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OGX Conditioner, Nourishing Coconut Milk, 13oz

The luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft. Sulphate free/paraben free product.

Key features

  • Sulfate free/paraben free
  • Safe for color treated hair
  • Organic coconut milk and oils

Honest reviews




Melody Pollock, LA

Awful -Wish I could give it 0 stars

I have very oily skin/hair. I am a Caucasian 25 year old female.This dried my hair out so badly. I used the shampoo & conditioner together, & then yelped as I threw $20 in the trash after 2 more uses.After my 3rd & final use, I knew I couldn’t put my hair through any more. It strips your hair of all moisture like hair stripper!!!These products are NOT organic. What a cheap marketing ploy by giving it the name Organix.It smells amazing, but not worth having a head of straw.Very disappointed.

Latonya Dillard, GA

Made my hair like straw!

I saw this in my local Target store and they had a try me now for free, special. So I decided, what the heck. I have thick, wavy long hair and it tends to be dry. I tried this in the shower and loved the smell of rich coconuts and assumed the coconut milk will nourish and moisturize my hair..WRONG! My hair came out like straw! I could barely comb through it and after I styled it, my hair was dry looking and frizzy. The scent is great but the product itself is terrible. I had hair that smelled and looked like a coconut husk! Also the cust svc for this product is the worst! I tried to get my so called “free” rebate, which is my money back. I sent the info to them in Feb and now in May almost June, still NO money. I called the cust svc line and got a woman from India who had NO clue what was going on and basically said, I have no answers, and hung up on me! I guess I can kiss that money good bye!

Cheryl Giltner, NE

The coconut milk conditioner is phenomenal…

I have used several different conditioners to try and keep my hair moisturized and replenished. With naturally curly, dry, 4b hair this is an ongoing battle at times. This conditioner for me has the perfect balance of protein and conditioning agents that actually make my hair soft and help it look and feel conditioned. I condition my hair everyday for about 30 minutes and the difference is noticeable over that last two months I have used it regularly. My hair tends to thrive on proteins and keratin so for me this a win. Very glad I found it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is not protein sensitive and has similar hair texture as mine.

Lola Bluewater, NM

must have conditioner!

if you’ve never used an organix product before i would tell you to use the coconut milk products! this conditioner is the best drug store/value store conditioner i’ve ever used for my hair. my hair is very dry and even brittle and this shampoo/conditioner makes my hair so smooth, shiny and tangle free. i love the light smell of the coconut when i use all three!

Janell Sadieville, KY

Wonderful Line of Products

I use this in conjunction with extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil and my hair is soft and has a sheen to it that my co-workers admire.

Avis Elmdale, KS

Really Like This

I never thought I would like any other line of products other than my beloved Nexus product. But it is getting so I can’t find the products I used to use; not even on Amazon. So I thought I would take a chance and try this product. I got it at the local grocery store where I was able to give it a good ‘sniff’ test, and when it didn’t make me sneeze or make my eyes water I decided what the heck.I liked the smell of the coconut and it reminded me of the days way back when when we all used to hang out at the beach and use coconut scented products with no SPF and lay in the sun all day!So I bought the shampoo as well as the conditioner and because I have ultra dry hair. the Coconut Milk Anti-Break serum. I’m glad I made all three purchases because I really think you need them together to get the most benefit for your hair. I will say that my hair is nice and glossy and soft even when I don’t use the Serum. BUT—try NOT to use a hair dryer if you can. That will make you hair just a tad dryer by stripping out too much of the natural oils.So in conclusion, I have nice shiny hair (it is color treated) and soft hair. My hair smells wonderful but the perfume is not by any means overpowering, and the serum really helps when I do on occasion use the heated flat iron.

Delores Holliday, MO

Good product

Very nice, not sulfate free which is what I expected but I’m using it up and then I’ll order something sulfate free.

Deirdre Maidsville, WV


This product makes your hair very soft and shiny, it also gave my waves more definition. Will recommend this product in the future.

Glenna Severance, NY

Seems expensive but it’s not

I really think this conditioner is what has helped my hair tremendously after using the absolutely awful Suave Keratin Infusion Kit. I stopped using shampoo, and in fact have not used shampoo in 3 weeks. I massage the conditioner into my hair, let it sit while I’m shaving or washing in the shower, then rinse out. After that, I scrunch dry my hair with an old cotton t-shirt of my husband’s, apply a little ofOne ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment 3.4 oz., a little leave-in conditioner likeSilk Elements Mixed Silk Leave-In Conditoner, and let my naturally curly hair air-dry. My hair has never looked more beautiful, and the curls are better defined.When I first was recommended Organix Coconut Conditioner by a friend, I thought, “Geez, this seems kind of spendy”; but upon buying it (locally for $5.99), I realized that because the conditioner is thicker than most other cheap conditioners, it will last longer, and therefore is a good buy.

Kaitlyn Minturn, SC

Smells like sunblock (in a good way)

I typically use only Aveda products, but this is my favorite conditioner. It smells amazing, and works so well for the price.

