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Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel 6.7 Oz

Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser 6.7 oz, Rinses clean while soothing delicate skin. Ideal for dry and delicate skin. Specially formulated to calm skin as it cleanses.

Key features

  • Rinses clean while soothing delicate skin
  • Ideal for dry and delicate skin
  • Specially formulated to calm skin as it cleanses

Honest reviews


awsome product…

This is one of the best face wash ever!!! I had used many brands, many just leave your face with”too much”… slippery…or dry. My skin is combination, dry to normal, this is perfect for me. The smell is wonderful, nice. This product leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Love it and highly recommend it. The seller is one of the fastest on delivery service, received my product in matter of 2 or 3 days, on standard shipping!!! Got an excellent product.

Celia Wainwright, OK

I will used this soap for the rest of my life!

I originally bought this product from my dermatologist office, and later found it on Amazon for a better price. This is the best facial wash I’ve ever used. It leaves oily skin clean and smooth without over drying. I will never look for a new product again! I’m very pleased with Obagi products.*update* I still use this wash and love it, but I’ve given up on the Obagi eye creams. They are nice, but I can’t justify the price because they only moisturize my skin, as opposed to the other things they claim to do. But this wash is the best — time to order more!

Bettie Oakland, MS

Very good product

use it morning and night and it leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. You can put your makeup on over it with no residue.

Leann Jefferson, AL


I am a big fan of the Obagi skincare products. But to be very honest, as far as any "whitening" goes, I think I had better results with the Obagi C then the Nu-Derm. The scent is exactly the same as the C line. Very clean and refreshing.

Rowena Elsie, NE

Great for Very Oily Skin with Adult Acne

I’ve tried many products out there, expensive types or the over the counter items easily available. However, of all the systems I wasted my money on, this is the ONE. This cleanser is the ONLY cleanser that actually washes away the mineral makeup, my greasy oily face, and leaves my skin clean! It doesn’t irritate of overly dry.I am using the whole complete Obagi Nu-Derm system. I am now on their Maintenance Program and my skin is smoother, brighter and supple! I’m glad I can purchase this wonderful cleanser from Amazon and not have to go into my Derm’s office to buy it.Update: Feb. 13, 2013:I am not using the Obagi system anymore because after years of using this line, it was not doing anything for my skin anymore. I believe because as time goes on our skin’s conditions change with the weather, our health, stress level, hormonal changes, etc. Sometimes you have to switch to a different product when such said product does not produce marked improvements.Currently, I am using the Exuviance Acne-Oily Skincare line that I purchased at Ulta, after the saleswoman told me it had helped her adult acne and oily skin. We’ll see, as only time will tell how this will work for me.

Emilia Castorland, NY

Obagi nu derm foaming cleanser- love it!

I have finally found the perfect product! I have used for a week and my face is clear! I have tried so many products and it seemed they only made my breakouts worse. I will never buy anything else after using this. It only takes a drop so will last a long time. I highly recommend!

Yvonne Cedar City, UT

Like it a lot.

Have used this on and off for the past seven years…..really like it! Great cleanser for oily to combination skin.

Brooke Dallas, IA

longtime user

this is a gentle cleanser & i have oily skin – even at 51 yrs old! the obagi system leaves my skin smoother and brighter

Elisa Oak Ridge, LA

Breakout City

Sulfates! This product broke me out with cystic acne on my forehead, chin, and nose. Also, it’s very drying and I have super oily skin – like wash face at 8am and tiny beads of oil on my nose by 9am. So disappointed by the product.

Beulah Dos Palos, CA

Wife cannot live without these products

I am blessed to have a 50+ year old wife who still looks 30, and people are always asking her how she looks so young. Her answer is Obagi and she cannot imagine life without it. Here in Texas, many of the Obagi products are virtually by prescription or completely banned, so mail-order is the only way to get them and at a reasonable price.

Barbara Hartford, CT

I love this line!

I love these products. I have tried many different product lines and this is the best is you want an even skin tone. I recommend this line for people with problem skin.

Verna Sumner, MI

The best in many ways

It would scare a person to see their actual skin with the build up of what some cleansers leave.This cleanser is gentle yet highly effective. It is a definite must if you are using the other ObagiNu Derm products and to me a must even if you weren’t.

Maureen Bernardston, MA

love this

I use it with the circular brush and it makes my skin feel so clean. I use it with the toner and really notice a difference in the way my skin feels using this product vs. other products.

