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OGX Conditioner, Repairing Awapuhi Ginger, 13oz

This exclusive formula repairs brittle, frizzy, unruly hair by penetrating each shaft with moisture. It’s the best remedy for repairing, mending and adding silky softness to even the driest, damaged hair.

Key features

  • Moisturize while removing build-up
  • Repairs frizzy, brittle and unruly hair
  • Safe for color-treated hair

Honest reviews


Smells great

This shampoo works well and smells great. Decent lather. Doesn’t fade my color treated hair. The conditioner is great too.

Susanna Barnstable, MA

Good conditioner

Good company, Organix. Good conditioner for smooth hair. Great smell. I use the conditioner on the front of my hair and a deeper treatment on my ends since I have thick hair that tends to flip up at the ends. This works great to smooth my hair.

Nell Rice, TX

Organix is the best of the best of the best

Nothing else to day – Best products for hair – I tried the moroccan oil (shampoo and conditioner) first and I was in love – then I continued with the rest of the different products and I cannot be happier – not even the very expensive treatments like Kerastasse or Tigi are working as good as Organix does with my hair – and for half the price or more

Rebekah Williston, SC


This was on sale at my supermarket it sounded so good. I found it on Amazon and noticed the price was better and the reviews were all very good. When I ordered it along with the shampoo, I didn’t notice it was for coarse hair that needed straightening, I was too busy imagining the smell. It arrived yesterday, I gave it a try. I have very fine hair that is completely straight. It certainly did what it was meant to do, it left my hair looking flatter than usual, but it really smelled good!

Joan Montpelier, IA

Did We Use the Same Product???

From all the negative reviews here, I’m wondering if they used the same Organix Awapuhi Conditioner that I did. I’m AA, with coarse, thick relaxed hair that hits between my shoulder blades. I decided to try the Awapuhi after I’d used the Keratin Treatment (loved it) and Coconut Conditioner (meh…).I’ve only used it once, but honestly…the reviews? I’m shocked.The conditioner is a light pink formula that spreads easily (and evenly) over the strands once the hair is wet. It’s the first thing I noticed about it, how easy it was to apply and work through my thick hair. Feels more like a thick hair cream than a conditioner, which I like a lot.I’m very particular about fragrances (seriously…I’ve thrown good conditioners away because they didn’t smell nice enough for me…like a girl’s hair should). The Awapuhi has a sweet, bubble gum scent reminiscent of bubble bath. There are some sultry base notes, too. But it’s not a bad smell at all, and not overpowering. I would even say it needed to be more fragrant….I could smell it on my hands as I conditioned, but when I rinsed, the smell was gone. Bottom line: It smells like Hawaiian Ginger. A little sweet, a little exotic, a little fragrant.Not sure about people having rashes/allergic reactions. I would say check the ingredients before using if you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin. It’s been 6 hours and I’m fine.I left it on my hair for a few minutes while I scrubbed-up and shaved, then rinsed it out. It seemed to sink into the hair really well when it was warmed up to body temperature….I can’t wait to try it as a deep conditioning mask. And when I rinsed….WOW! Hair felt really smooth and silky. Very good for a $5.00 bottle, better results than I’ve gotten with $20.00 bottles from the salon.And Breakage??? Again, maybe an allergy to the ingredients. I didn’t notice much, if any. Then again I didn’t use the shampoo, just the conditioner.I can’t wait to use this again. I think its a great budget conditioner.

Manuela Deweese, NE

Does not smell clean like Awapuhi does

Does not smell like Paul Michells Awapuhi Ginger shampoo/conditioner set and is a pretty greasy conditioner. I use maybe less than a teaspoon of this for my shoulder length haircut and still feels like I didn’t wash it out enough.The smell is more like a perfume/cologne/old lady/potpourri smell 🙁

Cherry Spring Valley, IL

Coarse Hard to Maintain Hair

My hair kept dropping by the handful, I had colored and highlighted it so much that now my hair it was embarrassing. Visiting family or friends it dropped everywhere on the table on the floor it was getting so thin and dried out my thick hair was breakingI bought it and tired it, the price was a little above my budget of regular shampoo price, but I decided to give it a try I taught it won’t hurt the smell was like ice cream very yummy but it caught my attention saying (nourishing) I laughed a little. I came home not expecting much but to just wash my hair hope for the best get dressed and go out to dinner.The smell is amazing it awakes your senses smell, touch and sight.UPDATE: It’s been about 1 months of using this product my hair is very full,I can actually run my fingers through it without it feeling hard, it drops about just 10 strands a day if even that much.

Heidi Fisherville, KY

Smells Wonderful, Decent Conditioner

I love how this product smells. It’s like a fresh fruit smoothie on my head. The consistency seems a little thin once you spread it through your hair, but if you leave it on a few extra minutes and let it soak in, it does a decent job of moisturizing your hair. It’s a little pricey for what it does. It’s no hair miracle, but I like it.The best product by Organix I’ve found is their Coconut Milk Shampoo.

Raquel Uniontown, KY

I luv OGX !!!

I have baby fine straight hair and I have never used a single conditioner from OGX that I didn’t like. This one made my hair feel soft and healthy.

Tori Rochert, MN

Great for extensions and getting rid of frizz!

I was recommended by a stylist to use the Organix Moroccan Oil products to get the frizz out of my wavy Malayasian hair extensions. However, everywhere I went the Moroccan Oil products were either sold out or too expensive. I saw this one and like that it provided protection and repaired dry, damaged hair. I washed my hair and conditioned my hair with this product. My extensions and leave out were unbelievably soft and frizz free. My hair was shiny and soft without putting the Organix Awapuhi dry oil in my hair. I put the Awapuhi dry oil on the ends of my extensions and in my leave out. My hair was so bouncy and silky when I flat ironed it, and my dry scalp felt really refreshed and my flakes were all gone. Originally, I purchased this product just for my extensions but now I want to use this product for my natural hair. The smell of these products are unique…between a grape and a floral scent. Absolutely love these products.

Eleanor Minot Afb, ND