Louise Channahon, IL

Great price, great product!

I am very particular about haircare products because of the extensive damage I’ve done through years of coloring, blow drying, and flat ironing. Last month, I stopped using conditioner because I could not find one that wouldn’t make my fine hair limp and greasy. Because I love the smell of coconuts so much, I bought this product as a last ditch effort to find a conditioner that works with my hairtype. I am SO glad I did! The smell, the ingredients, the packaging and the price are absolutely spot on with this product! I would recommend it to anyone!

Jennifer Oquossoc, ME

A Great Follow Up To The Shampoo

The shampoo that goes with this does an amazing job making my hair soft and smooth. This conditioner is just icing on the cake. It smells delicious and I can tell it’s conditioning.Doesn’t leave any gunky residue in my hair.Would buy again!

Cleo Montague, TX

Very moisturizing

I’ve used Organix shampoos for years, and love them all. I’ve tried the coconut, teatree mint, acai berry avocado, cherry blossom ginseng, and vanilla. All have been great. I have hair that is fine but thick, long, and slightly wavy. It’s not chemically treated. I’m picky about shampoo, since I wash it everyday, and don’t want to dry out my hair and I hate any residue, as it makes my hair very oily. These are the best shampoos though, as I’ve found that they really clean my hair without being overly harsh. I also like that they don’t contain parabens.The coconut smells fantastic, but feels like it leaves more residue than the others. This isn’t really an issue, my hair just feels a bit more oily than with the other types. The conditioner might actually be better than the others for people with dry hair, as it’s thick and moisturizing.

Sophie Whitehall, NY

Great protein conditioner

When my hair is weak this conditioner has my hairs back and becomes my hairs back bone…. Love the smell it’s smells like a tropical island….

Marguerite Ripton, VT

makes hair soft, detangles

makes my course dry hair soft and comb able. doesn’t smell too much like coconut but I don’t mind the smell. I care more about how my hair feels, which is great!

Susan Frederick, PA

Leave Hair Dry and Lifeless

You would think that with those ingredients it would leave your hair on the oily side. Not so with this product. After using the shampoo and conditioner combination on color treated hair you are left with a dry mess that is in desperate need of a leave in conditioner.

Jewel Laguna, NM

Gotta love coconut

This shampoo is great and, since it’s sulfate free, my hair color lasts longer. I would recommend this to my friends and I will by this again in the future.

Minnie Athens, ME

I’ve never used a conditioner so thick and luxurious!

I had been using the same shampoo and conditioner for far too long…while I liked my old brand, my colored hair was feeling straw-like and needed a change. On my next visit to the drug store, I found the Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk shampoo and matching conditioner. I LOVE the smell of coconut and the word “nourishing” looked promising for my dry hair, so I figured I’d give it a try.With many shampoo/conditioner duos, the consistency of both products is either the same or very similar. Not with this duo! The shampoo is thinner while the conditioner is SUPER thick…like a very thick face cream or mask. This is great in every other way but getting it out of the bottle (see more on that below). I LOVE the thickness in terms of putting it on my hair and it staying there. I have thin, fine, short hair and most conditioners make my hair super limp and difficult to style if I don’t wash them off immediately after applying them. With this Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk conditioner, I can leave it on throughout shaving and cleansing my face and my hair never gets limp.The shampoo and conditioner both come in a rounded flip-top container. It isn’t the most well-designed bottle for use in the shower with wet hands. I generally don’t have a problem picking up the SHAMPOO bottle, flipping the lid and squeezing shampoo into my hand. However, the texture of the CONDITIONER makes it very difficult to squeeze into my hand. I have to use both hands to squeeze the bottle and then somehow try to catch the conditioner when it comes out. Stupid design for a conditioner this thick! If it hadn’t been for the difficulty of using the product, I’d have given the conditioner 5 stars.The smell of both products is WONDERFUL (if you like the smell of coconut, which I do). Interestingly, while I am very fragrance sensitive when it comes to perfumey scents, I adore natural scents like coconut and vanilla, so while the coconut fragrance is very noticeable, it doesn’t bother me at all.While my hair did not undergo any miraculous transformation, it is definitely NOT straw-like anymore and I’m not having the problems with flyaways that I was having before I switched to these products. My assumption is that this is because I have been leaving the ultra-thick conditioner on through most of my shower.Finally, while the brand name “Organix” may be mostly a marketing ploy, I do like that the products are sulfate free and that the bottles, even the ink and labelling, is all eco-friendly.

Kimberlee Henderson, TN

OGX rocks!!!

I love this brand!! OGX, formerly organix, offers many wonderful shampoos and conditioners and this is one of them. I have baby fine hair and this "nourishing" formula leaves my hair soft and silky without being weighed down. I have used many different high end formulas, that cost 2-3 times as much, and hardly any of them work as well as this. Lathers great and smells amazing!!!

Rachelle Chesterfield, IL


during winter i go with heavier conditioners and this one is better than their macadamia nut one. my hair just feels so amazing and shiny afterwards.

Vivian Laughlin A F B, TX