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O2-Cool Carabiner Water Misting Fan, Colors May Vary

Great for both kids and adults, the Carabiner Water Misting Fan provides both a powerful fan and mister for portable cooling relief.Patent Pending..

Key features

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  • Uses 1 AA battery (not included)
  • 3 inch, 2-in-1 Misting Fan: Powerful Fan and Cool Mist Option
  • Soft foam blades
  • Plasticl carabiner clip
  • Assorted colors: blue, green, red

Honest reviews


best I’ve found so far

This tested okay but we haven’t put it to hard use. Think cheap water pistol with fan attached. However, unlike water pistols that have their stoppers for water intake on a leash, this one comes completely free and I’m afraid could be lost easily.update:Warning! Watch out for catching long hair!We found that for our trip to Disneyworld we preferred some personal fans that we found that will hang on strings around your neck.

Noreen Washington, IA

Bought elsewhere, pleased with product

Work exactly as advertised and perfect for our trip to Disney. Don’t get suckered into buying one of the full sized expensive ones while you’re at the park. They’re hell to lug around and you’ll regret it immediately if you don’t have a stroller or something to throw them into. These clipped right to the kids backpacks and we had no issues with functionality. While they may seem expensive (we bought them for $5 each plus shipping elsewhere) it is better than the alternative of going without or lugging around huge ones. I doubt they’ll last for years to come, but they worked just fine for intermittent use over 5 days. If they aren’t working next time we go, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab another set. If I had to change something about the design, I would have preferred a “real” carabiner (it was just a plastic keychain pull style) and the misting button would have been easier for our 6 year old to operate. The adults and older kids in our party had no problems, but it’s not super easy for little ones to mist themselves with.

April Virgil, KS

Perfect for outings in hot weather

I bought this thing to bring with me to Disneyland since I have a season pass and frequently go in super hot months. I wanted a misting fan, but absolutely did not want one of the huge ones that come with a full bottle of water attached. This thing was the perfect size and exactly what I was looking for. The water compartment fits enough if you’re just using this fan for yourself, and it hasn’t leaked in my backpack yet. The carabiner attached to it seems super weak and I haven’t used it to attach it to anything and wouldn’t use it to attach it to the outside of anything where there is a risk of it falling off and breaking and/or getting lost. But this sucker does the job and is compact enough to bring in pretty much any bag.

Jasmine Riverside, WA


What a great little gizmo this is. It took me a little time to figure out everything … the instructions are great … but I kept thinking the top was the reservoir or served a function when it does not. The body has the reservoir and you slide it on and off to use the fan. You squeeze the top firmly on the right side to use the mister. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this little fan. I intend to take it to outdoor events — but I can see using it year round. I’m one of those people who really hates the heat. I’ll never understand why people insist upon cranking their heat up over 70 in the winter time. Without a breeze – it’s just awful. Put on a sweater or hoodie for God’s sake! While I try to avoid being trapped inside places with heat over 70 – it does happen. For those times and more, this fan will be awesome!

Silvia Imler, PA

Good Hot-flash Buddy

Had to give this 5 stars. Perfect little hot-flash buddy.Pros- Reasonably priced, small, (which was what I was looking for) and works pretty good.Cons- Carabiner is plastic, the water spray button should be back a little so larger hands never interfere with the fan.It takes 1 AA battery (not included)

Deidre Sanborn, IA