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Olay Body Age Defying Bath Bar, Sensitive Skin, 6 Count, 4.25 Ounce

Regular soap leaves your skin dry. Olay moisturizing bar is different. Each bar is specially formulated with creamy Olay lather. It goes beyond cleansing, delivering Olay moisturizers to the skin while actually lifting away dry surface cells. So after you dry off, all that’s left is skin that feels clean and petal soft. It’s even gentle enough to use on your face.

Key features

  • Pack of three, 4.25-ounce packages (total of 12.75-ounce)
  • Specially formulated with gentle lather, unscented moisturizers and no dyes
  • It delivers moisturizers to the skin, and then rinses clean
  • It’s even gentle enough to use on your face

Honest reviews


olay age defying soap

This soap is highly fragranced so if you are allergic to fragrance this is definetely not for you. This soap is moisturizing for your body however I have very dry skin on my face also and my skin is mature. This soap smooths skin meaning it exfolliates and too much exfollation on mature skin makes it drier so found I could not use it for my face.

Trina White Hall, MD

I love it

One of my favorite beauty products by far! I use this for my face and body. It has a great clean scent.

Irene Jackson, AL

Glad I ordered as many as I did

These moisturizing bars not only smell nice but they leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. How I ordered twelve of these, I don’t know but I’ve put some of them in my lingerie drawer until I get to use them in the shower. I find that bar soap is easier to use than body wash or gel,and it’s cheaper also.

Esperanza Mildred, PA

Olay has great bar soap

I always buy Olay soap, since it is moisturizing and has a great scent! Reasonable price compared to store prices.

Ernestine Alpine, WY

Great scent and non-drying

This soap smells great, its a clean scent, not overpowering, and it is great for my sensitive skin. You can also use it on your face. I love the scent, it’s not “too much”, sort of a “white soap” kind of smell but a little softer and more feminine. very nice!

Corinne South Otselic, NY

Feels soft

Quality is good couldn’t find it in store so got it in online and quality is also good and feels very soft.

Francis Loretto, KY

The best soap ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love this soap. It smells very good and so good for your skin. I paid just under $7.00 for 12 bars of this soap and to me that was an excellent price. I was able to do that by way of a coupon amazon was offering for this product. I just love the fact that amazon offers coupons.

Carmen Williamston, MI

Love it

Olay, Age Defying Bath Bar is great for dry skin. It moisturizes great and lathers up nicely in the shower.

Abby Mid Hudson, NY

Great Soap

This is the only soap allowed in our home! It works great for out mechanic as well as for me, the housewife.

Angelia Milford, UT