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Olay Age Defying Sensitive Skin Night Cream 2 Oz

Dermatologically Tested, Fragrance-Free, Oil-Free, Dye-Free, Wont Clog Pores

Key features

  • Why is Age Defying Sensitive Skin Night Cream Right For Me?Suitable for Sensitive SkinReduces appearance of fine lines & wrinklesAll Night Moisture
  • How does it work?Olay Age Defying Sensitive Skin Night Cream expertly combines a hydrating anti-aging cream to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as care for your sensitive skin.
  • Visible Results: Younger and healthier-looking skin in four weeks.

Honest reviews



I used this a couple of nights before I put it aside. It has a creamy texture and a nice fresh scent. The first night I used it, it was absorbed very rapidly and left a matte appearance on my face. Not greasy. I figured that was just an indication of how dry my skin is. Next night it felt a bit itchy. Third night I dabbed a little and then just went back to my old product. When it comes to my face, I don’t want to take a chance. Importantly, I prefer to use products NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Procter & Gamble has a bad reputation for animal testing. This product did not say it was not tested on animals, so I presume it was. That’s a deal-breaker for me. A nice price on this, but sometimes you get just what you pay for. I asked Vine to send this to me because I need a new night cream, but this isn’t it.Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Panthenol, then a lot of chemicals, many of which contain alcohol. In bold on the box: Avoid Contact with Eyes.Update: I happened upon a website ewg dot org that rates products and most of the chemicals included in this product are not really harmful. This product got a better rating that some of a Lancome night cream and a Clarins Day Cream. Check it out for yourself.

Penelope Brethren, MI

Perhaps should be changed from Olay to “Delay”.

Skin creams are a multi-billion dollar business built on hope and promises. Often the cache of the brand and flash of the advertising determine the price it can command, paid appreciatively by aging boomers. More confusion is created by the mention of exotic ingredients that people have heard of but are often in such minute quantities as to have no real efficacy. So how can a person make an informed purchase? Enter consumer test labs. According to Consumer Reports Lab, the Olay products were rated as the most effective over the counter skin care product available. It’s important to remember the reality that even these creams only decrease “the appearance” of fine lines. This is often done by incorporating ingredients that plump the skin by retaining surface moisture. Wrinkles are the product of sun induced radiation damage and the loss of collagen and elastin that keep skin firm and tight, due to the natural aging process. While nothing can stop this process, any dermatologist will point out that protecting skin with SPF products and limiting sun exposure, adequate sleep, a fruit and vegetable rich diet and inclusion of fish oils, regular hydration externally and internally and controlling stress, along with regular exercise, are the primary ingredients of healthy skin. The inclusion of proper cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, of course, are important factors. In my personal experience, supported by Consumer Reports Labs, Olay products, especially the inclusion of this newest offering can be used with confidence. It is very light, non comedogenic, and seems to produce visible results. Highly recommended over much more expensive products.

Regina Murfreesboro, AR

Nice and lightweight

I’m at that unfortunate age where I need a moisturizer (and wrinkle prevention) but still need to stick to something non-greasy enough that it won’t give me breakouts. The Age Defying Sensitive Skin Night Cream seems to go on nice and light, and it doesn’t leave my face looking and feeling like an oil slick when I wake up.

Tara Bowling Green, IN

Nice Light Cream

This review was written by my wifeI have used Olay Age Defying Sensitive Skin Night Cream for 4 nights now and have some positive and 1 negative comment.First-the positive-the cream feels light and non-greasy and although my skin is not particularly sensitive, I can see where this cream would be gentle for those with sensitive skin. It seems to hydrate well without leaving any residue on your pillow.The 1 negative-I don’t really see any “age-defying” results but to be fair it might take longer to see those kind of results.All in all this is an inexpensive, gentle, nicely hydrating night cream.

Hilary Churchs Ferry, ND

Was not for my sensitive skin

I wanted to try this to see how it worked. I have sensitive skin so tried it first on the back of my hands. It did fine there and I loved the feel. When I tried it on my face it was a different story. I felt a slight burn when I put it on and immediate washed it off. I will continue to use it on my hands at night but it just did not do for my face. This is not the first product that says it is for sensitive skin that I could not use. I do have a moisturizer that works so I guess I will stick with it.

