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OGX Instant Repair Treatment, Nourishing Coconut Milk, 8oz

It’s a tropical, luxurious, non-greasy, creamy, weightless instant repair treatment that gives your hair strength, structure and vitality. Sulphate free product.

Key features

  • Sulfate free
  • Adds strength, elasticity, hydration and balance
  • Organic coconut milk and oils.

Honest reviews



I am thinking all the great reviews were paid for or written by people with short thin hair. I have thick colored hair and use heat every day, this conditioner made it WORSE…. My hair was so tangled when I got out of the shower I had to get back in and re wash and use my own conditioner, and it still felt rough, it took 2 days to get it back to normal….. This was in the trash.. Get something else the only thing good about this is the smell which made me sock after seeing what it did to my hair.

Vickie Powells Point, NC

Not impressed.

I’m not impressed with this. I read the reviews and thought it’d help my thin, color-damaged hair, but I’ve found that my Aussie Deep Conditioner has had more luck (despite making my scalp greasy) than this has. It does little to “deep condition” your hair, and when you’re done the results aren’t that different from a bargain brand conditioner.I’m looking into mayonnaise/castor oil/vegetable glycerin treatments soon since I’m not happy with the chemical heavy products on the market, but I’m also not pleased with the so-called “alernatives” so far either.

Lidia Westport, KY

Smells great

The coconut smell was great and the product worked fine. It did nothing more then a regular hair conditioner would do. Not a bad product, but not a great one. My kids love the coconut shampoo.

Gail Jasper, MI

Great hair treatment

Works for softening and rejuvenating coarse hair. Should let it sit for a long time though for best results. Very good, not a miracle, and I wish it were heavier and creamier because it leaves my hair too bouncy when I rinse it out.

Kathleen Eastchester, NY


Makes your hair smell and feel soft…you cant use it a lot or your whole head or youll be out of it in a week. Ide compare it to herbal essences blue moisture coconut shampoo..

Nelly Cascadia, OR

love it

I would recommend for this product for anyone who have damage hair, or dry hair ………..makes my hair very healthy

Maritza Westfield, IL