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OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus, Pre-Moistened Pads, 30 Count

Lid scrub plus formula. Soothes. Relieves irritation. Removes contaminants. Dry, scratchy, irritated eyes? The problem may not be your eyes but rather your eyelids. OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Formulas effectively remove excessive oil, debris, and contaminants that can build up on your eyelids and cause irritation. Lid hygiene can be important to overall ocular health and is often recommended to individuals with dry eyes, blepharitis sufferers, or those preparing for surgery. Feel better, look better. Start using OCuSOFT lid scrub today! Number 1 doctor recommended eyelid cleanser. Scrub plus extra strength formula combines a low-level, proprietary preservative blend that effectively relieves irritation by removing oil, debris and other contaminants. This clinically proven, laboratory tested formula is safe and effective for lid hygiene. Rinse (or leave-on if directed). Proven mild formula; Cleans, moisturizes and refreshes. Convenient, easy-to-use pre-moistened pads.

Key features

  • Ocusoft Lid Scrub Pre-Moistened Pads effectively removes oil, debris and desquamated skin from the eyelids.
  • Ocusoft Lid Scrub Plus utilizes a low level preservative blend providing a wide range of anti-bacterial activity.
  • Ocusoft Lid Scrub Plus is recommended for patients with moderate-severe eyelid conditions.

Honest reviews


Blepharitis be gone!

I was cleaning my eyelids for a few weeks twice a day with baby shampoo. It only helped for a few hours and the little sandy looking particles would accumulate again with the horrible burning eye pain.So I tried these and the sand in my eyelashes stays away for at least 24 hours. These pads sometimes make my eyelids itch which might be an allergic reaction as I seem to be allergic to everything. But these definitely are the best thing so far for blepharitis. They contain a variety of preservatives, which apparently kills the eyelid bacteria. I think the price should be half of what it is and I will start cutting these in half, and wraping the unused half back in the foil packet to keep it moist, as these are really too large anyway. These also have Ringer’s Solution to balance the ph of the lid perfectly which also helps control yeast and bacteria. Good product.edit: thanks to these I no longer have blepharitis. My eye doctor said it was a permanent condition which freaked me out but suggested I try these and I’m glad I did as I don’t seem to have it any more. I use one of these maybe once a week if my eyes feel tired and they are soothing but the blepharitis is gone for good.

Adele Cee Vee, TX

Great Product…no more pain

This product really helped the pain in my eyes which has recently started to get worse. These pads are individually wrapped, which keeps everything sanitary. I can even pack a few into my carry-on bag for long flights. It is not a one-time solution, you have to keep using them, but I find every five days is enough to keep the “grit” like pain away. I also use a warm compress before bed and that really seems to help before I use the pad. If you have that gritty eye pain (burning, etc), this could be a reasonable treatment. No harsh chemicals either….

Elisabeth Rolling Fork, MS

OK but didn’t work for me.

OK, but not as good as I was hoping. I liked the idea of not having to rinse them off like you do most other lid scrubs. I couldn’t see it helped any more and the eye Dr. recommended another product and I get it on Amazon and like it real well.

Shelly Mason City, IL

No concrete results

I randomly had a stye appear on my eyelid that would not go away. After about 2 weeks, I started looking into products and came across this one which another reviewer said helps with her styes. Extra strength seemed like the way to go and the 30 pack seemed like a good deal.Size – The pads are quite large and seem like a waste to use one each time. I would suggest cutting them in half and using one half in the morning and the other at night.Feel – The pads are not too rough and feel good. The cleansing product gives a tingle when wiped across a stye – not “ouch!” painful, by that sting that makes you feel like it’s working.Smell – Doesn’t smell like much. Might bother extremely sensitive noses, but once you’re done and moving on with your day you don’t notice any lingering scent.Conclusion – While the product gave me the sensation that it was working on getting rid of the stye, I am not entirely sure it helped. I used it for about 2 weeks and think it might have made it a bit smaller, but not enough to show without looking closely. After not using it for about a week is when the stye went away. The pads made my eyelids feel clean, but not sure if they worked or not.

Dionne Queens Village, NY


I have very sensitive skin. My biggest worry was how this would be in skin and eyes. No problems 🙂 gentle – no burning or anything irritating. I can use this for my kids. Very happy.

Elva Tylersport, PA

Eye Dr Recommeneded

My eye doctor has recommended this product and I have used it. It is expensive and personally I think you can achieve similar results from Almay Make Up Remover clothes at the same time you are removing your make up at night anyway. The Ocusoft has a gritty texture that to me is irritating to my eye lids to use it on a continual basis but I’m guessing they are trying to exfoliate with it.

Merle Sweet Briar, VA

Super product

For the first time ever I had allergies this year. My eyes itched a lot and it was very annoying.These pads were recommended and they worked.My suggestion is to cut them in half (or quarters if your so inclined). I found half do one pad was way more than enough for me. Any extra pads you can leave in a baggy.Good luck!

