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Obagi Medical Gentle Cleanser, 6.7 oz

Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser 6.7 oz, Rinses clean while soothing delicate skin. Ideal for dry and delicate skin. Specially formulated to calm skin as it cleanses.

Key features

  • Rinses clean while soothing delicate skin
  • Ideal for dry and delicate skin
  • Specially formulated to calm skin as it cleanses

Honest reviews


Great product at a great price.

The Obagi products here in Texas went through a lot of confusion. They were only sold through doctor’s offices, for which they charged an arm and a leg. Then the State pulled them because of some lawsuits which were ridiculous. That was when we found out and started ordering them through Amazon. The prices are great and delivery has always been fast. My wife just turned 50 and she looks more like 30…largely because of these products. Or so she says.

Sonja Rollingbay, WA

the best

I have used this for years and I love this the absolute most of all cleansers I have ever tried

Michaela Andover, MN

i like it

Yes I will recommend, specially after a good work out, I like how it cleans the skin of the face

Alyson Bennett, IA

Love It

I love this product. I’ve used it for years and will as long as I can get it. Received it intact and on time!!!!

Selena Hanover, WI

Wonderful cleanser!

Obagi make great skin products. The Cleanser is gentle on the skin. I have been using Obagi products for years. If you buy these products from a dermatologist they are much more expensive. These are very reasonably priced on Amazon..

Madge Holladay, TN

Best product ever

I have been using this product for months and see a huge improvement in my skin. I love the way it leaves my skin…clean, soft, and refreshed. Very little scent and only need to use a little at a time. Feels good on my skin with great improvements.

Marcella Sarita, TX

Good overall cleanser

Good overall cleanser. Gentle enough to remove eye makeup as well. I use several cleansers and this is my favorite so far.

Lakisha Beaver Bay, MN

Would like it more if…

I love Obagi but would love them more if they would omit parabens from their products. This Nuderm trulychanged the skin on my face. I used to be a sun worshipper and had years of sunspots and some fine lines.This whole system took all the spots away and changed the texture.This cleanser isn’t the best smelling but then again it shouldn’t really be scented anyways, it suds up nice and it doesget your face makeup free without too much effort.I used it for a year and then started reading about parabens and that they are found in some cancerous tumors (breast, etc) in women that use products laden with it. Parabens are man made in a lab preservatives that we use found in our shampoos, bubble baths, body lotion, makeup and even food. Some say that children that use products with it in it have premature pubichair and even breast growth!!! Also it is known that it can raise estrogen levels!I quit using Obagi except for their newest one called Hydrate. Ironically their brand new product out in Nov 2012 is "paraben free" YAY!! Maybe they are catching onto this and are going to reformulate their entire line. Right now I am using Image Skincare products but some of my spots are coming back (living in FL it is hard to stay out of the sun completely and even tho I use SPF 30 every day it still happens) so I will go back toObagi after they reformulate (I hope they do!!!).

Alexis Norton, KS



Lilia Mount Saint Joseph, OH


I purchase this to my daughter, i want her to start taking care of her face!! She can lives without it!

Johanna Clearmont, WY

Gentle Yet Effective!

This gentle cleanser works great for me. I’m apt to acne/oily skin, but this stuff works great and feels nice. With it I use the toner and they make my face feel soft and supple without any greasy feeling.

Ingrid Nisland, SD

Obagi is the best!

Obagi skin care is far and away the best products of their kind I have ever used! I received my order in a timely fashion.

Angelina Havana, AR