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Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Lotion, 4.0 fl oz


Key features

  • Restores moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Result: soft, smooth, more beautiful skin
  • Non-greasy formula, dermatologically tested, and non-comedogenic
  • 4.0 fl oz bottle

Honest reviews


Better for dry skin…

I don’t have anything negative to say, but this did not do so good for me…I guess since I have oily skin. I’m sure it would work wonders on dry skin.It has that classic lotion/creme smell with a touch of rose or something (not my favorite, but not unbearable). Since my face does not love it, I just use it as regular hand lotion and it’s fine. Funny thing is, I’ve always gotten compliments on my hands and I’ve always lotioned them after washing. Maybe this Oil of Olay will actually do wonders for someone’s hands since it is made to create smooth skin. Don’t love it for your face? Don’t throw it away, just use it for your hands or feet.

Terrie Buchanan, MI

Soft and Beautiful Skin!

This classic beauty fluid has stood the test of time for a reason: it works! I know there is nothing fancy in the list of ingredients, and how wonderful that the basics have kept my skin in tip-top shape! I’ve often been mistaken for being 10 years younger (it just happened a few weeks ago!) being carded to get a bottle of wine and the cashier was shocked at my age! I went to a party and a girl remarked how I had no lines on my face then turned to my fiance and said, “Lucky you! When she’s 50 she’ll look 25! She’s always going to look young!” It’s nice to hear these things from strangers… because what reason do they have to be dishonest?!Besides the compliments (which never get old!), this has helped my skin feel so soft. I’ve been using it on and off for years. I have switched to high-end moisturizers only to return to this one. And the price is delightful – so affordable. The bottle itself is very hygenic too. I love using this at night because I wake up with the softest, smoothest skin. During the day, I do still use this, but because there is no SPF, I add a sunscreen on top.The scent could be irritating to some, but personally I love it. When I was little, my Mommy used this and was and is still so beautiful. This pink and powder-fresh potion has kept the wrinkles at bay thus far and kept it so soft and well balanced. Never heavy, oily, or greasy. Thanks Olay – you make feeling a looking beautiful accessible to all women!

Lauren Embudo, NM

I love this!!!

I loveeee this sooooo much! My skin feels like silk.The only con is the strong scent it’s like a mix between baby wipes and florals…..not a good fragrance…. it gave me a headache the first few times I used it but it hasn’t caused a single breakout so it must be magic!

Suzanne Dillsboro, IN

Tried and True

I have used Oil of Olay for more than 25 years. During that time, I tried other products with less satisfactory results. Even the expensive moisturizers do not provide the results that I find when I stick with Oil of Olay. Pleasant fragrance, leaves my face soft and smooth.

Jeannine Turkey City, PA

Surprisingly Happy!

I used to use LA MER …then the economy took a nosedive and my income whittled down to nothing [I sell houses, or at least I used to 🙂 ] . I bought the Olay Fluid on a whim and I’m very happy that I did. It’s true, there is a scent with this product, but after a short time it dissipates. I’ve used the Olay for a few days and it works just as well as the high end product I was using in the past. I will be ordering this again, great "bang for your buck". 🙂

Kimberley Haymarket, VA

olay original

used with the original ivory soap your skin is hydrated, smooth and amazingly soft.Every day it gets better! My mom died at age 84. She used this stuff every single day and had the most amazing skin! She still had men chasing her at age 84!

Adelaide Pinopolis, SC

Must have

I have been using Olay for years. I use the face wash, then toner then moisturizer and i get ENDLESS compliments on my skin. if only ppl knew i spent minimal amounts of money on this stuff. MUST HAVEtake care of your skin ppl !

Saundra Queen Creek, AZ


It’s ok, I find that its a bit too thick for my face, so I mostly use it on my neck and upper chest, it works well, absorbs very quickly. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world but it smells nice, and the 2-pack is a great value.

Margery Stittville, NY