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Olay 2-In-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Sunflower Oil + Refreshing Nectarine Moisturizing Body Wash 18 Oz

One ribbon of advanced moisturizer, one ribbon of cleansing body wash, one mouth-watering scentone incredible shower experience! Only Olay 2-in-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Moisturizing Body Wash combines the intense moisturizing properties of Olay with cleansers to leave behind hydrated, more beautiful skin. Its nourishing formula provides long-lasting moisture while releasing an indulgent scent.

Key features

  • Combines one ribbon of advanced Olay moisturizers with one ribbon of cleansing body wash
  • Skin-nourishing formula provides long-lasting moisture
  • Get specialty-brand indulgence at 1/2 the price* (*Suggested retail price per ounce vs. leading speciality brand)
  • Refreshing Nectarine Scent: Infused with sunflower oil and the fresh scent of juicy nectarines
  • Olay 2-in-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Sunflower Oil + Refreshing Nectarine Moisturizing Body Wash

Honest reviews


Even my boyfriend uses this…

So, I ordered this based on a blogger’s review of the product. She loved the smell, the creaminess of it, and how well it washed off. I concur on all counts. The main test was to see if my bf was going to try it, which he almost didn’t (“That looks so girly”…). Then I made him sniff it. He looked at me curiously then didn’t say anything about it. Later, when I went to brush my teeth, I caught him singing in the shower, all lathered up. “What’s that smell? Why are you so happy?” I asked. I didn’t even get a chance to use it before he did. I’ll be lucky if this thing even lasts two weeks. Go figure.

Florence Valley, NE

Yummy nectarine scent, but not my go-to wash

I like this body wash quite a lot, in its place. If you’re looking for a body wash that will leave you feeling “squeaky clean,” this isn’t it. If you are covered in dirt and grime, this isn’t the wash you’ll be reaching for. For this reason, when I use this wash, I will pre-wash areas of my body with bar soap. This isn’t a huge deal because I take two baths a day, and I’m not out digging ditches, so I’m not generally too grubby. It does leave a film on your loofa, as well as the tub; but it also leaves a very nice veil of moisture on your skin, so that aspect isn’t all bad. I like to use this when I wash my hair, or when I’m too lazy to apply lotion. I have long, curly, dry hair, and I have to get my products in it while it’s sopping wet; if my hair dries too much, it’s difficult to distribute my products through it. I feel the same way about body lotion; if I don’t apply my lotion while my skin is still damp, it seems to just sit on the surface in a greasy film. This conundrum leaves me with the choice of whether to deal with my hair, or apply lotion; my hair always wins out, and my skin suffers. Enter the Olay 2-In-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Sunflower Oil + Refreshing Nectarine body wash, and my problem is solved. This wash is moisturizing enough that when I wash my hair, skipping the step of applying a moisturizer doesn’t leave me with nasty, dry-skin consequences. I also am a bit of a night owl, and am often showering in the wee hours of the morning; the Olay wash is great for times when, let’s be honest, you’re just too lazy to do the whole bath time rigmarole. The scent is wonderful; it’s very juicy and fresh. All in all, this wash is nice occasionally, and I would repurchase it, but for me, it is too heavy for everyday use.

Meredith Elaine, AR

Glad I got it

I bought the one with almond oil in it at first but couldn’t find it when I needed more body wash and couldn’t get to the store by the time I needed it. Found this and got it. I don’t like switching body washes since I have senstitve skin but I am glad I got this one. The scent is amazing and it does really soften up my skin. So much so that I don’t really need to put lotion on my arms and legs like I used to do. They are already soft enough when I get out that I don’t need them. I think the sunflower oil is a great addition to my skin. Nice and soft and doesn’t even irrate me either.

Bobbi Smithville, MS


This body wash smells very nice. I thought that with the "essential ribbons" and sunflower oil it would make my skin really, really soft. I don’t think it did that.Overall, it’s a nice body wash, but it’s not too different from other washes I’ve tried. I’m always trying to find a wash that will make my skin softer than Caress Silk, but this one couldn’t beat that.

Dorthy Cuba, AL

good soap

This series of soaps feels very moisturizing when you use it. I especially like the smell of this one, it is light and not too flowery like some.

Kaitlin Tea, SD

good product

This lotion smells nice, washes off easily, and does not dry out skin. Large container holds a lot of lotion.

Antionette Darrington, WA

Please try

This made me and my bathroom smell devine! It makes your skin soft I do feel clean I know that with some of the body washes it has so much oil in them it’s hard to feel clean but not with this one I love it.

Aline Grasston, MN