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Ocean Potion Ever Glow Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Ocean Potion Ever Glow Daily Moisturizing Lotion is designed to maintain already developed color or create a subtle summer color for light and medium skin tones. Rich natural emollient improve the texture of the skin while enhancing shade retention. Also includes aloe vera, anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, and E to advance skin health. Now ever glowing, healthy skin is yours to keep 365 days a year, TRY IT… YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Key features

  • SIZE: Large 20.5 ounce pump bottle
  • DESCRIPTION: Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Gentle Skin Darkener
  • CONTAINS: Natural emollients to improve the texture of skin while enhancing shade retention
  • USES: Designed to maintain already developed color or create a subtle summer color
  • DESIGNED FOR: Light and medium skin tones

Honest reviews



This gradual tanning lotion has major advantages over other brands.Firstly, it is a huge bottle at a cheaper price than all other brands.It actually moisturizes your skin. I put it on (at least) twice a day, just like I would with normal moisturizer. It makes your skin so soft and smooth. I have used other tanners by Dove, Jergens, Hawaiian Tropic, Loreal, etc and NONE of them felt like they moisturized my skin at all after the first few minutes.If you want faster tanning results, use at least twice a day. If you have an event or just want a quick tan, I would recommend using it 3 times a day, the first day and then you can see results the next day. The bottle says it takes 7 days til you reach the tan, but it does not take that long at all, especially if you use it more than once a day.It does not turn you orange! That is a huge plus. The tan color that you get looks so real and natural. It does not produce a funky color at all. This is one of the huge advantages. With other tanners, especially if you use them more than once a day, everyday, you end up with an extremely “fake” orange looking color. Not attractive! Ocean Potion though gives you a simply beautiful tan. It does not cake up on your skin either.. when you get a shower you don’t wash it off and it won’t streak at all. With the Dove brand tanner, when I would shave my legs I could actually see the “tan” scraping off and buildup on my razor. Yuck! Of course then the tan would be gone.This product does NOT have a nasty smell at all! This is the other huge benefit. Every single tanner I have used in the past has that unique self tanner smell to it. Not this stuff! It has a fruity smell. It does not linger on you too long afterwards, but that is not a bad thing either. It is definitely much better than smelling like the alternatives! Ocean Potion reminds me of a Fruity Pebbles cereal type smell. It may not be something you want to particularly smell like, but like I said, it is MUCH better than having that funky self tanner smell! On a side note – for whatever reason, when I apply it to my chest and stomach, it actually smells exactly like pink bubble gum lol. I don’t know if it is just my body chemistry or what, but it is weird because when I apply to my legs and arms, I definitely smell the fruity smell…but once I do my chest and stomach I immediately smell pink bubble gum.I love the pump bottle. It is so much easier to dispense and less messy. The pump does not get the nasty brown gunk like with the tanners that come in the tubes or “regular” bottles.This is an excellent product and works better than any other self tanner I have tried. It has so many advantages over the other brands. If you are going to the beach, or a beachy area, you can count on being able to find this product very easily and at a better price too. I live in PA, but vacation alot in MD and I buy it down there for about five to six bucks per bottle. I pick up a few bottles every year so that I am stocked up. The stores on the boardwalk always carry it as well. I can never find it here in PA. Several years ago they had it at Wal*Mart here, but I haven’t seen them (or any other store) carry it since then, even though they do have other prodcuts by Ocean Potion. It really is a good brand and at such a great price. Their Aloe and After Sun products are excellent too. Most all of their products you can find in these huge pump bottles and they are such great value when compared to other brands that always cost more and come in a smaller bottle or tube.If you are looking for a great self tanner, or would just like to keep the tan you have, this is the perfect choice! It works as promised, actually moisturizes your skin, smells yummy too and is cheaper than all other brands. What could be better?

Lydia Coffey, MO

Smells like Bubble Gum ! (n_n)

Due to medications I take I can’t have extended periods of sun exposure so sitting out in the sun to tan wasn’t an option for me to get some color onto my skin. I wanted a tan on my skin for many different reasons. One of them is due to shaving my legs I’ve developed enlarged pores so my legs look like I’m wearing poka-dot leggings or something. I heard getting a tan helps make them less noticeable. I figured tanning lotions were my only route to getting a tan since natural sun is out for me. I browsed through ALOT of different types and many were expensive and complicated to understand. I found this product and was happy with the price, easy understand how to use just rub it on like any other body lotion or cream. It smells like bubble gum. I even got my fiance using it cuz he seems to be allergic to sunlight. He breaks into a rash where he got sun exposure. So this worked well for the both of us. I’m gonna continue to use this product as I’ve noticed my skin is really soft after using it and I have begun to notice a slight difference in skin tone. Hope they have this product year-round and not just for the summer. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a even tan safely and easy.

Hannah Alden, NY

Actually smells good. No streaking!

I love this gradual self tanning lotion. It is the ONLY stuff that I have found so far that doesn’t have that nasty self-tanner smell that I have grown to hate. The tanning is very gradual, so you do have to work up to the tan that you want, but in the meantime, it is a good moisturizer and you don’t stink. All good.

Marian Comstock, MN

My Favorite Self-Tanner

This stuff works so well. Smells so good, unlike most self tanners. When applied correctly it doesn’t streak. You must wash your hands after applications. However, if you sweat a lot working outside or working out or you get sunburn it will start to peel off. But you can just exfoliate and go for it again. It’s my favorite& it’s affordable from a brand name I have always known. I used it for my wedding. Great

Ericka Stella Niagara, NY

love this stuff

Got this when my usual Hemp Tanning lotion was out…LOVE IT!It has a little bit of a cooling effect to it on the skin and almost feels a little tacky before dry, but all in all LOVE IT.I feel like with my old stuff (also have tried Jergens) the build a tan would wear off in places. This doesn’t show any sign of wear. That or I"m completely oblivious and just haven’t gotten any color from it :-)I use this daily and once a week use the Loreal Tanning wipes to maintain good color throughout the year.

Melisa Pittsfield, NH

Love it ! it smells amazing 🙂 !

I keep reordering it because I like the consistency ( easier to apply than Jergens ) and the smell,it is a big size so it will last you long and the tan effect is nice and subtle !

Ethel Abington, PA

Awful smell

Very strong offensive smell. Could not use it long enough to get a good sense of the color because I found the smell so bad. I just could not bring my self to go out in public with the scent. It might just be a preference thing but I could not stand it.

Jewel Blanco, NM