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Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – Sensitive, 4 fl. Oz.

The perfect daily moisturizer provides a base of moisture that lasts all day. Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – Sensitive is a gentle, lightweight moisturizing lotion that will leave your skin with a healthy-looking, beautiful appearance every day. 100% oil-free and PABA-free, it contains sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and SolaSheer Sensitive Technology to protect skin. This sensitive moisturizer conditions your skin’s surface with vitamin E and aloe, providing 8 hours of moisture to maintain a fresh, healthy look. Designed for sensitive skin by Olay skin experts, it helps prevent premature skin damage. Plus it’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores. Taking care of your skin is simple, and Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer has the daily dose of moisture your skin needs to maintain its everyday beauty.

Key features

  • Gentle formula provides 8 hours of long-lasting hydration for sensitive skin
  • Fragrance-free moisturizer helps prevent skin damage by protecting against the sun’s harmful rays with SolaSheer Sensitive Technology
  • 100% oil-free, fragrance-free, and PABA-free formula
  • Conditions skin’s surface with vitamin E and aloe
  • Non-comedogenic formula won’t clog your pores

Honest reviews


Remarable… best thing for aging skin since botox..

Let me tell you, I’m a veteran at moisturizer and i’ve been thru it all , divorced break up to make upwith all these products.. lol… this is my dovoted one.. what it says it delivers wit seriously magnificent dont need much, just have a good cleanser.. and use a lil bit rub it gently around your face.. drink plenty of wateruse this day and night…. give it about one month, and watch this baby go to work.. im not Lying I spent hundereds of dollarsand waisted them all… what i realize for best skin products come from not expensive over hyped adds.. but the names thathave great establishment and history like Olay.. and this perticular one complete all day for sensitve skin is the best for sensetive skin so dont deviate from it if u have sensitive skin this is your best chance to control your oil and have even skin tone..

Reva Austin, TX

like it

olay has definitely the best skin care products, i have tried many brands in the past and always return to olay.

Harriett Larned, KS

This lotion is the Best!

I have been using this lotion for years I love it! It has SPF in it too! ?I feel like it keeps my face mositurrized all day and the SPF also helps. It works great under make up .I highly recommend !

Edwina Coleman, FL

the only!

Non greasy, fragrance free, absorbs fast, base for makeup, moisturizes, lasts all day and can be used under or over another product. Olay lotions are the best I’ve ever used. I will burn down cities if they stop making it. Not really. I will probably just be incredibly sad. Love olay.

Ida Magazine, AR

I love it!

I don’t know what Jaag is talking about. I love this product. I have extremely fair and very sensitive skin and this doesn’t burn my face at all. It moisturizes well and I really like it.

Bernadine Haynes, AR

Doesn’t irritate skin, doesn’t feel like a mask, and it’s not oily at all!

I have simply fell in love with this facial moisturizer. I’ve found that most sunscreen containing facial lotions feel heavy on my face and irritate my skin. This doesn’t do that at all, and the best part of all is it’s not greasy but actually leaves a kind of dry finish to my skin that is perfect for applying makeup. I would recommend this again and again!

Mai Port Allen, LA

Makes your face so soft

I use Olay Complete on my face in the morning and at night before bed. It makes my face feel so soft and smooth.

