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Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid, Original, 6 Ounce

To make your skin softer, smoother, and more beautiful, you need the right moisturizer. Add Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Lotion to your daily skincare regimen, and you’ll immediately begin to repair dry skin. Olay’s advanced moisturizing lotion provides a surge of soothing moisture plus restores hydration to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smooth onto your face and neck daily, and let the proven formula go to work. It penetrates quickly to help your skin replenish its own essential fluids, resulting in a softer, smoother, suppler appearance. The light, non-greasy formula is dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. For over 60 years, Olay has been developing trusted skincare products that deliver real results for millions of women, like Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Lotion (often referred to as Olays original Pink Beauty Fluid). Bring out the best in your skin today with this proven moisturizing lotion.

Key features

  • Hydrating lotion provides an immediate surge of active moisture to soothe dry skin
  • Restores moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reveals soft, smooth, and more beautiful-looking skin as part of your daily regimen
  • Non-comedogenic formula is light, non-greasy and dermatologically tested
  • 6.0 fl. oz. bottle

Honest reviews


Mineral Oil = clogged pores

I was hesitant to purchase this product initially due to the it’s heavy mineral oil content. I had used moisturizers with mineral oil before and they lack moisture and hydration. Worse, they clog your pores. I read a lot of good reviews of this product and decided to purchase it anyway. It’s just like any other cheap moisturizer. Doesn’t do much at all for your skin, and clogs up your pores causing acne. Do youself a favor and purchase a quality aveeno face moisturizer. After switching back to Aveeno my face looks as good as before. It costs around $20 for a small amount but it’s totally worth it.You might as go to your kitchen cabinet, pull out the vegetable oil, and smear it on your face. Only got 2 stars because of the low cost, but this product really is trash.

Sharlene Henderson, TN

Below average

Poor hydration, old-timey smell, ugly packaging. Not sure why I believed all those raving reviews. It’s just an old formula it seems. There are better products from the same company as well as other manufacturers.

Karina Piedmont, WV

Pretty good, but not great

This is a light, non-sticky, non-greasy, moisturizer that will moisturize your skin fairly well.However, I like moisturizers that feel nonexistent, and this one I can still “feel” on my face. For the record, I am new to beauty products and have not found one yet that I love.I do like this product, and though I will continue to search for better products, also feel that this one gives a good bang for your buck.Overall, recommended.

Deidra Golden, OK

My beauty secret

I’ve been a dedicated Oil of Olay user for years and have always been told I look younger than my age. There was a girl at work who made it her job to ask older women who looked good what moisturizer they used and she said it was always Oil of Olay. Okay, not the most scientific approach, but I love the feel of Oil of Olay. It’s light and not greasy, and just maybe it’s helping me get that look of shock when people find out my age.

Elsie Coosa, GA


My grandmother used this for over 40 years and when she passed away at age 100, she didn’t look a day over 60. Every night before we went to bed she would use this on her face. I know this is a good product but now they make it hard to find because of all the new stuff they come up with. Thank God for Amazon where we can always find what we need.

Laurel Stonewall, NC

I buy this for my Mother regularly

My Mother is a young 92 years old and has been using this Oil of Olay lotion for years. In fact, I can’t remember ever seeing her use anything else to moisturize her complexion. This amazing woman has no crow’s feet, no sagging and very few wrinkles. In fact, the only signs of age on her face are a few wrinkles around her mouth. Her skin is in incredible shape. It’s hard not to rave about this product seeing the results of many years of use by Mom.

Jenny Pennington, MN

Daily moisturizer for 35 years

I have used this since I was a teenager and 35 years later I am still using it. I apply a light coat in the morning before putting on my makeup and have done so almost every day of my life. I also apply some before bed (only very rarely since my skin tends to be oily) if I need a bit of extra moisture.My skin doesn’t have as many wrinkles as other people my age (according to my daughter). Some of that is genetics I am sure, but I do believe this moisturizer plays some part. It also allows the foundation makeup to go on smoothly and more evenly than if I don’t apply Oil of Olay first.I have tried some higher-priced products over the years, and I always go back to this.

Florence Hampton, IL

My wife loves it

My wife has been using this product for years and she loves it. I’ll say it definitely keeps her skin soft and wrinkle free. She tried the one with the yellow label which has spf in it and she still wants me to get this original one for her. I’d recommend it to others.

Rochelle Mindenmines, MO

My skin just plain hates Olay. Makes me oily and gross

This is my second Olay lotion. I used it for about a month. This item doesn’t adequately moisturize and is greasy for my combination skin. It makes my dry cheeks greasy and I don’t need that. I only dab a tiny amount all over face and gently rub in. A few hours later it looks like I took a bath in an oil spill. So gross.However, it works well for my mom, who has normal skin.I have since tried Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream, and I highly recommend that for oilier skin types. That stuff truly soaks in my skin, and leaves it velvety and smooth.I really wanted to like this but sorry to say I will never buy another Olay product.

