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OGX Flat Iron Spray, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 6oz

It’s an amazing keratin therapy originating from the Amazon rainforest.

Key features

  • Seals and protects your hair from thermal heat styling
  • Smoothes the cuticle to hold straight, strong tresses with a brilliant glow and luminescent shine
  • Sulfate & sodium free

Honest reviews


Safer alternative to the 30 day version

I was in awe at walgreens when I spotted this entire line. First I wanted the 30 day treatment but something scared me off about it. I kept putting it in the cart, then taking it out…I looked like a freaking loon. There’s something about the BKT treatments scare me in general. So much heat being applied, a product being semi permanently bonded to my hair… it can’t be good! Also my stylist has been telling me that I should not get the BKT treatments, that really no one should. They’ve been outlawed in Canada and Italy, and the ones in this country, those that are truly formaldehyde free … while that’s true in theory, the keratin will turn still turn to formaldehyde at 150 degrees. Every 6 weeks we have that same conversation. Yes I doubt what he tells me, it’s the formalin which turns to formaldehyde not the keratin itself. Or at least that’s what googling has taught me.OK on with the Organix Ever-Straight…. I just couldn’t help myself!! My hair is so frizzy this time of year (summer is coming), regular flat iron sprays do nothing–just leave my hair straight for a few hours then the kinks and frizz starts back up.After I showered (I also used the shampoo/conditioner they sell), I put a bit of Its A 10 Leave in Conditioner, towel tried a bit, then sprayed this stuff all over and combed it through.Well well well… even with just blow drying, a bit of brushing, no hard core technique, my hair was soft, shiny, frizz free, and pretty straight. I took out the flat iron….Bam, boom, bam!My hair is soooo awesome. Incredibly smooth and soft. No frizz. And maybe it’s just my hair type (2b/c), but this lasted 2 days.My anti-BKT stylist was not happy I did this. According to him I still created a bond to my hair with the keratin in this product. Even with shampooing (especially with these conditioners and shampoos) I am continuing to deposit keratin onto my hair and with the heat from the blow dryer and iron I am reactivating what he calls the formaldehyde effect.He compares these treatments to getting your nails done with acrylic. The acrylic will bond to your nails and at a certain point your nails just can’t take it anymore and start breaking.Maybe he’s right?? It sounds logical.Pft… I’m still giving the product 5 stars. I will proceed with caution and only use it once a week max. I bet if you get it you’ll love it, if you’re a BKT nut you will probably love it to.

Geraldine Ansted, WV

Wow is Right! As someone below said.

I don’t need serum and I don’t smoothing cream. I don’t need anything, and this product worked sooo well.Now it only needs a little little spritz because this stuff will make your heavy but ZERO frizz. It holds the style you make with flat iron exactly, and it holds ALL day long!!!Amazing! Better than John Frieda -moisturizing and no frizz fried crunchy ends, and not even after I washed my hair. Normally, you can seee the damage after you wash, but not with this stuff because it really protects hair from heat damage.I’ve always been half and half on Organix products, as I think some of it is not so good, but this is buy far the best product they’ve got. It outdoes just about everything in my hoarded hair product collection.My hair type is about 2c to 3a, as it gets more curly in the back. A few spritz and a lukewarm iron, and my curls are no where to be seen – you’d think I’m naturally straight. WOW!

