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Ocusoft Lid Scrub Foaming Eyelid Cleanser


Key features

  • Ocusoft Lid Scrub Foam promotes contact lens comfort and may be used to remove cosmetics.
  • Dispenses a pre-lathered foam immediately upon depressing the control tip.
  • Ocusoft Lid Scrub also improves contact lens comfort and can be used to remove make-up.

Honest reviews


Not sure this is helping, but it is easy to use

I recently had a sty in my eye and ordered this to help treat it – I think it helped, but the sty probably would’ve just gone away on it’s own anyway. My mom has used this brand for her blepharitis over the past decade, so I felt it was trustworthy. I’m not sure if I have blepharitis, but do sometimes have dry skin near my eyelashes. I’ve used this since my sty and can’t tell a difference with the dry skin. I will say that it is easy to use and I’ve had no bad side effects. As far as blepharitis, I think my mom still spends more to buy the presoaked pads – not sure why, but guess she finds them more effective. I guess this product could be used with pads, but I’ve been applying the foam directly to my closed eyes with my fingertips.

Candice Cora, WY

In the Shower

I keep this in the shower and use it everyday to avoid eye issues. Does a very good job of thoroughly cleaning your eyes.

Jodi Mount Sterling, WI

I use this at the recommendation of my eye doctor. Helps

My doctor recommended this for plugged tear ducts causing me great pain. I got a small container from the doctor but when I wanted to replace, I went to Amazon and got twice the quantity for the same price.Good deal.

Bettye Mc Afee, NJ

This Works!!

This wash, when I use it daily I have the best results of ANYTHING I have ordered for chronic/severe blepharitis. Thanks!! LOVE IT CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT.

Antoinette Amagon, AR

Excellent Product

After my recent Lasik eye surgery, I developed Blephartis. My eye Dr. recommended eye scrubs thus I’ve tried many pre-packaged towelette type scrubs which all left my eyelids irritated. This product is super gentle and I did not suffer any irritation.

Maryanne Tishomingo, OK

Works very well for me

I had used the sterilid wet wipes in the past when my eye doctor told me i had blepharitis but i felt those were a bit too harsh on my eyelids. My eyes would become red and burn if i did not rinse for a good 5 minutes after wiping with the wipes. Then, I tried this ocusoft foam and with my first use i knew i would be buying this again.I use it every morning and sometimes at night. It has not irritated my eyes. Very easy to rinse off and I would say the big bottles last a good 4-6 months with daily use! The price is pretty high but I have no doubts about buying this product again and again. Using this foam scrub and my daily omega-3s has really helped keep my blepharitis under control.

Dena Buckeye, AZ

love it!

this is a great product to prevent eye styes and just to clean your eyes PERIOD! I love the fact that it removes makeup too! I’ve got eczema around my eyes and this NEVER affects it. So this is great for sensitive eyes too! highly recommended!

Dora Hudson, KS

Works and lasts a loooong time.

I have blepharitis so I use this to get rid of the flakes that appear on my eye lashes. I use this in the morning and before bed so I can go out in public and not feel self-conscious. This hasn’t cured anything but it treats the symptoms. Before this I was using the Ocusoft wipes (both the light blue and dark blue one) and those don’t last very long. One box of those wipes lasted me a little more than a month. On the other hand, this tube lasted me 6 months.For now this is the cheapest and best way to keep my blepharitis under control. If anyone has any other product recommendations or tips I welcome them.

Jeannette Redwood Valley, CA

Great for Daily Eye Cleansing

My eye doctor recommended this product for cleaning for eyelids. It is difficult to find in the local pharmacy, in fact they have to special order it. With Amazon the price is good and the delivery is fast and efficient.

Lila Rockland, MI

Prevents Mid-Day Eye Discharge

My previous optometrist had said that I have dry eyes so I thought that this lid scrub would help after reading all the reviews. I stumbled upon this by accident — had never heard of a lid scrubber. I don’t know if it really helped my so-called dry eyes, but I noticed that I get minimal mid-day eye discharge (you know that gunk that accumulates in the corners of your eyes). I only use it in the morning solely for that reason. It’s important to me because it’s embarrassing when you have stuff in your eyes. And unless you’re very careful in removing it, your eye makeup may be disturbed.I also tried it at night and it reduces discharge overnight too. But since I don’t have a medical issue, I thought it might be too harsh on my eyes to use it 2x a day. I tested its abilty to remove eye liner but it failed miserably. But that might be because my eye liner was heavy duty (Tarte Amazonian clay liner). Even Bare Minerals Active Soil Purifying Cleanser which claims to remove eye makeup could not remove it. Used my DHL deep cleansing oil–easy.I was going to clean my 14-year old dog’s eyes with the lid scrubber because he has certifible dry eyes (takes meds). But after I read the directions that it has to be rinsed out, I only used a small dab for both of his eyes and wiped off with wet cotton rounds. It didn’t seem to bother him but I don’t want to risk harming him with a human product.Great discovery and good buy.

Shelly Arnett, OK

Very effective, very reasonably priced!

This brand costs a fraction of the one recommended by my ophthalmologist. Occusoft lid scrub foam does the work very nicely, and it lasts 3 times longer! I recommend it highly!

Nannie New Madison, OH