Lynne Auburn, IA

excellent moisturizer

I’m 35 years old (soon to be 36) and I generally stay out of the sun, so I don’t have to worry about wrinkles yet! However, I’d like to KEEP my skin looking youthful, and I know that I do get some sun exposure just from doing everyday things like walking the dog or driving to work. Also, several older relatives (70s and 80s) have had a basal cell skin cancer on their faces. I figure if I start working on prevention NOW, when I reach that age, I’ll be less likely to develop the same problem.Furthermore, I’ve been using some rather harsh salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments lately, and these are drying to my skin. Ideally, I wanted a moisturizer with some sun protection that could also help keep my skin from drying out. This moisturizer was a quick (i.e., without any research), off-the-shelf purchase at a local drugstore. I have not used any Olay products in the past.This product seems to be doing an excellent job, so far. While I can’t predict what will happen in 5 or 10 years, I’m very happy with the day-to-day benefits of using this moisturizer. I put this on in the morning before going to work and wash my face again about 10 hours later. During that time, my face does not look oily at all. Further, I have sensitive skin and I don’t notice any redness or irritation. Also, this product does not have a fragrance to it (fragrances are particularly irritating to my skin). So it truly is good for MY sensitive skin.One problem I have often had in the past due to dry skin is that when I dye my hair, the dye gets sucked into my skin and leaves purple stains on my forehead (I have a pale complexion and I dye my hair black). I end up looking ridiculous for a couple of days. I’ve had one hair appointment so far since I started using this moisturizer, and my skin is much less dry — few to no purple stains on my forehead this time!I also think my skin is pretty soft since I’ve been using this, and I have not had any additional or unusual breakouts (the package says it is non-comedogenic), so that’s nice, as well. For what it’s worth, it’s easy to put on makeup (i.e., foundation) after applying this moisturizer. Finally, you should know that a little goes a long way — it really does not take much to get full coverage of your face; I expect the bottle to last a long time.Wow, I don’t normally gush about skincare products this much. I guess this is one of those rare cases when I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about the product. At any rate, I’d definitely recommend this moisturizer.

Lula Brierfield, AL


So far so good! I’m happy with the results. My skin is not really oily since I’ve used this. Like this product

Julia Congerville, IL


This is my favorite face moisturizer and I would recommend it for daily use. I have tried other face moisturizers and they are either too expensive or hard to find again or don’t work well or at all. I usually sunburn with even a small amount of exposure but this product is just the right texture, easy to use and a good base for my skin.

Isabel Deer Island, OR

Great for mature skin

Bought this for my mother while Amazon was offering coupons on different Olay products, and I’m glad I did. I was looking for a good daily moisturizer with some SPF protection for her mature skin, and this was the right balance of price and quality. I will repurchase when she runs out.

Merle Bradenton Beach, FL


I’ve been using this product for a several years. At first I used it on my face and neck, but as I got older, I needed a creamier moisturizer for my face as my skin became drier. I still buy this for my neck though. I’ve seen women with really wrinkly necks, so far mine is OK.I have ultra sensative skin, this Olay doesn’t hurt when I put it on, I like the fact that it has SPF 15 which helps a little bit to protect my skin from the sun. If I’m going to be out in the sun for a long time, I use a different product, with a high number, SPF 30 to 50.When I ordered this, I thought it was the larger size, so when it arrived, I was a bit disappointed. I bought another one exactly the same, in this size at Walmart a few days ago, it only cost $5, I paid $6 here on here Amazon, it’s good to shop around.I would recommend this for those who are just beginning to use a moisturizer.

Vickie Bartley, WV

Good moisturizer

This is my other go-to moisturizer that is SPF 15. It has a perfect texture and works very well and I will buy again.

Callie White Mountain, AK

I love this lotion

I love this lotion. It smells good but it is not strongly scented, it feels good on my skin (not too heavy, not too light), and it definitely moisturizes all day.

Kathie Bonita, CA

Five Stars

always my dad’s favorite.

Selena Charlton Depot, MA

Soft and light

This face cream is very light and easy to apply. There is no harsh sunblock-y smell, or stinging when I apply it. Also, my skin absorbs it well.

Brigitte Dawson, GA


HG face moisturizer. its the only kind i can use that wont break me out with repeated use. wish the spf were higher. i only use the classic formula with zinc.

Elena Browerville, MN

olay complete

I love it is why I give this an A+. Great lotion and feels very good on my skin. I do recommend this lotion.

Roberta Ranchester, WY

really smoth skin

This really helped add moisture to my skin. it is light a weightless. A little but goes a long way and I usually only have to apply it once a day to keep my skin smooth and supple.

Maricela Brookline Station, MO

Olay Complete all day Moisturizer with Sunscreen.

