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OGX Shampoo, Nourishing Coconut Milk, 13oz

The luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft. Unique blend of Sulphate free product surfactants. Paraben free product.

Key features

  • Unique blend of sulfate free surfactants; Paraben free
  • Safe for color treated hair
  • Organic coconut milk and oils

Honest reviews


I never tried it because one word ORGANIX is something to think…READ!!!!! NATURAL HAIR CARE

I never had bought or tried it, but I knew from reading ingredients that it has cones (silicones) it is easy to find out if you goggle asking does the certain mane of it has cones and then you will know wheter cones end with cone, -conol, or -xanethe most known cone is dimethicone.

Celeste Hesston, KS

Diaster for me 🙁

I bought this product at Christmas Tree Shop for 6.99 along with the Keratin Oil Conditioner because I was looking for a good shampoo/conditioner that wasn’t too expensive. The coconut shampoo made me hair feel so dry and brittle. I was scared to death because it was so hard, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to comb my hair afterwards… I was upset while washing my hair but still decided to try the keratin oil conditioner. The keratin oil conditioner instantly made my dry brittle hair (from the shampoo) soft within seconds. My hair has NEVER been that soft from a conditioner!!!! I was in the shower thanking the Lord, because I thought I would have to rewash my hair all over again with other shampoo products in my home. I definitely recommend trying different lines of the Organix products. The coconut shampoo was a disaster for me but the keratin oil conditioner was awesome. I will try another Organix shampoo. It just depends on your hair, and the products or cheap enough to try. Good luck everyone!

Shirley Saint Francis, SD

So disappointing!

I was so excited to find an organic, sulfate-free, cruelty-free shampoo that smelled like coconuts… favorite scent! How disappointing when I washed my hair for the first time only to discover this delicious smelling shampoo had turned it into straw! I washed 4 more days, hoping it was a fluke. Nope – dry and frizzy…gross! For reference, I have fine hair – but a lot of it and its color-treated.

Elsa Pennington, AL

Dried, Tangled, Thinned

Hair type: 3b/3c/4aWhen I tried Tea Tree Mint Shampoo it messed with my breathing and gave me a headache. So, I immediately got rid of it with my Suave Shampoo.When I tried Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner it made my hair very soft, actually too soft and over time started to thin my hair, make it dry, and stick together.When I tried Keratin Oil Shampoo it made my hair have immediate tangles. Once I allowed my hair to air dry, I tried to brush through it and could NOT get anything through. It tangled and matted my hair very badly. I wanted to cry. So I decided to give a different Shampoo of Organix a try. I went out staying positive having hope that this next one would give good progress. I tested out the Coconut Milk Shampoo and it made my hair look and feel weird.So, I balanced out my hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar and my hair returned back to being soft and “healthy.” I will be sticking with my Suave Shampoo. I should have never tried Organix brand. I really didn’t “need” it.Keep this in mind ladies and gentlemen. If what you’re using and doing to hair is working just fine, don’t go out and “experiment” just to see. You might end up with tears and frustration along with wasting your hard earned money or someone else.NOTE:Some peoples hair like sulfates. Some don’t.Some peoples hair like silicone. Some don’t.It’s all about what works for you. Just stop experimenting for the hell of it. 🙂

Dianne Harvard, NE

contains protein, so try with caution; hair may become dry

If paired with matching conditioner, your hair may become dry and hard to manage due to protein sensitivity or protein overload. Both the shampoo and the conditioner have protein, which can cause your hair to feel dry and not soft. This brand of haircare products do have the same ingredients that other commercial brands have, and only a few of products that are not harmful and artificial. You’ll know whether or not this is true when you read and investigate the ingredients, and maybe test the organix products for yourself. I had purchased together the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner from a drugstore about three years ago, and because of my dissatisfaction of these products, I still have them. I did like the conditioner more because of the slip factor it gave my hair after the stiffness my hair had after I had used the shampoo. So, now in hopes of using it up, I either use the shampoo or the conditioner as the only protein product I put on my hair while cleansing my hair with other brand of hair products that don’t contain protein. I had also informed the organix company of my dissatisfaction but no response on their part. I say if you desire to try this brand or any brand of haircare, know your hair–what its needs are and how it responds to the ingredients in products. Taking this step can ensure and empower you with the knowledge you need as a consumer so you won’t be duped by so many companies that try to lure you in with commercials, pop culture and lies.

