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Obagi System Professional-C 20% Vitamin C Serum, 1-Ounce Bottle

Professional-C serum with Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals at all layers of the skin, before they damage skin cells and accelerate aging. Provides superior antioxidant protection with deep penetration. Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% is suitable for all skin types.

Key features

  • Contains high concentration of Vitamin C to neutralizes free radicals at all layers of the skin before they damage skin cells and accelerate aging
  • Superior delivery system, resulting in greater penetration to all layers of the skin
  • Maximum daily antioxidant protection
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews



Everyone keeps yapping about how the color should be YELLOW when in fact the serum turns yellow once it becomes oxidized and old. Fresh Obagi Vita C serum is CLEAR in color. I know this for a fact because I purchased this serum from from (which happens to be an authorized seller of Obagi items) just so I could see if there truly was a difference. And let me tell you I am extremely pissed off that I spent $100 on the same exact serum that I have been purchasing on Amazon for $40.Not to mention, the results from this product speak for itself. It completely transforms your skin, “knock off” or not.I cant believe people are upset that their serum is not yellow. YELLOW=OLD!

Evelyn Thendara, NY

A Great Find through Amazon

I have been told by my dermatologist and facialists how important applying vitamin C serum is to the skin especially as we age. Although I look younger, at 62 I’m doing everything I can to maintain a youthful appearance and keep wrinkles from forming…so far so good. I use the 20% serum. The reason Vitamin C is important is that it helps slow down the aging process by preventing free radical damage. Long-term topical use has been clinically shown to actually regenerate collagen and improve the appearance of wrinkles. It’s supposed to lighten pigmentation and brighten over all skin tone. I do see the brightening, but I don’t think it has done much for any brown spots yet. So while my skin is relatively unlined naturally, I believe that this serum is helping keep it that way. And, I love the way it feels going on. My skin is or was mostly dry and I think using this Vitamin C serum has made a difference…my skin doesn’t feel as dry as it used to. I use other skincare products by Sunday Riley and Dead Sea cosmetics too so it could be the whole combination is working for me. Anyway, you just need to apply a little of the serum…it’s a bit oily but it dries immediately as it goes into your skin. And your skin really glows. The bottle has a dropper so you can easily monitor how much comes out and because you need only a few drops, this bottle will last you possibly 6 months or so which brings me to the other great thing about the price through Amazon. It’s about half the price of what they sell Obagi for in spas and directly on line. So this is an incredible value at about $40 instead of $80 elsewhere. By the way, I have used several Obagi products and really like them. The exfoliating cleanser and day moisturizer are excellent as well and the people at my dermatologist’s office speak highly of Obagi products as well…which is a valuable testimony for me and I pass it on to you. By the way, since my hands are so dry and also have some very light brown spots, I’ve been using a few drops on my hands everyday too and it has helped a lot.

Rosa Hayes, SD

Still trying it

I have purchased a bottle of this serum in the medical spa where I have regular facials. In the past I used Obagi eye cream which was wonderful cream to put around the eyes. I like the fact that this serum is made of Vitamin C and it is supposed to help with hyperpigmentation. I have noticed a small brown spot on my forehead (probably sun damage) and I am hoping that with regular use of this product hyperpigmentation will go away.I am using Eminence Probiotic Moisturizer at night and Lancome cream with SPF during day. My skin looks very good and it is very radiant. If I do have issues it is related to acne. But lately combination of all of these products that I use day and night is making my skin look and feel great. I also use once a week skin peel and leave it on for as long as possible. I have noticed significant improvements after using peel. Not to mention that I have a professionally done facial once a month, which for me is a must. Creams alone will not make your skin look good. At least not long term.

Lupe Baileyville, KS


It was a good product, it turn a little flaky around the edge of the bottle but the serum work good.

Carmela Novelty, OH


This is the best C- Serum I have ever used… And I have tried all of them! Been using this for 4 years & will continue to. Makes skin soft & glowy.

Elda Kerens, WV


My skin is very sensitive and I had not had any issues with this products. It goes on smooth and easily. I am noticing a brighter skin. I am happy with this product and would purchase again.

Gay Alexandria, PA

Still thinking about this one

This is my second time around for this particular product and the jury is still out. It does not hydrate the skin, but I must like what I see or I would not have bought it again.

Tracey Crucible, PA

Genuine Product?

I was excited to see this product on Amazon for so much less than you can get it somewhere else, but after using it a few weeks I’m not sure this product is the real deal. It developed an unpleasant smell and doesn’t feel like a 20% formulation. Buyer beware! I will not be finishing the bottle.

Alma Ayden, NC

Authentic and awesome as usual

I received my serum in less than 2 days. Great packaging and the glow on my face doesn’t lie… The mornign after my first application my hubby said "wow, your glowing, your skin looks great!". Enough said.

Georgia Hagerstown, IN


I love all Obagi products. It was recommended to me by my wonderful dermatologist. I especially love the C serum and use it every day to even my skin tone.

Emilie Saint Hilaire, MN

Fan for life…

My skin hasn’t glowed like this in years. A little back story – I have exzema on my face (mouth, nose, forehead & hairline) and have had it since the age of 14. I use a prescription topical cream everyday which makes my skin very oily and dull looking. Fast forward – Not only does this serum make my skin glow, it has also lessened the effects of the exzema! My recent visit to my dermatologist said it all for me. Once he looked at my face, he immediately asked what I had done to my skin. I told him that I have been using this serum and he was totally amazed at how I looked. He offered to write me a prescription version of this serum but I told him I’d rather keep using this, as it seems to do wonders for me. I no longer use my topical prescription cream everyday, as prescribed. I know use it maybe twice a week. Goodbye dull oily skin… Hello fabulous glowing woman!I am a fan for life!

Lindsey Clayton, MI

Obaji 20% Vitamin C

Sold in nicer spas and salons. Product goes on a bit oily – though light-weight. I have recently learned however, that it is better to mix a powder form of vitamin c with an oil or HA and apply immediately to the face. Pre-mixed versions do not have the potency of just mixed vitamin C, so I no longer use this product.

Tammy Stanford, CA

Great Price, Great Product

Obagi can be very expensive when you are doing the total program. I searched Amazon and this was the best price for this product.

Naomi Mechanicville, NY

Best you can get.

Obagi is the true deal. The 20 is the perfect percentage for everyday use. No additives. I will buy again.

Bethany Lake, MI

good product

Have been using this for years. Used to put it on at night. Now use it in morning under sunscreen. Much better results.

Cheryl Cecilton, MD

Obagi Products

Obagi products are all wonderful Everyone of them is awesome. i have been using them for about 2 yrs now and love them However I was disappointed when i ordered 2 cleanser, they were going to charge me double the shipping. i cancelled it and sitched to Obagi Gentle cleaners

Casey Kerr, OH

My face looks great after obagi

Iv’e been using obagi for 1 year now, Im 41 and so amny people compliment me on how great my skin looks. I use C Serum daily.

Kris Elephant Butte, NM

I love Obagi C serum

I have been using the Obagi 15% C serum which I love. I’m sure I will lovethis stronger potion. The serum reduces lines and my skin looks clearer.This prices on Amazon are amazing!

Nannie Margaretville, NY

Highly recommended, just not for me

This product was recommeded to me by a couple of people, but it turned out to be a little strong for me. I have tried to use it on two ocassions, and both times it has irritated my skin and caused redness. Don’t think it agress with my skin type.

Araceli Lukachukai, AZ