Tracey Vance, MS


This Obagi line is supposedly really popular with a lot of people. Those that love it, really love it and those that don’t think this line is the worst for your skin since it does dry out skin. A couple years ago, my mom tried to get me to use the facial wash and toner and I found the toner pretty ok at exfoliating my skin without drying it out (after all, it’s supposed to balance your skin pH out). The face soap did make my skin feel really dry and since I heard that’s not good, I stopped using everything. Then lately, my skin started becoming really oily and I just happened to pick up using my mom’s face wash again. My skin was so greasy, oily, and sticky and after a good wash and dry, my face felt clean and pretty matte. The one thing that bothered me is after lathering and I am trying to rinse the facial soap off, I feel like I cannot wash all the residue off. The feeling is like an oily film on the face and I know I have tried by best rinsing all of the soap off. Oh well, I don’t know what that was about but it’s worth using. This is a popular line for spas and skin professionals so it’s not a cheap product. The price seems pretty decent, here, on Amazon.

Mollie Hamilton, MO

Great stuff

I love this cleanser, it has a very clean fragrance and cleans your skin without drying it out which is what I look for.

Cleo Port William, OH

Great cleanser

I use it as part of my obagi nu derm regimen & I love it. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean but doesn’t dry it too much. I also use it when I’m off the regimen.

Antoinette Graysville, AL

Best face cleanser!!

I have been using Obagi foaming gel for years and is, by far, the best face cleanser on the market. It does not dry out your face, but it removes every bit of make-up. I have tried other brands, but when you follow with a toner, the cotton pad always ends up looking like I never washed my face first. This product removes all traces of make-up and never dry out your skin. As long as I use this product daily – I have less break-outs and no dry patches.

Deidre Paton, IA

Great Price for a Terrific Cleanser

This product leaves my skin soft and supple. I always look for the best price on this product on Amazon Obagi had it this time.

Adrienne Ocracoke, NC

Skin looks great

The smell alone is enough to keep me buying this but it also works great. Lightly foamy and clean smelling product.

Diane Winnebago, IL

The best

Have used Obagi line for years and love it. Cleanser is the best ever. Highly concentrated so you use a tiny bit … lasts a long time, deep cleans without being harsh.

Glenda Table Rock, NE

Part of my Obagi regiment

Part of my regiment family. Obagi is part of my daily and nightly routine which keeps my skin smooth and glowing.

Lillian Beacon Falls, CT

Didn’t work for blackheads.

It didn’t cleanse my skin that I still need to use number 2 to totally clean my face and so it makes my skin dry. So it didn’t get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads.

Terra Stetsonville, WI

Great smell and cleansing, but does not improve acne

Pros: I bought this after it was highly recommended by my esthetician. It has an amazing scent and made my skin feel clean and fresh. It was gentle on my sensitive skin.Cons: I am acne prone and this did nothing to help decrease my acne. I so badly wanted a more natural solution, but I am back to salicylic acid type products.

Nelly Fredonia, KY

Great soap

When you wash, this makes your face feel clean, no soap residue, then continue with steps 2-4 and yor ready for the day

Libby Deep River, IA

I like this cleanser

This is a good cleanser to clean my face. It is gentle and smells good. My face feels really clean after i use it. But most importantly it doesn’t break me out.

Ella Columbiaville, NY


Smells great! Skin is soft and smooth with matte finish. I also use Exfoderm and my skin is slowly transforming into younger, fresher skin. Using for 2 weeks from today’s date.

Ofelia Piney Creek, NC

Dermatologist recmnded. Great stuff.

A dermatologist recmnded this for reactive, sensitive skin. She’s right . It’s gentle yet thorough. Sometimes a gentle cleanser doesn’t get the face clean but this one does yet without “stripping” it. No burning or “drawn” skin. Just clean & happy.It’s oil free if that’s important for you.

Leonor Reddell, LA

great product line

I use the obagi system for years now. This cleanser is the product of choice for me and works great

Aisha Afton, MI

Best Face Cleanser Ever

I have used this product for 10 yrs. and love it for my face. A Very little of this product goes a LONG way. It is so worth the price.

Renae Industrial, WV

The best!

Great cleanser. Once you use it you won’t use anything else. It’s my cleanser of choice. Great product. I’ll buy it again and again.

Rosanna Buckley, IL