Graciela South Barre, VT

I bought it I use it

I bought mine at wal mart, it’s cheaper there honestly. It has absolutely no formaldehyde! No formaldehyde cousins neither. I washed my hair, I put silk drops in, then the kenra platinum thickener, plus my argan oil by organix, I did the ever straight Brazilian keratin therapy spray, I flat ironed it, let me tell you, it’s way better than those Brazilian keratin blow outs. I was considering a Brazilian blow out, until I did research and found that it contains formaldehyde. Even the formaldehyde free isn’t truly formaldehyde free! It has dangerous levels of formaldehyde. * for those risking your health! OSHA, says that in Oregon they’ve had more complaints about formaldehyde in their Brazilian blow outs, it can cause cancer!* I think if I were any of these Brazilian blow out ladies! I wouldn’t of began using it! and I’d stop immediately for the sake of your health! Formaldehyde in these products including the keratin ones, the Acai ones, and the chocolate ones, all have formaldehyde and their cousins in it. I just would stick with flat ironing or getting it relaxed. I found the ” secret” at least for me is the combo of the argan plus the kertain oil, call me crazy , but, I use both, and I can guarantee my hair is silkier shinier, and it don’t burn, stink from the treatments, or seem damaged. I wouldn’t do cadiveu, Marie teiexiera, or the keratin for blondes, defrizzing, or the defrizzing, it’s all gonna do intense damage to your hair!

Kelsey Upland, IN

It’s perfect.

My hair is thick and curly enough to intimidate my hairdressers, who seriously stare at it in a terrified panic when I undo my hair in front of them. I’ve been trying for years to tame it including chemical straightening and and arsenal of hair products and tools. I can achieve some control by simply straightening it, but it never chic enough to wear down, only as a taming device to put it up and it inevitably frizzes and curls right back up again the second there’s any humidity in the air (which is always-I live in New England).I usually submit to defeat, load it up with gel and force it into an up-do. But the other day I experimented with an Organix Shampoo and conditioner pair I immediately fell in love, so started researching all their products. I came across this one and decided after spending countless dollars on the persuit of perfect hair, it would be insane to stop now, especially for an $8 product.After my next shower, I put in a John Frieda heat protectant cream, blow dried my hair, sprayed it with this, flat ironed, and finished off with Organix anti-breakage serum.My hair has NEVER EVER looked this good! EVER! And it’s lasted for 3 days now! THREE DAYS!!!! Now I’m the person who if it looks good and it’s on me, it has a red target painted on it, so I got intensely protective of it-don’t touch it, stay out of the humidity, don’t breathe on it, etc. As it turns out, I didn’t have to! It’s been 85 degrees and humid for the past 2 days and it’s still shining and beautiful! This stuff is a miracle in a bottle for $8!!! Stop reading this already and GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!

Genevieve Plano, IL

It was okay.

It was okay. I am not sure if it’s one of the best sprays out there but its ok and gentle to use.

Deanna Auburn, AL


Recently tried the Palmers coconut oil formula kit from Walmart but didn’t have any follow up products like a flat iron mist or conditioner so I went fishing for these. Because of all the rave reviews on Organix I decided to get their keratin shampoo, conditioner and flat iron mist from here. It arrived it great time the packaging was perfect.Well then I used the shampoo – no complaints, used the conditioner – please with the results…..On to the flat iron mist: My first thought after the 1st spray was “somebody screwed up and put rubbing alcohol in my bottle” But then sniffing the bottle I got a wif of a faint chocolate scent….Second thought: somebody in the manufacturing plant was having a drink and ended up dumping it in my bottle when the supervisor showed up. I wont taste it to verify, I’ll just stick to Chi Keratin Mist in the mean time I want my money back.

Susan Smithboro, NY

Great for Protection

My hair is normally strong,but I had a problem with my last highlighting and it had to be somewhat undone and then redone. My hair was never in such bad shape as after that and I actually had breakage at the crown. I have keratin straigtened hair so I wanted someting that wouldn’t interfere with that. It does protect my hair-use it on dry hair before flat ironing or blow drying and it does smooth and soften. I feel as though I am conditioning instead of damaging. I only gave it 4 stars due to 2 things-First, it is pricey and the size of the bottle is not that big.Second, I see no diffference in ‘shine’..but that may just be because my hair is so damaged. It is a very good protectant from heat appliances. P.S. The BEST product for damage has and always will be Nexxus Emergencee. I leave it on 5 minutes after shampoo and then condition. NOTICEABLE difference. Used to use it about once a month or so but with this recent damage, I use it every shampoo-stuff is awesome. Emergencee actualy repairs, this product protects the repair!

