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Obagi Nu-Derm Toner 6.7 Fl. OZ.

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner contains a refreshing blend of natural ingredients and herbs that hydrate and tone. May be used alone or as step 2 in the Obagi Nu-Derm Transformation System. Prevents premature signs of aging, allows other treatments to work more effectively.

Key features

  • Prevents premature signs of aging
  • May be used alone or as Step 2 in the Obagi Nu-Derm Transformation System
  • Allows other treatments to work more effectively

Honest reviews


not the real obagi

Cherie Erskine, MN

The best toner

I’ve been using Obagi for almost 3 years now. My skin feels refreshed after cleansing and the product balances the ph levels back to normal range. It doesn’t not irritate my sensitive skin at all. It’s very gentle and soothing. I have oily skin, thick skin with monthly blemish breakouts as an adult. This product is great for sensitive skin. This is a “splurge” must have item for me.Update Feb. 13, 2013:I stopped using the Obagi line simply because it didn’t work for me after years of using it. Our skin’s needs changes with time, stress level, hormonal changes, etc. and I needed to find a different product that would control my oily adult acne skin. A woman from Ulta stores recommended the Exuviance oily-acne skincare line that I just began using 4 days ago. Only time will tell how this new product will affect my skin. So far, so good. Great mild scent and gentle on the skin.

Peggy Hamburg, PA

Don’t really see the point

Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. Although I think its Obagi’s way of getting even further in our pockets. The only reason I’ll continue to use this product is that it claims that it restores your skin’s ph in order for the other stuff to work. Since I can’t tell whether this is true or not..I’ll just have to take their word for it.

Adrienne Wyaconda, MO


I like this toner. It doesn’t dry my face out. Other than that it does noting else for me. It supposedly restores the pH of my face. Why the pH of my face is important I don’t know. I probably won’t buy again.

Lynnette Lamont, WA


This toner has eliminated my break outs. I took a couple weeks off of it after it ran out last time and broke out like before I started using it. I will make sure to order ahead next time!

Ida Dalton, PA

love it

I found this after I got a facial. I use it with the foaming cleanser and the brush and my face feels so clean and smoothe. I like using the other products in this line. I can really see a difference in my skin. I have a lot of sun damage (lived in the sun and tanned like crazy)

Melody Gallman, MS


After washing, toner feels like it is the topper, takes the last of the skin and cleans it up, then proceeding to the next step your face feels refreshed and ready for the day

Michell Campbellsburg, IN

Very claming for the Nu Derm system

Love this. I started Nu Derm 3 weeks ago but just added the toner. It’s helped a ton with the irritation you get while doing Nu Derm.

Corinne Kahuku, HI

Best toner I have ever purchased

I recommend this brand to all my friends and family members. My daughters and I suffer from acne problems. This toner does not dry out our skin and it helps with reducing pore sizes as well. My skin has never been clearer in 47 years of using acne products. My friend went to a dermatologist who also recommended this toner, but at a much higher price.

Betty Oconto Falls, WI

Makes my skin dry

I have high expectation for this product, because it’s a bit pricey, so if you ask for higher price then give a higher quality. However, it neither makes my skin more bright nor brings more moisture. Actually I already put this product aside for a while. If you need a more moisturizing toner, don’t buy this one.

Carmela Gardner, LA

its ok

I do like it , but Proactiv toner has a fresher smell , I’m going back to Proactiv

Annmarie Holyrood, KS

… smelling very bad- I wonder if it should be like that or it is just old- now happy-

mine was smelling very bad- I wonder if it should be like that or it is just old- now happy-

Gabriela Pony, MT



Emma Lund, NV

Good Toner

It goes on the skin easy and will close my pores sufficiently which is great because I have large poreswhen not using this product. So it does what it’s supposed to.

Marisa Tioga, TX

longtime user

the toner is gentle and has a nice scent which is not strong at all or like some of those alcohol toners. i like the obagi sytsem it leaves my skin smoother and brighter

Rosella Beaver, PA

Obaji products are the best!!

Obaji products are some of the best skin care options available. I recommend using the Toner and the Gentle Cleanser together. You really don’t need too much else except a good face cream. Amazon prices on these products are really good. I have purchased them from a dermatologist and they are more expensive. I highly recommend these products.

Theresa Etna, WY

Good product, fast shipping, half the price

My wife cannot go out in public without the use of these products. She can buy them at half the price we’d pay locally and the business ships super fast.

Carolyn Hallsville, OH

Great Product

I use this with the rest of the Obagi line. My face is the best it has been for years. I buy this from Amazon & never regretted it.

Araceli Swifton, AR

Facial Toner

Love, love this product! Big improvement in my skin, only need to use a little at a time, no harsh smell or drying my skin. Face feels clean and refreshed.

Avis Drakesville, IA

Love Obage

Have used and loved entire Obagi line for years. Highly recommend for aging skin but start early ……… you won’t be sorry!

Etta Center Tuftonboro, NH

Five Stars

skin is great

Lottie Armagh, PA


Obagi is a permanent part of my daily routine. This is an important part to keeping my skin glowing and smooth.

Melinda Winterthur, DE

love this toner

a great prodcut that does not dry your skin out but blances out the oily and dry areas. I love all the OBAGU products

Michell Brookfield, CT

Very nice

I use this product twice daily, am and pm. It is a perfect toner and feels great. I have used it for years and will continue to do so.

Lacey Newman Lake, WA

Long time Obagi fan

I have been using obagi for many years now. Toner is part of a 5 part system. I got rid of uneven skin tone and sun spot using the obagi system

May Onida, SD

I like it…

I do not use the Obagi line, however, I did years ago. The line I currently use (for four years) does not have a toner and I wanted to include in my daily skin routine. After reading all the reviews and ingredients I thought I try Obagi. The scent is pleasant and it felt good on my skin. Unfortunately, after one full day of use (morning & night) it made my skin too dry due to the witch hazel. I was hoping with aloe vera in the ingredients it would’ve helped but it didn’t. I’m bummed! I still believe Obagi is a good line — it’s just didn’t work for me.

Aurora Readfield, WI

Great Toner

I really like the Obagi products. The toner does a good job at neutralizing my skin after washing it. It doesn’t make my skin feel dry afterwards like other toners.

Bernadette East Killingly, CT

Obagi is simply The Best

I use only Obagi skin care and my skin looks great. I get told often what great skin I have.

Amber S Coffeyville, OK