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OBAGI Nu-Derm exfoderm forte exfoliation enhancer net wt. 2.oz.


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good product line

I have been using Obagi products for years now. It works! I use the exfoliation enhancer in less frequency than I used to. As a maintenance program. When I originally used it, it helped me get rid of sun damage and other imperfections on my skin. I highly recommend it.

Esther Windyville, MO

horrible on my skin

I don’t know why people love the Nu Derm line, but I hate it. First I tried the travel kit for oily skin in combination with tretinoin, and it made me break out. My skin got greasy and inflamed from this approach, but I had heard it does that to everyone initially so I waited it out. No improvement. I decided to try the products that were targeted to my needs–skin unevenness– and used just the blender, exoderm forte and tretinoin together. It still made me break out like crazy. So I went down to solitary products at a time in order to see which product was making me break out… it was the exoderm forte. I have successfully used the Obagi Clenziderm line, and I find that it controls my skin’s sebum levels far better than the Nu Derm. While it did not fix the uneven texture as much as I would have liked, the exoderm forte has actually made my skin texture far more uneven. It’s been weeks and I now wonder if I can ever get it back to where it was before I experimented with this product. Save your money and skin… use the Clenziderm products. They are cheaper, contain less noxious chemicals, and they won’t destroy the skin you have.

Jasmin Valley Center, CA

Great product, but meant to be used as part of a system

I don’t think it would be worth spending the money on this product if you aren’t planning to use it as part of the whole Obagi system- Exoderm forte is meant to be used during the day to help exfoliate to top layers of skin after using the Blender & Tretinoin cream during the night. The Blender/tretinoin combo speed up the production of new, health skin cells, and the Blender acts as a sort of “windshield wiper” to clear away the old surface skin cells. The products work as a team, and let me tell you, they are effective. The line also includes several other important components, a couple of which are available to Rx only. I’m on my 16th week of using the entire system and my skin has never been more clear and dewy.

Willa Delco, NC


I have been using this with the rest of Obagi products for over 4 years. Simply the best stuff out there:)This arrived quickly. I will order again.

Dollie Nassawadox, VA



Arlene Haigler, NE

longtime user

i am 51 and still get breakouts . the obagi system helps them clear up faster and my skin is smoother and brighter

Joyce Levant, ME

The real thing…

I have been using Obagi on and off for well over 15 years.The reviews on this product really concerned me. When the product arrived, it did seem a bit thinner then usual, and the smell was a but weak. However, it arrived after being in a US postal truck for over 8’hours, probably at 100 degrees…that would make anything thinner. ;-)The first couple nights I did not get the results I expected. However, on the 4th night, the product did it’s job and has been working ever since. I do believe my product is real, just perhaps a bit weaker from the very hot climate. This is not the sellers fault.This product is a “system” and I use it with their Vitamin C, toner and their Clear, which can only be bought at a dermatologist. The only reason I bought it on line was my doctor was out of it.Obagi Exodoerm forte is one of the best exfoliators on the market! I will continue to buy this product and their system.

Julianne Grand Lake, CO

All About Price

This was the lowest priced provider on Amazon and the product, as always, is wonderful. I will shop again on this site.

Jodi Merion Station, PA

I love obagi

I love using this obagi product. I can really see the difference on my face. And i have been using it for less than a year now.

Francesca Amesville, OH