Rosalyn Snover, MI

Not Impressed At All

Still trying to figure out how a product containing coconut milk, coconut oil and egg white proteins can leave hair dry. You would think that with those ingredients it would leave your hair on the oily side. Not so with this product.Color treated hair comes out dry and in desperate need of a leave in conditioner. Even after using the matching conditioner, you will still need to seek out a leave in variety just so you can comb through and style.A product that I do not think I will be using again.Back to BioInfusion Hydrating Shampoo a great product for softness, shine and volume.

Judy Franklin Springs, GA

Gotta love coconut

This conditioner is great and, since it’s sulfate free, my hair color lasts longer. I would recommend this to my friends and I will by this again in the future.

Darlene Fountain Hill, AR

Smells so good!

Let me just start off by saying that my hair is very frizzy and I have combination hair. It’s frizzy, curly, wavy, and some pieces are straight. My roots are very oily while my ends are very dry. I used this shampoo in combination with the biotin and collagen conditioner, VERY good combination. The shampoo smells amazing, like coconuts! It lathers very well but is a little bit more runny than most shampoos. My hair the next morning feels amazing. Soft, shiny, and very tamable. My roots aren’t greasy at all!! Also I usually have a very bad shedding problem, so when I take a bath I have a billion hairs on the side of the tub. When I used this, I had none. ZERO. I would definitely recommend this!

Selena Seaboard, NC

smells delicious!

I personally am a big fan of all things coconut and this shampoo is amazing! It cleans really well and my hair feels dry when i wash it out but when my hair dries its very silky. i do have to use it along with the conditioner because i have really thick hair but i definitely would recommend!!

Gwendolyn Forest Hill, LA

I use it as my only Shampoo

When I first got started using Coconut Oil I fell in love with it. As time passed I slowly replaced all my household cleaners with natural cleaners containing mostly Coconut products. When I saw this Shampoo I had to give it a try. I was worried it would not clean the hair but it adds a shine and makes my hair feel thicker. I have fine thin hair. It is nice to be rid of all the toxins found in commercial shampoo products.I still love my Coconut Oil and Coconut products for It has been almost 2 years since I first discovered the Oil. My house is almost toxin free thanks to it.