Reva Dinosaur, CO

Not exactly fragrance-free

I liked how smooth this made my skin feel, and it definitely wasn’t oily and didn’t cause any negative reactions (so 5 stars for sensitive skin customers) but there really was some kind of scent to this that made it impossible for me to wear. It wasn’t perfumey, which was a plus, but it sort of had a smell like, the only thing I can compare it to, is ashes. I really wanted to like this, and maybe I just got a bad jar. The cream itself worked really well.

Geneva Brandywine, MD

Olay Sensitive Skin Night Cream – Fragrance Free

This is a very nice product. I have been using Olay products for years. I have also used some other products off and on in between. I have received very positive results from Olay, including the Regenerist line.This particular product is for night use and claims to provide “younger and healthier-looking skin in four weeks.” It also claims to be dermatologically tested, fragrance free, oil free, dye free, and won’t clog pores. The product comes in a 2.0 oz plastic container. I do not detect a fragrance. It feels cool and creamy on the skin, very refreshing and smooth. It makes your skin feel great.Compaired to the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream (purple jar), the Regenerist is 1.7 oz and has a fragrance. I think Regenerist might be slightly heavier but I’m not real sure. The Olay sensitive skin does seem lighter. (I have them both on my face right now so I can compare them for you.)Olay has helped my 63-year young skin look great. It is silky soft, smooth, and with very few wrinkles. No one believes I am 63, so don’t tell anyone. S-h-h-h 🙂 I suggest you consider cleansing and moisturizing your face every night, before bed. I also suggest you consider a moisurizer every morning. Do your face, and your neck. Rub in small circles and up, not down. Olay also has eye creams for around your eyes. Do not pull on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Dab eye serum lightly and massage in with small circles. If you do not do anything for your face now, I believe that if you take 15 minutes to perform these steps every morning and evening with quality products, you will notice a big difference in your face in about a month. If you already moisurize, keep up the good work. I look at it this way–you need a drink, so does your skin. (These are my suggestions. I am not a doctor or a skin care specialist.)

Abby Berlin Heights, OH

Feels great

I am completely happy with this face cream. It feels great, not too lightweight nor too heavy, leaves my skin soft, and there is no sticky or oily residue.I have only one suggestion for all the manufacturers of face cream: use tubes. Sticking my hand in a jar is messier and the cream is more likely to get under my nails. Also, a tube won’t break and travels better. If it had a wide enough flat top, it would even stand up nicely in the medicine cabinet.

Nell Munroe Falls, OH


I can’t even say how this product would have worked out because I couldn’t stand to use it long enough to find out. There is a smell to it, which is actually pleasant but then it got to me after having it on my face a while. The thing that really turned me off was that it doesn’t really permeate the skin. As a result almost 2 hours later I looked in a mirror and saw some white flaky stuff on my face. When I touched it, it was the cream. It sort off rolls off your face. That continued to happen for the rest of the week. After that I gave up.

Alyssa Hoyt, OK

Does it make a difference?

Just in my experience with this cream, it went on smooth but didn’t feel oily at all. It is very light. Almost like a Mousse. It doesn’t feel like a heavy lotion, which you wouldn’t want to put on before bed only to wake up with an oil slick on your pillow. But, this cream went on and soaked right into my skin. No heavy, oily feeling. It did leave my skin smooth and clean. The Olay brand, is one that has been around for many years. This cream lives up to it’s name.

Maria Grandin, MO

A light, non-oily, low fragrance moisturizer that works.

This is a daytime use moisturizer. There is very little, if any, fragrance. It seems to be fragrances that cause most problems with my skin. This has been developed for sensitive skin and I’ve had no problems at all using it. This is a light cream that goes on smoothly without dragging on skin. There is no residual sticky or oily feeling, and no problem putting foundation on over it.I’ve successfully used other Olay products and find this one to be another Olay successful product. This is a product I will continue to use and recommend to friends, family, and … anyone with ‘mature’ sensitive skin.

