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OGX Penetrating Oil, Hydrating Macadamia Oil, 3.3oz

This totally indulgent dry styling oil drenches even the driest, most brittle hair with moisture, leaving it soft, supple, and touchable with a fusion of non-greasy conditioning macadamia oil and moisturizing bamboo extract, while sugar cane extract gives hair silky new life.

Key features

  • Creates soft, smooth, seductive hair
  • Apply to damp or dry hair to smooth and tame fly-a-ways
  • Safe for color-treated hair

Honest reviews


Preeettyy Good!

Organix products are always either a hit or miss with me, but I really love this product. It smells good and keeps frizz down while also hydrating. And the best thing is that its easy to fit into anything, so if you ever have dry hair, you can just get it out and apply it.

Amelia Sperry, IA

Good for just air drying

I tried to style with it, and my hair was just dry and not so good looking. But then I just let it air dry and it is so soft! Best of all, the oil is light and doesn’t stink forever. It kind of smells candy like, but not like the pezz candy scent, whatever fake sugar smell that is. It’s like real hard candy scent but so light you can hardly smell it.That’s my pet peeve: smell and absorption. There seems to be some cones it but not a whole lot. Not like the other organix serums. This really is just an oil. I don’t think this will work for everyone, though, because even though it left my hair really soft and lovely, it didn’t de-volume it much. That’s okay, now, in the winter, but in the summer, I’d need more volume control.Look, idiots, it’s not gonna work for everyone. God, what a bunch of idiots.

Lacy Thicket, TX

Im not sure about this one

I am used to Moroccan Oil, but I figured I would give this a try. I found out that this product is heavy on my hair. I am not going to say it doesn’t moisturize the hair, but it does not smell that great and it feels heavy and looks heavy on the hair. Maybe I would use this before a blow dry or something. Other than that, I am going back to MO.

Hillary French Gulch, CA

I use this when grooming my dog.

I use this when grooming my dog. It helps in keeping the long hair tame in the winter. I am careful about using this product in places where my dog might lick, as it contains macadamia nut oil. The product is inexpensive compared to other dog grooming oils that I have purchased.

Louisa Summertown, TN

Great for the frizzies & damaged hair

This is a terrific product for several reasons. I found that, regardless of what product has already been applied, no matter what my hair has been through, I can always rely on this light, lovely smelling oil, to sooth my scalp and calm my dry hair. It absorbs easily without leaving residue (it doesn’t take much) and really helps the newer problems I have with my hair.In recent months some serious health problems have destroyed what had always been my claim to fame – Long, beautiful, thick, healthy hair almost to the waist in length. Over half of my hair fell leaving just wiry little straggles stopping at my shoulders. What remained was frizzy, weak, and sickly looking.I was not able to wash my hair initially at all then later only twice a week. When possible during this time with help I would use this product to care for my scalp, eliminate the frizzies, keep it from clumping together and becoming like dreadlocks, and at least give what was left of my hair some sense of control and shine.Over the past months of recovery, I use copious amounts of Potion 9 after shower because it’s the best product I’ve found for nourishing freshly washed hair and then this product during the day and each evening. No frizzies. No more breakage. The hair is growing back. All is well with the world.The chief message is that I liked and used this product before becoming ill to condition my dry hair and it worked like a charm leaving no residue. Through my illness and ongoing recovery it is a hair care staple.Since I haven’t found any other product on the market quite like it I fear they will stop making it, so while a bottle does last a long time, I just bought two as a way of stocking up! It’s light touch cares for the ends of my hair and my scalp, smells wonderful, and just plain feels good.When I have to go out and have that fly-away, banshee woman look about me, it is the only product to calm that storm enough to make me presentable.

Bobbi Fowler, IL

Love this product

I was looking for a product that would smooth my hair. This product not only smoothed my brittle ends that had begun clumping together like dry dread locks, but it also helped reduce the amount of breakage. It isnt greasy and absorbs super fast, which is a plus because my hair DOES NOT take to greasy products–as they just sit ONTOP of my hair (YUCK). The results: non breaking silky smoothness 🙂

Dolly Lake Luzerne, NY

Amazing on 4b coarse hair with brittle ends

This product is the best thing ever in life!Background: I dry twist practically every night – not ideal since my hair hates manipulation. No matter what products I use to style and seal my ends with, I experience an inordinant amount of shedding.Organix macadamia oil allows me to dry twist freely with very little shedding. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, and pairs extremely well wtih nexus’ hydra-light weightless moisture. Between these 2 products, i can typically go all day with moisturized defined twist-outs despite this TX humidity.

Letha Fontanet, IN

Softens my dry, straw-like hair

I tend to have dry, straw-like hair and this product immediately softens my hair and decreases frizz. It’s amazing! I put it directly on my dry hair after I’ve styled it in the morning. It’s like night and day! By far the best beauty product I’ve found in a very long time!

Monique Terlingua, TX

Works good and smells good too!

I have fine, colored hair and this product works very well for me. It helps calm down all the fly aways and keeps my hair healthy

Rita Ellsworth, ME