Carolyn Fayetteville, TN


I honestly didn’t think I was going to like this. I was fully prepared to hate it. My skin is very testy and I was worried that it would clog my pores if it was too rich or leave my skin flaky if it wasn’t rich enough. I think it’s a wonderful balance. I feel soft, smooth, and supple all day long without being greasy or slimy, and makeup goes on very well over it. Impressive.My only complaint is that it seems like I need a lot of product in order to make it go a long way and spread over my face without pulling on my skin. I don’t really mind, but it sometimes leaves residue collected around the edges of my eyebrows.

Saundra Lakeville, NY

Great product

I have been using this product for years…..It is a good moisturizer and have always been happy with it. My mom used it before me.

Melanie Maize, KS


All the reviews for this product makes it sound magical. Ito does make my skin soft and smooth, but it isn’t anything amazing. It doesn’t really improve the condition of my skin. It just keeps it moisturized.The best moisturizer i’ve used so far is the Olay 7-in-1 cooling hydrating moisturizer. AMAZING. And oil free too. The beauty fluid has mineral oil. I don’t understand why so many products that contain oil claims to not clog pores. Oil clogs pores. period. Only plus side to this one is that it is very affordable.Most of the reviews mention their moms and grandmas. Since then, the product has changed, and so if you are reviewing the product because your mom or grandma had no wrinkles, they were using a different formula with the same name.I give this product four stars because: it is affordable. It is a high quality product. Hasn’t clogged my pores (yet). Smells ok, though I would order the scentless, colorless one in the future. Makes my skin silky smooth. Hydrates.Cons: doesn’t improve condition of my skin. (wish it contained vitamin E or something)EDIT: Ignore what I have written above, except for the fact that this moisturizer is overrated. In year 2013,I’ve learned sooo much about skincare. The best moisturizer is the Cerave moisturizing lotion, which contains ceramides, which help the skin repair itself. It is wayyy more affordable than this Olay stuff, and wayyy better. It is scentfree, color free, and contains hyalauronic acid and ceramides.Also, if you want to prevent/reduce wrinkles, get something with retinol in it! Make sure that the packaging doesn’t expose the product to air or light.

Lorene Lancing, TN

A Classis Product that Works

I always make a point to ask the older women I meet with few wrinkles what they use for their moisturizer. They almost always respond with Olay. That’s because this product is a classic that works. The fact that it has always been offered at a reasonable price has contributed to its popularity over the years. Compared to pricy alternatives Olay blows them out of the water. Generations of women in my family have used it and I’m sure this tradition will continue.

Deidre Longmire, WA

Still the best moisturizer!

After using up all my day and night moisturizers, I found a bottle of Oil of Olay at the back of my closet and used it for the first time in many years. What a surprise! Oil of Olay (or, Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid, as it is called today) is better at moisturizing than anything else I have used to date! It works great under makeup during the day and is wonderful for night moisturization. All this and no sticky or greasy residue or feel! I’m very grateful that Amazon carries this product, as it is not possible to find it anywhere else. As an over-60-yr.-old woman, I have tried them all, and I highly recommend Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid as the very best moisturizer.

Estella Batesville, IN

A permanent addition to my routine!

This little bottle of magic really won my heart over after a month of use! I’m in my 20s, and the golden rule dictates that anti-aging regime should begin at 25, instead of having to play catch up later in the 40s. I had been using a very expensive french brand prior to stumbling across this on Amazon. The french brand had boasted all these essential oils and over 95% natural ingredients. It had a big selection to include a specialized cream for almost every skin type. I thought I was as set as I could be. Until I tried this. This was smooth and light and easy to apply. My skin immediately felt moisturized and soft. After a night, my makeup went on much smoother than it had been due to a better canvas.After a month of using it, I haven’t experienced any breakouts. Its a fantastic product, and everyone should try it. I wouldn’t say its good for everyone, but at least 80% of skin types do great with it.FYI, I used to work in a mid-end spa and seen almost every type of skin and recommended products accordingly.

Shawn Huxford, AL

My fave!!

I’ve tried SOOOOO MANY moisturizers and this one is simply the best! It’s so light and gets absorbed fast! great value too!

Debbie Hitterdal, MN

Perfect Moisturizer

If there is such a thing as a a perfect moisturizer then this is it! It gets absorbed into the skin leaving no residue but gives the skin a healthy glow. I live in a dry climate and I have dry skin, and I have found this brand to be the best over and above other time tested cream brands, including the high end labels.