Nan Muscadine, AL

Love this!

It’s perhaps a little heavy if you have sensitive skin, but on my dry 50 something skin it works very well and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Seems to relieve some of the wrinkles!

Gilda U S A F Academy, CO

The best face cream, especially in winter!

This is my favorite face cream. I use it year round for night-time moisturizing. In the winter (when my face is especially dry) I also use it as my daytime moisturizer. It isn’t greasy, it doesn’t irritate my skin, it doesn’t feel heavy on my face, but it moisturizes beautifully! It is the only facial moisturizer I’ve tried that can deal with winter dry patches on my face. If you’re hoping to avoid sunscreen in your facial moisturizer, this is an excellent alternative.

Miriam White Hall, MD

Leave your skin fresh and moisturized

My skin has been quite dry this winter, so I need something to stop the irritation. Thing is, I have sensitive skin so I also need something that won’t cause even further irritation.As it’s a “night cream,” I put this cream on a few inconspicuous areas before going to bed. I did so in case my skin reacted (red marks on my face wouldn’t be a great way to begin the day). The next morning my skin felt pretty fresh and wasn’t too dry – and no reactions thankfully. I can’t say my skin felt the best it has ever felt, but improvement was noticeable. A few more nights of application will be helpful I think. I don’t see why you couldn’t use this during the day, though. Lather up.

Jami Ada, OK

Finally, a product that works!

Okay… I’m not a vain person, but I don’t like the fine lines around my mouth. I tried an Avon product — a costly mistake that kept me from spending money on “possible fine line cures.” — Well, thank goodness for the Vine Program.When I got this product for review I thought I’d use Olay Age Defying Sensitive Skin Night Cream until it was used up then decided if it worked. Well within a week I was sold. I even skipped a night (here & there) to see and feel the difference. Well, I did each time I woke up.What I like about this Olay Night Cream is no burning. It’s great for my sensitive skin.I love soft skin and less noticeable lines. I will continue using Olay Night cream at bedtime.

Jean Orange Beach, AL

Hydrates well, feels good, but leaves residue

This night cream is a bit lighter than most “creams”, but thicker than a regular lotion. It feels great going on, nice and silky, and seems to absorb quickly. And it does hydrate well. My skin definitely is softer and moister with it than without it, even many hours later.But it does leave a bit of residue. Not a huge deal since it washes away very easily. But it isn’t great for the night before those “get up and go!” mornings. And I really wouldn’t recommend it for day time use.

Marian Fairview, WV

Visible improvement after just one use!

What makes a product a “night” cream? Lack of sunscreen? Unsuitability for wear under makeup? I don’t know, but I think I would be happy to use this product day and night. To give you an idea where I’m coming from, I have sensitive skin, rosacea, and occasional break-outs. I’m in my mid-forties. I don’t typically wear makeup (except occasionally Bare Minerals as a foundation). I don’t really have a face cream that I use regularly. I have a few different things, none that I’m real happy with, that I put on if my skin feels tight. Otherwise, more often than anything else these days, I use a little bit of coconut oil on my face.The first thing I noticed about this product was that the smell isn’t particularly pleasant. It’s not
• bad
• , just not
• good
• . As much as I appreciate a nice-smelling product, since this is for sensitive skin, it’s probably just as well. The texture is quite good. Light, but not runny or watery. Much lighter than I would have expected for a night cream. Definitely not greasy. It rubs in quickly and absorbs well.The very first time I put some on, I was about to go out. As I rubbed the product in more thoroughly, I found that I had dead skin rolling up under my fingertips. Great exfoliation! I wasn’t expecting this because it doesn’t sting at all, like most exfoliating products do. But having rolls of dead skin beaded up on your face might not be good when you’re getting ready for the day, so maybe that’s one reason why this is sold as a night product.I decided to run with the exfoliating property and really rub it in. Didn’t know I had that much dead skin on me! But I kind of suspected that I was in need of exfoliation because my skin just hasn’t been feeling very soft. Once I got off the rolls of dead skin (a dry hand towel or washcloth works well for this), I was delighted by how soft my skin was. What a difference! Yet my skin wasn’t irritated. Products that exfoliate usually leave my skin stinging and red, but the huge shocker of this product was that, even after all that rubbing, my face wasn’t red. It looked quite calm, actually! And my pores became practically invisible! Wow. So I’m moisturized, exfoliated, and calmed, and I still have the promise of fewer wrinkles in a few weeks. I’m sold!