Coleen Hutsonville, IL


I am a West Indian girl, typically we have very thick, coarse hair. My hair is about half way down my back in addition and I have been looking for a product to speed up my flat ironing time, lock out humidity, and added shine. This product gives that! I spray each section before flat ironing and and it makes my hair super soft, shiny, and no frizz what so ever! I have tried almost all the over the counter products, and none of them can compare. Give this a shot, you won’t be sorry!

Petra Hillsboro, TX

OMG! Is all I can say!

This flat iron spray is one of the best I’ve used so far. It leaves my hair super silky and soft. It also has a nice smell and it gives my hair a great shine. I am a product junkie and I’m always on the look out for the next best thing but this will become a staple/must have. I’m in love!

Jaime Finger, TN

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Flat Iron Spray.

I used it a few times. There are two problems with the product. One, it is very hard to spray with one hand…even with two hands. The other problem is you have to have your hair dry already before spraying it. Using this spray at that point defeats having any protection from the heat, and the alcohol contents further dries the mantle of the hair.

Marquita Baker City, OR

Organic straight

Pros This product made my hair soft and easy to brush cons it did not however make it very straight or less frizzy ..I do have curly hair but have used other flat iron sprays that help this I wanted to like it it smells nice but this is not for me

Lakesha Deer Park, TX

Excellent on 4B hair. It’s AMAZING!

You know those old fashioned pens with the coiled spring mechanism to expose the point? That describes the size of my ‘coils’ almost to the letter prior to my treatment with this product. After my keratin treatment, my coils lost their frizz and increased in size….so coils turned to curls.Yes, the process is tedious. And you should definitely do it in a well ventilated area so you’re not breathing in fumes. And don’t SKIMP on the flat iron heat, 425 sounds like alot but I guess its really not. And the keratin product in your hair protects it from the heat. Be sure to part your hair in small sections and do the 5-6 passes on each section with your flat iron.I’ve watched some You-tubers who skimped on the heat and number of passes and their results were not impressive. Also, waiting the 48 hours before washing this stuff out is torturous. I co-wash at least 3 times a week, so its hard for me to take the sticky, coated feeling that one has to endure while the product works.My hair is easier to manage and is more versatile. Braid outs, twist outs etc. always turned out with frizzy ends before…as B.B. King might say, “The FRIZZ is gone, the frizz is gone away”. LOLI would recommend that you give your hair a trim (since you’re blowing it dry and flat ironing it anyway) after the keratin treatment, its the perfect time. So I trimmed off about a half inch all the way around. I don’t believe in that hunt and snip mess people are talking about. If you’re going to trim your hair, trim it so that its EVEN all the way around. But I digress. This product is FABULOUS!Oh and I did it April 23, 2012 (Its supposed to be a 30 day treatment), today is June 17 and I’m still reaping the benefits of the treatment.Major Benefits-Exceptional reduction is breakage-Makes braid outs a breeze-Hair feels smoother and silkier-Looser curls-Handling, styling, braiding is so much simplerONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT THINGOne reviewer mentioned that one bottle of Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment was enough for her and two of her friends, I’m not sure how she pulled that off. My hair is about 9 inches long all the way around. I was JUST able to complete the application with one bottle. So if your hair is longer or very thick, I’d recommend purchasing two bottles. You don’t want to run out!

Lavonne Lehigh Valley, PA


I can’t actually set my mind to this it is greasy the cocnut smell is overpowering but it does soothing the hair and kinda of light wieghted product

Alejandra Olmsted Falls, OH

i use it for the smell

This is just fine for damp hair but I don’t see any sense to spray water on your hair before heat styling. And the directions say to spray on after styling. That’s plain stupid, who in there right mind would spray water on freshly straightened hair. I did!! Aside from not much it did nothing. I like the chocolate smell but it doesn’t last. Its like watered down hair spray.good for wet sets. Better off getting the 14 day keratin treatment and styling with that if you need to put something on.

