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Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser, 6.78 oz

Beta hydroxy complex with gentle microbeads. Reveals fresher, radiant skin. Cleanses by gently lifting away dirt, oil and make-up. Renews and reveals by gently lifting away dull, dry skin to start reducing the signs of aging. Leaves skin noticeably soft and smooth the minute you cleanse.

Key features

  • Combines beta hydroxy complex with gentle microbeads
  • Age-defying; salicyclic acid encourages exfoliation and skin renewal
  • Cleanses by gently lifting away dirt, oil and make-up

Honest reviews


old microbeads technology — environmentally hazardous

I cannot disagree with the reviewers who give this facial cleanser high stars. It’s a wonderful-feeling face wash, at a good price, from a respected brand.What these reviewers probably didn’t know when they wrote their reviews is that the “microbeads” (“polyethylene” in the ingredient list) are tiny beads of plastic, and that their cumulative effect is damaging to the environment. The beads are so small that they pass through city water purifying systems and back into the waterways and, eventually, to the ocean, where they are being absorbed by marine life. It’s a huge problem, one I just recently became aware of myself.So while I do NOT fault Olay or want to denigrate them as a company, I did feel the need to point out that there are other scrubs that don’t use this environmentally denounced technology. I’ve disposed of the rest of my bottle of this cleanser as I would rancid cooking oil — put it in a (non-recyclable) plastic bag, seal it, and put it in the garbage for the landfill.

Lois Ladera Ranch, CA

I’ve used this again and again

I have used this cleanser on and off again for the past few years. Even though the label has changed quite a bit over the years, I can honestly say the quality of the product has not.It leaves my face feeling clean AND moisturized. This is one of the few face cleansers I have used that I don’t feel the need to apply face moisturizer right after. Its nice and light and does not have much of a smell which is great (that’s what perfumes and body splashes are for, right?)I recommend this product and last year I put one of these bottles in a gift basket I made one of my best friends for her birthday. She enjoyed it as well 😉

Shirley Bruno, NE

LOVE THIS cleanser

The price is great and you don’t have to use the recommended 2 pumps for your skin to be cleansed thoroughly. You can use less! It leaves your skin smooth and bright.

Margie Oakwood, GA

oil olay

very nice. I love it and it feels good on my body. Who doesn’t love good lotion????. I recommend it.

Elba Hot Springs, SD

not gentle in the least

I bought this cleanser last year for occasional use to remove makeup when getting home after a night out. I completely missed that it contains microbeads, which meant I couldn’t use it on my eyes. (Some people do, I just prefer not to.) It hung around for a few months with me occasionally using it and forgetting about it again, before I dug it out and used it for my everyday cleanser in the shower. For the first few days, I was pleased. Nice cleansing, rinsed well, nice smell, and you didn’t have to use a lot.But on the third day I noticed what looked like a strange blemish on my cheek. I didn’t connect it with this cleanser until I started alternating this with two other cleansers in the shower (some of the more popular skin care blogs suggest not using the same cleanser every day). This blemish was actually a small really rough, sore patch of skin, and it would improve, then come back. I took the Olay out of my routine all together, and it went away. Brought the cleanser back into my routine thinking once or twice a week would be fine and the spot came back, as did a second one on another part of my face.I really think the beads plus salicylic acid is just too much for my skin, and it might be for yours, too. This is honestly the only problem I’ve ever had with an Olay product, but ultimately, I just can’t recommend this.

Mellisa New Deal, TX

Promises kept!

It was nice to find a product that does what it says it will do. This is a good cleanser for combination skin. I’ve tried everything on the market but always avoided Olay because of the price. I see now that it would have been wiser to just spend the extral few dollars and get quality. I use this twice a day (along with other olay products) and my skin is softer and clearer than its been in 20 years. I would recommend this to someone with any skin type except very oily. I also use their toner and that is a good product also and non-drying. Try it and you’ll be pleased.

Kristine Montrose, CA

olay age defying cleanser

I try new things all the time. However, I always come back to this. Hard not to.It is gentle exfolliation that is hydrating and that is hard to find with that combo.I have mature skin that is very dry in the winter and I need all the help I can get!

Maryann Cedar, KS

My Favorite Face Wash

I’ve been using this face wash for years. Sometimes my head will be turned by something new, but I always come back to this product. First of all, it cleans extremely well. It even removes waterproof mascara. It exfoliates gently with beta-hydroxy complex and “micro-beads.” It leaves the skin on your face soft and hydrated not tight and parched. The best part is that it is widely available and inexpensive when compared to department store brands. The pump bottle measures out an exact amount every time. I can’t testify to the anti-aging claims, but this is a very good facial cleanser.

Joni Ramsey, NJ