Jenna Corydon, IA

Nice Cream

As someone who breaks out in hives, I am always worried about what I put on my skin. Because I have used Olay products in the past I decided to give this new night cream a try. While I haven’t been using it long enough to see any major “age defying” results, I do like it. It is rich and smooth, yet absorbs into your face without leaving it feeling greasy. It has a very light fragrance which I also like. Will it take a few years off my face? The jury is still out, but for a good moisturizing night cream I would recommend it.

Karen Browns Valley, MN

Scent free, moisturizes well

I have incredibly dry, flaky skin that no amount or brand of moisturizer has been able to adequately cure. This Olay night cream doesn’t quite do the trick either, but the results are notably better than other creams I have used.My skin has become quite sensitive recently, reacting poorly to any new products I apply to it, so I’m glad to have tried this cream for sensitive skin. It’s completely scent free, which I appreciate. It’s also surprisingly not that heavy for a cream that is so effective for moisturizing. I have been applying it every night for the past two weeks, and when I wake up in the morning I notice that I don’t have to use as much of my daytime moisturizer as I used to. I have to note, however, that I don’t use this for the “age defying” effects, so I can’t really comment on that. However, it absorbs well and doesn’t seem to clog my pores – no breakouts yet! – so this product is a winner in my book.

Doretha Cloverdale, CA

Nice Skin Cream

What I like about this cream is that it’s not super heavy and greasy. The application of this cream then leaves your skin smoother and with a clean-feel to it, in part because it absorbs easily into your skin. Some wrinkle creams are greasy and feel heavy on your skin: not this cream. I have noticed smoother skin on my face, but I can’t really say that I’ve noticed a difference in the number of wrinkles on my face. So the benefits seem to be more of how my skin feels then how it actually looks.

Mara Spurlockville, WV

Thick and slightly sticky fell may be a problem

I liked that this cream was both fragrance-free and effective. So many products these days say they are but are not. What I didn’t like about it was that the cream had a slightly sticky feel I have encountered before in some lotions and creams.Although the cream isn’t sticky when applied the feel of it bothers me enough that I’ll use another cream.

Brianna Sherburne, NY

Nice, Smooth and Non-Greasy

I have been applying this cream every night for the past month. I really like how it goes on, it is not greasy but has enough moisture. I have sensitive skin, I am allergic to many things. I have had no reaction to this. As far as seeing any age lines becoming less visible, that is hard to tell, other than the fact my whole face feels smoother and looks softer and that gives me a more healthy, youthful look.

Martha Ijamsville, MD

Absorbs wonderfully and my skin looks great

This is my second jar of this miraculous cream, and I love it! Unlike many night creams, it’s not heavy or greasy, it absorbs beautifully and isn’t greasy, and my skin looks and feels great! I have really dry skin in the winter so I use this in the morning as well as at night and it helps to prevent that tight, dry winter-skin feeling throughout the day.

Leslie Easthampton, MA

Decent night cream, nothing special

I’ve been using Olay Night cream for about three weeks now. It has a nice texture and absorbs quickly. Not heavily scented which I prefer and not greasy at the least. However, in terms of the “age defying” label — it moistures reasonably well but other than that I haven’t seen any change in my skin texture or lines. Kiehl’s products, which are pricey, tend to do that sort of thing — at least for my skin.In terms of a recommendation — this is a nice light product which will moisturize — a plus if you live in a very dry climate as I do. But it’s nothing special. Reasonably priced however — so that’s a plus.

