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Octagon All Purpose Laundry Bar Soap by Colgate – 7 Oz

Colgate’s Octagon Soap is an old fashioned soap that is a versatile, economical choice for tackling an array of household tasks. A single bar of simply packaged, long-lasting Octagon Soap can perform several tasks so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple targeted products. Octagon was originally marketed as laundry soap (in the pre-washing machine era) but here’s some other household uses that I’ve wrangled up from around the web: Dish soap * Hand soap * Clothing stain remover * Acne remedy * Bug bite/poison oak and ivy remedy * Grease remover Household Uses: Cabinet/woodwork cleaner * Stove cleaner * Bathtub/tile cleaner * Tick repellent

Key features

  • best all purpose soap
  • hand soap
  • acne remedy

Honest reviews


Octagon Soap

I went to many stores, markets, hardware, drug stores and was not able to find this product locally, which I remember being in supermarkets a few years ago with the other bar soap. I don’t know why this has been removed from the shelves. It’s just soap. Plain, kind of homely looking green bar. But, well-dried! Dry soap lasts longer. It does have a strong odor, but it sudses up well. I use it for soil stains on the soles of white socks that were walked on without shoes outdoors, a bad habit! Octagon soap worked pretty well getting the grunge out. I’m not driven to go white white white, so I was pleased with the results as the socks were not new. I soaked the socks in extremely hot water, let it cool, then sudsed on a washboard. Rinsed with a tad of white vinegar, wrung em out and put on line outside to dry in sun. Smelled good, and felt and looked clean. That’s what I needed!

Leona Pelham, NC

This is a good soap for people with acne

I’ve suffered from acne for a while, and I have used a lot of drugstore acne products throughout the years. Back then, I didn’t think about what kind of products I was using on my skin, and what kind of chemicals those products contained. However, recently, I am beginning to be conscious of what kinds of things I put on my skin. After reading that this soap was good for people with acne, I ordered 6 bars online (though not from Amazon). One bar lasts you a long time! I bought them in May, and it’s now August, and I’ve only used about 1/3 of the bar. Another thing I like about it is that it good old-fashioned lye soap that doesn’t contain anything I can’t pronounce! It’s true soap. Like another reviewer said, it does dry out your skin, but after I wash my face, I just put my olive/hazelnut oil mixture on my face, and the dryness is taken care of. It’s a good soap for keeping your face clean, and it actually does help take care of your acne. I love this soap!

Bette Harwood, MD

The worlds biggest Ripoff

This soap, good as it is, is not worth $2, never mind $20.00I don’t know why the extreme rip off by this seller.There are other soaps, and as far as making my own dishwashing liquid goes, I’ll just buy Palmolive at $2 a bottle.Are these people crazy?????If you buy it, shame on YOU!In all fairness, I found out its been discontinued and its very much in demand still. Nevertheless, the price is still higher than a cats back, and should be lowered to the price of a small steak maybe?????

Anita Babson Park, FL


price needs to go down for this little gem whats old should be shared not held just for the rich what about the middle class person that loves this item! If I to harsh sorry but I use to purchase this soap and it did everything but put a whole in my hand bag.

Lilian Young America, IN

Not quite as versatile as Fels Naptha

I had a lot of trouble finding this soap at a reasonable price, and I love frugal and old fashioned products, so when I needed a ‘filler’ item to bump an Amazon order for free shipping, I added a bar. While it was ok in the laundry and dishes, I have been using Fels Naptha on my black fridge and oven door. I get some suds on a rag and soap up the appliances, then use a wrung out clean rag to wipe the suds off. It cleans better than any spray. When I tried the Octagon in the same way, it left a film. Good soap, but I wont buy it as often as my Fels Naptha.

Elba Surry, ME