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OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel

For years, photographers and makeup artists have used a secret weapon for shine-free results: OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel. With OC8’s 8-hour formula featuring ACRYSORB®, micro-particles trap facial oils to reduce shine and redness for up to eight hours. You’ll get beautiful, worry-free results that last all day. OC8 is clinically proven to reduce shine and improve the appearance of facial foundation. It can be used after your regular facial cleansing and moisturizing routine and before applying makeup.

Key features

  • 45g = 1.58oz
  • Shine, without looking shiny.

Honest reviews


Got the new version

I ordered OC8 in the past, the picture shown above is the one I got previously and that one worked great. Although it didn’t last 8 hours it lasted a good hour or 2 and left my face matte not shiny. However when I ordered this through Amazon, I got the newer version, not pictured above. That one does not work at all! It leaves my skin slick and shiny and does not matte at all. Not sure if I was sent a fake one or not but it did not work.

Angel Kimberling City, MO

it is perfect for oily skin

i cant believe that i have finally found a primer that works great for my oily skin . i have tried so many expensive product likesmash box, Murad, Sephora anti-shine primer, peter Thomas Roth gel just to mention a few. this mattifying gel works. i recommend it to everyone. tip on using this product is to apply a thick layer on your T-zone and a thin layer on the other areas of your face and then let it dry for a about 25- 30 minutes. trust me it works great when you let it dry. it is a huge tube so you are getting a lot for your money. if you are thinking of buying it PLEASE TRY IT, BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Greta Pelham, NY

i cant believe it works–for extremely extremely oily skin

i have struggled with oily skin since high school. i have used every astringent , mask , powder known to man. i googled oily skin and looked for products and i saw this one on web md. i figured what the heck-its 35 bucks and i’ll see if it works. well today was my first day and i am super pleased with the results. usually i have to pat my self down every 10 minutes but this has worked for at least 8 hours . i highly reccomend this.

Cynthia Milan, IN

OC eight professional mattifying gel

I received this as a sample and couldn’t wait to order it! I was so pleased I found it on Amazon. This is one of the best products I’ve found to help 50 plus skin looks more radiant! This product will now be a staple in my make-up routine!

Jasmine Great Bend, ND

Just ok

I have very oily skin. This seems to help, but it only lasts about an hour. It does make your skin feel very silky before putting on your foundation, so that’s good.

Beth Edenville, MI

Best oil absorber ever

I have had oily skin all my life and now as a middle aged woman living in the south, it is worse than ever. I have tried many products only to waste my money. My dr. told me about this product years ago and I never tried it. Now I will never stop using it. It is unbelievable! Just make sure you let it set a few minutes before applying makeup. Even when I’m out in the heat, it does an excellent job.

Tamera Eastpoint, FL

Leaves my face shine free!

This gel is amazing. I have very oily skin and this leaves my face shine free from the morning to the time I get home. I always put on underneath my make up. I can barely feel it. I’ve been buying it regularly and will continue doing so.

Sophie Munnsville, NY

Did not work for me 🙁

I am sorry but this did not work for me. I am African American with super oily skin. I have tried Cliniques’ Pore Perfecter & it works great with controlling shine & blurring pores!!!

Ruthie Brielle, NJ


It just works that’s all I can say…. tried 10 or more different products in the past… I recently received this is my GlossyBox (a full size at that):) so I’m really happy ’bout that! I used as directed basically I used a very liberal amount let stand at least 10 – 15 minutes before applying makeup… and I stayed pretty flawless all day long…. I’m very please with the results….I move around a lot at work and usually get shiny but this kept the shine away! I love this stuff! I’m happy I was introduced to this…. and will continue to buy this product! my search for the perfect mattifying product is over!

Aurora Cleveland, MN

Wonderful gel

I love this gel. I have tried many-many other brands (cheaper and more expensive) and always came back to this one for one reason – it makes my face look mat. I mean it makes my skin less oily (although there are few other lotions that do the same) but it also has a huge benefit – my face looks mat after I apply it so I don’t need to cover it with powder to get rid of the shine (I had this problem with lots of mattifyers). I does control shine but it also looks mat on your face. And I would even add that it visually whitens my face – another words, it might be a good primer for some people. If your face color is good in general and your only problem is oily skin, this product may make you look fabulous. Maybe little bit of loose powder and that it’s. But it doesn’t fill my pores or fine lines.The product itself is not cheap but … I couldn’t find anything more affordable and as good as this gel. It gives me about 6 hours of no shine which is more than anything else. No rush (but Ia m not an allergic), make-up applies easy if you let it dry for few min and it doesn’t cake afterwards. Although there have no improvements with my acne like some other people told.I am really happy with this product but I wish it was more affordable. One tube lasts for about a month (using it twice a day).The reason why I gave this product only 4 stars because recently when I purchased it online (as I have been doing it for about a year) for some strange reason I received another product (mattifying gel, white-purple tube, the same brand). First time I though it was just a mistake but then it happened again, and again, and again. I tried to contact the seller directly by email or phone and ask why, but always ended up talking to the Amazon Customer Service (which btw has been amazing). Both times they issued full refunds and let me keep the wrong product which was kind of nice. Not sure if there is a difference between the original (what you see on Amazon) and the one that I get but if i buy something – I expect to receive what I pay for. So I am a bit frustrated…

Cheri North Branch, MN

love this stuff

I have a very oily forehead and wear bangs so my dermatologist recommended this and it’s great. I don’t need to shampoo my bangs daily and wash my hair every other day due to the oil on just my forehead.

Anita North Myrtle Beach, SC