Adela Bolivar, PA

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus, Pre-Moistened Pads, Individually Wrapped, 30 Pads

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus, Pre-Moistened Pads, Individually Wrapped, 30 Pads Seem to work as well as expected. Do not like the feeling after use residue.

Nannie Middle Point, OH

Nothing Special

My eyelids accumulate gunk during the night and a somewhat lesser amount during the day. The morning shower cleans away the night’s supply but I was hoping that this Ocusoft would keep the daytime gunk away. It doesn’t. The pads do a nice job of cleaning the eyelids. The 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" size makes them easy to grasp and swipe across the eyelids. About a half hour or so after using these pads I notice a bit of burning and itching. This is something I do not have when cleaning the lids in the shower.The cost of these pads is $0.54/each. They serve no other purpose to me than to clean the lids. The cost of the same cleaning regimen in the shower is $0.00/per cleaning. The eyelids get just as clean, and maybe even cleaner, in the shower as they do with Ocusoft. I will stick with the shower version.

Phyllis Lake Luzerne, NY

Very Convenient

I am a Blephartis sufferer and purchased these pads to scrub my eyelids daily. Since I’ve been using this product, my Blephartis has almost cleared up.

Lea Lamar, MS

Effective after eye surgery for removing gunk in my eyes

I recently had cataract surgery. Before the procedure, my eye doctor was describing the surgery and the two kinds of Rx eyedrops I would be using afterward. He also mentioned that I shouldn’t rub my eyes for at least a week following the surgery. When I said that I often wake up with gunk in my eyes after a night’s sleep, he gave me a couple of samples of OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus and said I could use them to scrub lightly over my closed eyelids. I went ahead and ordered a box of them, and they’ve been very handy for wiping off the goo that’s in my eyes in the morning. After I use the pad, I lightly wipe off any residue with a warm, moist facecloth.I know this isn’t the typical use for these pads, but they’ve been a big help to me while my eyes heal after surgery.

Deloris Ulster Park, NY

No competition

Need it. Use it. Eye Dr. recommends… of the best. Constantly re-order when out. Service is more than exceptional Kent Oram

Lorna Caldwell, KS

Awesome for ocular rosacea!

These have been a miracle product for me. I have been suffering with dry itchy eyes, blurred vision (but only sometimes) and eyes so red I am afraid that my students will accuse me of smoking a joint before class!I tried the homeopathic remedy of watered down baby shampoo and that didn’t do anything.Then I tried these and my eyes felt so much better within days! When I ran out of them, I tried going back to the baby shampoo while I was waiting for my next shipment with no luck.Then I received my shipment and discovered I have order the regular Ocusoft lid scrubs and those BURNED my eyes so bad i returned them. So I am back to the Lid scrub Plus and I will probably never stop using it again.

Jeanine Richland, NJ

Works really well.

Both my husband and I like these pads very much. Easy to use and effective too. A bit expensive but the convenience is worth it.

Erin Mack, CO

very good

i use these for relief when my eyes are messed works great.have purchased 2 times, will again when i need more.

Patti Carlstadt, NJ

Exactly what I needed, Dr. recommended

I get little clogged tear ducts, and after I had some feeling of “pressure” on the eyelid I went in to have it checked. My optometrist said it was just clogging, and advised me to use a washcloth over my lids to “steam” them for a few minutes, then use this, and gave me a few samples. I’ve found Amazon pricing MUCH better than the local drug store (even with a coupon), so I just keep restocking from Amazon. I love that they are in individual pouches too – very easy to pop into a cosmetics pouch when traveling. I don’t use them every day unless I’m having symptoms, but try to use them at least 2x/week to keep everything clean and get the tiny of traces of makeup that even my makeup wipe & face washing leave behind.

Jannie Bandera, TX

No crustiness in the morning!

I have dry eye and wear plugs and sometimes contacts. The eyes still would be crusty and irritated in the morning. I tried this version of the product and though the paper is still a little rough I can use it. I wet the paper and use it gently around the eyes. Since using it, the crustiness in the morning and the irritation in the eye has been severely limited.

Reba Ellendale, DE


My husband thought that the individually packaged pads make it very convenient to use. It’s much easier to use than other products that do the same thing.

Lillian Folsom, WV

good cleansers

Very good cleanser for sensitive eyelids. I have had eyelid surgery two times due to infection and I keep using these to avoid infection. I wish they were cheaper and more affordable…

Mable Funston, GA

Great Wipes at a very good price

I have Glaucoma and must use drops at night. I use these wipes in the morning to clean my eye lids. They require no rinsing and leave the skin around my eyes feeling very soft and moisturized.This product sells for at least $10 more in drug stores. A very good value!

Melanie Leesburg, VA