OGX Conditioner, Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil, 13oz

Indulge in rich, fortifying keratin proteins that reinforce each strand, increasing elasticity to resist breakage caused by brushing and styling, while argan oil conditions and smoothes creating a luminescent shine. Strands are strengthened from within and nourished throughout for longer, stronger hair.

Key features

  • Keratin proteins work with Argan oil to create strong, smooth, touchable hair
  • Defend against breakage, split ends and fly-a-ways
  • Grow longer, stronger, more beautiful hair

Honest reviews


This Conditioner Saved Me!!

I bought this product at Christmas Tree Shop for 6.99 along with the Coconut Shampoo because I was looking for a good shampoo/conditioner that wasn’t too expensive. The coconut shampoo made my hair feel so dry and brittle. I was scared to death because it was so hard, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to comb my hair afterwards… I was upset while washing my hair but still decided to try the keratin oil conditioner. The keratin oil conditioner instantly made my dry brittle hair (from the shampoo) soft within seconds. My hair has NEVER been that soft from a conditioner!!!! I was in the shower thanking the Lord, because I thought I would have to rewash my hair all over again with other shampoo products in my home. I definitely recommend trying different lines of the Organix products. The keratin oil conditioner is beyond fantastic but the coconut shampoo was a disaster for me. I will probably pick up the keratin oil shampoo or try another shampoo to see how it works. It just depends on your hair, and the products or cheap enough to try. Good luck everyone!

Carmen Rockford, MI

sooo soft

favorite conditioner. I have super dry and frizzy hair but when I use this it’s soft and silky. I have split ends but this works really well keeping my hair from breaking more.

Jeannine Easton, MO

nice smell

I like the way it smells and it makes my hair soft. I honestly do not know if it has any other benefits for my hair though. I’m still trying to find the "perfect" shampoo and conditioner to strengthen my hair and help it grow faster. I’m not sure if I’ll stop here.

Stephanie Bailey, TX

Good Stuff.

I don’t really know what to say about this brand except that it’s sulfate free, which makes it for me.

Sonya Kennett, MO

Works well

This conditioner works well with the shampoo of the same name for helping dry damaged hair feel and look softer. I have used it three times and have noticed a difference in my hair. It works well for overly processed hair.

Lauri Ralph, SD

I love it!

I absolutely love this condicioner! I bought it along with the shampoo and they both work great together. It leaves your hair soft you can really feel it doesn’t have alcohol and other stuff other products usually have. I totally recommend this.

Marisa Thousand Island Park, NY

very good product

This can really leave your hair feeling strong, healthy and shinny!there’s not pretty much things to say about it because is sooooo freaking good. the only thing that I dont like is the smell it has… for my teaste is very strong

Kaye Odem, TX

My hair is so soft

I love how this conditioner makes my hair feel. It is so incredibly soft. I also love the smell of my hair. I’ve tried other Organix products and loved them but this is my clear favorite.

Veronica Stottville, NY

Feels great!

As stated in the shampoo review, for some reason, I am re-growing hair with this shampoo/conditioner combination. Can think of no other change that could account for this! Also, it makes my hair feel stronger, less hair in the brush and the texture is luscious!

Eddie Dysart, IA

OGX Rocks !!!

This is by far my favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner. I like every single offering from this brand and you can’t beat it for the price. I have baby fine straight hair and this conditioner makes my hair feel so manageable without weighing it down. It’s unlike any shampoo and conditioner set I have ever found. Tons of body without any flyaways. If I had to pick just one this might be it. I’m glad I don’t have to.

Eleanor Shady Valley, TN

New obsession!

This conditioner is AMAZING. I have recently developed a love for oils for my body and hair and when I saw this I thought why not give it a try. Boy am I glad that I did. This makes my hair SO soft and best of all the smell is amazing. I am SO happy with this and def will be repurchasing!

Shelley Almena, WI