Claire Lansing, MI

Great product.

I like this heat protector better than the more expensive brands I have purchased in the past. My hair feels protected and I love the way it smells.

Emily Mount Savage, MD

Great Product

I have had problems getting the sides of my hair to grow for years now, it always just breaks off. I’ve tried a few different things but this seems to help a fair amount. It smells great too!!

Roberta Rome, IA

This is a great product to protect your hair from the flat iron.

This product worked very well not only to protect my hair from burning while using the flat iron, I was able to get a little body added to my hair and it had a great shine to it.

Minnie Hargill, TX

Smells great and definitely helps with frizz.

Although this did not get rid of all of my frizz I blame that on using a straightener for years without any protecting spray. This stuff smells great though! I am not a fan of coconut usually but the scent of this is actually really good. It is more like a vanilla-y coconut than the coconut scent I am used to. My hair did feel softer as well after using this. I wouldn’t call this a miracle cure or anything for frizzy hair, but it did make it better than when I don’t use any product. I’d say give it a try! It didn’t make my hair greasy and it made it smell awesome! Great for the days where you don’t feel like washing your hair, but still want a nice smell!

Kirsten Townsend, TN

Smells great and works if you follow directions

It smells great, and it does seem to help my hair feel softer and healthier. For the price, it is a good product. I would recommend it.

Evangelina Wheaton, MO

drys hair out

Okay first it smells amazing like coconuts but it kind of makes your hair sticky and hard to brush through after you spray this in it does help straighten but leaves your hair hard to brush and dried out

Maureen Boulder Junction, WI


I use this everyday before blow drying and straightening and spray a little in after and it makes my hair very soft!!

Marquita Minnewaukan, ND

smells sooo good

the smell is so heavenly. the words that come to mind when i use this spray are hawaiin tropic hazy summer sweet musky. I use it just as a defrizzer because I hardly ever use heat on my hair. it makes my hair so soft and silky and easy to brush through. it’s awesome. I would buy it just for the scent tbh.

Earline Warrendale, PA

It works

It leaves my hair shiny and soft. Also, I won’t straighten without it. I have been using this product for about a year now. I don’t feel the need to replace it with anything else…

Juana Union Point, GA

flat iron spray

this is good flat iron spray; smells great and works well with the flat iron; purchased for my daughter and she love it

Pearlie Benedict, MD

Very smoothing

I have fairly straight hair, but sometimes I’ll go over it quickly with a flatiron to smooth out any waves and give it some shine. I added this and it added a lot of shine and tamed my flyaways. I hate hair product that leaves my hair greasy or sticky, but this was lightweight. I often have problems finding this, since I have fine hair. This is a great product!

Nettie Dimondale, MI

Great product, crappy packaging

The flat iron spray itself was great, it smoothed my hair and made it shiny and soft to the touch. I flat iron my hair frequently so this type of product is ideal for me. The bottle broke within a few days of its purchase, so I poured it out into a different spray bottle.

Phoebe Bryant Pond, ME


use on dry hair then pass over hair about 5 times with flat iron. will be straight for days. I love it

Lauren Piketon, OH

Helps frizzies

I have very thick, course,curly hair and this product does wonders along with a flat iron. I will use it everytime I straighten my hair. Makes my hair look smooth with barely any frizzies.

Candace Shelburne Falls, MA

Makes my hair very smooth!

So glad I purchased this – it makes my hair smooth and soft. I spray it on my hair when it’s dry and then just run my flat iron through it, and it gets silky soft. Note that the bottle that arrives is a different shape than in the picture, but it seems to be the same product.

Lakisha Monkton, MD

Keratin Spray

This product seems costly, but it is worth the purchase. It made my daughter’s hair smooth and silky. She wears her hair natural, but it looked permed when she was done. We bought the blow out stuff and will comment once we try it. But this is a product to be repeated. Thanks.

Florine Mulino, OR