Sophie Snyder, OK

Not Too Greasy

This seems to go on well and get absorbed without making me feel too oily, and I didn’t break out or develop hives or anything, so — so far so good. Now, whether it keeps me from aging or not, I will have to re-evaluate that situation when I get to the bottom of the jar. I have a bad feeling, though, that I am going to continue to get older.

Gabrielle Dillard, OR

works great!

I’ve used Olay products on my skin for years now, starting with the face cleansers, serum’s and moistures for around my eyes and face, day or night. I’m almost 60 and no one would ever guess by my face, thanks to Olay. I used to spend a fortune on the other skin care brands, till I saw an add, where tests were done with an Olay moisturizer VS. very expensive brands. The Olay actually came out as the best. I wouldn’t think of using any other Brand now.This moisturizer delivers exactly what it claims. I would highly recommend this night time moisturizer.

Pearlie Lincolndale, NY

Works great, no perfume smell, and not greasy at all.

I have very dry, extremely sensitive skin and I’m allergic to synthetic fragrances. This face cream is a homerun as far I’m concerned. It has very little smell and no perfume smell, at all. Hydrates the skin VERY well for all night hydration and does not become greasy. The skin really soaks all of this up. As for the age-defying properties, my skin did feel a bit plumper and tighter after several nights of continuous use and I’ve not experienced those results with other face creams for sensitive skin, so I’m very happy with the results.

Camilla Hanksville, UT

A lifesaver

I use this cream at night in conjunction with the Olay Total Effects daytime cream, and my skin has never looked better. The one-two punch has really helped my dry, sensitive, early-40s skin this winter! I do like the Total Effects night cream a little more than this one, though. The Total Effects one seems a little thicker, a little more moisturizing. I would probably recommend Total Effects slightly over this one, but either one is a winner.

Maribel Boston, VA

So far it’s very good

I’ve been using this product every night for about 3 weeks and love the way it makes me skin feel. As a baby boomer my skin tends to be very dry, and this product really makes my face feel so much softer and smoother when I wake up in the morning.Maybe it’s my imagination but I think I may see a slight difference in the line between my eyebrows, and the way it makes my skin glow and feel. Definitely plan to keep using this product at bedtime.

Angela Mountain Grove, MO

New in the Olay face cream line-nice for sensitive skin. Great face lotionl Rich, creamy texture, No scent, good price.

Is any place as dry as Alaska in the winter? The Sahara , The Mojave, and Death Valley come to mind. Well, on the plus side, Alaska is a good testing ground for face lotions.This is a nice rich lotion without leaving your face feeling greasy. It goes on clean and smells fresh and light. Have not experienced any sensitivity issues with this cream. No clogged pores, either.Stays on your face, not your pillow.Age Defying? Well, who isn’t for that. No, you will not look 16 again, but your skin will look nice and “dewy fresh”.Good product, priced well.Update 3.15.13: Have used this nightly for many months. A little goes a long way. Skin looks and feels very nice with good turgor*-(vibrant, rosy cheeks-maybe it’s not all the cream? Absolutely NO irritation or breakout. Still feel that the jar is full despite months of use. (Odd, huh? ) Seriously, I’m very pleased with this face lotion. Rich, luxurious-just not the price. Can’t see a downside to this.*************************************************************************For your interest: *Turgor:turgor /turgor/ (-ger) condition of being turgid; normal, or other fullness.turgor (trgr, -gr)n.1. The state of being turgid.2. The normal fullness or tension produced by the fluid content of blood vessels, capillaries, and cells.turgor[tur′gər]Etymology: L, turgere, to be swollenthe expected resiliency of the skin caused by the outward pressure of the cells and interstitial fluid. Dehydration results in decreased skin turgor, manifested by lax skin that, when grasped and raised between two fingers, slowly returns to a position level with the adjacent tissue. Marked edema or ascites results in increased turgor manifested by smooth, taut, shiny skin that cannot be grasped and raised. Elderly people normally do not have “good” skin turgor because of a lack of skin elasticity, an expected part of aging. An evaluation of the skin turgor is an essential part of physical assessment.

Katelyn Lockport, KY