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Olay Age Defying Classic Night Face Cream 2 Oz

This rich, oil-free formula has a Beta-Hydroxy Complex that renews dull, dry surface skin while Olay Moisture deeply replenishes skins hydration. Vitamin E Olay Moisture Beta-Hydroxy Complex Non-Comedogenic.

Key features

  • Replenishes with nourishing moisture while you sleep to reveal younger-looking skin
  • For the following skin types: Normal, Dry
  • Helps with these face concerns: Fine Lines/Wrinkles, Dry/Flaky Skin
  • Benefits: Anti aging

Honest reviews


“Do not use around eyes or on eyelids”

After I had purchased this product (not on Amazon) I discovered that it warns “do not use around eyes or on eyelids.” My crows feet and the lines under my eyes are exactly what i felt made me look “aged!” (I am 35). I haven’t thrown it out, but i get annoyed that i have to use a different product around my eyes, i’m kind of a ‘low maintenance” person. i don’t use it frequently enough (due to not being able to put it around the eyes) to have noticed a change in skin, but maybe I will after reading the other reviews. Anyway, I just wish Olay had made this warning a little more prominent so I had not made that mistake.

Jaime Linden, AL

No Results

I tried this for several months and never missed and all to see almost no results at all. It’s simply a fairly good moisturizer is all, and you can get those for the same money in a lot larger bottle if you look. The ADVERTISEMENT says, it helps to decrease WRINKLES and it does no such thing. Yes I know some people try a dab, and next day they claim results but that’s just because we WANT to see something work, but if you really take pictures or write it down…nothing changes, except your wallet is lighter just like all these companies do to us.

Colleen Camp Grove, IL

Loyal customer, don’t know its true results

I’ve been using this product for a long while now. And since I don’t that many wrinkles I can’t tell if my skin would’ve been worse had I not been using this product. I would like to say though that it does leave my skin moisturized and soft at the end of the night. I do wake up feeling a little greasy, but it smells nice and fresh, and seems to do the basic of moisturizing.

Katrina Couch, MO

Very moisturizing!

This definitely does the trick in terms of moisturizing. However, if you have acne prone skin, or generally just oily skin, this probably isn’t the moisturizer for you. Because it’s a cream, it’s thick and this is not oil free. It was too heavy for me and left my skin feeling oily.

Antionette Syracuse, OH

Great product

Love Oil Of Olay product line. They have been around forever and their line just keeps improving. Will buy again

Ladonna Havre, MT

Olay Age Defying Night Cream

It Really Works ! I could tell a difference the first use.Olay age defying line of products are excellent. I now use them all.Order came fast , new and packaged well in a box.Very pleased with the company and the product!

Denice Glen Allen, VA

Rich but not oily, gently exfoliates

Very nice, rich and very gently exfoliating, it is clearing up a dry rough spot I have had for years and nothing has ever done anything for it. It is too soon to say if it is helping my skin tone, but so far I am very satisfied with the product quality and price.

Madelyn Pittsfield, ME

Sometimes more expensive is not better.

Sometimes more expensive is not better. I have used many night creams. This Olay is just as good as many of the more expensive creams (even the more expensive Olay like Regenerist which I’ve tried more than 2 or 3 times). I’ve tried many brands, many kinds of Olay. This is a bargain for a two pack and works great! Your skin will be really soft. I have to go light on moisturizers because my skin tends to be oily/heavy with them. But, I can use this with no problem. I love it and I believe I can tell a difference when I use it.

Jocelyn Evangeline, LA

Not good

Caused break-outs after first use. Very thick and greasy. Will not be buying again. At least this makes a good body moisturizer.

Elnora Firth, NE

Night cream anti-aging!!

This product is very smooth, and has a wonderful fragrance, and nothing will take my wrinkles away, but I figure it’s worth a shot. I just started using it, and I really do like it!!

Yvonne Kaycee, WY

I LOVE this!!!!

I researched reviews before I bought this night cream and it exceeded my expectations. It goes on very soft and silky and is not at all irritating (my skin is sensitive) and there is no strong scent.The first morning I woke up after using this I saw a huge difference, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous my skin looked! It was like looking at my skin in the mirror when I was a kid…just nice, soft skin (I’m in my mid-30s). I’ve been using this about a month and my skin is flawless and gorgeous! I used to suffer from hormonal monthly breakouts, but I’ve had none so far since using this.I also got the day cream version of this which I like a lot too but sometimes use the night cream during the day cause I adore it so much. It shrinks my pores and makes my skin even and is perfect for my combination skin. (It’s not at all greasy, yet takes care of any dry spots).Bottom line: I highly recommend and I will be using this for many many years to come.

Lilian Hillsdale, IN

I have used this for the past 3 years

For the cost and quality this face cream is a great value. It moisturizes my dry flaky skin really well. I am not sure if it does much to eliminate my fine lines, but it makes my skin very soft and hydrated. It absorbs well and doesn’t break me out. The fragrance is very light and hardly noticeable. Paraben free too. It is definitely one of the best creams I have used.

Imogene Woodstock Valley, CT

Olay Age Defying Class

A great product. It makes you face feel baby soft. It has a wonderful smell also. It make the face and neck areafeel so soft and gives it a youth dewy look.

Tammi Prosser, WA