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OGX Conditioner, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 13oz

An exclusive blend of antioxidant rich cocoa nut oil along with lush keratin proteins to strengthen and soften the hair, while organic avocado oil and cocoa butter smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses, adding a brilliant glow and luminescent shine.

Key features

  • Smells great
  • Transform your hair into silky smooth locks
  • Not tested on animals

Honest reviews



They need to go back into the labs and add something more hydrating to this conditoner, it’s completely lacking in moisture and leaves your hair frizzy and feeling like straw. Stay away from this product, especially if you have very curly hair.

Roslyn Wynnburg, TN

skip the cherry blossom conditioner

This Cherry Blossom shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and that was my reason for purchasing the set. The scent lasts a few hours and then fades, which is sad. The shampoo lathers more than other Organix products I’ve purchased before. I noticed my hair felt like it had been stripped by harsh cleansers after rinsing the shampoo. From roots to tips, it was squeaky and felt raw. The matching conditioner was no more impressive. The first time I used it, the bottom 3-4 inches of my hair felt stiff even after using styling products. On the second try, I conditioned twice for 3-5 minutes each time. The result was only slightly better but who wants a rinse-and-repeat conditioner. One pro: my hair has more volume at the roots.

Adriana Chandler, IN

If this were a curl enhancer, I’d give it 10 stars

My hair was fantastically curly because of this conditioner. I mean round, bouncy curls and it was really really lovely. If I could get my hair like that, I’d wear it natural more, and I plan to this summer when I usually go natural because it’s too hot and humid to bother with straightening. If this were a curl enhancer, it’d get a 10 out of five for doing a super, super job!Unfortunately, when I bought this, it was because I was looking for a smoothing conditioner comparable to Garnier but with the awesome smell of coconut.I feel I have no choice but to give it a 1 simply because it is misleading to buyers. Yes, I would give it a 10 out of 5 stars (200%) if it were for curly hair, but this is about straight hair.Yes, I will re purchase – but only when I want curly hair. Just like someone wrote below, this seemed to clarify my hair. Clarifying shampoos and conditioners lift all residual product for a clean hair shaft, which is extremely healthy. If this were advertised as a curl enhancer or clarifier, the ratings and ravings would be through the roof.

Rosella Marshfield, MA

Smells like Coco Butter

This hair conditioner smells great, if you like a strong chocolate scent not really my favorite, as I live in a warm climate. It doesn’t seem to detangle or leave my hair smooth like other conditioners.I have found that if you leave it in the hair overnight, it works a lot better, but that’s too much work for me. I ended up giving it to my mom who uses cheap stuff normally like Suave.I’m sure she’ll love it for the smell.

Isabelle Coolidge, KS

Love Organix products, but not this!

I am a huge fan of Orgnix. I use the Tea Tree Mint shampoo and love it. The smell is delicious! The conditioner is really awful, though. It leaves my hair stiff and tangled after rinsing. It’s almost like I need to condition it again. Very disappointing.

Freida New Waterford, OH

Smells good but hard to get out of the bottle!

I am a fan of Organix products in general. So I was excited to try this conditioner. It smells awesome but is really thick and hard to get out of the bottle. I ended up using about 1/4 of it and then watering it down so that I would be able to get it out of the bottle. It made my hair feel nice but still it was annoying that it was so thick and hard to get out of the bottle.

Earlene Cosby, TN


Not as good as I expected. I didn’t feel like my hair was any more moisturized than when I used the conditioner I usually use. Not worth the extra money.

Lynn Littlerock, WA

Organix Passionfruit Guava Conditioner

I will start off by saying I love all organix products. this one also makes my hair feel super soft and it smells pretty good. the Passionfruit Guava is my not favorite smelling but it is not bad at all. I have never had hair loss like some of the other reviews with organix. I would definitely recommend it 🙂

Stacy Pershing, IN

Eh, I miss sulfates a bit.

Several months ago I gently weaned myself off my usual shampoo/conditioner (Biolage) and began looking for alternatives. Sulfate free products are generally a hit or miss for me, and this one is just so-so. Like most sulfate free products, the conditioner isn’t what you might be used to. The back of the bottle says “apply generously” and honey, they aren’t kidding. If I didn’t really slather it on, my hair was frizzy. (Prior to this I was using a different brand of sulfate free shampoo, slightly more expensive. And I had a similar issue with the conditioner.)On another note, the shampoo with this type lathers very well, which threw me for a loop. All the other sulfate-free shampoos I’ve used were a pain to lather… Or maybe I’m just getting used to it. Who knows.Overall I plan to give Organix at least a month for my hair to get used to it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll move on to something else.

Elizabeth Ossian, IA


I’ve used Organix shampoos for years, and love them all. I’ve tried the coconut, teatree mint, acai berry avocado, cherry blossom ginseng, and vanilla. All have been great. I have hair that is fine but thick, long, and slightly wavy. It’s not chemically treated. I’m picky about shampoo, since I wash it everyday, and don’t want to dry out my hair and I hate any residue, as it makes my hair very oily. These are the best shampoos though, as I’ve found that they really clean my hair without being overly harsh. I also like that they don’t contain parabens.The acai berry avocado is pleasant, very fruity. The conditioner is very moisturizing.

Ida Saluda, VA

Needs More Moisturizing

This conditioner smells good, a bit heavier on the blossom than the cherry part of cherry blossom, but it lacked the kind of moisturizing I look for in a conditioner. I had to use quite a bit just to cover my hair (which falls just below my shoulders) and when I rinsed it out my hair felt like wet straw. It was a bit better once my hair had dried, but it still lacked moisture. I’ve had better luck with other conditioners, and I’ll stick to those.

Alyce Bardwell, TX


Organix Conditioner, Nutritional, Acai Berry Avocado smells wonderful. this conditioner is very thick and clings to the hair. My hair was moisturized and very soft and shiny after one use. I’m very surprised at the results. I did not expect all this from such a inexpensive conditioner. My hair is thick and wavy. this product is great for dry, thick, wavy, curly, straight, all types of hair that needs a treat. The price is right. the results will surprise you. I luv the smell and the condition of my hair now after using Organix Acai Berry Avocado conditioner.

Terri Alcester, SD

Great Product

I love the Organix Line because they are low priced and smell good. This has a very light and refreshing, summery fragrance that is not too overwhelming. As with all the Organix line, the conditioner could work a little better at detangling hair but perhaps this is because I have long, thick hair. Overall this is another great conditioner from Organix.

Michele Wimauma, FL


I wouldn’t put this stuff in my hair & waste my time expecting anything… except to maybe smell pretty good. lol I do love this smell! I guess you can also use to help condition your legs after you shave.. it works pretty good for that. But like I said, it smells good but it’s watered down & it’s worthless to my hair. (I have waist length hair) I’ll stick to my other conditioner.

Savannah Elsie, NE