Reyna Brownsville, MD

it will leave your hair smooth, soft and split ends free after one week of use

Before anyone could fall for cheap brands like Suave or Pantene, Organix’s coconut milk shampoo and conditioner has the essential ingredients to keep dry and unnourished hair back to life. Most brands promise strong and durable hair, but what we do not see is what actually keeps our hair healthy. Organix provides us the basic vitamins–coconut milk and vitamin E–that our hair must need in order to stay strong, split-ends free and continue to grow naturally.I was born with curls and ever since I was introduced with flat irons, blow dryer and hair spray, my naturally curled hair was becoming dry, split-ends starts to appear and my hair color changed from black to brown. Then I challenged myself to have my hair permanently straightened so that it’s less ironing. Bad. My hair stopped growing and the split-ends was twice as worst than before! And of course the only way to give life to my hair was to trust brands that promised, “Split-ends free” or “keeps hair soft and silky smooth” because their professionals, why not trust them?Wrong. Even with famous products that have marked “clinically proven,” you know more about your hair as much as they do. So before I could pick up another bottle of Garnier shampoo and conditioner, my sister introduced me to Organix Coconut Milk. My first impression was, “coconut milk? Isn’t that we eat?” Organic ingredients like avocado and aloe are basic vitamins that our hair needs to able to grow naturally and fully just like how we need vegetables to provide us antioxidant. It’s part of the basic building block that keeps us strong and healthy.What makes this brand differ from other brands? When I massaged the conditioner on to my scalp, the liquid was very smooth and concentrated. I didn’t have to fill up my hand with too much conditioner to get that satisfaction. I simple pour a good enough amount on to my palm and spread it and massaged it onto my scalp and split ends for about five minutes. I let the conditioner sit there for another five minutes then rinse. As I rinsed the conditioner off my hair, it untangles and soften up every strand on my hair. So by the time I dry and combed my hair, it leaves that soft and smooth feeling that most hair products did not promise.Whether your hair is curly, wavy, straight, short, oily, etc., always start off with the basic needs like vitamin E, A, D that can be found in foods we eat such as avocado, coconut milk, and coco butter. Even with man made products can not help you. That is why I love Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner. It may not be a famous brand that’s usually advertised on TV, but the labels on the back of the product are more important than the name itself. I recommend everyone to buy it and try it for themselves and see the difference between all the other shampoos and conditioner they have used. I guarantee you that it will leave your hair smooth, soft and split ends free after one week of use.

Kristi Frederick, OK

love this

Makes hair feel soft and smooth. Smells so good-like coconut, no artificial smell.No sulfates! Feel good about using a shampoo with less chemicals.

Alfreda Justice, IL

Good …

… but not great. Was expecting it to be sulfate free. Anyhow, I am using it up then I’ll order something sulfate free.

Tisha Marietta, MN

Works fine

I can’t tell if this product is making a significant change, but my combination with this included is helping my hair grow and become stronger. I don’t have dandruff or dry scalp so it cleans out the gunk. I have no complaints, try it for yourself.

Jillian Ellis, KS


Makes your hair soft and shiny. Also a lot of definition to my waves. Will recommend this product in the future.

Deborah June Lake, CA

Makes My Hair Soft And Smooth

I got this because I was hoping sulfate-free products would help with my dandruff. It doesn’t, but I still love this shampoo.The moment I rinse this out, my hair is smooth and tangle free. It lathers very generously so I don’t need to use a lot with my long hair. The smell is fantastic. Even when I don’t use the conditioner my hair feels amazing.Would buy again.

Nola Cotuit, MA

Smells so good!

I’ve used Organix shampoos for years, and love them all. I’ve tried the coconut, teatree mint, acai berry avocado, cherry blossom ginseng, and vanilla. All have been great. I have hair that is fine but thick, long, and slightly wavy. It’s not chemically treated. I’m picky about shampoo, since I wash it everyday, and don’t want to dry out my hair and I hate any residue, as it makes my hair very oily. These are the best shampoos though, as I’ve found that they really clean my hair without being overly harsh. I also like that they don’t contain parabens.In terms of each type, I’ve found a few small differences. The coconut smells fantastic, but feels like it leaves more residue than the others. This isn’t really an issue, my hair just feels a bit more oily than with the other types.Teatree is excellent for balancing scalp/hair, so I’d recommend it for anyone with mild dandruff. It also smells great, very refreshing and minty.The acai berry avocado is pleasant, very fruity. The cherry blossom ginseng really smells like cherry blossoms, and the vanilla is great. I found that all of these seemed to work about the same, leaving my hair clean and smelling nice.

Evangeline Alexandria, MN

My hair…

has never been this soft until after using this produch with the conditioner. It’s wonderful and it kind of makes my hair smell like donuts when I’m in the shower. lol love it!

Vilma Albany, VT

It only smells good

It smells good in the bottle. Thats about the only good thing. This made my hair so dry and hard to manage. I have long curly hair, but it’s usually soft and easy to brush. THIS made my hair feel brittle, took away the shine and didn’t even make my hair smell good. The smell disappears once it’s in your hair. The conditioner does nothing to help with the dryness. Will not be buying again.