All 3 arrived in great condition, and I use quite a lot of this product in the Summer time. I have tried so many other costly sunscreen products, and found them all to be rather sticky. I am handicapped and like to sit outside in good weather. I used to freckle up so much, even though many sunscreens say up to 30 minutes. But with this light formula I don’t have to use very much, and I don’t look like our Dalmatian. This is sort of funny, but when I used other sunscreen products my sweet dog didn’t like the smell and she wouldn’t sit real close to me out side. Animals are very sensitive to smells. It is a very nice product, and I’m sure that other customers will enjoy it also as the moisturizer keeps the skin so nice and soft.

Essie Tijeras, NM

Great lotion, awful bottle.

Since I’ve turned 20, I have had problems with blemishes. So, for the last few years, I began to try many different face cleansers and lotions to solve the problem, and finally stumbled upon this one. It’s lightweight and definitely moisturizes just enough. I never feel like my face is oily or greasy. My blemishes haven’t completely gone away, but ever since I began using this lotion, my skin has been noticeably clearer. I assume it’s because it doesn’t clog my pores like my old lotion must have. The only complaint I have is about the bottle. When you squeeze it, you either get no lotion, or the lotion explodes everywhere. I wish they would put a pump on the bottle or something, so that I wouldn’t be wasting so much lotion when I barely squeeze it and it all comes flying out.

Tammie Castroville, CA

I have had this product for two years… and I can’t seem to run through it

My face was horrible and I was starting to notice that I wasn’t looking as vibrant as I needed to for someone as young as I am. (I bought this product when I was 24 and I am now 26). My skin is horribly acne prone and incredibly sensitive. I have trouble with clogged pores and I really thought since I already have such heavily oily skin that adding more moisture or oil would just send my skin into overload.I couldn’t be more wrong. After a month or two of using the product I noticed that my skin had a healthy glow, I noticed that I wasn’t as oily. I also noticed that in combination with using my acne treatments that my outbreaks weren’t as bad, but were getting better over time. It has helped with the elasticity of my eyes and a little of the product goes a long way. I have had the same bottle for over two years and I just cannot seem to finish the product. It is an amazing little moisturizer. I really like how the SPF 15 is enough for my skin to counter the sun, but become a little darker over time. I really enjoy this product and when fall comes around again, I will definitely be getting another bottle of it.

Yvette Santa Rita Park, CA

I love it

Makes my face feel moisturized and very soft after washing it. Would recommend if you’re in need of a good moisturizer!

Maude Hixson, TN

I have used this for years

I am over 50 and have used this for years, it works the best. I have some other stuff,its lighter and ok for summer. This is really great in the winter weather . poepl comment all the time on how lovely my skin is, I rarely wear any make up.

Teri Gallant, AL

Great price for a great product

Very moisturizing and great protection against the elements at a reasonable price. I have sensitive skin that irritates easily and this has always been kind to it.

Octavia Brooklyn, KY

It’s great because I live in a sunny climate and have …

I always purchase this. It’s great because I live in a sunny climate and have sensitive skin. This cream make my skin feel soft And hydrated.

Misty Paxton, NE

good product

good product does what it says oil of olay products a good used it for my trip to mexico last month and the price was great

Cortney Richmond Hill, NY

Not for me

This item doesn’t adequately moisturize and is greasy for my combination skin. I only put it on my dry cheeks, avoiding my t zone since that’s oily. It makes my dry cheeks greasy and I don’t need that. However, it works well for my mom, who has normal skin.

Jeanette Byromville, GA

Nothing will give skin as good as this!

Give it 2-3weeks and I gaurentee you will be glad you tried it, it is light and thirst quenching on the skin and seems to cover a multitued of tasks, you will not need seperate creams for eyes etc. My tip is to use it a s a night and day cream after gentle washing and exfoliaiting the face. By night put slighty too much on so as the skin has to slowly drink it in.You really will see a plumpness and radiance to your face in this space of time. This stuff is not bank breakingly expensive either.

Casey Sealevel, NC

The standard

I have used this product for many years and have always liked it. My mom also loved it, before she passed away. This was a great deal; I saved money by ordering the bundle

Kerri Chico, CA