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OGX Split Ends Mender, Nourishing Coconut Milk, 6oz

Organic coconut milk and weightless coconut oil blended with silk and keratin proteins create a silk repair therapy. Sulphate free product.

Key features

  • Sulfate free
  • Repair and condition split ends
  • Promotes longer hair by helping reduce everyday damage.

Honest reviews



I have thick, brown hair that is prone to drying out and frizzing. This product actually made it worse. It certainly “mended” my hair by making it sticky. The only good thing is it smells good. Other than that, it made my hair even frizzier and it tangled more than before.

Margery Westbrook, MN

Great Product

My hair has been dried, fried and frizzy lately, so I picked up a bottle of this at the drugstore. For extra conditioning, I slathered it on and tied my hair in a ponytail and gave it an hour to soak in. After I washed and conditioned my hair, I applied some of this and I have to say it feels awesome. I love the coconut scent, and my hair feels a lot healthier and less snarly and tangled, but it doesn’t feel greasy or coated. Plus it’s a decent price, too. I’m much happier with this than more expensive products I’ve bought in the past.

Rachelle Bergman, AR

makes my hair feel hard.

not a fan of this product. At all. It makes my hair feel hard and crispy and full of tangles.

Martha Slade, KY


This product made my hair very hard, dry, brittle and sticky feeling. I had to re wash my hair after using this.

Maryellen Holbrook, MA

smells great, quick fix

i love the entire organix line of coconut milk! this product works really well before you blow dry your hair and it smells really great. my hair is really dry and i would even describe it as brittle. i think when you use the complete line of organix coconut milk products your hair will look really great. and i’m obsessed with my hair! i sometimes mix this with organix coconut milk serum. this product helps my hair feel silky and smooth and leaves it smelling great. i would recommend this product to my friends and i can’t live without it!

Alejandra Clearwater, NE

For thick dry hair

Dont use this if you have “normal” hair, this coconut line of hair care products from Organix are much better suited for dry, processed, curly coarse hair. Mine is all of those, have always had coarse curly hair but now that I have to color it, it is double damaged. I have tried alot of expensive conditioners, leave in treatment, gentle shampoos, curl hydrators. The Organix Coconut line works best for me, my hair is actually soft since I’ve switched to the Organix hair line. Less frazzled and frizzy looking. I don’t use anything else anymore.

Keri Houston, MO

If you want to stretch your trims

It WORKS!!! A little goes a long way and I don’t think you should put a lot of your ends because it may weigh your hair down and give less flow.

Ruthie Dorr, MI

great smell, great moisturizer

It helps me to control frizz on my hair after bathmakes my hair feel softit smells greatnever causes any itchiness on my scalp as some other gel do

Harriet Friedensburg, PA


I like it, I was expecting it to be sulfate free and it wasn’t but it’s nice enough a product.

Helga Horn Lake, MS


My hair is normally really dry and frizzy but now it’s super soft and smells great. Not saying it was stinky before just saying I love the scent of coconut. I have coily hair and sometimes it’s really hard to find products that my hair agrees with. My hair pretty much does it’s own thing but it seems to really like this product.

Ollie Ironside, OR