Susana Wheatland, PA

Soft and Pretty Skin!

It makes my skin smooth and plump! I like the soft fragrance, it is very relaxing. This is a bit heavier than the sensitive skin version (classic series as well) that I use every day because it has niacinamide. However, I need this classic beauty fluid for the winter. The sensitive skin version is too light. So I combine both – apply a light layer of the sensitive skin after my shower, then wait about 10 minutes or so for it to dry, then apply this over it at night to seal it in and add an extra layer of moisture. I wake up flake free and with super soft skin! I’ve been using Olay products all my life. I still get carded for alcohol and sometimes people still think I’m in my 20’s (I’m closer to 40!) I love getting the shocked reaction when people check my driver’s license and say, "I didn’t think you were that old! You look so young!" I thank them politely and tell them, "Yes, I am pretty old!" I love it when they guess I’m 26 or 29 at most! Who wouldn’t want to shave off a decade or more by just applying a moisturizer to your face twice a day? So many testimonials are like mine, and from women who are a lot older than even me! Just order it, you know you want to try it:) And if it doesn’t agree with your face, you can use it for the rest of your body and not feel guilty – it’s so affordable!

Maude Akron, IA

Why do I stray from this wonderful cream?

My mother-in-law only used this and when she passed away at 91 she had no wrinkles. This is all she used and ivory soap…I love this cream and love the smell..

Lessie Snydertown, PA

Original formula

I’ve used this formula for decades. It has a very subtle scent, leaves my skin hydrated, but not oily or greasy. 2 large bottles…great price. I’ll buy again.

Socorro Livingston, CA

Great for daily wear.`

Good old Olay…this is a really nice, light moisturizer for daily use. I use if before I put on my make up. It soaks in fast and there’s no weird smell or residue.

Dianne Augusta, MO

Must have

This product is a classic! Great product. Three generations in my family use this product and everybody loves. This pack of 2 has a great price too.

Sharlene Falls Church, VA

Oldie, but a goodie

I really like this cream, I would probably order this again, I also bought other products of oil of oly for other areas.

Cassandra Clements, MN

Oil of Olay is the best!

I have used Oil of Olay for years. Love this hydrating lotion. It absorbs very, very quickly leaving my skin soft and smooth without feeling greasy which is nice for wearing under make up.I love all of their products. I like to keep a nice supply handy so I can give to my daughter’s for their skin care as well.

Vilma Cabo Rojo, PR

Love Olay

I remember my grandmother wearing this. I love it! It’s not greasy but hydrates my skin perfectly! No need to buy all, the expensive creams. This has always worked or me!

Clarice Spiro, OK

Great product

I love the smell of the Olay products. This is a lighter moisturizer than I am used to but it does the job. I have extremely dry skin so I like to lather my moisturizer on 🙂

Michell Fayette, IA

Works better than anything else! Comparable to Clinique Dramatically Different.

This is an old cult favorite for a reason! It absorbs rapidly and seriously moisturizes without making your skin sticky or greasy. It makes your face baby soft. I have pretty dry skin and it moisturized it perfectly…I’ve tried sooo many drugstore face lotions! I’ve tried L’Oreal, Neutrogena, St. Ives, even the supposedly super moisturizing Cetaphil! Even Aquaphor didn’t do anything for the dullness and lack of color. Nothing worked on my dull tired looking dry skin….I even tried using almond oil as a moisturizer and it didn’t work. Absolutely none of it worked. I got a small sample bottle of Clinique’s Dramatically Different face lotion and liked it…I was going to buy it but decided to try this first. So glad I did! It has a very similar consistency, both leave your skin silky smooth and absorb super quickly. Additionally, both have mineral oil as a main ingredient. BUY THIS you won’t regret it.

Gilda Laredo, TX

Very good product!

My mom has used this same lotion since she was a teenager, and she has always told me that thanks to Olay her skin is still soft and in great condition. Who am I to argue with a mother’s wisdom?? I use this every day!

Lakisha Weston, OR

Olay active hydrating beauty fluid, original, 6 ounce (pack of 2)

Nicely scented, and easy to apply as it gets absorbed well, and leaves the skin soft and hydrated, even in the cool weather.

Imogene Brush Valley, PA

There’s better, there’s worse

You can’t beat the price for something that works pretty good.It’s so cheap I can lavish it on my neck. It helps smooth the wrinkles on my face, but it leave my skin feeling slightly suede-like.I like the way Clinique leaves my skin feeling,but it is sooo expensive I don’t want to buy it. Anyway I do like this product and would probably buy it again.

Laverne Clinton, SC