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Obagi Medical Clenziderm M.D. Therapeutic Lotion Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, 1.6-Ounce Bottle

Soluzyl Technology delivers 5% solubilized Benzoyl Peroxide deep within pores where acne starts. Helps to clear acne quickly while minimizing dryness.

Key features

  • Proven to control acne, while minimizing dryness
  • Soluzyl Technology delivers 5% solubilized Benzoyl Peroxide deep within pores to kill the pimple-causing bacteria where acne starts
  • Prevents new breakouts from occurring
  • Skin be clearer, feel cleaner, softer, and more refreshed
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


hate it made my skin burn and left spots.

I will never buy this product again! It left my skin burningThen when the people dried out it left me withHorrible pigmentation. I had to cover up all theBrown spots left by this product. It felt likeSomething burned me .

Jeanne Edgewood, IL

This product has changed my life!

This product is amazing. I am 31 years old and as long as I can remember I’ve always had some sort of breakout on my face. I’ve tried everything….Proactive, clearasil, equate, prescriptions from dermatologists, retin-a, max clarity foam and on and on and on…… After endless research and reviews I finally found this product. I use it with the Clarisonic brush and the step one Obagi skin cleanser. I’ve been using this regime for about 4 months now and my skin is breakout free. I occasionally see one trying to become something but I act fast and this product dries it up before it has a chance. This product is very strong and can dry out my skin if I use it everyday but the occasional dry skin is worth not having huge boils on my face. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Give it a try it’s amazing.I also use Murad SPF 20 anti-aging moisturizer for acne prone skin as part of my regime which has also been a god send :-). Good luck.

Berta Atlanta, LA

The Obagi system caused me to break out in deep, painful overlapping pimples

I am one of the very few unlucky ones!I had used Proactiv for about 15 years; it had not worked perfectly but quite well, but I thought Obagi’s being stronger would be even better and my goal was to be able to use non-white sheets and towels! I first switched the scrub and toner with the Obagi Pore Therapy and Daily Care Foaming Cleanser. But that wasn’t enough, so I added the Obagi Benzoyl Peroxide Therapeutic Lotion to my regimen. About 6 weeks after starting Obagi, my chin started developing several large, painful, cystic acne bumps – which I do have on occasion but only one at a time and usually go away within 2-7 days. But on Obagi, when one started resolving, another would pop up. On the two occasions I thought I would prevent a blackhead from turning into one, whoops, I caused a broad underlying one to erupt. I also had two large ones pop up by the side of my nose at two different times – they went away more quickly but were still a nuisance. I stopped wearing sunglasses just not to aggravate them or encourage more.I didn’t know to blame Obagi as it had been more than a month since I’d switched. I went to the dermatologist who injected cortizone into the big ones – this was not a sure-fire cure – some still got bigger and I continued to get a few more – and prescribed Benzaclin and oral antibiotics. After a month on the antibiotic, things were much better but still erupting. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it had been the Obagi. I bought more Proactiv, stopped the Obagi and everything the dermatologist had prescribed including oral antibiotics, and within a week or two, things were better. It took over a month for things to go back to before I’d used Obagi except for a few dark skin spots. There are still some darkened spots – but minor – 2.5 months after I stopped.I think for me, the salicylic acid’s shrinking of the pores actually traps bacteria in them. I got more black heads with the Pore Cleanser even before the eruptions started. And I can’t explain why the Benz. Perox. didn’t work, but perhaps my skin simply needs a Benz. Perox. scrub like Proactiv’s to clean the pores.Feel free to try this system because it seems to work for the vast majority of people, but note that if bad things start happening, don’t blame your hormones and aging. It may simply be that this system doesn’t work for you! I am very relieved it was just a bad product choice and not me!

Jacklyn New Hampton, IA

obagi forever

I highly recommend this product!!! Obagi really helped cleared my face…I think no other product out there could beat obagi.

Melissa Richmond, VA

I LOVE this stuff!

It’s the one thing that gently keeps my acne at bay. Combine this with professional peels/ microdermabrasion and you’ll have beautiful smooth skin.

Bonnie New Florence, MO

Works great but it’s freaking expensive.

It also stings a bit when you first apply it–which I don’t really mind. Honestly it’s the best benzoyl peroxide I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried many)… I just wish it costed A LOT less.

Millie Alamance, NC

changes the color of garment

I have always been very happy with Obagi. I use several of their other products, and i like the texture and the fact that they are never greasy. Well I only used this one for a week, so can’t really comment on the effectiveness I guess. I can only say that up to now, i haven’t noticed a difference yet, just some irritation and constant itching which is unbearable for me personally, but no change in the mild acne that I have on my back. however, it changed the color of several of my shirts before I notice it’s doing so. I wait a few minuted before wearing them, but it seems like the chemical is still there and has a bleaching effect on the garment, which I didn’t see any caution about it on the packaging, so be cautious about that if you’re gonna wear a nice shirt over it to work.

Gladys Waverly, NY

great stuff!

i really like obaji, they make good products that work well. it can dry out your skin if you use it daily. it shipped fast.

Jessie East Pittsburgh, PA