Priscilla Sedan, KS

Absolutely luv it…

I started using this product about 11 months ago because it was sulfate free, then stop using because of a few negative comments, in favor of a more expensive product…my hair was pissed at me for that. I couldn’t seem to maintain growth as much as I had while using this product, so after an expensive search I gave up and went back to it a couple of months ago, and have held on to a couple of extra inches of hair. And the ph is 4.5 which is perfect for my hair.

Lillian Thomaston, GA

My hair is falling out!!!!

I have always prided myself in having luxuriously thick hair, but not after using this product. About a month ago I purchased this shampoo thinking it would work on my hair. It said it was organic and nourishing, so what could go wrong? I started to notice a few more hair in my brush but didn’t think it was from the shampoo. But then I noticed big and I mean big chunks of hair coming out and while brushing my hair I had to clean the brush 3 times at one sitting. I went to my hairdresser and he was shocked of the condition of my hair!!!! He wasn’t sure if he should cut it real short due to the patches of no hair would show. So he trimmed the hair and gave me a restorative shampoo to help my hair. So far it is working. I will Never use this again and will tell everyone I know not to use it either.

Marcia Carterville, IL

Works like a shampoo

I don’t understand the reviews on this drying hair out. Maybe I use shampoo just to clarify and clean. I use the conditioner to do just what it says, condition. My hair loves this shampoo and conditioner line. I get amazing silky results.

Concepcion Fackler, AL

The smell is intoxicating and it has helped my dry, flyaway hair.

I had been using the same shampoo and conditioner for far too long…while I liked my old brand, my colored hair was feeling straw-like and needed a change. On my next visit to the drug store to pick up a prescription, I perused the shampoo aisle for something new. I found the Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk shampoo and matching conditioner. I LOVE the smell of coconut and the word “nourishing” looked promising for my dry hair, so I figured I’d give it a try.With many shampoo/conditioner pairs, the consistency of both products is very similar. Not with this pair. The shampoo is thinner and the conditioner is super thick (I ADORE it, but more on that over in the conditioner review).The shampoo and conditioner both come in a rounded flip-top container. I must say that it isn’t the most well-designed bottle for use in the shower with wet hands, but I generally don’t have a problem picking up the shampoo bottle, flipping the lid and squeezing shampoo into my hand (the same unfortunately cannot be said for the conditioner, but more on that over in the conditioner review).The smell of both products is WONDERFUL (if you like the smell of coconut, which I do). Interestingly, while I am very fragrance sensitive when it comes to perfumey scents, I adore natural scents like coconut and vanilla, so while the coconut fragrance is very noticeable, it doesn’t bother me at all.Finally, while my hair did not undergo any miraculous transformation, it is definitely NOT straw-like anymore and I’m not having the problems with flyaways that I was having before I switched to these products. I have a feeling that is more due to the conditioner than the shampoo, but who knows!

Aimee Cannon Beach, OR

It cleans without having to repeat

I like this shampoo because it seems to clean the hair without the usual repeat. I like coconut smells, but this is very faint, so if you want a shampoo that has a strong coconut fragrance, get something else. It was worth the money to me and a nice deviation from my usual shampoos.

Amy Fairview, UT

OGX rocks !!!

Just as I said in my review of the conditioner, I love the OGX brand shampoos and conditioners. I have baby fine hair and all the OGX shampoos and conditioners make my hair feel good. I use this one to make my hair feel soft and silky without being weighed down.

Shelley Saint Stephen, MN

Excellent shampoo even on fine hair free of sulfate and paraben ans smells good too.

This is an excellent shampoo. I love it. It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky without weighing it down. I have fine hair so I’m particular about what shampoo I buy and keep on hand. This is one of them. It smells like coconut and best part is that it contains coconut milk and oils. Best part of this one is that it is free of sulfate and Paraben.

Sharlene Lane, OK