer. It makes my skin feel totally soft while keeping me protected from the sun. It is easy to apply, I usually pump three times and spread it on my face with 2 motions in the morning, then I use it again a few hours later if I have plans to be in the sun and use 2 pumps worth. That seems enough. I love its super pleasant smell and great texture. I recommend it to anyone looking for easy year-round sun protection.

Tina West Liberty, WV

for my husband

my husband plays golf and tans beautifullybut he gets skin cancer anyway…so this is the answerhe needs the moisturizer anyway and now he is safefrom the sun

Jeannine Oakfield, ME

Fantastic For My Combination-Acne Prone Skin

I have combination skin that tends to get very oily during warmer months and needed at least a SPF 30 as I am using lightening products. After much trial and error with other “non-greasy” formulas this one has become my saviour!It is incredibly light and goes on very smooth, absorbs quickly and has virtually no smell. I put it on underneath my liquid foundation everyday and it looks fantastic. My skin is also less shiny throughout the day. It has not caused any breakouts for me.The packaging is very nice; nice and easy pump for dispensing and the twist pump is great for travel as it locks when twisted so no accidental squirting.

Brigitte Garden City, MO


This is the only facial moisturizer with SPF that doesnt make my sensitive acne prone skin break out. I am very thankful for Olay for this. It leaves a light feel on my skin, there is tad bit of a shine but a little loose powder takes care of that.

Therese Fishkill, NY